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Business Proposal, Ch. 1

A man offers a married woman compensation for a date.
"Hey, Charlie,"I said to my husband as he kissed my neck. I was sitting at the kitchen table paying our monthly bills via computer. It was 10 PM and my husband had just gotten home from work. It wasn't unusual for him to work 12-hour days as manager of a Rustler's Steakhouse. I asked, "How was work?"

"Slow," he said wearily flopping down in the chair across the table from me. "Two waitresses didn't show up for their shift, but it was so slow we didn't need them anyway. How are the kids?"

"The kids are fine and have been in bed for two hours," I sighed then frowned at the computer display of our bank account.

Charlie read my mood, "What's wrong, Tilly?"

Pushing errant strands of blonde hair from my face, I said, "We have too many bills and not enough money in the checking account to cover them. It's like this every month. Pay this bill, pay partial on that bill, and put another off for a month. It gets so old."

"I know things are tight right now," Charlie admitted with a sigh, "And, I'm not going to make a bonus this month either. You think Dr. Proctor could give you some extra hours?"

I shook my head negatively, "Dr. Proctor was semi-retired when I started as his receptionist. He plans to fully retire next year. Maybe, I can get another part-time job."

"What bills are left?"

"The credit card, we can skip the payment this month, but they'll add interest next month." I furrowed my brow, "We can pay the interest on the house and skip the principle. That leaves enough for half of the electric bill, they won't like it, but at least they won't turn off the lights."

Charlie kissed my forehead and said, "I love you, my financial wizard."

"I wish I were a wizard then I could make money appear out of thin air," I sighed then added, "It's late, let's go to bed."

The next morning I let Charlie sleep in while I got the kids up, fed and off to school via the carpool. Taking a mug of coffee, I went upstairs to wake him. Pausing for a moment, I studied the sleeping figure of my husband. His pepper colored hair was heavily salted with flecks of gray. He had gained some weight since we had married thirteen years earlier and his busy work schedule gave him little time for the gym, so a paunch had developed where his once flat midsection had been. Work and worry had left him with the body of a man much older than his thirty-eight years age. Although, his body wasn't what it used to be, his cock still managed to give me a thrill.

I spotted his erection hidden beneath his boxers with a mischievous grin I purred, "What are you dreaming about, Charlie?"

Sitting the mug of coffee down, I traced my fingernail along his hard cock. I giggled as it throbbed and danced beneath my touch. Suddenly, it poked through the fly of his underwear drooling pre-cum. I giggled and smeared his dribble around the cockhead before I gave it a kiss. The salty taste proved intoxicating, so I ran my tongue around the circumference of the cockhead chasing the last drop of his sap. My handiwork roused a moan from him as he awoke.

"Good morning, Charlie," I chuckled before swallowing his entire swollen cock.

He murmured, "What the...that feels so good, baby."

I traced the length of his shaft with my tongue. With his cock suitably lubricated, I stroked it while I sucked the head into my mouth. I glanced up at my husband, he rolled his eyes and slapped the mattress like a fighter trying to tap out. It gave me pleasure to give him pleasure, so I licked, sucked and played with his hard cock with varying speed, rhythm and intensity. I gently caressed his testicles and then upped the pace of the hand strokes to take him to the edge of orgasm then I purposely slowed down.

"'re....tort....torturing... me," Charlie hissed as he tapped the mattress again.

I felt his cock swell in my mouth. In my hand his testicles began to contract. I knew he was ready to cum. I gulped down his entire cock. With his cock deep in my throat my tongue was immobilized, so I was unable to suck it. But I knew Charlie would become extremely stimulated by the tightness of my throat. Since I couldn't suck, I swallowed, an action that shuddered along the entire length of his cock.

 "Cum, cum, cum," Charlie sobbed with joy as his cum splattered against my tonsils.

I swallowed every bit of my man's goo then cooed, "Feel better, baby."

"Are you kidding? What a great way to start the day. What time is it?"

"Time for you to get up and get moving," I said stripping off my nightie. I noticed Charlie's cock had remained erect as he studied my nude body with a certain gleam in his eye.

"Have I told you I love you today?" he asked.

I shook my head negatively making my large breasts jiggle, "Nope."

"I love you today," he said with a grin as he reached for me. "Why don't you crawl back in here, so I can show you how much I love you."

"Nothing doing, mister, you need to get to work. We got bills to pay."

"I know it," he whined then added, "I just hate to waste a perfectly good hard-on.”

Laughing, I grabbed Charlie by his erection and led him to the bathroom by it. Steam filled the bathroom after I turned the hot water on in the shower. I stepped into it and oohed as the hot water generated goose bumps on my flesh.

Joining me in the shower, Charlie took the bar of soap from me. He lathered my breasts and said, "I appreciate you, Tilly."

"You just like getting woke up with a blowjob," I said, soaping and tugging on his cock.

He laughed, "Not just that, I appreciate everything you do. You're a great mom, a passionate lover and you stretch the few dollars I do bring home. I appreciate that you take of all my needs."

"It's my pleasure. Do you have a specific need that requires care?" I asked giving Charlie's cock a fierce tug for emphasis. I dropped his cock and turned my back to him. Grasping the shower head, I rose up on my tiptoes and pushed my butt in his direction. I looked over my shoulder and asked, "Want to fuck me?"

"You betcha," groaned Charlie. His cock penetrated my pussy with a forceful thrust. He kneaded my breasts and gently pinched my nipples until I squealed. Taking the initiative, I swiveled my hips rapidly up and down on Charlie's cock. I giggled as he groaned. Then I changed the rotation of my hips by twirling my hips in a figure-eight pattern.

When Charlie could stand my teasing no more, he began thrusting into me with urgency, growling and groaning his rapture. His hands sled from my breasts down to my hips. He used it to support himself as his cock rocketed rapidly in and out of my pussy.

I braced myself against the shower, enjoying the pounding Charlie was giving me. My breasts swayed to and fro with the rhythm of his thrusting hips. At the breakneck pace he was going, I knew he was going to cum and soon. I reached between my thighs and pushed my palm against my clit. The pressure brought me to the wonderful abyss of ecstasy. I chattered confused syllables of love and lust to my husband, "Fuck good... hard cock... I love... love you, Charlie."

Unexpectedly, Charlie's soapy finger penetrated my puckered butthole. I yelped at the violation. My pussy contracted with orgasm. My knees went weak and started to buckle. If Charlie hadn't had such a firm grip on my hips, I would have fallen. I shook the dizziness from my head.

The spasms of my cunt convulsing around Charlie's cock sent him over the top of his own orgasm. He pushed his cock into me as far as he could and unloaded. He was buried so far inside me that he had actually lifted me completely off my feet with his cock.

Once my comet like climax spent itself, I came crashing back down to reality. I rasped, "We need to get ready for work."

Charlie's cock had finally softened and plopped out of me with a wet thwack. With his balls satisfactorily drained, he finished washing up and hurried out of the shower. He shaved, dressed and headed off to work.

I waited until Charlie had finished shaving before I stepped out of the shower. I thought about trimming my bush up, but decided against it. My cunt was supersensitive at the moment. I knew if I gave it anymore attention, I'd end up pleasuring myself again and I didn't have the time.

After patting myself dry, I ran a comb through my bobbed blonde hair while waving the whirring blowdryer over it. When my hair was dry, I studied my nude self in the mirror. I scooped up one of my large breasts and smiled at my reflection, "Not too bad after nursing four kids."

"A bit too hippy," I grimaced, taking stock of my 5'2" frame. I was thirty pounds heavier than on my wedding day, thirteen years earlier. I smacked my ass. The sharp slapping sound echoed in the bathroom. With a grin, I said, "At least I can still get Charlie's cock hard."

After applying make-up, I nodded pleased with the result. I left the bathroom and put on a blue pants suit that would complement my blue eyes. I left for work.

While I sat at my desk in Dr. Procter's lobby babysitting the phones and searching the classifieds Leon Jackson appeared. He was the Midwest sales rep for a medical supply and diagnostic equipment distributor.

Leon was an attractive black man with a shaved head and a Van Dyke beard. His two hundred pounds matched his fit six-foot frame. His coal-colored complexion made his smile seem whiter. The resonating baritone timbre of his voice made my quim involuntarily quiver as he asked, "Hey pretty lady, looking for a better job?"

I nodded, "I love working for Dr. Proctor. Unfortunately with all our bills I need a job that pays more. Do you know of anything?"

Leon thought for a second then said, "Maybe, let me get back to you."

"Thanks. You know Dr. Proctor isn't going to buy anything. Why do you keep stopping by?"

Leon laughed his masculine tone reverberating in the atmosphere, "I know the Doc's about ready to retire. I really stop to see you. If you were the only person I saw in St. Louis, it'd be worth the trip from Chicago."

"Flattery will get you everything, smooth talker," my voice rasped with a surge of sexual excitement. I crossed my legs as my pussy dampened on its own volition.

"I wish," he said with a wink then went in to the doctor's private office.

Twenty minutes later, Leon and Dr. Proctor emerged back into the lobby. Leon shook the doctor's hand and said, "Let me know Doc, the sale price on the diagnostic set is good for another two weeks."

"Leon, you know I don't need any new equipment, but I will take a case of tongue depressors." Dr. Proctor gave Leon a good-natured pat on the shoulder then went into exam room One.
I gave Leon my told-you-so smile as he approached my desk.

He smiled back and said, "I have a business proposal I'd like to discuss you with over dinner this evening."

I frowned, "Leon, you know I'm married."

"Yes, I do. I said it was a business proposal. It may just help you with your financial concerns. Are you interested?"

"Of course I am interested, but I need to make some arrangements for my children and..." I looked into Leon's eyes to gauge his response, "... inform my husband."

Without batting an eye of ulterior motive, Leon said, "Of course, doesn't your husband own a restaurant or something? We could meet there."

Feeling assured that he wasn't up to anything nefarious, I said, "He's the manager of a Rustler's Steakhouse. What time would you like to meet?"

"How about seven?"

"Great." I wrote down the restaurant's address and gave it to Leon.

"See you at seven. If you can't work it out give me a call." He handed me his business card.

A few hours later, I sat across from Leon at my husband's steak house. We ordered supper and my husband dropped by our table. Both men shook hands after I made introductions, each of them sized up the other as they gripped hands. I crossed my legs as my pussy dampened with primeval realization, I was the female that the males were posturing over.

My husband left to attend his managerial duties. Leon and I made small talk while we ate supper. As we drank coffee after dinner, I asked, "So what's this business proposal?"

Leon sat his coffee cup down and reached into his suit pocket pulling out a small envelope. He placed it on the table top and scooted across to me. Smiling he said, "A businessman understands that time is money. This is to show you that I value your time."

I picked up the envelope and opened it. Inside was a pre-paid debit card with two hundred and fifty dollars loaded to it. I asked, "And what am I expected to do for this much money?"

Leon laughed. His baritone pitch reverberated through my core, making my pussy puddle and I crossed my legs again. His voice was full of humor as he said, "You've already done it. I figure an hour of your companionship is worth two hundred and fifty dollars."

"Why two hundred and fifty dollars an hour?" I asked raising my eyebrows in confusion.

"My attorney charges me three hundred and fifty dollars an hour, but he's been to law school. So I think two hundred and fifty dollars for an hour for your time is fair. I'll even pick up the check for supper. Just listen to my proposal. The debit card is yours whether you agree to it or not."

"Okay, I'm listening." I nodded and took a sip of coffee.

"I'd like for you to spend some time with me. I am willing to pay you two hundred and fifty dollars an hour for your companionship. Tomorrow is my fifieth birthday and I don't want to spend it alone."

Frowning, I asked, "Leon, what exactly are you proposing?"

"The Japanese have a custom called enkō which means compensated dating. Men who are not looking for a permanent mate will pay women for their companionship."

My eyebrows knitted together in shock, "Do you think I'm a whore?"

Leon reached across the table and patted my hand. His touch was comforting and his voice was soothing, "You know better. I'm not asking you to prostitute yourself. I'm saying, I would like your companionship and I'm willing to compensate you for it."

I placed my hand over Leon's and squeezed it. "So, no sex?"

"Sex is implied in the agreement."

"So you do want me to prostitute myself," I snapped, withdrawing my hand from his.

"Tilly, a prostitute is paid strictly for sex. If sex was all I desired, I would hire a prostitute. What I desire is companionship, specifically your companionship and I'm willing to pay you for it."

"Why me, specifically?"

Leon smiled, his white teeth contrasted to his dark skin. He said, "Tilly, we already have a relationship, a business relationship. I would like to expound on that relationship to incorporate companionship and yes, to include sex as part of that companionship." 

"Why not someone younger? Prettier?"

"First off, you are beautiful and I'm attracted to you and I think maybe, judging from the way you flirt with me at Dr. Proctor's office you are attracted to me. Second, it's as much about companionship as it is sex. I don't believe I have much in common with woman younger than you. I've been married twice already and have seven children. I'm not looking for a romantic relationship. The fact that you are married with children means that you won't be either."

"That's right, Leon, my marriage is very important to me and I wouldn't cheat on my husband for money."

Leon’s eyes twinkled as he shamelessly said, "I'm not asking you to cheat on your husband. I insist that he be fully informed. It's not cheating if your husband knows."


"Our hour is up," Leon said looking at his watch. He handed me a manila folder and continued, "This spells out my proposal. In essence if you spend twenty-four hours with me on my birthday tomorrow, I will pay you six thousand dollars. Look it over with your husband. If you agree, be at my attorney's office at 11 AM tomorrow."


Leon got up and placed a twenty on the table to tip the waitress. He smiled down at me then said, "Yeah, both you and your husband will need to sign the contract in front of my attorney. Good night, and thanks for your company. I enjoyed having supper with you."

I watched Leon walk away. I was awed and excited by his confidence. I fingered the debit card on the table and contemplated a couple of expenses the two hundred and fifty dollars would eliminate. I opened the folder and began to read through the agreement.

A few hours later, Charlie sat at the kitchen table and read Leon's proposal. Each passage made his face grow redder with rage until even his ears were crimson. Finally, he slammed the folder shut and seethed, "So this bastard thinks you're a prostitute."

"No, not exactly," I said reaching to touch Charlie's forearm.

He moved his arm to avoid my touch. Glaring at me, he said between his teeth, "He wants to fuck you for money. How's that not prostitution?"

"Leon would be paying me for my companionship. In Japan it's called compensated dating."

"No sex, just companionship?"

I shook my head, "Sex is an implied part of the companionship. Leon gave me two hundred and fifty dollars just to be his dinner companion. He's offering six thousand dollars for twenty-four hours of my companionship."

"To include sex."

"Yes, Charlie," I sighed with exasperation, "That's been established."

"So you don't mind prostituting yourself for six thousand dollars?"

"I guess not, " I barked, pulling my hand back from Charlie and crossing by arms against my bosom. I glared at him and said, "That's six thousand dollars that we don't have, but desperately need. The minivan needs new tires, the house payment is coming due and the kids all need to go to the dentist, beside its only sex."

"What do you mean, it's only sex?"

"Meaning, when I have sex with you, like this morning, it's an expression of my love for you. I don't love Leon, so sex with him will be meaningless."

"It might be meaningless to you, but not to me. It means I failed to provide for you and my family. It means, I'm less a man.." Charlie’s voice trailed off as he choked with emotion.

I caught Charlie's hand and squeezed it. "You’re not less man, that's your pride talking. It's not your fault the economy slowed down. You've done the best you could and I love you for it. Now I'm asking you to swallow your pride for the good of your family."

"You really want me to agree to you fucking Leon?"

"Charlie, we need the money. I love you, me fucking Leon isn't going to change that and I hope you can still love me." I lowered my eyes to the table afraid to look at my husband.

Jumping from his seat, he pulled me up into an embrace. Tearfully, he choked, "Tilly, I love you more than my life. I'm so sorry, I've failed you."

"No you haven't, Charlie. I love you. Let me show you how much." I pushed Charlie into his seat. Then stripped my nightshirt and dropped to me knees. I unzipped his trousers and fished out his cock, while he protested and tried to push me away. Finally, I look sternly in his eyes and demanded, "Let me."

Charlie relented. His cock was soft, but I gave it a little kiss then another. I worked my way up his shaft, he grew hard. Tenderly, I kissed his cockhead like I would his lips. I darted my tongue into his piss slit. He hissed and I tasted the saltiness of his leaking nectar.

I started to suck him and felt his arousal bourgeon, filling my mouth with his expanding girth. I looked up into his eyes and felt the wonderful connection that only comes from love. My breasts were soft but my nipples were hard, as my husband squeezed and pinched them. I took every inch of him into my mouth.

Sucking Charlie's cock wasn't some sexual trick to manipulate him. It was an expression of the deep love I felt for him. I wanted him to understand how much I loved him. I slid his cock past my lips, a long my tongue and past the precipice into my throat, into my very core. Deep throating him was a physical joining of my emotional connection to my husband.

Wrapping my hand around his shaft, I pumped him for his cum. I paused and rubbed his swollen cockhead all over my lips. My palm found his balls. I cradled them to feel their ponderous load. I kept stroking and sucking as he made otherworldly sounds and shuddered with ecstasy. I pointed his cock towards my face.

He erupted and spurt after spurt of his cum hit my face, along my cheeks, dripping down my chin, even spattering across my nose. There's nothing more erotic than feeling the pleasure of my husband seep into my skin. Using his cock, I rubbed his love all over my face as he gently held my head in his hands. His broad smile said more than his words ever could.

We smiled at each other. I gave his cock a final loving kiss and he wiped my face with my nightshirt. When he's finished, we looked into each other's eyes lost in the moment of joy. It was a beautiful simple thing.

Charlie redid his trousers and helped me to my feet. He embraced me and declared, "I love you, Tilly. Nothing on earth will change that."

I cuddled up to him and asked, "So you will sign off on Leon's proposal?"

"Yes," he sighed, "Yes."

He slapped my bare ass when I bent over to retrieve my sullied nightshirt. I rubbed the rising welt on my buttock. "Damn it, Charlie that hurt."

"I'm sorry, babe. I can't help myself you're just so sexy," he grinned.

I wiggled my bare ass at him as he followed me up the steps to our bedroom. We went to bed and made love several times before the morning light.

The next morning while Charlie fed the kids breakfast and got them off to school, I called my mother and asked her to watch the kids this weekend. After getting her agreement, I took a bath. My husband found me soaking in the bubbles, he brought me a mug of coffee. Taking the mug from his hand, I looked into his eyes, his gaze held mine but remained neutral. I took a sip of coffee then asked, "Are you sure you're alright with this?"

Charlie shrugged, "No, not really. Isn't there something, anything at all, we can sell to get the money we need?"

"No, the house is our biggest asset and unfortunately we owe more on it than it's currently worth. Everything we own is used, we can have the biggest yard sale in history and not make what we need to pay what we owe. Charlie, this is the only way we're going to get out this financial mess."

He sighed in surrender, "I know."

"Charlie, I need your full support on this," I said looking up at him from the tub.

He looked at me with contrary emotions flaring in his eyes, sadness, jealousy, but most of all love. He quietly said, “You know I love you and I'll support you.”

"Then shave my pussy." I held up my razor. I needed a significant symbol of my husband's complete emotional commitment.

"You want me to shave your pussy so he can fuck it?"

I nodded adding, "I need some emotional reassurance from my husband right now."

Charlie knelt by the tub and lathered my pubic mound. He hesitated and looked me in the eye before continuing. He knew I usually kept my pussy in a neatly trimmed landing strip, but he lovingly shaved my pussy bald. Once he was done with my cunt he helped me from the tub.

After rubbing me dry with a towel, he anointed my cunt with baby oil to keep it from getting razor rash. My own wet excitement mixed with the oil as his manual manipulation made my pussy lips pout with anticipation. I turned to embrace my husband.

He stopped me and swung me back around. He stood behind me. In the bathroom mirror his eyes reflected lust and wanton hunger. He imbibed my nakedness and I felt like a thing of beauty under his intense scrutiny. He cupped a breast and squeezed it pulling me back towards him until my shoulder blades were resting against his chest. He kissed my neck and whispered hot and sexy in my ear, "I love you, Tilly."

My breasts were warm and swollen with lust. I whimpered as he tugged at my nipples. I extended my hands and leaned forward to catching the edge of the counter. My knees were shoulder-width apart, I knew this was the position my husband wanted me to take. I watched my husband's reaction in the mirror, as I presented my up-turned posterior to him.

Charlie caressed the bare flesh of my back from my shoulders to my buttocks, lightly running his fingertips across my skin until goose bumps rose in response to his tender touch. He dropped to his knees behind me and kissed each cheek of my upturned butt. He spread my ass cheeks revealing my pretty pucker and wet pussy. His tongue tantalized my slit, teasing my clit from its hiding place. Once it was exposed his tongue darted quickly over it causing my whole body to squirm with glee.

He twirled his tongue thrillingly across my taint, finally amusing my anus with speedy stabs of his tongue tip. Once he was satisfied that my butthole was ready, Charlie stood up. He unzipped his trousers and fished out his hard cock. He lubricated its head by slipping it between my sopping pussy lips. He grinned at me in the mirror.

My face grimaced while Charlie's blunt cockhead battered its way into my butthole. I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth as his extremely hard shaft crept inch by inch up my ass. My knuckles turned white as I gripped the sink. Once his cock was fully seated in my butt, he waited for me to catch my breath. I was dizzy with delight.

"Tilly, I love you so much. Your ass is so tight," he panted huskily.

I blinked my eyes open then blinked a couple of more times as the pain subsided. I smiled weakly in the mirror at my husband. My butt was so full of his cock, I swear I could feel the blood pulsing through the big vein on top of his shaft. I felt his cock twitch inside me, demanding satisfaction.

After kissing my ear Charlie growled, "I love your ass, Tilly. It belongs to me. Nobody gets your ass but me. Leon doesn't get your ass, do you understand me ?"

I hissed, "I understand."

With a grin of victory, Charlie began to withdraw his dick. Slowly, it retreated until my sphincter threatened to expel it from my body with a couple of involuntary contractions. At a snail's pace he reversed course, reinstalling his cock into me until he was once again deep inside me. He repeated the process over and over again with disciplined precession. The angle of his cock was such that it tapped the underside of my G-spot through my innards. As he increased the tempo of his thrusts, the taps against my G-spot transmitted pleasure throughout my body.

"Fuck my ass, Charlie, fuck it hard," I growled like an animal. I moved my hips to counter to my husband's thrusts enhancing his enjoyment and as well as mine. Wet flesh on flesh smacks reverberated loudly in the bathroom. My grunts and his groans only added to the crescendo of raunchy racket.

Charlie's cock expanded and throbbed. He rammed it deep into me. shooting a blast of cum into me like a shotgun. His bellow of release sounded like a moose mating call. Once he recovered, he pushed his still hard cock deeper inside me. He jammed three fingers into my gaping gash. Then he pressed his palm against my hyper-aroused clit.

My eyes rolled back in my head as the dam of orgasm breached. White light exploded behind my eyes as my lust reached the pinnacle of climax. Ejaculate spewed from my cunt and splattered with a whoosh on the bathroom floor. I howled my happiness, "Ahhh! Cum, cunt, cum."

As Charlie pulled his quickly deflating cock from my backside, I hissed. I turned around and embraced my husband enjoying his warmth. I declared, "I love you, Charlie."

"I love you too, Tilly." He patted my ass lovingly and with a gratified grin on his face, he reiterated, "Your ass is mine, Tilly, just mine."

Silently I nodded, while Charlie put a necklace around my neck. I picked up the locket, which was a small gold key, and studied it before looking into my husband's face.

Nothing but love was reflected in his gaze as he said, "I gave you that necklace on our first anniversary. I told you then and I still mean it, that's the key to my heart. Please keep it on to remind Leon, he might be getting your pussy but I got your heart."

"I won't take it off," I whispered. Then I reassured my husband with a kiss on his cheek. I dressed and we left for the lawyer’s office.

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