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Claire's Cousin - Simon's Second Seduction

Cuckold husband helps his pregnant wife sleep with her baby's father... again!
This is a sequel to one of my earlier works, ‘Claire’s Cousin’. Although it could stand as a story in its own right, readers will get much more out of it if they’ve read Chapter One first.

“Oh God! Oh God, Tim!”

My wife’s aroused voice sounded hoarse and crude over the slightly crackly telephone line, filling my smart but characterless Shanghai hotel bedroom over the bedside speaker. In the half light of the evening I imagined Claire on her hands and knees in our house, on our bed, her bottom raised towards him, her face close to the pillow, her five month pregnant belly bulging down beneath her slim, athletic torso as he knelt behind her, thrusting.

“How does that feel, Claire?” I croaked, my hand active in my lap.

“Amazing… so deep...”

“Deep in your belly?”

“My fat, pregnant belly!”

“What’s he doing to you, Claire?”

“Fucking me… fucking me hard…”

“How is he fucking you?”

“On my hands and knees like a dog.”

It was our favourite phone-sex fantasy – the one firmly based on fact. The one where my wife Claire had a week-long affair with her young cousin Simon; the one where at my insistence she seduced him while I was away on business in South America; the one where she told me all the details over the phone without me really knowing if it was all real or not; the one in which we found out she was pregnant by him and decided to keep the baby as ours.

The one about things that had really happened only five months ago.

In the darkness of my hotel room, my mind filled with images of Simon’s upper thighs smacking sharply against her smooth, firm buttocks as he penetrated her deeply from behind. His strong hands gripped her slim waist squeezed tightly, pulling her firmly back onto his cock as he thrust as hard as he could on our bed.

I could hear the frantic buzz of her vibrator in the background over the speakerphone, its tone high and bright and realised it must be pressed against her clitoris this time instead of deep inside her vagina.

“Oh God! Oh Simon! Fuck me! Oh God! Fuck me!”

She was hot tonight! Really on form! As if we actually were in the same room and not separated by thousands of miles of ocean. Feeling that my climax was very close, my hand slowed while in my head, Simon’s thrusting quickened and became more erratic.

“Who, Claire? Who’s fucking you?” I croaked as the hot burning feeling began to spread from deep between my thighs, down my legs and into my lower back.

“Si... Oh God, that’s good!” She gasped, clearly close to orgasm herself in our bedroom continents away from me. “Simon... Simon’s fucking me...”

My ejaculation merely seconds away, I had time for one last question before I came.

“Whose... whose baby... is in... your... belly...?”

“Simon’s... Oh that’s good... Simon’s... Simon’s baby... Simon fucked me… Knocked me up...”

And with that I could contain myself no longer. My body went into spasm and I began to ejaculate over my belly while in my mind I watched her young lover spurt his seed deep into my wife’s body.

“Oh Claire…” I gasped as my spurting subsided, picturing Simon grinding his hips slowly against her soft smooth buttocks, his fingers digging deeply into her soft flesh, his cock pulsing within her as the last few sports of semen passed from his body into hers.

“Wow!” I hissed between breaths. “That was amazing! I’ll have to rush back tomorrow before you cool down!”

There was humour in her voice and I heard her panting over the telephone line as if she too had enjoyed a massive climax.

“I’ll be hot and waiting for you when you get here. All five of us will!” She said provocatively, referring both to our three kids and the unborn stepchild now growing in her belly.

Although the current economic situation had constrained budgets severely, I was still travelling extensively for my job as Technical Manager for a large retail chain – more so now so much work was being ‘outsourced’ to distant places.

I was just reaching the end of a ten day trip to China and had been fortunate enough to catch a better connection to Shanghai than I had expected, bringing me home hours earlier but first giving me a few moments in my hotel to have phone sex with my beautiful, increasingly pregnant wife.

It was time we had just made very satisfactory use of – at least from my point of view. Claire hadn’t had an orgasm, I could tell despite her considerable acting ability. In fact I knew she was finding it harder and harder to climax as her pregnancy progressed, even though her sex drive had if anything increased. But right then it wasn’t the first thing on my mind.

Readers of the first Chapter will know that my lovely wife Claire and I had been virgins when we first married and had been entirely faithful to each other from the beginning of our relationship right up to my business trip to South America five months ago during which – at my urging – she had seduced her cousin Simon, a fit, athletic young man who was staying with us to help with the kids while he attended a work experience placement with a major London football team.

Claire’s current pregnancy was an unplanned result of that liaison. Because of her immensely strong and sincerely held views about contraception and abortion, we had no alternative but to see the pregnancy through but, even though I had had a vasectomy some years before, I was more than content to be the official father of a fourth child.

Indeed after explaining to astonished relations how my operation must have failed, both our Catholic families – especially mine who disapproved of my vasectomy in the first place - were very happy at the prospect of yet another baby in the house. 

“Sorry! I was being selfish…” I apologised into the handset while reaching across to the bedside table for a tissue. “I get a bit carried away sometimes…”

“You’re telling me!” She laughed. “You’ve been away too long!”

“Well when I get back I’m not going away for a few weeks so we’ll have plenty of chances to make up for lost time.” I began to clean up the sticky mess on my tummy.

“You didn’t cum, did you?” I asked hesitantly.

“It doesn’t matter...” She replied quietly. “I enjoyed it, it’s just my tummy...”

“Swollen?” I asked, remembering her three previous pregnancies.

“Mmmm. Yes. My bump is much bigger this time.” She mused unhappily. I pictured her fingers running over the soft swelling in her belly. “It’s hard to believe I’m only five months gone. Just look at me!”

I laughed, wishing I could have looked at her and kissed her. It was certainly true; her baby bumps with our three kids had been so small that she had been close to full term before they really showed. This time however she had been forced into maternity clothes many months earlier and didn’t like the idea.

“You look... radiant. I love you!” I said, meaning it. My lovely wife looked, if it were possible, even lovelier when she was pregnant. “And we shouldn’t be surprised if things are a bit different this time, should we?”

“Meaning?”She asked.

“Meaning only half the DNA is the same this time, remember?”

I expected a rebuke but instead her voice became distant, as if having just made up her mind on something important.

“Tim...” She said, suddenly serious. “There’s something I want – need to talk to you about...”

I tried not to frown at the sudden seriousness in her voice.

“Something that couldn’t wait till I get home? That’s ominous!” I said in mock-concern. She ignored my half joke.

“You know we agreed that we would treat this baby exactly like our others – as if you were the father and Simon will never know it was really him...” She began.

“You were absolutely insistent as I recall...” I agreed.

“Yes I was – and I still am...” She paused. “I’ve not changed my mind about that at all. But there’s some part of me that can’t just ignore the fact that this baby isn’t quite the same as the others... that it’s not actually your DNA growing inside me...” She was beginning to get agitated so I tried to calm her.

“I’m sure you’re right...” I said softly. “You’re bound to feel different this time. But we’ll do what we said. No-one will ever know and he or she will be another member of the family...”

“It’s not that... well, not just that... It’s not the baby, it’s me!... I mean right now something inside me wants... No, really needs... to be with the man who made me pregnant... I can’t explain it; it’s like some kind of primitive urge...”

There was a pause before she went on.

“How would you feel about me seeing Simon again? Now, before the baby’s born.”

She sounded distressed and my heart ached for her. And I felt something else too… I thought for a moment before replying carefully.

“It’s probably only natural Claire...” I said softly. “I’m no expert in how a woman’s body and mind work but it doesn’t surprise me at all.” I could sense a little tension leaving her. “How long have you felt like this?” I asked, mentally putting my arm around her shoulders and hugging her, feeling her bulge press against my tummy.

“It’s sort of always been there, but now I can see my bump and feel the baby every day it’s got stronger and stronger.” She said. “I feel I’ve just got to... be with him again...”

“When you say ‘Be with him...’ you mean...?” I asked, half knowing the answer already.

“I’m not sure. I know I need to spend time with him, be close to him for a while…”

“Sleep with him again?” I asked as neutrally as I could. “Fuck him again?”

She didn’t rise to the bait. “I don’t know. Really I don’t.” She replied and I believed her. “But I can’t have his baby and not see him at all, can I?”

To be honest, I had expected something like this to happen – perhaps had even wanted it to – but as month after month passed without my wife demanding to be with her impregnator again, I had unconsciously assumed that the urge had either passed or would not arise. Her outburst had caught me by surprise and for a few seconds I lay silently, thinking.

“It’s not that I don’t love you... I do! I really do!” She protested, misreading my reticence. “It’s a basic, almost primeval thing I suppose.” I pictured her hands stroking the smooth roundness of her belly. “I’ve just got to see the man whose baby I’m carrying.” She reiterated.

My mind started to buzz.

In the nearly six months since the fateful business trip in which while I was abroad, Claire had deliberately if easily seduced her cousin Simon, we had both fantasised about it almost every day – certainly several times a week and for a long time our sex life had been simply amazing. Recently however the memories had started to fade a little and I had to admit a certain lack of adventure had crept back into our lovemaking.

Simon, her young lover was not aware that she was carrying his child rather than mine but following my vasectomy years ago he was the only possible father. Indeed, apart from me, Simon was the only man Claire had ever slept with. The idea of a repeat performance between the two of them actually thrilled me more than I felt comfortable with but I tried to conceal my excitement – at least for the moment.

“You’ve kept in touch with him, haven’t you?” I asked, knowing the answer would be positive.

“Mostly on facebook and the odd message…” She replied. “I’ve tried to play the whole thing down. At first he called or texted every day but it’s fallen away a lot now. He might even have a girlfriend – I’ve seen a lot of pictures of him with a tall blonde girl.”

I smiled inwardly. From her tone of voice it was clear that she was more than a little jealous of this mysterious blonde. I wanted to say that maybe now she had an idea how I felt thinking of her in bed with Simon but I wasn’t stupid enough to let the words out for real. An idea came to me.

“Why don’t you invite him down for a weekend? Hasn’t he got a ‘reading week’ coming up next month? Most students have. And I’m going back to Brazil for a few days. You could say you need help with the kids now you’re getting bigger and could he come down on Friday night like before. I’m sure he’d come.”

Claire’s voice brightened. “You could be right. He probably wouldn’t come at all if he thought you would be home! He still thinks he seduced me, not the other way round.”

“So see him when I’m away, like last time.” I said, feeling myself getting aroused again, so soon after my last climax. “If you really feel you need to see him then you must see him. If just spending time with him is enough then I won’t have a problem. If you need to go all the way and sleep with him again then I’ll have to deal with it like last time.”

“What if he’s got a girlfriend?”

“You’ve got a husband! You’re not asking him to marry you Claire. If he feels strongly then he won’t come but I suspect he’s desperate to see you again and, if you offer him the chance, he’ll take you to bed, girlfriend or no girlfriend.”

“How can you be sure?”

“I can’t be 100% sure but, basically, he’s a man and I understand men. I’m one myself – admittedly I’m a Cuckold now, but still a man ‘within the meaning of the act’.

“And you’re sure it’s ok?”


“Then I’ll email him now!” She said determinedly. “Before I lose my nerve!”

“You do that. And I’ll see you for real tomorrow night - quite late.”

“You’re sure you don’t need me to meet you at the airport?”

“I’m sure, but thanks. The taxi’s already booked.”

“Well have a safe trip.”

“I will. See you tomorrow. I love you, Claire.”

“I love you too...”

She hung up, leaving me in my hotel room with another erection and a head full of incredible images of my pregnant wife about to sleep with her cousin for a second time.


At half past midnight the following evening when my taxi pulled up outside the house, the lights were still on. When I was travelling, we had an understanding that Claire would carry on her normal routine without waiting up for me. Delays are commonplace and after two nights sitting worrying until the small hours it made sense for Claire just to let me get on with it, leaving a single ‘welcome’ light on in the hall for when I eventually returned.

I was surprised therefore to see the lights on in the lounge as I drew up outside the house and even more surprised when the front door opened at my approach and my lovely wife stood in the hallway in her dressing gown, waiting to greet me.

After the usual welcome kiss and cuddle (along with a comprehensive fondle of her pregnant body), Claire led me into the kitchen and made me tea while asking about my trip. From the superficiality of her questions and her lack of attention to my answers I could tell that she was going through the motions, waiting for her opportunity to tell me something.

Eventually judging she had played the ‘interested wife’ for long enough, she turned with her back to the fridge and, somewhat nervously announced.

“He’s coming next month!”

“Who’s coming?” I asked. My brain fuddled from jetlag.

“Simon. I asked him and he’s coming to stay the weekend.”

“Wow! Claire! You don’t waste any time do you?”

She blushed. “Well I thought…”

“You thought I might change my mind so you set it up straight away!” I said accusingly. She nodded sheepishly as I went on “You’re not sure exactly what you want from him but you need to spend time with him.” She nodded again.

“He’s coming on Friday evening and leaving on Sunday afternoon. It’s not long but we’ll all have a day and a half together.” She said brightly. ‘And there are two whole nights to consider too!’ I thought to myself.

“Does he know I’ll be away?” I asked.

“Yes. I don’t think he would have dared come otherwise.”

She said as she led me upstairs to our bedroom, leaving my packed bags in the hallway.

We undressed each other and made love gently and carefully on the clean sheets. Her body was smooth, silky and warm and I adored the sensation of having her baby bump pressed against my tummy as we hugged together.

As I penetrated her slowly and carefully, I could feel the head of my cock press firmly against her distended cervix. It felt incredible; the knowledge that the child within her womb was not mine added so much to my arousal but to my delight took nothing away from the love I felt for this extraordinary woman.


And so Simon’s visit was set for three weeks’ time. For me the time passed very quickly, thanks mostly to a series of food scares that required my full attention and a lot of travel, fortunately within the UK. My flight to Brazil was booked for the Friday lunchtime and Simon was due to arrive early Friday evening.

In an aroused moment I calculated that, if things went well, they could have slept together before I had arrived in my hotel and the next day’s phone sex would be incredible. Even if it they hadn’t had sex, Claire could be relied upon to produce a fantastic fantasy.

I didn’t notice until the weekend was almost upon us that Claire had been preparing herself carefully for his arrival, with thrice weekly trips to the gym for expensive personal training. She had taken care to keep herself in shape since Simon – a sports student himself – had first visited us. I suspect that the time they spent training together brought them so close physically that the move into bed had been almost inevitable. I was pleased and amazed that, despite her pregnancy, Claire had become more shapely rather than less, without an extra ounce of fat, and her baby bump was smooth and firm.

She looked simply amazing, pregnancy or not and I felt very proud to be with her. It wasn’t until the Thursday night when we made love with our usual ‘Simon’ fantasy that I realised that in less than twenty-four hours I would be thousands of miles away and, whatever she told herself about being unsure, my wife’s wonderful vagina would almost certainly be full of another man’s semen.

The pain, pleasure and jealous feelings along with the prospect of a week’s amazing phone sex kept me awake into the small hours.


My taxi was booked for Friday morning to take me to the airport. I had said goodbye to Claire and the kids at breakfast before she took them to school so I was alone in the house with my bags when it arrived.

The journey to the airport was slow and frustrating. A fatal accident on the main roundabout was causing traffic mayhem with cars, taxis and buses backed up all along the motorway and down the feed road to the airport itself. I was seriously late by the time I reached the terminal and later still by the time I finally reached the check-in gate, my heart thumping from the long run with my heavy suitcase.

As I approached the desk the pretty girl behind looked at me sympathetically. My flight was cancelled! So many passengers hadn’t made it to the airport and the air crew were stuck in central London. Cancelled!

After taking several very deep breaths, making at least a dozen long distance phone calls and rearranging meetings and factory visits, I found myself highly stressed but with a rearranged trip and an upgraded First Class seat on the Sunday afternoon flight.

It took nearly two hours to do the forty-minute journey home by taxi, the entire time spent on the phone.


“Oh my God! What’s wrong?” Claire exclaimed when she returned home from school with the kids and found me still there. “You’re supposed to be in Brazil! Are you ok?”

I explained what had happened with only a minimum of four-letter words. Claire had of course heard about the accident and was relieved I hadn’t been involved, but it didn’t take her too long to remember the imminent arrival of her ex-lover and the problems my unexpected presence might create.

“He’ll be on his way already…” She was saying in a whisper. “Probably on the underground so I can’t call his mobile.”

“Relax…” I insisted, trying to calm her down. “Let him come. Just make sure you answer the door and explain what’s happened. He doesn’t know I know about you two, does he?”

She shook her head. “No he doesn’t.”

“Then he won’t be as nervous as he might. Did you promise him sex?” There was no way of putting it more softly. Claire scowled at me.

“Of course not, but…”

“Then it’s only a problem if you decide you want to sleep with him after all. You said you weren’t sure whether you’d want to or not.”

“That’s right, but…” She was still agitated but calming down a little now.

“Then if it happens, I’ll just have to handle it. You concentrate on handling him, ok?”

There was no alternative so, an hour later, when Simon walked up the front path with a large sports bag in his hand and a slightly anxious look on his face he was greeted by my beautiful wife looking simply stunning in tight black leggings and a figure-hugging white top.

If anything, Simon had had grown even more handsome than when we last saw him and had certainly worked hard on his body, the muscles of which bulged through his expensive polo shirt – a present from Claire he had clearly worn to please her.

She met him on the front path as I decoyed the kids with a game upstairs and I could hear an exchange of hurried, anxious voices for some time before the front door opened and he tentatively entered the house.


He was immediately swamped by the three kids who swarmed down the stairs and hugged him before trying to get him involved in their board game, if only as referee. It took all of Claire’s firmness to let them take him upstairs but eventually they went, leaving her and Simon in the kitchen to make a hot drink.

I came down a few minutes later, having allowed them a short time inside, alone. To delay any longer would have been suspicious so I made plenty of noise as I walked down the stairs and along the short corridor before entering the kitchen.

The looks of guilt on their faces as I entered were unmistakeable, as if they had sprung apart from a deep embrace. Claire’s lipstick was slightly smudged and Simon’s hair was tousled but of course I was careful not to show I had noticed.

“Great to see you again!” I said warmly as Simon and I shook hands. His arms were strong but I could feel him trembling just a little. We drank coffee and chatted about his smooth journey, my horrible journey to the airport and about his course which did not have long to run.

“So you’ll be quite close by…” I observed when he told me about the relatively menial job he had been offered with a Premier League football club not far from our house. “We’ll get to see a lot more of you. Great!” I continued, trying hard not to look at my wife.

Eventually I excused myself and went to see how the kids were getting on. The sounds from above had not been encouraging and left at least half an hour before coming back downstairs, noisily as before.

This time Claire and Simon were in the lounge, sitting together on the sofa, just far enough apart for there to be no clear ground to suspect impropriety, close enough for impropriety to be easily achieved if required. Claire’s face was a little flushed and the lower half of her top rumpled as if it had recently been lifted.

“How about a beer?” I asked cheerfully. Simon answered positively and a few moments later I returned to the lounge with a two cold beers and a glass of chilled white wine for Claire.


I sat across from the studiously-separated pair and we chatted a while longer, the alcohol and relaxed atmosphere resulting in their moving unconsciously closer until the side of Claire’s right leg was touching the side of Simon’s left. Observing it all, I pretended not to notice and simply kept the glasses filled until it was time for supper.

I left them together again and called the kids down to help in the kitchen. They insisted Simon set the table with them as I cooked, and made a real fuss of him which he seemed genuinely to enjoy and which made Claire indulgently happy if the look on her face was anything to go by.

We sat and ate noisily, the kids having placed their mother and her cousin side by side around the rather cramped kitchen table so that their legs were necessarily pressed together. I thought I saw Simon squeezing my wife’s thigh under the table at one point and she definitely held his fingers in hers but again, I made my lack of observational skills clear.

After supper we all watched TV for an hour or so before I announced it was time the kids went to bed, insisting that they said their goodnights there and then rather than come downstairs in their pyjamas. When they had reluctantly gone upstairs I suggested blandly that Claire and Simon took a walk in the evening air, perhaps along the riverside or down to the pub.

I heard the front door close as I returned to the chaos three small children can create when getting ready for bed.


It was after eleven when the front door opened again and two figures tiptoed silently along the hallway. I put down my newspaper, turned down the TV and rose to meet them as they went into the kitchen and the kettle spring into life.

“Have a nice time?” I asked, looking carefully at the two love-birds. “Where did you get to?”

“Down to the river until it got cold…” Claire said. “Then we went to the pub for a drink, then we just walked through The Gardens.”

“It’s lovely there...” Simon added, not realising that the Gardens were known locally as an infamous place for couples to meet and, well, do what couples do after dark! Claire of course knew this full well and knew that I knew it too.

She smiled and I understood she was sending me a message.

I looked closely at my wife. Her lips were slightly puffy and her voice slurred as if she had spent too long kissing. I remembered the post-disco numb-lipped feeling from my youth, and the fumbled groping that usually accompanied it. I looked at her clothing. Her leggings were too tight for any wrinkles to show but her top was definitely far more rumpled than it had been earlier.

I noticed a small flash of white lining sticking through the zip fly on Simon’s trousers. That hadn’t been there earlier, either.

A strange feeling of jealousy, mixed with a large dose of arousal washed over me.

“I’d better hit the sack…” I told them. “The kids will be up early as usual and it’s my turn to get up tomorrow.” I turned to Simon. “I’m pleased you had a good time tonight. There’s a lot more fun to be had too!” My words deliberately enigmatic.

“Goodnight!” I said then turned to Claire. “See you…?”

“I’ll be up in a minute.” She smiled as I climbed the stairs.


It was a full half hour later when Claire slipped into our room without turning on the main light. My eyes had grown accustomed to the near darkness so I could easily see the flushed, guilty look on her face and her badly creased clothes. Her bra was in her hand, held behind her back in the forlorn hope I wouldn’t notice it.

She dived quickly into the en-suite bathroom. The door closed, the light clicked on and there were sounds of movement. A short while later she emerged and her body language told me all I needed to know. Eyes lowered but strangely challenging, she half mumbled;

“Tim, I…”

“Have you fucked him?” I asked in a cool voice.

“No... Well, not actually fucked…” She replied

“But you want to?”

“Yes. Yes, Tim, I do want to!”

“You want to go to him now, don’t you?” I interrupted her but my voice was quiet. Claire nodded sheepishly and I turned on the bedside lamp.

“I’m sorry!” She said, blinking and still not looking me in the face. “I just have to. You see I…”

“It’s OK, really it is.” I interrupted her a second time. “I understand. It’s ok.” She raised her head and smiled. I could see small tears forming in the corner of her eyes and my heart ached, a feeling duplicated in my loins and I was suddenly aware of a painfully-constrained erection tangled in my shorts.

“How do you think he’ll react, knowing I’m in the house?” I asked.

“I suppose I’ll have to tell him that you know all about us and that you’re alright about it.” She replied thoughtfully. “I won’t tell him you encouraged me to seduce him – unless you want me to. At the moment he’s racked with guilt about seducing me!” She laughed.

“He’ll have a strange opinion about me though, won’t he?” I pondered aloud.

“You and I can’t undo what happened… and neither of us would want to even if we could…” She looked at me for agreement, unconsciously stroking her baby bump. I smiled and nodded. “So surely it’s better for all of us if he knows you’re happy for him and me to sleep together from time to time…”

“Claire, if it’s what you want then I’m happy.” I assured her. “Just as long as the kids and the rest of our families don’t find out!”

“He’s discreet. I’m sure he is!” She said. There was a pause then she looked at me and asked directly:

“What will you do?” She asked. “While we’re… um… together? I mean… Goodness! You might even be able to hear us…!”

The thought had also occurred to me and had suddenly become very attractive indeed.

“I’ll be fine. I’ll be here waiting for you when you come back.” Another thought crossed my mind. “That’s if you want to come back tonight.”

“You mean…?”

“I mean if it’s that important to you then you should take whatever time you need. The whole night if you want – just make sure the kids don’t see anything unusual in the morning, ok?”

“I DO love you, Tim…” She said and kissed me on the lips. “You’re a very special person.”

“I love you too…” I assured her. She stood and moved towards the bedroom door. “Wait a second!” I said. “We can’t have you looking anything but your best…”

I dabbed her eyes with a tissue to remove the few remaining tears, then watched as she put on a tiny trace of eye liner. It made her look much sexier and I told her so.

“Don’t leave him any room for doubt.” I advised. “Let’s lose the bra too and leave your gown unfastened so he can see your bump clearly.” She obediently complied, stroking my hand as I fastened her small gold crucifix a chain around her slender neck. “It makes you look more innocent!” I explained. “Stand up a sec…”

She stood and I looked at her carefully and lovingly. Tall and athletic, her soft, pale skin shone with the healthy glow pregnancy had brought about. Her hair was glossy too. The thin cotton of her summer robe fell open to reveal the smooth bump of her swelling belly with the tiny white lacy panties beneath. Her nipples, pleasantly erect, were clearly visible through the gown’s thin cloth.

“You’re perfect!” I whispered. “He’ll love you and won’t be able to resist you!” She smiled bashfully.

“And you’re really, really sure you’re OK with this?” She asked in a soft whisper, her hand on the bedroom door, looking me straight in the eyes.

“Darling, you’re carrying his baby. If I can live with that, I think I can cope with the way it was made, don’t you?” I tried to hide the excitement in my voice as I whispered my reply. “It’s not as if he can make you any more pregnant than you are now!”

“I do love you...” She said one last time before adjusting her robe around her bump, turning and quietly leaving the room.

I watched the bedroom door close behind her and for a few seconds heard her bare feet padding along the landing’s wooden floor towards the spare room. I turned off the light.

Alone in our room, I lay silently in the darkness and waited, watching the seconds slowly pass on the soft glow of the bedside clock, my confused mind full to the brim with a heady mixture of excitement, arousal, guilt and a jealousy so rampant it made my belly ache and churn.


I pictured her pausing outside the guest room door, anxious, summoning up courage. I imagined her slender fingers on the handle, turning it quietly, pushing the door open and then her slim body slipping inside her cousin’s room.

Perhaps I really did hear the door of the guest room softly close because I then pictured my wife pausing just inside the door, the thin curtains letting in just enough street light to let her see Simon in bed and, more importantly to let him see her, how she was dressed and the clear implication that came with it.


I definitely heard a soft murmur of voices through the wall, too faint to make out the words but loud enough to know there wasn’t an argument taking place. I pictured his surprise; Claire crossing to him and sitting on the bedside; her bathrobe ‘accidentally’ falling open, exposing her naked baby bump; Simon showing surprise, then delight. I pictured his fingertips stroking her stretched skin, feeling the baby within her belly, innocent of the knowledge that it was his child growing within.

The murmur continued in two distinct muffled voices. I imagined Claire telling him how much she wanted him; his objections because I was only next door; her indulgent smile as she explained it was what I wanted too; his disbelief; her insistence, possibly stroking his boxer-clad erection as she spoke; his astonishment as he realised it was the truth; his amazed delight when he understood he really could have her once again…


The sounds ceased so I had to use my imagination much more. I imagined Simon sitting up in bed, his lips brushing softly against hers as his hand slipped over the smooth bump, parting her gown lower down allowing his fingers to explore the underside of her belly before slipping downwards into her bright white panties to tangle in the soft downy hair of her vulva.


I imagined her bathrobe falling away from her shoulders as she rose, shook it from her and stood before him in her white panties. I pictured his hands running all over her soft skin, stroking her erect nipples and her slim athletic thighs before gently lowering her panties and exposing her eager vulva to his gaze.

I pictured him taking her hands in his and drawing her down onto the bed, slipping naked under the duvet alongside his fit, young body, a massive erection already making its presence felt. I pictured his hands on her bare flesh, his lips on hers; his tongue in her mouth, Claire sucking on it; her nipples firm and erect; his hands on her breasts...


They were obviously moving faster in real life than my imagination could keep up with because suddenly three quite loud knocks came through the wall followed by a silence and the muffled sound of giggling. There was a pause then I heard the unmistakeable soft, low ‘thump, thump’ sound of deep, slow, measured thrusting coming through the wall.

Oh my God! It had really happened… and was happening right now, merely feet away from me through the wall. My lovely, sweet, pregnant wife was being fucked! Now, in our house, in our guest room, by her own cousin!

As I lay there in the darkness, another man’s cock was even now deep inside my own wife’s vagina, thrusting; hot and wet! And she was spreading herself wide open to receive him, eager, wanting him, needing him.

And I was right there listening to it!

It had happened so fast, too. For them to have moved so quickly from Claire’s anxious entry into Simon’s room to full sex must mean that they could barely keep their hands off each other. All the tension saw building up earlier must have spilled over into action – and I had helped build that tension too!

My God! What had I done in encouraging this?

I rolled onto my back and listened hard in the darkness, my mind full of vivid images – some arousing, some so, so painful – and my belly full of butterflies. This was way beyond anything phone sex could ever achieve! If I had been aroused by merely listening to Claire recount stories of how he had fucked her in my absence, actually hearing it take place so close by took me to a new level of pleasure, pain, humiliation and elation all at the same time.


The thump-thump became suddenly faster and a small squeal came through the wall, immediately stifled. In my mind I saw Simon’s young fit body above hers; his strong arms either side of her shoulders, his small, tight buttocks rising and falling between her widely spread thighs as he fucked her.

Fucked her! I played with the word in my head. Fuck! Fucked! Fucking! My lovely wife was being FUCKED! My own erection made its presence felt with a vengeance, demanding my immediate attention.

As I stroked myself in time with the increasingly rapid ‘thump thump’ on the wall, I imagined his thrusting becoming sharper and more violent; I saw my wife squealing in pleasure as he drove what I knew must be a huge cock over and over again into her sweet, sweet body, Claire biting hard on her hand to stifle her cries of pleasure so as not to disturb the sleeping kids.


The thumping grew faster still, and harder too as the bed head repeatedly hit the wall above me. My hand moved faster and faster in my groin, my head full of images of Claire, her hands reaching out for his waist, then his hips, pulling him into her body, her head raised from the pillow in building ecstasy as he fucked her harder and harder.


The thumping became very quick and suddenly erratic and I pictured Simon’s athletic body beginning to go into orgasm, his back arching, his buttocks clenching, his face contorted in a hard climactic grimace above my sweet wife’s beautiful face as his mighty cock slammed hard, again and again into her open, well-lubricated vagina.

I saw her lovely face below his, her eyes wide and staring, fixed on his as her own orgasm began to overtake her; the sudden and total loss of bodily control her orgasms usually produced; the almost grotesque spreading of her thighs even wider to draw every last millimetre of his virile cock as deep as possible in her slender body.

And then I saw vividly the familiar wave of soft femininity ripple through her lovely face as she prepared herself to receive a man’s hot seed in her womb – the face I knew so well and had seen so often but which now was gazing adoringly at another man’s features awaiting another man’s seed.


There were two, no three hard bangs on the wall, two softer thumps and then silence. I lay in the darkness, my own cock painful under my violent ministrations as I pictured Simon’s final barely controlled thrusts, the head of his cock slamming into my wife’s distended cervix followed by a massive ejaculation of semen into her eager young body, cascading against the entrance to her womb – a womb in which his baby was even now still growing.

My hand on my cock was now a blur. I cried out into the darkness as a ball of heat spread rapidly out from deep between my thighs, radiating outwards to my knees, back and belly as hot, sticky fluid spurted in all directions from the swollen tip of my erection and across my lower belly while my orgasm sent the rest of me into spasms of incredibly intense but short-lived pleasure.

I lay quietly for a moment, breathing heavily, feeling the stickiness on my fingers and my cock softening in my hand. The banging sounds from beyond the bedroom wall had ceased and my mind registered the fact that Simon had almost certainly just ejaculated inside my wife’s body.

I released my soft, sticky cock and let it lie on my belly as the reality of what had just happened washed over me. I turned my head to look at the bedside clock.

‘Twenty-eight minutes!’ I thought. That’s all the time it had taken from my wife kissing me and leaving our room to her being inseminated by Simon. And I had listened to it all happening, for real, in our house!

In one way it had flashed by in a second; in another it had taken half my life.

My fingers touched the sticky pool of spermless semen on my belly, my mind imagining the similar but highly fertile pool which must now be lying against the sealed entrance to Claire’s womb, the millions of tiny sperm on a desperate but fruitless journey within her already pregnant body.

It had been... simply incredible!

Leaning across to Claire’s side of the bed I pulled a handful of tissues from the box that she always kept there and slowly cleaned myself up then, pulling the duvet up under my chin, listened in the darkness for any sign of her returning to our marital bed. I heard none – and had expected none.

Satisfied, I fell into a rather troubled post-climactic sleep.


I was woken by the thumping beginning again, this time less frantically, building gradually to a long-lasting fast pulse against the wall and long, low muffled moans – this time from two voices rather than just Claire’s – ending some time later in a gentle slow-down rather than a hard, fast climactic assault.

My sleepy brain pictured my wife, arms and legs wrapped around her lover in deep embrace as he inseminated her for a second time, this time sweetly and lovingly, his pulsing cock softening within her.

There was silence again. It took nearly half an hour for me to fall asleep, my troubled mind awash with so many images, but eventually I slept fitfully until...


Oh my God! Not again! Did that boy need no sleep?

The renewed ‘thump thump’ on the wall woke me for a second time, slower than the last but still insistent, permitting no sleep. Amazed at my their stamina, I listened carefully as he took her for at least the third time that night, slower and more gently than either of the previous two penetrations.

Try as I might, I couldn’t hear Claire’s voice at all. I pictured her lying on her back, exhausted, eyes dazed or closed, allowing Simon to have his way with her limp body without co-operation or resistance.

The thumping quickened and the sound of a single male voice in muffled ecstasy came through the wall followed by a silence that this time lasted until the early alarm woke me.


When I went downstairs early the next morning in my dressing gown, the house felt strangely silent but I knew the kids would wake soon. I quickly tidied up the last remnants of the previous night’s meal and made myself tea, wondering what the scene in our guest room would look like if and when I saw it and going over the previous day’s events in my mind.

I filled a large mug with the hot liquid, and sat at the kitchen table, sipping it slowly, trying to understand what had happened and how I felt.

Actually being in the house and listening to the real life sounds of my wife being fucked had been so, so different from just hearing about it over the phone or even seeing the aftermath as had happened the only other time she had strayed from the path of fidelity.

And knowing that it was all happening just the other side of a thin bedroom wall merely feet from my straining ears had been both incredibly arousing and unbearably painful at the same time.

Fear, jealousy, anger and massive arousal had all washed over me in waves as I listened to her sweet body being freely taken by this young man time and again, confirming me in my role of helpless cuckold.

I knew full well that the mother of my children, already pregnant by another man, was about to receive yet more of his sperm and that all I had to do to prevent it was get out of bed and walk no more than fifteen feet down the landing to where they lay.

And yet I was quite unable to move; paralysed; incapable of doing anything but lie and listen to my place as her lover being taken by a younger, stronger, more fertile man; a man she chose to possess her body last night rather than give herself to me, her husband.

And she was still in his bed, his sperm still in her body as I sat there, still unable to lift a finger to intervene.

I felt tears of jealousy and pain running down my cheeks while in bewildering contradiction a huge erection sprang through the folds of my gown. This combination of pain, pleasure, torment and unbelievable arousal was truly beyond understanding


It was seven o’clock when I pushed open the bedroom door and carried the tea tray into the guest room, placing it gently on the dresser. As I hoped, the scene of infidelity was clearly visible in the filtered light of the thin curtains.

The whole room reeked of recent sex and as I drew in a deep breath and closed my eyes, powerful memories of my tour of the house after Claire’s first infidelity with Simon filled my head. I felt a strong stirring in my loins which I fought to ignore, but failed.

On the bed my naked wife was curled up with her knees raised around her distended belly as if to protect her unborn child. Her hair was fanned artistically across the pillow and over her sweet, contented face which was flushed pink and a little blotchy from her orgasms, as was her chest. Disappointingly, her breasts and vulva were hidden by the duvet so I turned my attention to her young lover who lay behind her.

Also naked, Simon’s fit body looked even more impressive than it had in his polo shirt. His arms were thick and muscular, his belly a real six-pack, his buttocks tight and athletic. To my surprise, his flaccid cock looked no more impressive than my own but I knew, firstly from Claire and now from my own ears how well he could use it.

The sheets were badly rumpled and stained in several places. I would get to see these properly later when I washed them and found myself looking forward to the task.

Outside the door the kids were beginning to stir and it was time to wake the lovers, unsure how best to do this as Simon knew nothing of my complicity in their first affair and might well fear he had a homicidal Cuckold husband on his hands despite all Claire’s reassurances.

“Good morning!” I hissed. “The kids are waking up..!”

Simon sat bolt upright in bed, a look of fear, even sheer terror on his face.

“Tim, I...”

“Shhh…” I raised my hand in what I hoped was a reassuring gesture. “It’s OK. Don’t worry. It’s ok!

He seemed to relax a little but his eyes remained fixed on me as I approached my wife. She looked sweet but exhausted, lying on her side with the duvet almost artistically covering her modesty – if she had any modesty left after last night.

“Claire…? Sweetheart? I whispered. She opened her eyes dreamily.

“No more Simon…” She slurred. “Please… I’m too tired and too sore…”

I could feel Simon’s body tense up across the bed but it was obvious that she was in no state to be seen by our children so I reverted to Plan B.

“Ok, sweetheart. Never mind. I’ll deal with the kids. You just rest.”

I looked at Simon who had pulled the sheet up almost around his neck in a rather endearing demonstration of modesty. It made me realise that, however well developed his body might be, he really was still young and innocent and I understood how Claire really must have done the lion’s share of the seduction five months ago.

“You rest too…” I said to him quietly. “Join me for breakfast when you’re ready. Just make sure you look after Claire…”

“Of course.” He still looked terrified. “Tim…” he began.

“Shhhh. Later… Go back to sleep.” I told him.

Rising from the bed, I pulled the duvet over my wife’s spent body and went downstairs where the kids were awake and taking advantage of their mother’s absence by watching cartoons – something Claire strongly disapproved of. I smiled and went into the kitchen to get their breakfast and do a bit of ironing.

Half an hour later our younger daughter joined me at the table.

“Where’s mummy?” She asked, climbing onto a kitchen stool and grabbing a glass of orange juice.

“She’s still in bed, Princess.” I replied. “She’s very tired today.”

“She’s not in her bed, I looked.” She insisted.

“Perhaps she’s gone to wake up Cousin Simon then.” I said as casually as I could. “We were all up late last night.”

“Uncle Simon was being very noisy. He woke me up twice.” She scowled and I remembered that her room was the other side of the guest room from mine. Although the bed head was against our wall rather than hers, she would certainly have heard some of the moans and squeals if not the actual thumping of the bed.

“Perhaps he was having a bad dream. People do sometimes, don’t they?”

“Uncle Simon’s fun…” She continued, the subject of bedroom noises now apparently closed to my relief. “Last time he stayed we did all sorts of stuff and mummy was really happy. She likes him too. They held hands a lot and…” She leaned over and whispered. “I saw them kissing and cuddling in front of the TV!”

I tried to remain calm, thinking fast.

“Well, he’s her cousin and cousins do kiss each other sometimes. You kiss your Uncles and Aunties, don’t you?”

She thought for a moment.

“I suppose so. But mummy had taken off her shirt and he was…”

Hello you two!” I heard Claire’s voice behind me and breathed a sigh of relief. “What are you up to?”

I turned to see my lovely wife wrapped in her kimono, standing in the doorway. She looked terrible but was clearly trying to put on a brave face. Her hair was messed up and tangled and her face bore small streaks of eye-liner and ‘late night lines’ that showed how little sleep she had enjoyed –something I could have vouched for too. She was naked beneath her robe and her nipples and pubic triangle were clearly visible through its thin material.

“Mummy!” Our little girl ran over and hugged her mother’s leg tightly, her pretty little face close to Claire’s groin. She sniffed a little, slightly puzzled then apparently made a connection between her mother’s arrival and the likelihood of cartoons stopping because she quickly sloped off back to the TV room.

“How are you?” I asked, crossing over and hugging her tightly. She smelled overpoweringly of sex. I immediately felt aroused.

“Shattered!” She replied, resting her head on my shoulder as my arms went around her back. “He’s got so much energy! I can’t believe so few years between us make so much difference…”

“Well he is an athlete too...” I chided. “And you are nearly six months pregnant. That will have had an impact…” I kissed her salty forehead. “Was it… was it what you needed.”

She looked up at me, her eyes soft and deep – eyes I had fallen totally in love with so long ago and by which I was still just as smitten.

“It was lovely. Thank you so much, Darling. I don’t know what else to say.”

“It sounded as if you were enjoying yourself – of at least he was!” I joked. She looked at me horrified.

“Did you listen to us? What could you hear?”

“I could hardly miss it, and by the way neither could our daughter!” I continued. “No actual words but lots of moans and banging sounds.” I paused. “Three times, wasn’t it?” I asked casually.

“Four...” She replied automatically then raised a hand to her mouth in horror at her indiscretion.

“Four!” I exclaimed. “No wonder you’re both exhausted. Jesus! Four times!”

She blushed bright pink and nodded.

“Did he cum all four times?” She nodded bashfully again. “Wow!”

“Was... Was it good?” I added hesitantly. “As good as when this happened?” I stroked her bump.

“It was better this time, knowing you were ok about it all.” She said softly, looking around to make sure none of the kids were nearby. “Sex with Simon is amazing…” She chuckled “As you probably heard, but one reason it’s amazing is that I know you love me whatever he and I do.”

Her words made me very happy, although something inside me still hurt.

“Do you feel any more content now?” I asked. She nodded. “About the baby too?”

“I am… I feel more… more complete now…” She thought a bit longer. “It’s as if I just had to know how he felt about me, that he still cared… And he does, Tim. He really cares about me and the baby. I can carry it happily to full term now”

“You didn’t let slip it’s his baby, did you?”

“Of course not! But he’s bound to be suspicious. He’s not the brightest star in the sky but even he can do simple maths.”

There was a brief silence.

“Where is he now?” I asked.

“In the main bathroom, showering and shaving. He’s very nervous about meeting you this morning.” Her voice drifted away for a moment. “Tim…?” She asked. I could guess what was coming next.

“I’m going to have to see him again, you realise that?”

I smiled ruefully. “I thought you would. And it’s ok with me as long as it’s not too often, you’re very discreet and you remember who you’re married to afterwards, even if you do forget it sometimes when you’re with him.”

There were small tears in her eyes again as she looked at me.

“I do love you…”

A thought crossed my mind.

“Claire... You set me up again, didn’t you?” She looked into my smiling face with an innocent expression. “I know you... You don’t leave things to chance. You knew Simon was keen to visit before you even talked to me about it, didn’t you?” She said nothing. “That’s why you had his answer so quickly...”

Again all she did was smile sweetly at me and I knew I was right.

“Well now he’s here you’d better make the most of the weekend. He’s going home on Sunday afternoon. His train leaves at three and I have to be at the airport at four so you’ve got all day today, all night tonight and most of tomorrow. Do whatever you want to. Go out for the day, stay in bed all afternoon – whatever you want. I’ll take the kids somewhere they’ll enjoy.”

She smiled…”Thank you...”

“And you’d better get washed and dressed before our beloved son sees his mother naked!” I added, indicating her see-through robe that had fallen open while we talked, exposing her red, swollen, angry-looking vulva.

Claire quickly wrapped herself up and half ran to our bedroom. I heard the door closing quickly.

I busied myself with separating the kids from the TV and getting them around the kitchen table, the oldest sulking in her inimitable style. A few spoons of sugary cereal later (another treat their mother would not normally permit) the atmosphere was more jovial when Cousin Simon entered the room sheepishly, eyeing me carefully and dressed in tight jeans and a collarless pullover. He looked simply gorgeous, even I could tell that and the two girls began to simper in a nauseating manner that I’m sure their mother would have replicated if she had been there.

“Um... Morning Tim... um...” He mumbled. I felt sorry for him in a way. How do you greet a host whose wife you have just comprehensively fucked?

“Morning!” I replied cheerfully. “Any sign of Claire?”

“She’s... um... She’s gone back to bed. She’s... tired...” He could barely look at me and looked pretty tired himself.

“That’s ok. I was planning to take the kids out today...” I continued to cries of ‘Daddy!’ and Where? Where?’ from the three kids. “So you’ve got the whole day to yourselves.”

Simon looked as if Christmas had come twice. “You mean...”

“I mean you mustn’t worry. It’s all alright. I mean it’s ALL alright, understand me?” I gave him a meaningful look. “Just make sure you look after, ok?”

Simon smiled and nodded.

“I promise!” He whispered and joined the kids for breakfast. They were immensely fond of him and were disappointed he couldn’t come on our day out but were consoled by the promise of going out to dinner and watching a DVD with him that night.

As he left the kitchen to join his lover her whispered urgently.

“What about Nicky? She mustn’t ever know...” his voice was agitated. Nicky must be the tall blonde girlfriend.

I smiled. “Relax, Simon. Discretion is one of the first things I learned about this... lifestyle. If you don’t ever tell then we won’t ever tell!”


After breakfast Simon rejoined Claire in the guest room for a rest – a real one this time and I won myself Father of the Month award by taking the three monsters to the zoo, with burgers for lunch – another item banned by Claire but while the cat’s away...

We ate dinner together in the local TGI Friday’s and talked of the day. The kids were over the moon having seen two elephants mating and kept embarrassing their mother terribly by asking awkward questions about her current pregnancy. I smiled inwardly.

Simon and Claire had spent most of the morning in bed, actually asleep before having lunch in a nearby deli and the afternoon at the movies. From the teenage looks they exchanged when they told us about it, I gathered that the cinema had been mostly empty and that a lot of heavy petting had gone on instead of watching.

After dinner and after watching a dreadful Disney DVD, Simon put the kids to bed leaving Claire and me alone in the lounge.

“How do you feel now?” I asked. “Are you in love with him now as well as in lust?”

Claire smiled. “I could easily have fallen for him, but although we had a really nice day, he’s at his best in the bedroom.”

Her reply pleased me.

“Speaking of which...” I began. “I’ll sleep in the guest room tonight. You two can have the big double bed.”

“Tim. I’m not sure...”

“This might be the last chance you get to spend time with the baby’s father before it’s born. Remember what a newborn does to your sex and social life?”

She thought a minute.

“Are you really sure?”

“Of course, as long as you don’t go falling in love, ok?”

She threw her arms around me and kissed me full on the lips.

“It’s you I love, Tim!” She said aloud, then whispered “Cuckold or no cuckold!” in my ear.

“Then try not to keep me awake this time!” I chided.

“As if!” She laughed. “I’m much too tired and sore!


As it turned out, she wasn’t too tired or too sore and I passed another sleepless night listening to bedsprings, headboards and moans, my heart aching and my head spinning with the incredible blend of emotions that I had discovered.

But they were up in time for breakfast which we all ate together, Claire and Simon sitting pressed close to each other despite the kids’ and my presence.

They took the three-and-a-half kids for a long walk before lunch while I re-packed for my trip. According to my oldest, they held hands most of the way and kissed when they thought no-one was looking.

When it was time for Simon to leave, I made the kids kiss him goodbye in the lounge and wave through the window, leaving him and Claire to bid their farewells privately in the hallway. They took some time and when she returned, there were tears in her eyes, her dress was rumpled around waist level and she was holding her baby bump with both hands.

She came up to me and we hugged tightly in silence for a long time, her face pressing into my chest as she murmured ‘Thank you!’ quietly over and over again. When we finally released each other she looked into my eyes and whispered ‘I love you!’ I kissed her salty lips.

I put another DVD on for the kids and she led me upstairs to our room where I undressed her quickly and eagerly, lowering her back on the bed and separating her unresisting legs. Her vulva was if anything even more red and puffy than the day before and although she had showered, she hadn’t douched so the aroma of sex was powerful and there were still traces of Simon’s semen on her panties and inside her body.

It took all my self-control not to ravish her violently on the spot but I settled for a brief but very gently and loving copulation, remembering vividly that only hours earlier Simon had looked down into the same sweet face, his cock precisely where mine was now and his semen where mine was about to fall.


When we came downstairs we played games in the lounge together as a family until it was time for me to leave. The kids loved the fun and I was pleased to see their mother positively glowing with contentment. I hadn’t seen her so obviously happy for months.

When my taxi finally arrived for the airport, we all hugged and kissed in the front garden.

“See you Thursday...” I said to Claire. “Can you wait that long?”

“I’ll have to, won’t I?” She smiled. “Unless I get some help around the house! My child minder has just caught his train!”

“If you find another child minder, please call me!” I grinned as my taxi pulled away.

I couldn’t wait for the next night’s phone call!

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You have a delightfully fertile imagination! And I loved your attention to the erotic details, the hot graphic descriptions! Count me as an avid follower.
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Good story well written-5
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Amazngly hot story. 5
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Very sexy story I loved it, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that your legs are great too.
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Technically if the cucold has not fathered any kids with his so called wife then you really can't call him a husband, the bull is actually her husband since he knocked her up.....the cuck is just that, a wimp ass cuck!

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