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Another Night in Cancun

Fun with another couple while on vacation
We met them on the beach, right after breakfast, on our very first day of vacation. Of course, I noticed they right away. Here we were on a tropical beach with all the amenities, sailing, diving, wind-surfing, boat-drinks and beautiful tanned, long-legged women in every direction.

Except that none of them were skinny-dipping, only a couple were sun-bathing topless, and most of them were as modestly covered by their swim-suits as they would have been at the Oak Street Beach on a weekday.

As we walked down the beach, I spotted them lying on a blanket. He was wearing a conventional boxer-style suit. Even from quite a ways down the beach, the white one-piece suit she was wearing was so opaque I could see the color of her skin through it.

Her back was toward me, so as we got closer I got a better and better look at her back and butt. I was enjoying the view, but assumed that the front of her suit would be lined to give a modicum of modesty.

I would have liked to stop and check her out, but couldn't think of an excuse to give Billie Sue. As liberal as she was, it was our anniversary, and I knew she'd want my attention on her, not on someone else's butt, however exposed or nice it was.

To my surprise though, as we got near them, Billie Sue stopped and said hi to them. As they sat up to reply, I got my second surprise. The suit was totally unlined, back and front. In fact it was so thin I wondered if she wasn't wearing a leotard.

You could almost see the shape of everything through it, her pale skin, the shape of her breasts, the outline of her aerosols, the pointed ends of her nipples, her slightly bulging tummy and rounded figure. Even her coal black pubic hair was visible through the opaque fabric.

As we began to chat, it came out that they had just flown in from Germany, here on an 20th Anniversary/Second Honeymoon, just as we were! Their English was excellent, with just enough accent to sound make them sound charming. Their names were Eric, and Heike.

We introduced ourselves, and as Heike stood up to shake hands, I could see that her underarms and legs were unshaven - another European touch!

It was hard to keep my eyes on Heike's face and not leer up and down at her very much exposed body. I did my best however. After we'd chatted for a while, they invited us to join them on their blanket for a bit of sun.

We pulled off our T shirts and took them up on their offer. Billie Sue and I found them enjoyable company. We were more than a little surprised to discover that we had so much in common with a couple from another country, but we did. We hit it off so well in fact, that the four of us headed to the club's cabana for a little mid-morning refreshment.

At the cabana, Heike's semi-see thru suit got quite a few stares. Of course, she and Billie Sue had wrapped big beach towels around their waists. And Both Eric and I had pulled on T shirts. But still, Heike's breasts were quite visible to anyone who cared to gape. After a while, Heike noticed the attention she was getting.

"Why is everyone looking at me? Have I done something wrong?" she asked innocently.

We had to answer. Billie Sue tried diplomacy. "Maybe it's your swim suit, Heike. I've never seen one quite like it. Is it European?"

"Oh Yah. It's from Germany. Do you like it?"

"Yes, very much." I replied. My wife shot me a look.

"It's perhaps a bit more revealing than some of what we are used to in America," Billie Sue admitted.

"You don't think it's too much?" She pulled the straps of her suit up on her shoulder. I knew you Americans were... how do you say? prudishness?"

"Modest might be the word you're looking for."

"Yah, modestness. So I thought I would wear suit here. But I didn't have any suits. Eric and I have always gone to naturalist beaches in Europe, and so I wasn't sure what to buy. And I bought several like this."

"I like your suit, Heike. It's very attractive. I don't necessarily care for American modestness either."

"You don't mean it, Billie Sue?"

"Yes, I do. In fact I like it so much, I wish I had one myself."

"You do not mean it?"

"Yes I do. You said you had more of those European suits?"


"May I borrow one? The one I'm wearing has a lot of sand in it. And I didn't bring a spare."

That was my third surprise of the day. And that was how we ended up in our new friends’ room.

It was a lot like our room-- almost exactly like it, in fact. Not surprising as both rooms were in the same wing-- although on different floors. Like us, our new friends still weren't totally unpacked. Eric and I had carried a couple of beers out from lunch, so we sat down on one bed while Billie Sue and Heike rummaged through their luggage

Sure enough, she had bought three more suits-- yellow, red and green-- all identical to the one she was wearing-- thin and opaque.

I wondered if Billie Sue's nerve would hold up. Those suits looked pretty flimsy. She didn't bat an eye, though.

"Which one do you think you'd like on me, David?"

"The green one-- it'll complement your hair."

"Yah, I think David's right, Billie Sue" Eric added.

"Well, if you're sure you don't mind my borrowing it..." Billie Sue began.

"Nein. You are welcome to it and perhaps another one as well? I am finding the sand to be a nuisance, and the need to shower and change suits more than once a day."

"Thank you, Heike. That's very generous of you." I supposed (and I imagined Billie Sue supposed) that we would head back to our room to shower and change when Heike stood up, pulled the straps off her shoulders and slid the white suit down to her ankles. She stepped out of the suit and said,

"I think I will change to the red one this afternoon. Unless you would like that one, Billie Sue?"

Billie Sue looked at me. I was beyond surprise. She shrugged, pulled the straps off her shoulders and slid her suit down as well.

"Oh, I'll go with the green one, thanks."

"Eric you will be showering too." That was a statement, not a question, I could tell.

"Yah Heike," and he pulled off his suit as well. I noticed he wasn't circumcised.

"Billie Sue, would you and David like to use the shower before us? Of course, there is a second nozzle, and the stall is very large, so we could all get in it together on the other hand without embarrassment."

"If you're sure we can all fit in it without embarrassment," She said.

We could. Like ours, the shower stall was humongous. It was always fun sharing a shower with Billie Sue, but as guests in someone else's shower, the most she'd let me do was suds up her hair. Eric and Heike however, were less inhibited. They soaped up each others backs and butts.

I turned aside to hide my semi-erection as I watched Eric soap up his wife's ample rump. But I noticed he was hanging semi stiff as well. Everyone was ignoring it (or pretending to).

So I decided not to stand around like a department store manikin with my cock tucked between my legs and turned outwards. Eric said something to Heike in German and she turned and checked out my penis.

"Ah excuse me for staring, David, but I have rarely seen a penis like yours - circumcised I mean."

"That's perfectly Okay Heike. I was staring at you back on the beach, so I guess now we're even." She dimpled. Billie Sue gave me a jab in the ribs, but not all that hard.

I turned to smile at her and when I looked back at Heike and Eric, I could see that she'd wrapped her hand around his now stiff cock and was playing with him in a way that was as much masturbation as sudsing.

Outdoors on the beach, Heike and Billie Sue attracted lots of attention. I discovered that I found it arousing to see my wife on the beach in such a revealing state. Since Billie Sue seemed to be comfortable with her appearance, the stealthy looks that strangers were giving her did not make me jealous. On the contrary, I felt proud of her.

Then we went into the ocean. The moment that the thin fabric of Billie Sue and Heike's suits hit the water, they turned totally transparent. The bodies of both women, their curves and slopes, their tummies, breasts, nipples, navels, buttocks and mounds were clearly visible to anyone who cared to look. Billie Sue's suit now not only complemented her auburn hair, but was visible proof to everyone within view that she was in fact, a natural redhead.

I began to wonder. If I should I say anything to her? I knew that she had voluntarily put on this revealing suit, at least in part, to keep this nice woman she barely knew from feeling uncomfortable.

But I was also aware that at times my wife can be very self-conscious about her body. If I said something, would that destroy her gesture? If I didn't say anything, would I be in trouble for not telling her she was giving the world a free show?

In the end, I simply shut up and enjoyed the moment. As far as I was concerned, she looked great, sexy and very alluring. Between Billie Sue and Heike, I was having a difficult time not getting aroused. They both looked very erotic, and if Eric was enjoying gazing at my wife's charms, well, that was only fair, after all.

If the Heike had been getting appraising stares from onlookers before, it was tripled or quadrupled with two sexy 40ish women parading in see-thru suits. Every single thing we tried, swimming, scuba, wind-surfing, snorkeling seemed to draw a crowd, mostly of men. Of course, we did also get considerable extra free instruction from the male resort staff.

We went back to the cabana for lunch, but this time, instead of using her towel as a wrap around her waist, Heike draped it over her shoulders. Gamely, Billie Sue did the same. I think it was not only her way of being supportive to Heike, but also of thumbing her nose at all the covered up, 20-something young things who'd been giving Heike frosty glances all morning.

By mid-afternoon, we'd been sailing, water-skiing, wind-surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving since morning.

During the course of the afternoon, it came out that we all liked jazz and we remembered the resort brochure mentioning that there was a bar that played jazz CDs for dancing after dinner till midnight. All of us agreed that sounded like a lot more fun than the disco where most of the younger guests congregated after dinner.

So made reservations for dinner at the steak prime rib restaurant and a date to go dancing afterwards.

Back at our room, preparing for dinner, Billie Sue and I grabbed another shower. I wanted to complement her but I knew I had to be careful.

"I thought it was very gracious of you to wear that European swim suit this afternoon," I mentioned as I began to soap up Billie Sue's back.

"And I have no doubt you wished all of the ladies on the beach had worn those sorts of suits as well M'love," She teased.

"Guilty. I do like those suits. And for the record, I particularly like them with you in them." Just to underline my comment, I began to soap up Billie Sue's breasts about then.

"And Heike?"

"Yeah, she fills hers out pretty well, too. Jealous of me noticing?" By now I was working my way down her torso, past her tummy and was approaching my favorite part of Billie Sue's luscious body; directly south of her navel.

"No, not as long as you notice me first." At that point, my soapy hands reached Billie Sue's pubic mound. I tickled and began to lightly caress her labial lips with a stray finger.

"I think you can count on my continuing interest, Babe."

"Even in the shower with Heike and Eric?"

"Even in the shower. As long as you're there too."

"But that was quite a shower, you have to admit."

"Well, you were the one who said that we'd be glad to share the shower stall without embarrassment, Toots."

"Guilty as charged. But I didn't think they'd start feeling one another up in front of us...'

"Yeah, that caught me by surprise too, I thought for a minute he was going to start fingering her. I really didn't know what to make of that at all... were they showing off, or oblivious, or inviting us to do the same?"

"David, sometimes you can be naive."

"I can?"

"It was perfectly obvious what they were doing... they were coming on to us... particularly she was coming on to you."

"No way!"

"Yes! 'Yah, David, excuze me for checking out your hard dick, butt I haff neffer seen un zircumsized vun before.' She almost asked to soap you up."

"Okay, Okay, I get your point. But she didn't."

"What would you have said if she had, David?"

"What would you have said, Billie Sue?"

"It would have depended on what Eric said to me. He's awfully cute in a Nordic ski instructor sort of way"

"So you weren't offended?"

"If I'd been offended, would I have suggested dinner and drinks with them?"

"Oh.... OH! Do you mean....?"

"No comment, and no commitment before you say anything else. Let's just have a nice evening with our new friends. No expectations, no pressure, and we'll see what happens?"

"Babe, you know I wouldn't come on to Heike without your okay".

"I know darlin.'"

"But if you decide to give old Eric a little of the old slap and tickle, you know have my blessing."

"And if I do, I know you'll take it as permission for slapping and tickling Heike, too."

"Of course I will darlin', but don't think that's why I'm encouraging you to give Eric a tumble."

"Nooooo! Of course not, David."

Dinner was great. The conversation continued and our rapport with the German couple grew during the meal. The jazz was recorded, but it was a nice selection. Billie Sue and I started dancing, and then Eric and Heike joined in. About half way through the evening, we ended up switching dance partners.

We swapped back and forth for a couple of dances I was just starting to get a bit winded, when the tempo of the music changed, and I found myself taking Heike in my arms for a long, slow, dance. I was careful not to pull her into me too close-- but that didn't matter-- she pasted herself against my body-- and I didn't resist in the slightest.

The song lasted a long time. As we swayed around the dance floor, I decided to try and catch Billie Sue's eye. When a turn moved us around I saw her in Eric's arms, snuggled up just as close as Heike was to me. I couldn't catch her eye-- they were both closed, As I watched, I saw her tilt her head back, part her lips and moisten them with the tip of her tongue. Eric took the hint. He leaned his head down, and kissed my wife open-mouthed.

There was nothing else for it... I leaned in toward Heike. She closed her eyes. She opened her mouth. Our tongues got acquainted. The four of us spent the rest of the evening sipping boat drinks, dancing with one another's mates, exchanging kisses on the dance floor and an occasional friendly squeeze.

Finally, the jazz bar closed. We left and began walking along the beach, Billie Sue and Eric arm in arm in front of Heike and me. I wasn't sure where we were heading. I thought about suggesting a skinny dip, when Billie Sue and Eric turned in toward the rooms.

Eric and Heike's room was on the ground floor. When they reached it the door, he unlocked it and stood to one side as Billie Sue walked in. Nobody had said anything I wondered if Heike and I were supposed to go up to our room, but again, before I could say anything, Heike led me into their room.

Eric followed. The lights were only on in the entrance hall, where we stood. Heike untangled herself from my arms. Eric did the same from Billie Sue. I was wondering what was supposed to happen next. Heike turned and walked into the darkened room. With a nod of her head she invited Billie Sue to follow her.

Eric rummaged around in their closet and pulled out a "boom box". He popped a CD into it, and it began playing, slow sensuous jazz, much like that we'd been dancing to all evening.

I felt Heike's hand on my back and turned. She had kicked off her sandals and slipped out of her skirt. She was wearing a peasant type blouse, off the shoulders, no bra, and skimpy high cut panties.

She stepped into my arms and led me into the room where we began to dance once more. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Billie Sue had taken off her skirt and sandals as well. I knew that she must have taken off her bra as well, as all that was visible under her half unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt was skin. Eric took her in his arms as they too followed us into the dark room and began to dance.

It had been exciting to dance in the bar with Heike plastered up against me, stealing kisses and gentle squeezes. But this was a whole different level of arousal. There in the dark she wrapped her arms around my neck. This gave my hands free reign to stoke her hips her thighs, her lower back.

Our mouths met and our tongues darted back and forth. The movements of our sensuous dance only served to grind our bodies closer to one another. The light in the entrance hall was the only illumination. After a while, my eyes grew accustomed to the dim.

I glanced across the room and saw Billie Sue and Eric dancing. His T shirt was off. Billie Sue's Hawaiian shirt was completely unbuttoned, as they danced, her bare breasts must have rubbed against his chest.

I took the hint. My left hand slid up under Heike's blouse to caress her upper back. My right hand crept into her panties, and cupped one of her firm buttocks. She brought her hands down from around my neck to the hem of my T shirt. She tried to work it up my chest. I stopped, moved my torso a bit away from hers, and pulled the shirt over my head. Heike used the opportunity to pull her blouse off over her head.

It was fun dancing there, her bare breasts caressing my chest. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. Suddenly I felt Billie Sue's arms go around my waist and her breasts press on my back. I opened my eyes. Light peeked out under the door to their bathroom. Eric had obviously ducked in to relieve himself. I enjoyed that moment even more sandwiched between these two nearly naked women, until Eric came out of the bathroom.

He started reclaim Billie Sue, but she was already heading for the john to take her turn. He shrugged and took off his shorts. Now he was wearing bikini under-pants very like the panties Heike had on. Billie Sue came out of the john wearing only her panties, and took Eric's hand. Instead of resuming their dance, They sat down on one of the twin beds. Billie Sue and I had pushed those beds together in our room, but Eric and Heike had pushed them up against opposite walls. Eric and Billie Sue began to make out sitting on the bed.

Not saying anything, Heike slipped into the bathroom. I stood in the entrance hall with nothing to do but watch Billie Sue and Eric. He used his tongue to kiss and play with her breasts, as his hands moved to my wife's waist.

His thumbs hooked the elastic of her panties, and he began to slide them down her legs. Now his mouth was on my wife's nipples as he began to stroke her pubic mound with both hands.

Just at that moment, Heike came out of the bathroom. I slipped in and quickly relieved myself. I unfastened my belt, and slid down my shorts and boxers. I came out of the john and saw that Heike had pulled down her panties and was stroking her mound as she watched my wife and her husband on the couch.

Over her shoulder, I could see that Billie Sue and Eric was now lying face to face on the bed. Eric's underpants were no where to be seen. Billie Sue's panties were shoved down to her feet, as she kissed Eric and lovingly played with his erection. Eric was gently kissing one breast, and fingering my wife's vagina.

I came up behind Heike. I reached around and cuddled a bare breast in each hand as I nuzzled her neck My erect penis slid right between her buttocks. Over her shoulder, I could see that Heike was beginning to diddle her clitoris with one hand and pinch her nipples with the other.

Now I put my hand over hers, and began to roll her pinkish-brown nipples between the fingers of each hand. She stepped back, spread her legs and snuggled my cock in between them. It was so arousing that I could have come right there, my penis comfortably sandwiched between her legs, rubbing the bottom of her labial lips.

As we watched my wife and her husband, Heike slipped the fingers of her other hand into her vagina. Now Eric had moved down to the foot of the bed they were sharing, and had began licking and kissing Billie Sue's upper thighs and abdomen. It wasn't hard to guess what was going to happen next.

Sure enough, his hands cradled her hips as he lowered his mouth to my wife's auburn fringed mound. Eric slid his tongue inside her. He must have found her clitoris right off the back, because Billie Sue wrapped her fingers in the hair of his head, laid her legs around his shoulders, threw back her own head, and arched her back in pleasure.

Now Heike moved forward, and turned facing me. Before I could say anything, she was on her knees in front of me. She leaned forward, and took my cock in her mouth. Her hands went between her legs, and I realized she had positioned herself so that she could watch Billie Sue and Eric as she frigged herself and blew me.

I realized that I didn't have to do anything but stand there, watch my wife get eaten out (and eventually fucked), and stroke the head of this nice woman giving me oral sex.

So that's what I did.

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