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Convention Adventures

An out of town convention led to another sexual adventure.
My husband was scheduled for a conference in Memphis for the week. Before we left he said I should bring some "party" clothes so we could go out dancing. Now we don't go out dancing when we are in town so I didn't know what he meant.

We got to Memphis and registered into a great resort hotel. Mike had to get registered so I just lazed around the room until he got back. When he returned he asked if I wanted to help the convention organizers by being a bartender at the main reception that evening. I don't know much about bar-tending, but thought I could help out.

So I put on a sexy little short skirt and a top that showed a little cleavage. Mike whistled when he saw me and said "You might get something started with that outfit. I looked at him and winked and said "Maybe I should lose the bra". He retorted with "Go for it, we're out of town and don't know anyone except the three people here from Arizona". I grabbed his hand and slid it down my front so he could finger my wet pussy a little before we left.

When we arrived downstairs I was assigned to a bar at the back of the room. I told everyone that I didn't know how to make many drinks and that they would have to help me. I noticed the women seemed to move over to another bar on the side of the room, but the men stuck around and chatted with me and helped me with the ingredients.

I was having a blast, flirting around and bending over so that they could ogle my hard nipples that were showing under the thin top. I have small breasts that are really firm with big pronounced nipples. I swear, my nipples must have stayed hard the entire night. By about 10 PM they started shutting down the bars.

One of the guys, a cute young (20ish) salesman, named Art, from Dallas kept hanging around. He asked me if I was married and I told him I wasn't, but had a live-in lover. That seemed to fascinate him. Earlier we were talking when no one else was around and he asked more about my marital situation. I whispered to him, "We are really open in our relationship and support each other in our sexual pursuits." I don't know why I was being so candid, but he was cute.

As we were closing up the bar Mike strolled over and I introduced him to Art. I said to the two of them that I wanted to dance. We went next door to a Black Angus steak house that had a bar with a dance floor. We grabbed a table by the dance floor and started ordering drinks. After a few drinks, I looked over at Art and said "I want to dance, which one of you is up to it?" Mike and I rarely dance so he said he was leaving me in Art's hands. I thought that might have some double meaning, but jumped up and grabbed Art's hand and led him on to the dance floor.

I was a little buzzed from sampling my wares at the convention bar and the stronger drinks at the Black Angus. We danced a fast dance and then they played a slow dance. Art was being ever the gentleman and kept me at arm's length. I told him I didn't bite and should hold me closer. I was still a little horny from Mike's fingering before the reception.

As he brought me closer I pressed my breasts into his chest. He looked down at me and said "I don't want to get into trouble here." I told him to leave Mike to me and just go with the flow. For the next several dances I continued to rub into him and by the third slow dance I was starting to reach down and rub the front of his slacks. He was starting to get hard.

We went back to the table and Mike said "Wow, you guys really looked hot out there." I think that signaled to Art that everything was OK to keep doing what he was doing. We rested for a few dances and I reached under the table to fondle Art's prick. He saw that Mike was watching and let me keep it up. He reached back under the table and started rubbing my leg. After several minutes he moved his hand up my thigh and touched my panties. I let out a gasp and Mike knew what happened. After a few minutes of him rubbing the outside of my panties I decided to go to the women's room.

When I came back my panties were in my purse. I leaned over to Mike and told him I took them off. He just grinned and said "You go, girl". A few minutes later Art discovered a hairy bush where my panties were before and proceed to finger fuck me right under the table. We stayed there about thirty minutes more with my pussy leaking more and more juice. We dance a few more dances with each one getting more intimate.

I noticed we were starting to attract the attention (and harsh looks) from the other patrons of dance floor. Mike finally took me out on the floor and he lifted my skirt from the front and fingered me while holding me close. I was close to cumming. We leaned back and I put my arms around both of my men for the night and whispered to them that I needed to go back to the room and get fucked.

Mike quickly paid the bill with Art shoving twenties toward him and in five minutes we were headed next door and upstairs to our room. I kissed both men in the elevator, shocking our fellow passengers. It was obvious that I was drunk. When we got to the room, Mike took me into the bathroom and asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted it all. I was ready for anything.

Mike hollered out of the bathroom that he was going to take a quick shower and I went back into the room with Art. We started kissing and he was now holding my breasts and laid me down on the bed and started eating me out. He was good and knew how to eat a pussy. He licked starting from my clit and moving down and pushing his tongue deep into my cunt. I was starting to climax. I started struggling to get his pants off so I could suck him. We were both soon shed of our clothes and I started sucking on him. He wasn't much larger than Mike and I could deep throat him.

After a few minutes of that he stood me up and backed me up against the dresser. He lifted me up on the dresser and shoved his cock right into my soaking wet pussy. That was how Mike found us when he came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. He laid down on the bed and started jacking off and watching the two us. Art soon started speeding up and came what felt like a bucket into me. He looked over at Mike and said he need to pee so bad and left for the bathroom.

I brought my shaky body over to the bed and Mike reached immediately for my drenched cunt. I was just collapsed on the bed he was jamming first two finger and then three and four and soon had his whole fist up me. I was just dripping my cum and Arts and then started climaxing again. When I have one of these multiple climaxes I start squirting. Well, this was one of those times and I must have soaked Mikes hand and half of the bed with my juices.

Art came of the bathroom just as Mike climbed on top of me and shoved his hard prick up me. Art knee walked across the bed and dangled his soft cock near my head. Here I was getting fucked by my lover and a guy that just fucked me was ready for a blow job. I looked at him and opened my mouth. He placed his cock in my mouth and I looked up at my lover as he watched me start sucking while he was fucking me missionary style.

Art was young and started to get hard in my mouth and within a few minutes he was saying he was getting ready to shoot. I took his cock out of my mouth and told him to spray it all over my face. A short while later he let go and gobs of white creamy cum landed on my nose and it just kept coming as he hosed it down my mouth (which I opened again) and then up to the top of my head and drenched it into my hair.

That drove Mike over the edge and he pulled out of me with a plop and straddled my head and starting drenching me with more cum. When both were finished they collapsed on both sides of me and left me there just quivering from my last orgasm. Mike soon recovered enough to go into the bathroom and brought a towel and started wiping the cum from my face.

Art soon decided that it was time for him to go and he got up and got his clothes on quickly and said his good byes. He left and Mike leaned over and kissed me with more passion than I had seen in weeks. He gently re-inserted his cock into me from the side and slowly started moving it in the swampiness of my fully fucked out cunt. We fell asleep with him still in me.

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Posted 31 May 2010 13:59
That was a really hot story. Its amazing what some drinks and hot guys will do to you. I would have loved to have been there too....
Posted 31 May 2010 04:15
very goood and hot
Posted 30 May 2010 16:12
very nice story

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