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Couple shares a stranger while on vacation
He was seated with us at supper. We'd run into him several times during the past few days. He was personable, funny, and she admitted, attractive.

"Hello. Nice to see you two this evening."

"Good to see you again, too."

"What's on your agenda for the evening?"

"Not much. Dinner. A couple of drinks. Back to the room. What about you?"

"About the same, I expect."

"Not going to try to set up something with a pretty lady?" she asked.

"No. My room-mate got lucky this afternoon. He informed me, I'll need to either sleep on the beach or find someone to take in a poor orphan for the night."

"I'd think you'd be looking specially hard for someone young, comely and charitable then," she teased.

"No, I'm afraid not. The 'pickings' are slim and too juvenile. I 'spose I'm a bit too particular, and too old to play that 'disco-pick-up' game. I'll sleep on the beach."

"Maybe we can put you up for the night. We only sleep in one bed at a time. Unless you get a better offer between now and bedtime," she offered.

"That's generous of you both. But I don't want to impose."

"No, we insist. Don't we honey?" she asked me.

"Absolutely." I agreed, taking her hint.

"Well, I suppose I can't refuse. Tell you what. Will you allow me buy your drinks for the evening as a way of saying 'Thanks' in advance?"

"That's an offer that we can't refuse."

"Okay!" he laughed.

The evening was wonderful. Dinner was superb. Drinks in Lounge afterward were refreshing and delicious. His company was charming and amusing. After drinks we danced in the area around the Bar. First she and I danced. Then, she insisted on dancing with him.

He held her close during the slow numbers. The room was dim, but more than once I saw her lean her head back for a kiss in the shadows. Her lips parted and I could imagine his tongue entering her mouth During the last dance, I came up behind her and pressed myself against her buttocks as we danced together, the three of us, her sandwiched between him and me.

My penis was hard. I knew that she could feel it, too. As we walked off the

dance floor, he excused himself to go to the mens room. I looked at her and realized that merely by glancing down, I could see all of her breasts through her open neckline. All night long as he had danced with her, he must have been able to feast on the sight as well.

"I'm very hard," I whispered to her.

"So is he."

“What about you?"

"My nipples are crinkled."

"I can see that through your dress."

"And I'm wet between my legs."

"I could have guessed that... Sweetheart, we've talked about....."

"Yes, I'd like to make love to him, if that's what you're asking. I'd like to make love to you too. Both of you at the same time. I've never felt so attracted to two men before. Is that what you wanted to know, darlin'?"

"What I wanted to know, and what I hoped."

We walked hand in hand, the three of us, back from the bar, along the beach. As the darkness settled around us, I felt her give my hand a squeeze.

"Having fun?"

"Uh huh."

She broke away from us and ran a bit further down the beach. She stopped at the water's edge and faced us. As we reached her, she suddenly grabbed the bottom of her blouse with both hands and pulled it over her head. I could see the pear shape of her breasts in the moonlight.

"Last one in's a sourpuss," she laughed, as she slipped off her skirt and stepped out of her panties.

As she turned and ran into the surf, I struggled out of my own shirt and shorts. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him, stripping as well. We hit the surf together, only a few steps behind her.

The water was warm and comforting on my skin, but choppier than it had been that day. I dived in after her and came up into a wave of salt water. I looked around and saw them, diving and wallowing in the waves like pale dolphins. Suddenly a wave threw her into my arms, giggling and squirming. Her mouth opened for a kiss. Our tongues met. I could feel her breasts against my chest. My penis was hard. Then as quickly as she'd been in my arms, she was free, diving and playing in the water. In the next instant a stray wave threw me against him, face to face. I was still hard and I could see that he was as well. I could feel his erection next to mine. We turned out toward the sea, without saying anything.

At that moment, she came splashing through the waves to us. Laughing, she threw herself into our arms. We lifted her up, our three mouths opened and our three tongues met in a kiss unlike any I'd ever known before. Suddenly, another wave came in and we all three ended up laying on the beach, our legs and arms and bodies all sprawled out on the sand.

As we came to our feet, another wave hit us, and threw us apart. Coming out of the wave, I saw they were standing waist-deep in the water, together. Her arms were wrapped around his neck. Her legs were wrapped around his hips, and I knew that he was inside her. I came up behind her. I wound my arms around the two of them. I knew she could feel my penis against the crease between her buttocks.

They just stood there for a moment, not moving. Then she began to move up and down on him, using my body as a support. Their breathing increased. I slid my hands to her hips, to help her move up and down on him. She kept moving up and down on him, faster and faster until, he groaned and came inside her. She had slid off him and had twisted around in the water, facing me.

She opened her arms, inviting me to enter her. This time he lifted her up and slid her onto me. For an eternity or two, I stroked my penis inside her. The water buoyancy supported her on me as he stroked us both with his hands. Faster and faster I pounded into her, the way that I knew she liked it, until I too had come in her.

Then she was off me, we three were on our knees, in the surf. Laughing we rose and began walking out of the water and onto the beach. We ignored the stares of the watchman walking by as we strolled, still nude, holding hands to our room.

Once inside we headed for the shower. As the warm water hit us, I stepped up behind her and began to soap her hair. He was facing her, sudsing her breasts. My hands slid to her hips, and his to her vagina. As she began to moan, I moved my hands to her breasts. I soaped them from behind. She laid her head backwards on my shoulder. My tongue found her mouth as I gently rubbed her nipples between my fingers. His mouth was on her other shoulder. His fingers were inside her.

As he slid his fingers back and forth inside her, she began to rock back and forth with his movement. I began to rub her nipples more deliberately, slowly with the kind of rolling motion that I knew she liked. She moaned. I leaned my mouth in and kissed her neck and ears. He kept on, slowly masturbating her. I kept rubbing her nipples, using the soap suds for lubricant.

She moaned again and as she moved her hips faster and faster, I could tell that she was about to climax. She reached out and took his penis in her hand. He leaned forward and kissed her. With my other hand, I stroked her bare back and shoulders. He turned his face over her shoulder, toward me, and we kissed.

His beard tickled with five o' clock shadow. His tongue though, tasted and felt no different than any other to me. The three of us embraced as he and I caressed her. Then, all at once, she moaned again, gave a little shudder, and I knew that she had come.

She slid to her knees before us as we moved to stand side by side. Her mouth went over his penis, her hand went to mine. We turned our heads and opened our mouths to each other. Now she was sucking me and stoking him, as he and I continued to kiss and caress each others chests and backs.

I slid to the shower floor beside her, both of us kneeling before him. I kept kissing her neck, stroking her

back. My mouth moved to her cheek. Then her mouth was on his balls. His organ stood before me, red and inviting. I couldn't resist.

As I moved my mouth over the tip of his penis I was struck by the clean taste and the smoothness of him in my mouth. I took all of him between my lips. I began to move my mouth and lips up and down on his erect penis. He moaned. Then she was beside me, gently nudging my mouth to one side with her own. We began to fellate him together, each of us on one side of his penis, licking and stroking him back and forth in opposing rhythm. Again he moaned.

Suddenly, his movement became more purposeful, demanding. We began licking him in the same direction, up and down. I knew that he was about to come. Her mouth went over the pinkish-red tip of his penis. As she began to stroke him with her mouth. I kept on caressing her back, stroking her breasts and kissing her neck. For a reason I couldn't explain, I found the sight of my wife fella ting this virtual stranger incredibly arousing. When he began to come, she pulled her mouth away and moved to his balls. Again, I took all of him in my mouth, just as he exploded.

He tasted good, a bit sharp and slightly sudsy. I kept sucking until he'd finished coming in my mouth. Though I'd never done it before, there was a feeling of deva vu. Then her mouth was back on his dick as she licked him clean. I turned and kissed her deeply. We shared his fluid.

Her hand on my side brought me to my feet. He and she and I moved to the bench in the rear of the shower.

"Sit down", she told me.

I was rock hard. I took his place on the bench. She straddled my penis, facing him and gestured for him to bring his penis to her mouth. Sucking him, she rode me, up and down as I caressed her breasts from behind. Just as I began to feel as if I would explode, she jumped off me. I stood. We made a naked sandwich, her in the middle, facing him. Then she turned to me, offering me her mouth. I kissed her again.

"Let's go lay down,' she said. On the bed, she spread her legs. "I want you inside me, darlin'.'"

I was on her and inside her in a flash. He climbed on the bed beside us. I could feel him stroking my buttocks and anus from behind. Now she turned her head to kiss him and I knew that he was caressing her as well. Then, she was wriggling and rolling beneath me as she climaxed. As I came, I rolled off her and rolled to her right side.

We stroked her breasts as she began to moan again. Without thinking about it, I began to kiss my way down her body. I took her right breast in my mouth, licked the valley between her breasts, her stomach her mound.. Our mingled sweat was like on aphrodisiac in my mouth. When I reached her vagina, she parted her legs. I had always loved the taste of her, but tonight the mixture of water, soap, her fluids and his and my sperm was intoxicating.

As my tongue entered her, she wrapped her legs around my shoulders. I looked up and saw that He had moved up to stand at the head of the bed. His penis was directly over her face. She put her arms around his legs and drew him onto the bed on his knees, and in a second, she was licking the underside of his penis. After a while, we all stopped more or less simultaneously for air.

"Let's 69," I suggested.

"Sounds yummy to me, but what about our guest?" she asked.

"I'll find something to keep us all amused," he smiled.

I laid on my back and she crawled onto me. She took my penis into her mouth and I again began to lick her. I could see him moving around to stand at the end of the bed. Then he got onto it, between her legs. His hands went to her hips and I knew what he was going to do. His penis was directly over my face as he entered her. As I mouthed her, his dick was entering her, and I found myself kissing penis and vagina simultaneously.

As he stroked her, I licked the two of them where penis and vagina came together. I could feel her mouth on me, giving me a blow job that was to say the least, inspired. Then, she began fella ting me faster and faster, as she did when she got aroused. He was stroking into her faster and faster. I kept licking the two of them as I felt myself come closer and closer to orgasm. With a shudder that shook all three of us, we climaxed.

He pulled out of her, and she rolled off me. We lay with her in the middle again, basking in the afterglow.

"That was super," she breathed.

"We're not done yet," he and I said in unison.

The humor of that struck all three of us at once and we collapsed with laughter, rolling around on the bed, giggling and touching and squeezing each other for a good five minutes.

"Anyone care for thirds?" she asked with a wide-eyed expression of mock innocence.

"Fourths, I think," he replied.

"I've lost count. But I can't think of anything we haven't already tried."

"O, I can come up with something."

“That's the point, for us all to come."

"Your point isn't too bad," he responded, and suddenly leaned across her, taking my penis in his mouth.

As he began suck me, she slid out from under us and took his penis in her mouth. She was laying in such a way that it was easy now for me to go down on her vagina. In a moment we had arranged ourselves into a triangle, he in her mouth, she in mine, I in his.

As my tongue delved into her, I felt for her clitoris with my tongue. I found it and began to caress it, up and down, the way I knew that she liked. All of a sudden, I felt his mouth begin to caress me faster and faster, up and down. I knew that I was close to coming and I sensed that she was as well. As I moved my hips in rhythm with his fellatio, I could feel her movements back in forth in synch with me. I knew that she must be stroking him faster and faster with her mouth, just as he was me. Then, just as I sensed none of us could last much longer, we broke off.

Again she laid on her back with her legs apart. This time, he rolled onto her and entered her in the missionary position. He didn't begin to pump.

"Come up here darlin'," she called me.

On my knees, I knelt by their faces as they both began to caress my penis simultaneously, just as she and I had earlier sucked him. They ran up and down both sides. They took turns taking me into their mouths and liking my balls. With a shudder, I came into both their waiting mouths.

Then I moved to the bottom of the bed. She and he scooted over so that the wall was half supporting them as they laid there. This opened her vagina and his penis to my view. I could see his red penis moving in and out of her distended vagina. The sight of another man's penis inside her was enough to get me immediately hard again. On my stomach and knees, between their legs I began to caress them with my mouth as they gently made love. They moved together slowly until, with a gasp, he came inside her.

As he rolled off, I took his penis in my mouth and began to lick their combined juices off him, as she and he laid side by side. In a moment I was back between her legs, licking the sperm from her. I looked up. They were kissing and cuddling. When she was clean, I moved up to her other side.

"Know what? We left our clothes on the beach."

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