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Enjoy the Party

Enjoy the Party

Costume party with a twist
Cherry looked across the breakfast table to her husband of seven years and sighed. He was very distinguished with his salt and pepper hair and athletic build. How she wished that he would put his iPad and raisin bagel aside and take her right there on the kitchen table, like he had in the past.

She looked around the kitchen and could not see one surface that they had not had sex on or against. That seemed like ages ago. Now they had appointment sex. Every Saturday like clock work. This being a Wednesday she knew there was no chance in hell, but she was too turned on not to give it a try.

Cherry rose and picked up her breakfast dishes. She moved to pick up Doug's dishes, as she did she brushed her ample 44 DD breasts against his arm, her nipples hardening. She kept them pressed there longer than necessary. She picked up his coffee cup and plate slowly. She rubbed her tits along Doug's arm as she stood up.

"Thanks, honey," he said, barely even looking up from his iPad.

She sighed again and made her way to the sink with the dirty dishes. Surely the low cut outfit she had in mind for tonight's party should get a rise. At least that was her hope.

"Well I am on my way to the office," Doug said, sliding the iPad into his brief case and then clicking it shut.

"Do not forget to stop at the store and pick up a costume for my boss’s party tonight," Cherry stated, "since you weren't able to get one earlier."

"Oh I forgot to tell you, I am not going to be able to make it. The project is running behind," he said apologetically.

"Oh no. Are you serious? I told Dan we were going to be there. I bought a special costume and everything," Cherry said, clear disappointment in her voice.

"I know you were looking forward to it. You should just go without me and enjoy yourself," he advised.

"I won't enjoy myself nearly as much without you," she said, moving toward him and kissing him lightly on the lips. When he did not pull away, she deepened the kiss. Her tongue finding his, mating to it. She pressed her voluptuous body to his 6 foot frame. She got her hopes up when she felt his 8 inch cock stiffening against her stomach through his pants. She circled her arms around his neck and pulled him down as she rested her expansive ass on the table, causing her short skirt to rise up on her thick thighs.

Cherry whimpered when Doug broke the kiss and pulled back. Her dark aged brandy eyes found his azure ones. She was encouraged when she could see the spark of desire in them. Her hopes were dashed when he adjusted himself and picked up his briefcase.

"Enjoy the party and do not wait up," he said huskily and left quickly.

Damn him, she thought as she readjusted her low cut top and short skirt. She closed her eyes and calmed herself. After a few moments, she opened her eyes, grabbed her purse, and headed off to work herself.

Cherry hurried into the bedroom. She was running late, but the red patent leather knee high boots, she just bought, would make her costume perfect. She placed the boot box on the bed and hurried into the bathroom to get ready.

Cherry stared at herself in the full length mirror. She was right, the red boots made the outfit. They offset her olive toned thick thighs. As did the navy blue silk shorts with white stars. They were so tight on her big round ass that underwear was out of the question. A thin gold rope hung from her hip. The red bustier with a gold eagle emblazoned on it, pushed her 44 DD's high enough that she swore you could see the edges of her nipples out of the top. Her shoulder length silky brown hair was not quite right. She reached for the long wavy black wig and slipped it on her head. She placed the gold tiara in her "hair" to complete the look. At 5'3" 44-38-42 frame, she was no Amazon but she made and damn sexy Wonder Woman, she thought as she took one last look and headed out the door.

She could hear the 3 inch heels on the boots click as she walked the two blocks to her boss's house. She encountered a few packs of children roaming the streets on her short walk. There was always one or two adults wrangling each pack. She would look them in the eye and smile unashamed to show off her assets. From the women she would get shocked looks and from men, she could see the flames of desire in their eyes.

Cherry could hear and feel the throb of music as she headed up the walk way to Dan's open door. The party was in full swing and the house was packed to the gills with costumed people. As she tried to slide her way past a group of masked men just in front of the door way, she felt more than one hand on her silk covered ass. Yes, she thought, I am going to enjoy myself tonight.

As she made her way deeper into the house she began to look for her boss. She did not know what he was dressed as, but she figured at 6'2", lean build, and sixty she should know her boss of ten years. It proved to be more difficult than she thought with all the elaborate costumes that people were wearing. She gave up once she found the bar at the back of the house.

Batman and Phantom of the Opera, had been in deep discussion by the bar, both stopped talking and their mouths dropped open as Cherry approached. She was really starting to get turned on with the reactions she was getting from the men she encountered. Of course the silk shorts rubbing against her clit was not hurting either.

Batman pulled himself together first. "Buy you a drink, Wonder Woman?" he said gruffly. With full mask and fake muscled shirt she could not get a real sense of him. All she could see was his full lips and lust filled steel gray eyes.

"Sure, us Justice Leaguer's need to stick together," she said.

He chuckled and ladled what appeared to be rum punch out of the punch bowl on the bar into a large cup and handed it to her. She took one sip and realized it was more rum than punch but she continued to sip.

Batman then turned to Phantom, who had yet to stop staring at her and said, "Top you off, Phantom?"

Again with the white mask covering most of his face, top hat, ruffled shirt and cape, Cherry could not tell much about the Phantom. What she could see was the smoldering heat from his blue eyes. That heat and the punch started to light a fire in her.

"You will have to forgive my friend, it is not often that he sees such a damn sexy woman up close," Batman said in a husky tone. He took Phantom's cup and topped it off with a ladle of punch and handed it back to him. He moved from behind the bar and stood next to her. Phantom quickly gulped the punch down and placed the empty cup on the bar.

"No worries," she said with a giggle. "I am flattered by the attention. Especially from two men at once."

"Oh I am sure you can handle two at a time with that big sexy body of yours," Batman said suggestively as he placed a hand on her ass and began rubbing. The Phantom adjusted his clearly growing cock. She could feel her wetness begin to flow at just the thought of their two cocks on her and in her.

"I am sure I could," she said, licking her lips. All this was harmless flirting after all. She could play along and bask in the attention of these two men for a little longer.

The Phantom moved closer to her and placed his hand on her ass as well. He then began to lightly trace the outline of one of the stars on the fullness of her cheek. He had yet to speak, clearly letting Batman do all the talking.

Batman moved close to her ear and whispered, "Naughty Wonder Woman. You really should be wearing panties."

Clearly over hearing, the Phantom groaned softly and squeezed her ass. Cherry realized they had moved out of flirting much quicker than she had anticipated. Her silk shorts were soaking wet and nipples were rock hard.

"Follow me," Batman said in a husky authoritative tone and headed down the hallway.

Cherry hesitated, her dripping pussy clearly wanted to follow Batman down the hall. Her body longed to be touched with passion and need. Her head was telling her to go home.

"Trust me," the Phantom said, speaking for the first time. He took her hand and looked deeply into her eyes.

Cherry's instincts kicked in and told her to trust this stranger. She nodded her head, put the empty cup on the bar, and followed the Phantom as he lead her by the hand down the hall. He opened the master bedroom door and held it open for her. Batman was there stroking cock over his pants on the bed. She stepped inside and the Phantom closed and locked the door behind her.

"So glad you decided to follow us," Batman said as he rose from the bed. He moved to her and bent down to kiss her waiting lips. He hungrily deepened the kiss, their tongues finding each other. His fingers easily discovering her nipples under the low cut bustier. She moaned around his tongue as he gave her nipples a firm pinch. She heard a zipping noise and then felt the Phantom's cock grinding against her ass. His hands reaching from behind to squeeze her tits.

She leaned back against the Phantom, breaking the kiss with Batman and gave a low moan. Batman dropped to his knees, pulled her shorts over her round ass, and down past the red patent leather boots. This allowed the Phantom's cock to nestle in between her ass cheeks. After tossing the shorts quickly aside, Batman's fingers found Cherry's wet throbbing clit. He stood and began rubbing it.

"Touch me now, you naughty girl," Batman commanded. Cherry's fingers found his zipper and Batman's 9 inch cock sprang free from his pants. Her hands circled his cock quickly and she began stroking in earnest.

Cherry could feel the Phantom's 8 inch cock growing harder in between her ass cheeks. He squeezed her tits hard and whispered, "You want that gray haired cock in your naughty pussy, don't you?" Passion had blurred her vision and she had not realized what color the hair had been around the cock in her hands. She looked down at the cock and began stroking it faster. She nodded her head. The Phantom twisted her nipples so hard it caused her to cry out.

The Phantom said gruffly, "Answer the question, naughty girl."

"Yes, I want the gray haired cock in my naughty pussy," she moaned out.

Batman removed his fingers from her clit. He then moved to the bed and laid on his back. "Come ride this gray haired cock, you naughty girl," he said hoarsely.

The Phantom let go of her nipples, she quickly went to the bed and then straddled Batman. She began rubbing her wet pussy on his thick cock. She moved forward and kissed Batman deeply. The Phantom grabbed Batman's cock and lined it up to Cherry's tight pussy. She then sat back on his rock hard gray haired cock. Batman gave a satisfied grunt and began thrusting up into her soaking wet pussy.

The Phantom pushed her down and lined up his throbbing hard cock to her asshole. Batman spread her ass cheeks with his hands and gave the Phantom a nod. He sank his cock slowly into Cherry's ass all the way to the hilt.

"Oh God!" She cried out. She never felt so full in all her life. Both men stilled in their respective holes.

"Look at me, you naughty girl," Batman said. Cherry opened her eyes. Batman removed his hands from her ass and used them to take off his mask. She blinked her eyes in disbelief as her boss's face was revealed. She tried to squirm away but the Phantom, still buried deep in her ass did not let her go anywhere. Her boss thrust his cock into her deeply.

"You said you wanted it, naughty girl, now you are going to get it." She gasped as both cocks began a hard and fast rhythm in her holes. Even as her mind screamed this was wrong, her body betrayed her with waves of pleasure. Dan took her tits and squeezed them together. He then began sucking on both nipples at the same time. She was moaning uncontrollably now.

"You love my cock in you, don't you?" Dan said, thrusting on each word for emphasis. She felt a hard slap on her ass when she did not answer.

"Yes, Dan I love the feel of your cock in my naughty pussy," she breathed out.

"Oh God! You are going to make me fill your naughty pussy with cum," he grunted out as he picked up the pace of his thrusting.

"Fill my naughty pussy with your cum, Dan," she moaned out. Her pussy beginning to spasm around her boss's cock.

"Yes, little girl, cum with me." He moaned as he began to fill her pussy with his cum. Both of them groaning and panting as they came together.

"Oh fuck!" The Phantom yelled as he shot her ass full of cum.

Cherry collapsed on her boss's chest as the Phantom's cock slipped out of her cum filled ass. He gave her boss a nod, zipped up his pants and slipped out the door.

"You do not know how long I've waited to do that," Dan said softly. He rolled her on to her side and kissed her deeply. He rose, removed the muscled shirt and let his pants pool at his feet. He stepped out of the pants as he made his way to the bathroom. She admired his form as he left the room. She shook her head to remind herself that was her boss she was looking at naked. She had no idea what to say when he came out of the bathroom. This was going to change everything at work.

She decided to put a little time and distance between them, so she could think. She rolled off the bed, located her shorts and quickly slid them over her cum filled ass. She corralled her well used tits back in her bustier. She slipped out of the door quietly and made a beeline for the front door. The party had thinned out, so she slipped out unimpeded.

The clicking of Cherry's 3 inch heels echoed as she walked the deserted two blocks home. Thankfully there were no lights on in the house when she got there. She could get a shower and in bed before Doug got home. She got into the house and moved quickly to her bedroom. She removed her wig and lasso of truth, placing them on the dresser. She turned to make her way into the bathroom, when she felt hands come from behind her, cupping her tits.

"You were right, that costume is special," Doug whispered in her ear as he kneaded her tits and ground his hardening cock into her cum filled ass. He kissed the back of her neck as her freed her tits from their encumbrances. Her mind raced, how was she going to rebuff him long enough to shower? She turned, placing her hands on his chest, kissing him deeply.

"Let's put a place mark here while I shower the party smell off me and pick it back up in a few minutes," she said casually.

"I do not think so. I have to taste you," he said then kissed her deep, his tongue ravaging her mouth. She moaned low but tried to push him away. He took the gold lasso from his back pocket and quickly tied her wrists. "Not so fast," he said with a growl. Well she was sunk, she had no choice, but to follow him to the bed as he grabbed the lasso around her wrists and headed for the bed. He stopped her short with a jerk of the lasso. He pulled her shorts down roughly.

"Step out," he commanded. She had barely stepped out of her shorts when he pushed her back on to the bed. She spread her legs, she figured might as well get it over with quickly. One lick and it will be all over. She closed her eyes waited for the yelling to start.

Doug dived into her slit and licked like a hungry cat lapping at a bowl of milk. After a few minutes she realized there was no yell. All she could hear was slurping noises. He then began to suck on her clit and she relaxed. A moan escaped her lips. He eased his pants over his hips and with one swift stroke he buried his cock deep in her pussy. He grabbed her tied wrists and pinned them up over her head. He bent down kissing her deep, letting her taste her boss's cum from his lips and tongue. Cherry moaned as his thrusts came harder and faster.

"You love the taste of Dan's cum as much as I do, naughty girl," Doug said huskily. Cherry's eyes flew open and saw clearly for the first time the Phantom's white ruffled shirt on her husband's body. The memory of what happened in her boss's room pushed her over the edge.

"Oh God," she cried out, "I am cumming."

"Cum for me, naughty girl," Doug yelled out. "Oh fuck!"

Her pussy spasmed around his spewing cock. Doug collapsed on her panting.

"So glad we both got to enjoyed your boss's party," Doug said after a few minutes.

"So no more appointment sex for us, right?" Cherry breathed out.

"The only appointment for sex we will need to make is with Dan," Doug said.

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