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Ashley - The Office Fuck Bunny (Part 6)

I enter the amateur night contest at the strip club, and end the night with my first MMMF threesome.
As you know from previous stories my name is Ashley. I'm a sexy twenty-six year old slut wife with a kick ass body. My 34C natural tits and tight abs drive men crazy. My husband is a cuckold who encourages me to fuck clients of the company I work for. I am the Office Fuck Bunny masquerading as the Manager of Customer Relations.

I attend trade shows as part of my job in the marketing department. I am an accomplished flirt and help my coworkers close contracts with horny clients. All my coworkers are men and I know they all lust after me. Only my boss, Tom, knows I'm really the Office Fuck Bunny. I suck Tom's cock once a week. He promoted me and agreed to pay me $125,000 a year, so I accommodate his sexual desires without complaint.

My coworker, Tyler, saw me in action with one his clients. I entertained Tyler and Jack at a business lunch. I wore a sheer black mesh top that displayed my dark erect nipples. No bra. They both stared at my tits during the long lunch. I knew they had hard dicks as they imagined me naked, sucking their cocks.

I am quite the flirt. Cute and sexy with 'girl next door' innocence. No one at the office, other than Tyler, ever saw me in slut mode. I really enjoyed having Tyler see my tits. If he was a client I'd fuck him in an instant.

After our last trade show in Chicago Tyler thanked me, again and again, for helping him land a big contract with a new customer. He had no idea that the owners, Gail and Tony, talked me into a threesome. I licked another woman's pussy for the first time and really enjoyed it. I now know I'm bisexual.

We were in Atlanta for another trade show when Tyler came up to me and asked, "Ashley, can you join me and Derek at dinner tonight? He enjoyed talking to you and wants to spend more time with you over dinner. I know it would help me close the deal with his company. Please?"

I immediately said yes. Derek was a hunk. A big muscular black stud who stirred my desire the minute I saw him. He checked me out, top to bottom, when we talked in our trade show booth. I admit I checked him out as well. I imagined that he had a huge cock. A six foot three black stud had to have a giant cock. I have never fucked a black man and wondered what it would be like. My pussy got wet just thinking about the possibilities.

We met for dinner in the hotel lobby around 6:30. I was surprised to see that Nick had joined us. Nick is twenty years old and had just finished his sophomore year in college. He is shy and not very confident or aggressive. He was spending the summer as an intern in our marketing department. This was his last week before going back to college. Attending the trade show was a highlight of his internship.

The four of us headed to the rental car. I was feeling really sexy with three handsome men taking me to dinner. Handsome Tyler, innocent Nick, and Derek, a black muscular stud, all flirting with me. I wore a short dress that showed off my tan legs. The top of my dress was low cut and showed a lot of cleavage. A sexy bra and thong panties completed the outfit.

We hadn't made plans for dinner so had to decide where to go. All of us were noncommittal and uncertain where to go. I was surprised when Nick blurted out, "I want to go to a strip club. I hear the strip clubs in Atlanta are totally nude and I've never been to one. I'm not a pervert or anything, but would like to see what the guys have been talking about. A bunch of them went last night and were joking about it today. What do you guys think. Can we go?"

I never expected this, especially from cute little Nick. Tyler looked at me and said, "It's up to Ashley. Derek and I would enjoy that as well, but we don't want to embarrass Ashley."

Derek then chimed in and said, "I hear a lot of women go to the high scale clubs. It's not unusual at all. Ashley won't feel uncomfortable."

I was game, so I said, "Sure, let's go. I enjoy seeing men make fools of themselves around naked women. It will be a hoot. Which club should we go to?"

Nick had the answer. He chose the club the other guys had attended the night before. We looked up the address and plugged it into the GPS in the car. We were off for a night of sexy fun.

The club was fairly crowded when we arrived. There were a number of couples, but it was still ninety percent men. Horny men who wouldn't be telling their wives where they went. They certainly would never admit to getting lap dances from naked strippers. All men are pigs.

There were three nude girls dancing on stage when we walked in. We sat at a table near the stage. I had never been to a strip club and was shocked at the display. The strippers were showing off their pussies as they bent over and shook their ass in front of the horny men surrounding the stage. The strippers were encouraging tips, and the men were throwing dollar bills on the stage. There were also fives and tens being offered to the strippers.

The strippers picked up the money when the song ended. They spread their legs as they sat down and gathered up the money. The men were a bunch of horn dogs.

We got some food from the buffet and sat down to watch more of the show. I looked at the three horny guys I was with and asked, "So Nick, enjoying the show? Do you like the shaved pussies or pussies with nice trimmed bush. Is your dick hard?"

Nick was mortified. He wouldn't look me in the eye. He simple said, "I like the show. All the women are beautiful and young. Some might even be college girls. Wow."

I was sitting next to Derek and reached over and rubbed his thigh. I put my hand on his cock and said, "My oh my. Derek is aroused. His dick is hard."

All three guys looked at me in disbelief. Especially Derek. I laughed and said, "Come on guys. Get with the program. You are all pigs. I know that. I'm enjoying the show and enjoy watching you get all worked up. I'm sure you will beat off in your room when we get back to the hotel."

They didn't know what to say. Tyler laughed and said, "Ashley, you never cease to amaze me. It's like you are one of the guys. You are fun."

I became bolder and offered, "I can assure you I'm not one of the guys. You did notice my outfit, didn't you? I know you all stared at my tits and legs. I don't mind. I'm a flirt and enjoy the attention."

The DJ then made an announcement. He told the crowd that the next session would be amateurs with a top prize of $500 to the best dancer. He urged the guys in the room to encourage their wives and girlfriends to join the competition.

Derek looked at us and said, "I did notice a sign when we came in. It's Amateur Wednesday. That's probably why there are so many couples here."

As we sat there I saw eight or ten women head towards the stage. I was excited to watch the show as wives and girlfriends stripped in front of eighty or ninety horny guys.

Derek looked at me and said, "Ashley, why don't you enter the competition. You'd win for sure. Go for it. We will support you when the judging starts. What do you say?"

They all looked at me with lust in their eyes. They wanted to see me naked.

I grinned and looked at Nick when I said, "If Nick can guess correctly whether my pussy is bald or if I have a trimmed bush, I'll do it. What is it Nick, bald or hairy?"

Nick couldn't speak. He just stared at me. Derek and Tyler were yelling at him to guess. He blurted out, "Hairy. A nice trimmed hairy pussy. Am I right?"

I smiled as I got up and headed to the stage. I said, "You'll find out soon enough."

I was placed in the middle. The music started playing and the first woman started stripping. She was hesitant. The guys were yelling for her to 'take it off'. She stepped out of her dress and danced. She wasn't a very good dancer but she was really cute. She was hesitant, but finally took off her bra, and stood there topless. The guys were hooting and hollering for her to take off her panties. She was obviously embarrassed but slowly stepped out of her panties. Her pussy was shaved and the lips of her pussy were displayed for all to see. She waved at the crowd and stood at the back of the stage, nude

The next three women matched the first girl. They were all hesitant and reluctant, but all got naked. Two more shaved pussies and one trimmed bush. Two of the women had implants and their tits looked plastic. Big, but not as sexy as natural tits. The crowd was roaring with delight, seeing these wives and girlfriends stripping in front of their men

It was my turn. I am a good dancer and wanted to win the contest. I also wanted to get naked in front of Tyler, Derek and Nick. I rubbed my tits and teased the guys when I pulled up my dress to show off my panties. I unhooked my dress and stepped out of it. I poured it on as I swayed to the music and teased the horny guys in my bra and panties. I unsnapped my bra and let my 34C natural tits excite the crowd. The guys went nuts when they saw my tan lines, white tits and dark nipples. I rubbed my nipples and shook my tits as I danced. I bent over and pulled off my panties to show off my nicely trimmed bush. I stood with my back to the crowd and bent over with my legs spreads apart so the guys could see my cunt wide open. I was right in front of our table and gave Tyler, Derek and Nick a ring side view of my wet pussy. I stood up and started rubbing my pussy in front of a bunch of horny dick heads screaming for more.

The last four women were more or less a repeat of the first four. I had the best body by a long shot. I was the biggest tease and the only one to spread my legs for a view of my cunt, ready to fuck. I knew I won, and I did. The applause for me was far greater than the other eight. The DJ came up to me and gave me my $500 winnings.

The girls started to gather up their clothes and went backstage to get dressed. I got my clothes, but headed back to our table naked. The professional strippers were mostly naked, talking to guys and sharing drinks at the tables, so I fit right in as a full fledged stripper.

Tyler, Derek and poor little Nick were beside themselves as I walked up with my tits bouncing around. You could clearly see the outline of my bikini on my tan body. I had tan lines to die for. Forbidden goods hidden by my bikini until tonight. Guys love the contrast of a tan body with white tits and a white ass.

I sat down as the guys stared at my naked body. Tyler broke the ice with one word, "Wow."

A stranger walked up to me and asked if I would go to the VIP area for a private lap dance. The guys stared at me with their mouths open when I said yes. I got up and followed the stranger to the lap dance area. I was shaking. What was I doing! I was horny as hell with a soaking wet pussy and erect nipples.

I didn't know what strippers did, or didn't do, with a private lap dance. I did what I thought I was suppose to do. I danced in front of the stranger as he reached out and started fondling my tits. I looked at him and asked if that was normal behavior. He was horny and hard. He panted when he said that was just the beginning. He gave me $100 and told me to keep dancing. He fondled my tits until the song ended.

I thanked him, and started to leave, when he gave me another hundred and said that was for the next song. He took out his cock and started stroking it. He looked at me and asked me to beat him off. Holy shit. The song kept playing as I got down on my knees in front of him, and started jerking him off. Cum was leaking all over my hand as he shot off. He was grinning from ear to ear when the song ended. He pulled his pants up and gave me another $100.

I walked back through the crowd, naked, with three hundred in my hand. I went to our table, and before I could say anything, another guy came up and asked me for a lap dance. I looked at him and said no. I was done with lap dances. Nick looked at me and all but demanded to know what just happened. I grinned and said I gave a guy a lap dance, that's all.

I then continued, "The stranger felt me up and played with my tits while I danced for him. He then tipped me to beat him off. It was two songs. He shot off and I had his cum dripping all over my hand. It was innocent fun. That's all."

The guys looked at each other in disbelief. Derek mumbled, "The lucky bastard. He got to play with your tits. You beat him off. Holy shit."

I just smiled. I knew where this night would lead. I told the guys it was time to go. I really got them going when I said, "Let's go back to the hotel and have some fun. I can be your little sex slut tonight. I can handle all three of you if you're up for it. I want to fuck all three of you. Let's go."

I put my clothes on in front of everyone. All the guys were staring. I was in my glory and horny as hell.

We got to the car and I climbed into the back seat with Derek. No one was talking. Tyler pulled away and headed back to the hotel. I grabbed Derek and started kissing him. I was aggressive. My tongue was deep in his mouth. He was initially startled but got with the program. We were making out and groping each other in the back seat. I grabbed his cock and rubbed it through his pants while he fondled my tits.

Nick looked back and stared at us. I glanced at Nick and said, "Nick, you'll get your turn. Now behave yourself while Derek and I have some fun."

Derek has a huge cock and it was rigid. I couldn't wait to get his huge cock in my pussy. I also looked forward to seeing Tyler naked. I wanted to suck his cock and fuck him for all he's worth. As for Nick, I could only imagine what it would be like to fuck an introverted, young, shy nerd. I figured I might have to teach him a thing or two.

We got back to the hotel and made a bee line for Derek's room. He had a suite. The rest of us had normal corporate rooms. No suites for us on the expense account.

When we got to the room I was in control. I told the guys to strip. While they undressed I did a little strip tease for them. The same as I did at the strip club. Tyler and Derek were naked in a split second. Both of their cocks were hard. Nick had taken off his shirt, socks and shoes, but still had his pants on. He looked mortified and scared.

I was totally nude when I walked up to Nick. I told him to feel my tits. His hands were trembling when he touched my tits. He took his hands off my breasts after about ten seconds. I almost laughed, but didn't. I looked at Nick and asked him how many girlfriends he had in high school and college. I never expected his answer. He simply said, "None."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. It's 2014, not 1954. I then asked the obvious question, "Nick, are you a virgin?"

He was embarrassed, but honest when he stammered, "Yes, I"m a virgin. Your tits are the first tits I ever felt. They felt really soft and spongy. I don't have any experience with girls. I'm a loser."

I felt sorry for Nick and was going to make sure this was a night he'd never forget. I bent over and unbuckled Nick's pants. I rubbed his dick. I pulled down his pants and removed his underwear. His dick was like a flag pole, standing straight up. I'd call it a cock, but it was a little small for that, so I called it a dick. He didn't move a muscle. I started stroking his dick as I talked to him and said, "Nick, I want to put your dick in my mouth and suck on it. Is that okay?"

Nick just nodded his head. I looked him in the eye and then started licking the tip of his dick. I sucked the head of his dick into my mouth and slowly stroked his hard shaft. His dick was wet and slippery. I looked back at Nick's face as I jerked him off, and licked my lips. I said, "Nick, why don't you shoot off in my mouth. I'm sure your cum will be very tasty. Let me have a big load."

That was all it took. Nick sprayed more cum from his medium sized dick than I thought possible. His cum sprayed all over the place. He tried to aim it at my face, but was jerking in a spasm when he let loose, and the cum went everywhere.

Tyler and Derek watched in amazement as the innocent twenty year old virgin shot off in my mouth, all over my face, and on my tits. I don't think any of us expected Nick's load to be as big it was.

I looked at Nick and congratulated him on a job well done. I said, "Nick, you have a really nice cock." I called it a cock to make him feel good. I then continued, "I can't wait to fuck you and break your cherry. It's a real honor to fuck a virgin stud like you. You need to get your cock hard again while I take care of Derek and Tyler."

I went to Derek and took hold of his large cock. I couldn't get my hand around his cock, it was so big. I guided him to the bed as we pulled back the covers. We went at each other like two dogs in heat. I wanted that big black cock in my pussy. Derek liked my nipples and played with my tits as he climbed on top of me. His black cock slid in my wet pussy. I never had a cock that big in my tight cunt. My cunt expanded to let him all the way in. He pounded his cock in and out as he thrust his hips. I couldn't move. He was one big dude. It took about ten minutes for him to shoot his load of cum into my 'innocent' pussy.

Holy cow. That was a fuck for the record book. At least my record book. I looked over at Tyler and Nick and said, "Tyler, it's time for sloppy seconds."

Derek got up as Tyler climbed on the bed. His eyes were big as saucers as he stared at my naked body. He started kissing me with a vengeance. His tongue went deep into my mouth. I French kissed him like a school girl on a hot date. He stopped kissing me and said, "Ashley, I dream about you. I fantasize about you naked. I beat off as I think about you at night. I can't believe I'm actually going to fuck you."

I grabbed his head and started kissing him again. I panted, "Fuck me Tyler. Fuck me good and hard. I've fantasized about you and getting you naked. I've wanted to fuck you ever since I first saw your handsome face. Give me a hard fucking, you little stud muffin."

Tyler pressed me down and got on top of me. He gently eased his cock in my pussy an inch or two, and then took it out. He teased my pussy until I wanted to scream. He pushed his hard dick deeper and deeper in my cunt. I grabbed his ass and pulled him all the way in. My hips were thrusting against him as I fucked him with abandon. I had a crush on Tyler since the day he started at my firm, and was finally living out my fantasy.

Tyler and I fucked for at least ten minutes. He fondled my tits and rubbed my tight abs as his cock slid in and out of my cunt. He kissed me tenderly. He kissed me roughly. He kissed me with passion. And, boy did he fuck me.

His orgasm started first, but my orgasm hit only moments later. We put on quite the show for Nick and Derek. Derek pounded me with his big black cock and fucked me hard. Tyler made love to me in a more gentle way. Different as night and day.

When Tyler started to get off the bed, I looked at Nick and wasn't surprised to see his dick was hard again. He was a virgin and I was going to be his first piece of ass. An experienced piece of ass. A horny piece of ass.

Nick was on the bed in a flash. No surprise there. He looked like a little boy compared to Derek. He went for my tits. He sucked my nipples and ran his tongue over my tits. He wasn't very experienced. He looked at me and asked, "Ashley, can I really fuck you? Is it alright?"

I was gentle when I said, "Calm down Nick. Take your time. Be gentle with my tits. Kiss me. I want you to enjoy your first fuck."

Nick relaxed. He took my instructions and did exactly as I directed. He was really cute. I was really horny, knowing this was Nick's first fuck. I just hoped his dick wouldn't get lost in my stretched and lubricated pussy. Derek and Tyler did a number on me. This was going to be really, really, sloppy thirds. But I also knew Nick didn't care and had nothing to compare to other than his hand when he beat off.

I just laughed and said, "Nick, put your big dick in my pussy. I want to fuck you, right now. Put it in."

Nick thrust his cock in my pussy and started humping me like the Energizer Bunny. I matched him as best I could, but he was in a frenzy. He didn't last long and shot a load of cum into my pussy. I held him close. He was breathing hard and his heart was pounding. I felt his body relax and felt his dick slide out of my pussy.

When Nick rolled off of me, I reached over and gently stroked his chest. I lied when I said, "That was a great fuck Nick. You really know how to please a woman. You are going to make a lot of women very happy before you're done."

Nick beamed. I fondled his limp dick as I talked to him. He wasn't embarrassed at all. He just grinned from ear to ear. He was one of the guys and had just participated in a gang bang with a sexy, hot, slut wife.

I got up and headed to the bathroom to wash the cum off my body. When I came back in the room, I realized I hadn't taken any photos for my cuckold husband, John. Oops.

I asked the guys if I could get some photos to send to my husband. All three stared at me with their mouths open. Tyler said, "You're going to send photos to John? He knows you fuck other guys? Are you kidding me?"

I looked at Tyler and said, "I don't cheat on John. I enjoy fucking other men and John encourages me to be a slut. He's a cuckold husband. It makes our marriage stronger. So, can I get some photos?"

I handed my iPhone to Nick and asked him to take a couple of photos of me with Derek and Tyler. I then asked Tyler to take some photos of me with Derek and Nick. I kissed the guys, played with their cocks and asked them to feel me up as the photos were taken.

I thanked them for the pictures and asked Nick if he wanted one with me that he could show his friends at school. He looked at me with a big grin and said, "I'd love to have a photo with you. When I tell the guys that I fucked a beautiful, cute, twenty-six year old they won't believe me. But, if I have a photo, they'll have to believe me.

I asked Tyler to take some photos of me with Nick. He took twenty or more photos. Photos of me kissing Nick. Photos of Nick feeling me up. Photos of me holding Nick's hard cock. It hadn't taken Nick long to get hard again. I got down on my knees and sucked Nick's dick into my mouth as Tyler took an x-rated photo for Nick to show around. It was great fun.

I got Nick's email address and forwarded him copies of five photos I thought were the best. I made him promise not to put them on the internet or forward them to his friends. He promised to only show the photos to his friends and use the photos to beat off to when he was in his dorm room.

We all got dressed and agreed it was one hell of a night. As Tyler, Nick and I headed out the door I stopped and kissed Derek. I thanked him for a great fuck. He kissed me back and used his hands to feel my tits once last time. He then addressed Tyler and said, "Tyler. You've got my business. This was a great night I'll never forget."

I kissed Nick and told him I'd see him in the morning. As Tyler and I walked down the hallway, I looked at Tyler and asked him if he wanted to spend the night with me. I whispered in his ear, "I'd like to fuck you again. What do you say?"

Tyler quickly answered, "Absolutely. You kidding me? I'm thrilled and look forward to fucking you a couple more times. Wow."

We headed to my room, hand in hand. I fucked Tyler three more times. Once when we got back to the room. Again around 3:00 AM and the last time before we headed down for breakfast. I was feeling a little guilty that I had spent the night with Tyler. I had a bit of a crush on him. It was the first time I felt like I was cheating on John. One night stands are just sex. Fucking Tyler was more than just sex. I'd have to work that out.

I had scored another contract for the company and had fun doing it. Nasty, naughty sex with three guys. That was fun. I am the best Office Fuck Bunny any company could ask for.

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