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Ann's Flowers and Pearls

I fuck my lover on her living room couch......

Ann and I had been having a torrid affair for several months at the time.   I was eating her pussy and fucking her at least once a week, sometimes more.   And I can thank her husband, Dan, for the privilege.   Dan is a very busy executive for a large government contractor… busy that he doesn’t have the time to satisfy the enormous sexual appetite of his hot, redheaded wife.   When he is home, she says that he just sits all wrapped up in his recliner watching sports on TV.   He treats her more like an indentured servant than the gorgeous woman that she is.   In spite of his almost $200k income, he imposes a strict budget on her weekly food purchases and, if she goes over the limit by $10 one week, that amount is deducted from the next week’s purchases.   

Ann has perky little tits, about a 32A with hard nipples but has a killer ass.   Her hips are round in all the right places and she likes to have her tight asshole pleasured as much as she enjoys a good, hard pussy fuck.   I have often gotten the sense that Ann literally hates her husband, although she has never come right out and said it.

Ann wears a wedding band but hasn’t worn her engagement ring since the day he told her that he fucked her Maid of Honor the week before their wedding some 25 years ago.   He confessed to her soon after the birth of their second child.   At that point, she was a stay-at-home mother of two babies and in no position to go out on her own.   I truly believe that I represent not only a good fuck and a tongue that will go virtually anywhere she wants it to go, but I am also revenge personified.

  In addition to the wedding band, every time Ann and I would get together for a morning of good sex, she was always wearing the same string of pearls.   Dan had given the pearls to her as a peace offering after he came clean about the Maid of Honor fucking.   The interesting thing is that, even when I had her stripped naked and she was sucking on my cock, the pearls stayed around her neck.   The first time I fucked her, we were in my buddy Bob’s guest room while Bob was away at work.   When I recommended that she remove her pearls lest our romp damage them, she simply said that she preferred to leave them on.   Never did I fuck her pussy or her ass that she wasn’t wearing those damn pearls.   I think there was a message there.   And that message was “Fuck you, Dan……FUCK YOU!”  

We had just finished a wonderful session of sucking, eating and fucking and I was driving her back to her car which was in a local park and ride as usual.   Ann was lying across the front seat giving me one last blow job before we parted for the day.   She was always bound and determined to get me off at least twice.   When we pulled into the park and ride, my pants were below my knees and she had a mouthful of hard cock.   As she stroked me to a frenzy, she slid her finger into my asshole.   “That always works……”, she cooed.   She went back on the head of my cock just as I shot one last load of cum into her mouth.

She stayed on me until I began to soften and she took my jiz down with one gulp.   Ann was wiping the cum from her lips as she pulled her Palm Pilot out of her purse.   We always arranged our next meeting before we parted in our cars.   Since we both work from home offices, it was easy to coordinate our fucking dates. 

Ann tapped the stylus on her Palm Pilot and said that she would love to have me come to her house the following Monday.   I checked my schedule and Monday was iffy…..”how about Tuesday”, I said.   She emphasized that she very much preferred that I be there on Monday morning.     I asked if coming (cumming) at her house was a smart idea.   I had never been to her home and I was leery of taking a chance on her husband coming home early.   She said not to worry that he NEVER comes home early.

Regardless, Ann said that she wanted me to see her flowers.   I knew that Ann was an avid gardener but she further knew that I couldn’t give a rat fuck about flowers.   But if this is what my little tight pussy wanted, it is what I’m going to do.   I had planted my “seed” deep into her little red haired “garden” hole dozens of times.   And if I was at all uncomfortable dropping my drawers at her house on Monday, I’d simply resign myself to inspecting her flowers.   I figured that I could always lick her little rosebuds some other day. 

On Monday morning, I knocked on Ann’s front door at the appointed hour of 9am.   She answered the door wearing a smile and a multi-colored flowered apron.   She shook my hand just in case neighbors were watching.   I purposely dressed like I might have been an estimator for a contractor, sketch pad in hand.   She and Dan were constantly having renovation work done to their 1800’s era home, located near the Antietam Battlefield National Park .   Thus, it wasn’t at all unusual for the neighbors to see a contractor entering Ann’s front door.  

However, when I got into the living room and Ann had carefully closed the front door, she spun around and asked if I liked her flowers.   Her flowered apron was absolutely ALL she was wearing….along with the fucking pearls.   Her cute, shapely ass was totally bare as I turned her around again.   I moved Ann over to the steps to the second floor and got her to kneel down on the first step while she leaned her elbows on the third step.   I was just enchanted with Ann’s ass and she knew it.   She spread her knees and put her head down on the steps.   I spread her ass cheeks apart and saw the moisture already forming on her pussy lips.   I licked her vulva until the inevitable moaning began.   It was time to start tongue fucking her little red haired pussy and alternating my tongue between her fuck tube and her tight asshole.  

When I had worked myself up to a frenzy, I started to unbuckle my belt.   By this time, I had lost all fear of fucking Ann in her own home.   The little head had taken over all sense of reason.   All I could think about was that hot, dripping cunt in front of me just begging for my hard cock to pound it.   Ann sensed that I was about to drop trou so she turned around, placed a deep kiss on my lips and sucked my tongue out of my mouth.   She reported the same comment that she has made many times after a good tongue lashing between her legs…….”Mac, you taste just like pussy!   But I invited you here for a very special reason”.   She took me by the hand and led me into the family room.   I followed dutifully, as I watched that tight ass wiggling in front of me.  

Ann walks over to a recliner that is positioned facing the TV.   I presumed that this was Dan’s sports viewing position.   Ann lifted a beautiful, thick wool comforter from the back of the chair and spread it out on the couch.   She carefully laid the comforter over the back of the couch, across the seat cushions and down the front.   The comforter was very obviously skillfully crafted and was covered with images of flowers, very similar to those on Ann’s apron.   When I asked what she was doing, she simply replied “We’re going to fuck on the couch and I don’t want your cum and my pussy juice to soil it…..this couch has lots of sentimental value.   It was a wedding gift from my parents.   Regardless, I don’t need Dan to come home and find pecker tracks on the couch”.  

She pushed me down on the comforter covered couch and got a devilish grin on her face.   Ann knelt in front of me between my legs and pulled my pants and boxers off.   My cock was rock hard and sticking straight up in the air.   She slowly went down on the tip of my dick with her lips while she carefully squeezed my balls.   Her eyes rolled upward to watch the expression on my face as she went from one technique to another.   She stroked my cock and then squeezed the base of it until that little drop of jiz formed on the tip.   She licked it off and went back to servicing the head.   Then she deep throated my cock and took my full eight inches into her mouth and to the back of her throat.   Ann went to nose breathing to keep from gagging and sucked loudly as she raised her head and released my saliva soaked dick.   Then she began to stroke my shaft while resuming to suck on my glans.   I was in a state of euphoria.  

Ann stood up and turned around so that the bow in the back of the apron was facing me.   I could do nothing but to pull the ends of the bow releasing the apron from her body.   Her perky little tits sat high and those nipples just begged to be suckled.   Ann knelt on the couch in front of me with one knee on one side of my thigh and the other carefully placed between my legs in front of my balls.   My rock hard cock was resting on Ann’s thigh as she leaned forward so that I could get my lips on her nipples.   This woman’s nipples are almost as sensitive as most women’s clits.   As soon as my tongue touched one, her whole body tensed and her eyes closed.   Fuck Ann’s flowers…. I’ll fuck Ann instead.  

Ann stood up on the couch in front of me.   I laid my head on the back of the couch with my face looking upward.   Ann sat on my face so that I could tongue fuck her red haired pussy and lick her asshole.   I reached my arms around her thighs to give her some balance and to rub her pussy lips from behind while she approached a violent orgasm.   Ann’s orgasms are more of a process than an event.   After just a few minutes of my oral attack on her pussy, she began that shaking and shivering that I have come to love.   Her cumming just makes me all the hotter.   I need to bury my dick in that hot, wet cunt of hers.  

When her vibrations subsided, Ann slowly slid her body down to my lap.   She ran her dripping pussy right down my chin and chest.   I had pussy juice everywhere.    But the faithful comforter was doing the job it was intended to do by soaking up the fluids so they didn’t soil the beloved couch.   Ann cuddled in my arms for a few moments while we shared deep kissing.   I think the girl would eat her own pussy if she could.   She was licking her juices off of my lips and chin.   Then she ran her tongue down my chest and again to my dick.   Then she surprised me.  

Ann stood up, turned around with her back to me, reached between her legs and grasped my cock.   She slowly and carefully sat down on my shaft until it was completely buried in her pussy.   She turned her head around and quietly asked “Does this feel good?”   GOOD???   It felt wonderful!   Then she reached between her legs and took my balls in her hand.   She said “Danny used to really like this position…I still do.   But I won’t do it for him anymore”.   Then she started to fuck me.   Up and down she rocked, holding my balls in her hand.   The pearls were jumping up and down on her neck in rhythm with her hips.

I was holding Anne's little tits from behind while I thrust my hips forward, driving my cock as far into that dripping pussy as I possibly could.   And watching the tight little asshole open and close with each stroke was driving me crazy.   This one didn’t take much time….the warmth of my impending ejaculation was spreading throughout my groin.   My cock began to spasm and I pulled Ann’s back against my chest.   It was I who was doing the fucking now.   Her feet were being lifted off the floor as I began to pound her cunt…..I rammed her until I finally shot load after load of hot cum into her vagina.   Ann began to moan loudly and gripped my wrists next to her tits.   There’s nothing any more wonderful than two people cumming together.   My arms were wrapped around my little redhead tight and I was sucking on the nape of her neck as I deposited my sticky goo into her oh so tight pussy.  

When we were both drained, Ann slowly lifted her hips off of mine with the mixture of bodily fluid dripping from her fuck hole.   She asked me to lift the edge of the comfortable nearest to the floor and use it to wipe her.   As she bent over slightly at the waist in front of me, I used the flowery blanket to sop up the jiz and juice.   Then she asked that I wipe her ass with it…..she had some fluids in her asshole but most was my saliva, not my cum this time.   But I obeyed…….she even spread her ass cheeks so I could dab into her rectum.  

Once we were sure that Ann was reasonably clean, she turned around and began to carefully wipe me down with the comforter….my mouth, my chin, my chest and my cock and balls.   She then instructed me to grab my legs behind the knees and to lift them up so that she had access to my asshole.   She gently wiped me even though there was very little fluid there.   Although she was very careful, she spent an inordinate amount of time wiping my ass with the comforter.   Although it wasn’t necessary, it certainly did feel good.  

When Ann felt that her cleanup was done, she kissed the head of my dick and stood up.   She motioned for me to stand and then carefully folded the seriously soiled comfortable.   She wiggled her cute little ass cheeks back over to the recliner and replaced it back to the original position on the back of the chair.   As I stood there totally naked with my cleaned up and sagging dick now looking at the floor, I asked Ann if she wasn’t planning on laundering the comforter.   She smiled as she neatly aligned the comforter on the back of the recliner and said “Oh, this is Danny’s favorite blanket….he wraps up in it when he watches his sports games on TV.   The cheap-ass bastard won’t turn the heat up in the family room so this comforter keeps him warm.   He doesn’t give a shit about MY comfort.   Anyway, it’s Monday Night Football tonight.   That’s why I insisted that we fuck today…maybe he’ll wipe his mouth off with the same corner that we used to wipe each other’s asses with…..”  

Maybe, Ann….maybe.

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Posted 29 Mar 2014 11:57
Good story, thanks for inviting me to read it. There aren't nearly enough guys willing to lick women's assholes - well done! I'll add that I don't think I'm unusual in my willingness to lick my own clitty if it were possible - Ann is doubtless the same. You've made me wonder how common it is for guys to think about themselves that way, or actually do it, since I'm sure it's possible for some.
Posted 13 Dec 2012 06:55
My guess is that Ann's message to men ( her husband and any toy she chooses to fuck ) is ' pearls before swine!'
Posted 27 Aug 2012 08:01
Nicely written. Such oblivious husbands. hahaha
Posted 25 Dec 2010 18:46
Several months ago you asked me to read this story and comment on it. I have only now gotten the chance to do it. You are such a bad boy! And shame on Dan for neglecting his wife like that. He must not have read Proverbs 5:18-19 Proverbs 5:18-19 (King James Version)

18Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth.

19Let her be as the loving hind and pleasant roe; let her breasts satisfy thee at all times; and be thou ravished always with her love.
Posted 04 Jan 2010 03:34
I had to comment on some similarities with Ann and myself. I have sex in my pearls or a necklace quite often. Many photos of that. And there is a sofa that I have had so much sex on. It is long and there is a table off to the side that holds a camcorder at the perfect distance and angle to make tapes.

Posted 02 Dec 2009 14:10
sounds a lot like you made it all up.
Posted 30 Nov 2009 07:00
I'm into that revenge thing too>
Posted 29 Nov 2009 20:09
A good cuckold story, loved it!

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