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Fantasy Fulfilled, Ch. 2

A couple continues to spice up their sex life.
My wife was somewhat disappointed when Leo declined to participate in a threesome, but suggested that she go out with him alone. I objected and she let the matter drop for now. But, I knew Leo had planted an idea in my wife's head and it would only be a matter of time before she acted on it, with or without my permission. I had to find someone else to fulfill her fantasy before irreparable harm was done to our marriage.


Stopping by the tennis club, I hoped to burn off some steam and clear my head. I had just changed in the locker room and was tying my shoe when I overheard two men talking on the other side of the lockers.

The first man said, "How about another match, Ted?"

Ted replied, "No way, Hugo. I have to save some energy for the wife."

"I wish I did," sighed the second man. "I'll see if anyone else is up for a match."

Sticking my head around the corner I spotted the man named Hugo. He was about fifty years old with piercing blue eyes and salt and pepper hair. I said to him, "I'll play you."

After introducing ourselves with handshakes we made our way out to the tennis courts. It took all my effort, but I was finally able to beat Hugo three sets to two. I was impressed with his stamina and good sportsmanship, so I invited him for drinks after we showered.

Hugo suggested a quiet pub around the corner from the tennis club. Finding a table near the window, we watched the evening traffic pick up while we waited for the waitress to bring our drinks. Hugo explained that he was an engineer from Canada. He had married an American woman and settled in the United States about twenty-five years ago.

The waitress returned with our drinks. Hugo raised his glass. "Cheers."

"Cheers," I responded then took sip of my beer. Looking at the older man I said, "You're in great shape. It took every ounce of my energy to beat you and that was after you had already played a full match."

Hugo's blue eyes flickered with sadness as he responded, "I have a lot of energy these days. Ever since my wife's hit menopause she's had zero interest in sex. I still am interested in sex though, so I'm a bit frustrated. I don't want the emotional baggage of an affair and I sure don't want any diseases from a professional. So, I beat-off and play a lot of tennis."

I chuckled and took a long pull on my beer, working up the courage to broach the subject I knew I had invited Hugo out to address. Twisting my lips I couldn't find the words.

"You seem a bit disturbed, Ken. Is something wrong?" asked Hugo.

Shaking my head I shrugged and explained my dilemma. I spent the next twenty minutes disclosing my wife's fantasy and how I felt about it even voicing my fears about Leo. When I was done I boldly asked, "Do you think you might be interested in a threesome?"

"Take off," he chuckled, "You'd sexually share your wife with me, why?"

Shrugging I said, "Well for one thing, you're married and I think you love your wife as much as I love mine, so I don't think you'd try to steal mine from me. You've proved you have a lot of stamina and I saw your big cock in the shower, so I think you will be able to give my wife the sexual pleasure that she graves."

"Maybe, she won't like me. Maybe she wants a young buck, eh."

I laughed and reassured him, "Teresa will love you. You're a gentleman. Tell you what, why don't we met at the German Grill in the LaSalle Hotel for a late lunch tomorrow, if everyone gets along we can adjourn upstairs. I assume you can take the afternoon off."

"Of course I can, you Hoser, I own the company," Hugo replied with a wide smile.

"In that case take plenty of Vitamin E, my friend. I think you're going to need it."

After shaking hands we left the pub. I heard Hugo happily whistling as I headed toward my car. I was sure Hugo was a better choice to fulfill Teresa's fantasy than Leo.

After supper Teresa and I sat on the patio drinking wine and watching the sun go down. She had been quite all evening, so I knew she had been communicating with Leo. Her cellphone hummed announcing an incoming text. She reached for the cellphone but I grabbed her hand.

Startled, she glared at me with furious eyes. I let her hand go and quietly said, "Please don't. I know its Leo and he's probably been texting you all day. I'd like to talk to you, so please just turn it off."

Teresa's expression softened. Turning her cell phone off she asked, "What's on your mind?"

"What is it about a threesome that excites you?"

My wife's face split into a big grin, "That's easy, being the center of attention. Having four hands explore and caress my body. I guess being penetrated by two different cocks, one at a time or at the same time."

"I see how you might find that exciting. Now does it have to be Leo or will another do?"

Teresa cocked a suspicious eye at me and asked, "Why? Do you have someone in mind?"

"I did meet someone today that I think you will like."

Sitting back in her chair with a curious expression, she took a sip of wine then said, "Tell me about him."

Picking up my smartphone, I called up a picture of Hugo that I had taken of him on the tennis court after our match. Showing her the picture, I explained who he was and my thoughts about him. Finally, I informed her that I had arranged for us to have lunch with him tomorrow.

"He is good looking but he's married. I don't want to cause trouble."

"I don't think there's much chance of that, his wife may not be interested in sex right now, but he still loves her very much. I just think he needs some sexual release, but without the relationship entanglements of an affair. He won't try to steal you from me, like Leo will."

"You really think Leo would try to do that?"

Nodding my head I affirmed, "Yes, I do. In fact he's already making his move by asking you out without me. He wants to cuckold me."

Teresa grabbed my hand and looking into my eyes she said, "I don't want to cuckold you, Ken. If that's Leo's plan then we're done with him. Sex is one thing, but your love is more important to me than any fantasy."

"The way we've tiptoed around the edges of your fantasy has made you hornier than ever, Baby. I think I've come to grips with sharing you with another man but..." I looked my wife in the eye and squeezed her hand, "...let's see where lunch takes us tomorrow."

The next day I got up early and called into work sick. Then I fixed Teresa breakfast in bed. I made her a bowl of oatmeal with sliced strawberries topped with honey for sweetness and a steaming cup of green tea to wash it down. While she ate the aphrodisiac delight I drew her a warm bubble bath. I lit aromatherapy candles intended to relax and arouse her.

As soon as she finished breakfast, Teresa eased into the soapy water pleased that I was fully committed to making her fantasy a reality. Taking up her razor I said, "I need to shave the stubble from your snatch, Baby. I read somewhere that a shaving the vulva increases its sensitivity and therefore, increased a woman's pleasure during intercourse."

"Wow," lilted Teresa, "I'm all for increased pleasure."

I helped her sit up on the edge of the tub. I kissed her deeply, briefly darting my tongue into her mouth. I broke our kiss and soaped her crotch. Teresa watched as I carefully and gently scrapped the stubble from her snatch with the sharp razor. Soon her cunt was bald and glistened with her excitement.

As soon as I was done, I liberally applied baby oil to her pussy to prevent razor rash. I slyly inserted an oiled finger into my wife's pussy. Gasping, she clung to my arm as I teased her with it. I used my palm to push against her clitoris. I grinned with glee, as her body responded to my ministrations.

"Oh Honey, that feels divine," she cooed.

"You'll love this then," I said spinning her towards me. I parted her legs by pushing her knees apart as I dropped down to my own. Soon I was lustfully lapping at her newly denuded pussy while sawing two fingers in and out of her. Clutching the tub to keep from falling back into it she tilted her head back and hissed joyfully. When I sensed she was about to climax I pulled my fingers out of her and stood back up.

Teresa wilted in disappointment and whimpered, "You bastard."

"Now, now, Baby. I want you randy and ready. Now dry off and come into the bedroom we need to get you dressed."

Teresa quickly dried off. She padded into the bedroom wrapped in a huge bath towel horny as a sailor just back from sea. After kissing me she sat nude at the dressing table and put on her make-up. While she did that I laid out some very risqué lingerie and hosiery.

After she finished her make-up I handed her a black thong. Standing, she pulled it up her legs and adjusted the material in her butt in a most unladylike way. The cotton material of her thong clung to her labia producing a camel-toe. She moved to adjust it, but I stopped her. Sitting back down on the dressing table's stool, I caressed the sheer black stockings up her trembling legs. Before she stood back up, I placed her feet into sexy black stiletto heels. She wrapped the black underbust corset, that left her breasts exposed, around her waist and I clasped for her. She was a picture of wantonness.

"Look at yourself," I commanded pointing at the dressing table mirror. Strands of blonde hair silhouetted her face, I smiled at her. I told her to run her finger up and down her slit.

Teresa did as I said then one better. While she ran her finger up and down her slit highlighting her puffy cunt lips, she twirled a naked nipple between her finger and thumb. Glassy-eyed, she smiled at me in the mirror.

"Beautiful, just beautiful," I encouraged as I stood behind her. My hot breath on the bare flesh of her neck gave her goose-bumps. I squeezed one of her aroused breasts and gently pinched its nipple. Moaning my wife leaned back against me. I was sure she could feel my erection straining against my trousers and resting along with her thong in the crack of her ass. Reaching behind her, she grasped my hard cock. I slipped a finger down the front of her thong and into her gushing gash. I fingered her with passion. Just as she was about to orgasm, I stopped and pulled my finger from her gash with an audible pop.

Hanging her head in frustration she seethed, "Bastard... I was about to cum...Fuck you."

"I want Hugo to see you like this, wanting and wanton," I said handing her the mini-dress.

It was after one o'clock when we walked into the LaSalle Hotel. Before heading into the restaurant, I booked a room. After dressing my wife so seductively I was going to fuck her whether Hugo joined us or not. The lunch crowd had thinned by the time we walked into the German Grill adjacent to the hotel's lobby. The maître d' led us to our table after informing us that Hugo hadn't arrived yet. After ordering drinks, we waited watching the bustling staff.

"Is that him?" asked my wife, nodding her head in the direction of restaurant's entrance.

Turning to see, I confirmed, "Yes, that's him."

Hugo followed the maître d' to our table with a confident gait. He was wearing khaki slacks with a light blue oxford shirt and a navy blue blazer. As he approached, I noticed the approving expression on my wife's face. He gave the maître d' his drink order as he sat down. When I made introductions he took Teresa's hand and kissed it much to her delight.

A waiter took our meal orders and we sipped our drinks and got to know each other while we waited for our food. Teresa noticed Hugo's unusual pinky ring. Boldly taking his hand she asked about it. The ring was understated with a unique pattern of half-circle facets carved into it.

Hugo glanced down at his hand resting in my wife's hand then looked into her vivacious eyes he explained. "It is called an Iron Ring and it is made from an iron beam from the Quebec Bridge, in my native Canada, which collapsed during its construction in 1907 killing 75 workers due to poor planning and design by the engineers."

"Oh my," whispered Teresa as she scooted to the edge of her seat.

Hugo continued, "The ring is an allegory in itself. It is rough not smooth worn on the pinky of the working hand. The facets are a sharp reminder of the obligation of the engineer as it drags on the writing surface while the engineer is drawing."

Teresa was fascinated and asked, "So do all engineers get one?"

"No," Hugo said with a chuckle, "only those that pledge themselves to the highest professionalism by taking the Obligation. The ring itself is a symbol that reflects the professional commitment made by the engineer who wears it."

"Gosh," gushed Teresa like a teenybopper.

Our food arrived and we ate and got to know each other better. Of course, Teresa's flirting signaled she found Hugo attractive. After we finished our meal, we ordered brandy. Hugo showed us a picture of his wife. His eyes saddened as he explained her sexual difficulties. "I love my wife and have been faithful to her for twenty-five years, but now...."

"You poor man," cooed Teresa shifting in her seat to comfort Hugo. Her move caused her huge breast to rest on his forearm, which blossomed with goose-bumps. No doubt his cock was hard.

Twisting the wedding ring on my finger, I tuned out, while Teresa and Hugo talked. Time slowed to a crawl as I thought of every worst-case scenario. Do I really want to have my wife sullied by another man? Watching Teresa it was obvious that she fancied him and it's just obvious that he liked her. My chest tightened as Hugo asked me how I can allow another man to have sex with my wife.

All I could do was blankly look at him, so Teresa explained, "Ken loves me. The idea of a threesome is my fantasy. The only way this fantasy can work is when your partner loves you, I mean really loves you. And Ken loves me that much."

Hugo nodded, contemplating her answer and after taking a sip of water he asked, "Aren't you worried Ken may leave you after you've had sex with another man?"

"I'm terrified of ruining the fifteen year relationship I have with my husband. I mean, how many relationships have been ruined by making some horny fantasy a reality?"

Hugo agreed then asked, "Then why take the risk?"

"The risk is part of the thrill. Without risk there is no reward."

He smiled and asked, "And, what's the reward of your fantasy threesome?"

"That's easy, mind-blowing orgasms produced by two lovers giving me all their sexual attention. I know my fantasy creates a weird emotional conflict, I think for all of us, including you, Hugo. The only way to test my fantasy is to go up upstairs, if we don't do it now, I don't think we will."

Biting his lip Hugo contemplated Teresa's words, the moment had arrived.

"Would you like Hugo to join us upstairs?" Teresa asked me.

Still unable to speak as the reality of moment constricted my throat I simply nodded.

Hugo sat for a moment with doubt furrowing his brow as Teresa and I got to our feet. He glanced at her proffered hand then up into her blue eyes simmering with lust. As if surrendering to the inevitable he took her hand and followed us out of the restaurant.

With Hugo in hand, Teresa led us through the busy hotel lobby to the elevators. I glanced at her wiggling delectable derrière as we entered the empty elevator. It soon filled with the bouquet of my wife's sex scent. As the heady aroma wafted into my nostrils, I pulled her into a kiss.

The elevator chimed and the elevator doors lurched opened and we all stepped out. Teresa sauntered down the hall in front of us. She knew we were watching her ass wiggle so she gave us a show by putting an extra swing in her step. She giggled as I nervously struggled to get the keycard to work on the room door.

"Damn it," I croaked in frustration.

Teresa took the card from me and lightly pulled it across the lock and it released. She pushed the door open and Hugo and I followed her inside. Stopping in the middle of the room, she turned towards us. She unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor. She stood before us in just her sexy lingerie. Smiling, she walked slowly and seductively towards Hugo. Her wet black thong clung sublimely to her saturated snatch in a mesmerizing moose-knuckle.

I watched Hugo's eyes roam down my wife's body and he licked his lips. Realizing this was it, I flopped into a chair subdued, while another man ogled my nude wife right in front of me. I sat and watched with an extremely hard cock and mixed emotions.

Teresa wrapped her arms around his neck and alluringly whispered in his ear, "Are you ready for me, Hugo?"

Silently he nodded and my wife kissed him passionately. Shyly his hands dropped to her bare buttocks and he timidly squeezed them.

Teresa could feel his very erect cock against her thong covered slit. She pushed his blazer off and let it drop onto the floor. Then she unbuttoned his shirt kissing his chest after she undid each button. His shirt joined his jacket on the floor.

Hugo gently but firmly squeezed my wife's bare breasts above the top of her black corset. He took an erect nipple into his mouth and sucked it.

"That's it, Hugo," hissed Teresa as she ran her fingers through his salt and pepper hair.

She dropped to her knees and shot me a naughty smile, a gleam in her eyes communicated the lust she felt for Hugo. Her expression changed as her blue eyes connected to mine, conveying a silent message of affectionate intimacy. Gleefully, she unzipped his trousers and fished his hard cock out. Her mouth dropped open in surprise as she gaped at the size of his cock, it was huge. Taking his monster cock in her hand, she studied it for a moment. She was about to kiss its enlarged head when it started shooting cum. She pointed his shooting cock at her tits as spurt after spurt of jizz splattered white on her skin.

"I'm sorry Teresa, I'm so sorry," choked Hugo his face red with embarrassment.

Teresa smiled up at him. She looked understandingly into his eyes and said with a soothing tone, "It's okay Hugo. Don't be embarrassed. You haven't had sex in a long time. It's okay."

After Hugo put his cock back into his pants, he helped Teresa up to her feet. I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and gave it to her to wipe the cum off of her tits.

Teresa sauntered to the bed. Her buttocks jiggled joyously as she ambled silently across the carpet. Glancing over her shoulder, she caught my eye and gave me a reassuring grin. Sprawling on the bed, she pinched a nipple with one hand and lazily ran a finger from her other hand in her saturated slit. Seductively she cooed, "I'm so wet. I'm in need of cock."

Hugo stripped the rest of his clothes. The huge hotel bed creaked as he climbed on it to join Teresa. His monster cock had remained hard and swayed between his legs like a hungry beast on the prowl. He gathered my wife into his arms and held her snugly against his body. He pressed his lips to hers, smothering her mouth with a soul caressing kiss.

The scene was surreal, there was no turning back now. This man, I barely knew, was now caressing my wife's body. Soon he pulled her panties off and threw them to the bottom of the bed. They held each other and kissed each other deeply for a while, whispering things to each other which I couldn't hear.

Teresa kissed him touching him ever so gently, tracing her fingers along his sides and belly. Then I saw her hand reach down searching for his massive manhood, which she stroked and tugged, just like she had done to me.

It was hard-on inducing, but at the same time a real torment to watch my wife, who touched me so lovingly, so happily give the same kind of intimate attention to her new lover. I was aroused and feeling rejected at the same time. Even though she wasn't rejecting me, she was doing what I had agreed she could do: explore, experiment, enjoy and take what she needed from the encounter.

From where I sat, I could easily see Teresa's bald pussy lips were engorged with excitement and glistened with anticipation. My wife's body was getting ready to receive a new man, a new cock, and new cum. It was mind-blowing. There were no words to describe what my feelings were at that moment. I don't think there are actually words for it, just a huge boiling cauldron of conflicting emotions and sexual frustrations.

Reaching for one of her big breasts, he gently but firmly squeezed it. He smiled as she moaned, appreciating her responsiveness. He kissed her breast then sucked its nipple.

She encouraged him to suckle by running her hands through his hair and murmuring, "That's it Lover, that feels so good."

Leaving her heaving breasts, Hugo dragged his tongue down Teresa's trembling torso. He teased her by blowing his hot breath over her tummy. Goose bumps arose all over her trunk. He kissed and licked his way down her body until he was between her legs.

It was pleasure and pain for me to watch my wife be so intimate with this stranger. Watching his fingers slipping into her snatch had me wanting to jump into the mix then and there, but this was not my time. I knew Teresa needed time to discover her new lover so that she could relax more and then, and only then, possibly enjoy an orgasm with him. It was almost unbearable for me and yet, so sexually intense. In a weird way I was a sort of proud of my wife that she had found the confidence to get the sexual satisfaction she desired from more than one man.

Turning her head my direction, to gage my reaction, Teresa spread her legs wide, an open invitation for Hugo. Her eyes widened when he slid two fingers into her simmering snatch. Gasping at the penetration she muttered, "Feels good... Lover...feels good."

"You're so wet," he said looking into her blue eyes and then into her glistening gash.

It was splayed wide before him like a blooming rose and her sex bouquet beckoned him to indulge. He let her excitement build as he lightly brushed his lips over her slit. When she started to strain and bucked her hips upward, he finally put his lips right on top of her pussy and kissed it gently then harder as she moaned her pleasure. He broached her pussy with his tongue and ran it up and down the layers of her flesh while my wife tangled her fingers into his hair and pushed his face deeper into her pussy.

When her clit peeked from its hood, he darted his tongue against it. Teresa babbled unintelligibly as her body was racked with pleasure. Using his tongue like a probe, he located her love button and pressed his tongue into the hood. Teresa encouraged, "That...that''s it."

Hugo slid his wet fingers slowly, but firmly as far as they would go into my wife's drooling cunt. It was like dipping his fingers into melted butter, evidence of her excitement streamed down the crack of her ass. He teased her meticulously until his fingers made contact with her G-spot.

"That's the place," Teresa rasped and squirmed on his hand.

Hugo tapped his fingers against her G-spot with a come hither action that made her clutch the bed sheets. Soon his fingers were rocketing in and out of her cunt with exuberance.

She whimpered, "Don't stop... please don't stop... don't ever... ever stop."

Gently Hugo pulled Teresa's pussy lips apart with his teeth. Once her clit was exposed he flicked his tongue quickly against it. Her legs thrash against his head as she writhed about the bed. Sensing that she was approaching orgasm Hugo pursed his lips into an O and sucked forcefully on her clit. She lifted her butt off the mattress and wildly bucked her pelvis with the rising wave of climax. Somehow he kept his mouth on her clit and I think he sucked even harder on it.

"Don't stop, Lover! Lover, don't stop!"

Satisfied that Teresa was indeed on the verge of climax he lightly bit her clit and savagely shoved his two soaked fingers up her ass.

My wife arched her back and screamed while her body convulsed with orgasmic gyrations. The bed quivered beneath her as her body quaked on top of it. She cried out with dizzy delight, "Oh my...My pussy...Oh my."

Suddenly, she collapsed into silence on the bed and lay still, gasping for breath. When she came down from her cosmic climatic heights, she opened her eyes. Looking at me through half-open eyelids she feebly smiled. She turned back to Hugo, whose cock danced with desire as he moved up between her still spread legs.

His eyes smoldered with a lustful fire and his chest heaved with excitement. He put his hands behind her knees and pushed them to her breasts as she seized his solid cock and guided into her wet wanton cunt. Slowly, he sank his cock into her until his bloated balls rested against her pretty pink pucker. Warranted gratification caused them both to moan.

"Your cock so big, my pussy so full," she groaned. Clutching his ass she dug her nails into his flesh. Her eyes widen in stunned disbelief as her cunt convulsed around his cock in unexpected climax. She shut her eyes and wailed, "Ahhhh!"

Hugo hissed and fought back his own orgasm as my wife's cunt squeezed his cock like a velvet vice. He huffed, "Teresa, your snatch is so sensitive."

I had moved to the foot of the bed. I found myself jacking off as I watched my wife being taken. It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. I flogged myself without mercy with one hand while picking my wife's discarded thong with the other. I brought it to my face. Deeply, I inhaled from the gusset and moaned as I got a whiff of her female fragrance. I brought her thong down to my cock just as the first frothy outburst of cum spewed forth. I hissed with welcomed release. I fought to stay upright as spurts of pleasure shot from my cock and filled the thong. Spent I murmured, "Teresa, I love you."

Once Teresa recovered from her sudden orgasm, she demanded, "Fuck me, Hugo, fuck me."

With that kind of encouragement, Hugo pummeled her pussy to a pleasurable pulp. He set a fantastic pace that drove waves of ecstasy throughout her body. As he hammered his cock into my wife again and again, her big breasts bounced to and fro like they were directly propelled by his cock.

She hooted her pleasure, "Oh, oh, oh, oh."

With a lump in my throat, I watched mesmerized as Hugo pleasured my wife. Witnessing his cock thrusting into my wife, I realized he had a different style than me. Using just the bulbous head of his mammoth cock he delivered many tiny thrusts then he changed to deep strokes of his substantial shaft, penetrating her pussy clear to his balls. I could hear Teresa's moan evolve into a low groaning that I knew she only made when she was really being pleasured.

Suddenly, I was very aware that it was not me giving her pleasure, but Hugo. In my lust, watching this erotic event, I had almost forgotten my worries about losing her. But, seeing another man give her the kind of pleasure that I thought only I could give her brought the fear back. As I watched from the base of the bed, seeing the excitement seep from her pussy and run down the crack of her ass, hearing every moan and groan she emitted proved too much for me. I lost it.

I sobbed. Watching my precious wife as she gave herself so fully to another man when she was pledged to me was a super painful yet extremely arousing experience. The heightened jealousy gave way to the realization of just how much I loved her. I sobbed.

Hugo noticed my distress and stopped fucking Teresa. He asked if I was okay. He wasn't convinced by my less than sincere assurance. He suggested I strip and lay next to Teresa, which I did. Subtlety, he reprimanded me, "You need to participate not just observe."

"Okay," I sighed. I would never have stopped him fucking Teresa, but I was glad he did. I needed a moment for my emotions to settle down. I needed to be included.

Focused on the pleasure Hugo was giving her, Teresa hadn't realized how upset I'd become. She rolled on to her side and looked into my face, our eyes locked, she smiled and softly said, "I love you, Ken. I love you so much."

I lay on the bed next to her, holding her hand. The two of us looked deeply into each other's eyes. Once my panic subsided and I was relaxed, Hugo climbed back on board.

He left Teresa on her side. He straddled her lower leg and lifted her upper leg onto his shoulder completely opening her pussy to his ginormous cock. He groaned as it re-entered her gaping gash as I watched fascinated.

The emotional connection between Teresa and me as Hugo fucked her was amazing. Gripping my hard cock, she tugged it in time to Hugo's cock thrusting in her pussy. Her moans grew louder as the pleasure pressure built, but she never let our eye contact drop.

Thrusting hard into Teresa while I held her hand and maintained eye contact with her, Hugo announced that he was going to cum. Stabbing his cock deep into her pussy, he pulled her ass right up to his groin. He buried every inch of his mammoth cock deep inside her sweet pussy bottoming out against her cervix as cum shot from his cock.

"Bah-hah," he bellowed with complete gratification.

Fumbling between her legs Teresa found and urgently squeezed Hugo's bloated balls as they emptied their contents into her pussy. She cooed tenderly, "Cum, Lover, cum."

Teresa was very close to cumming herself when Hugo let his seed fly deep inside her. She lay back on the bed and whined, "I want to cum, too."

"I know, you do, Baby," I soothed as I slipped my fingers between her thighs and with Hugo's huge hard cock still inside my wife, I firmly pushed my against her clit. Throatily I commanded, "Cum Baby, cum now."

Teresa's intake of breath let me know that the pressure I was applying to her clit was combining with the stimulation Hugo's cock was giving her G-spot. She closed her eyes tight, a low rumble began in the back of her throat and grew into a full blown scream of ecstasy. Her body shook with orgasmic release.

Hugo pulled his softening cock out of Teresa and fell on the bed beside her completely spent. He wheezed, "That was unbelievable."

Teresa snuggled up to me. After kissing me she sincerely proclaimed, "I love you, Honey. I love you so much."

We started chatting about what had just happened. Hugo lay on one side of Teresa while I lay on the other. I was ready for some sexual satisfaction of my own and my wife knew it and she actually wanted more as well.

Teresa turned towards Hugo and got on all fours. She lowered her mouth over his cock. She had never taken my cock in her mouth after it had been in her cunt so I felt a pang of jealousy. Very deliberately she turned her backside towards me as she orally worked on him. It was my turn to enter her pussy.

Normally I would ease my cock inside her, but honestly, there was no need now, as her own pussy excitement combined with Hugo's cum to make her pussy as slippery as an eel. My cock slid into her expanded cunt, but unfortunately my cock wasn't thick enough for her well used pussy to grip. I held my wife's hips driving my cock into her pussy. Wet smacking sounds of flesh on flesh contact filled the room. Just as I began building my thrusts to a gratifying rhythm, my cock would inevitably fall out of her cunt. After several such mishaps I cried out in frustration, "Damn it."

As I grabbed my cock to once again reinsert it into her cunt, Teresa stopped me with a gruff command, "Honey, wait, stop a second."

Crawling forward until she hovered above Hugo, she took his monster cock in-hand and pointed it at the simmering entrance of her snatch. She lowered herself onto it as he gently pinched her nipples. When she was fully impaled on his cock he pressed two fingers against her exposed clit. She squealed as another climax raked her body.

Hugo groaned and struggled to keep from busting his nut into her quim as it wetly quivered around his cock like a silky clamp. Hugging my wife as she collapsed onto his chest he kissed her cheek. She muttered, "Ken... fuck... my ass."

Clenching my teeth with irritation, I moved behind my wife while she stayed firmly seated on Hugo's cock. Tapping her butthole with the blunt helmet of my cock, I started to penetrate her will anointed anus.

Teresa lustily commanded Hugo, "Help my husband, Lover."

He pulled Teresa's buttocks open as she lay across his torso. He watched her eyes grow large as I forced my cock into her tight asshole. He pinched her hard as granite nipples causing her to hiss with zest.

As my cock slipped into my wife's ass, it slid against Hugo's huge cock in her pussy through her innards. Once I was balls deep in her ass, we all paused to catch our collective breaths. The erotic ecstasy we all felt was mind-boggling as each of us could feel the other.

Teresa was enthralled in a paradise of pleasure. A tear of joy ran down her cheek as she sobbed, "Cock, so much cock. I love your cocks."

She looked down at Hugo and kissed him. She turned her head and kissed me. She slowly began to glide along our cocks which lovingly skewered her holes, with a guttural groan she demanded, "Fuck me, guys, fuck me."

Moans of decadent pleasure filled the room as Hugo and I developed a ying-yang rhythm. As I pushed my cock into my wife's ass Hugo would pull his out of her cunt, as I pulled out Hugo pushed into her. Teresa remained stock still as Hugo and I ravaged her pussy and ass. I squeezed one of her breasts while Hugo pinched the nipple of the other. My wife's body started to shudder as another orgasm began to build. Soon she was convulsing and her shouts turned to screams as another orgasm ripped pleasurably through her body.

I could feel Hugo's twitching cock spewing his seed into my wife's cunt. I could hold out no longer, red lights exploded in my brain as my balls contracted. I bellowed with satisfaction as cum spurt from my cock like water from a fire hose.

We all collapsed into a sated pile of flesh. After Teresa and I fell into a satiated sleep, each of us fully spent, Hugo slipped quietly from the room and returned to his wife.

Waking a couple of hours later it hit us, just what we had done. We had had our first threesome, I had witnessed my wife fucked by another man and Teresa had her long time fantasy of being shared by two men fulfilled. But, Hugo walking out, left her feeling cheap, like she'd had been a one night stand, and that it was wrong, immoral and so on. Although we chatted positively about it over dinner that night, Teresa grew melancholy about what we had done.

Fortunately, a very grateful Hugo sent her flowers with a lovely, heartfelt message the next day. Uplifted by his sincere gesture she sent a text to Hugo to thank him for the flowers. Then she arranged another encounter that she hoped would be even more sexually rewarding.

Later that day when I got home from work, I opened the front door and called out, Teresa? Teresa I'm home."

"In the bedroom, Honey," my wife hollered from down the hallway.

I heard giggles from the bedroom as I made my way down the hall. A surge of negative emotion washed over me as I assumed she and Hugo had started without me. I pushed open the bedroom door. My mouth dropped in surprise at the sight before me.

Perched in the middle of our king size bed kneeling side by side with their arms around each other's waist was Teresa and another woman. They had on matching black garter belts and black fishnet stockings. Evidently they were way too excited and wet to wear panties because their bald pussies glistened with lust. Since that weren't wearing panties I guess they decided they didn't need bras either. The cool air made their excited nipples that much harder.

Teresa said, "I asked Joyce from the gym to join us." She then kissed Joyce, their tongues teasingly entwined. My wife broke their kiss and looked at me with a smile and said, "I hope you don't mind."

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