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Florida Trip: His Story

Wife has fun while on vacation
If you have read our stories from before you will know that my wife Lisa loves to perform fellatio and I enjoy watching her doing it almost as much as when she does it to me. Also you might remember that when she has been drinking she gets extremely horny. You might also remember Lisa is a hot redhead, 5’2” with firm 36C breasts, seductive green eyes and strong toned legs.

This story happened last December during our annual holiday trip. We decided to drive to Florida and spend a week at a resort on the Gulf Coast. The trip down was uneventful because the holiday traffic was so heavy it took all of our concentration to avoid having an accident. We arrived at the resort early in the afternoon and settled in quickly so we could enjoy a beer relaxing in the warm Florida sun by the pool. Lisa slipped into one of her sexier swimsuits that showed more cleavage than normal. I had an erection walking down to the pool from looking at her beautiful tits.

We found a spot at the end of the pool opposite the hot tub. The weather was quite warm for December and we had no problem emptying a couple beers each. I noticed a couple walk by carrying their bags indicating they had just arrived. They walked to the far end of the resort motel. I commented to Lisa how attractive the woman is. We guessed her age to be mid to late forties, only a few years older than us. I could tell the woman had a wonderful tight little ass from the small white shorts she was wearing and the snug knit top left no question as to the size her breasts. Lisa agreed she is very attractive and then added the man is well built and very handsome for a man who must be close to 60. He had to be ten years older than the lady with him. I teased her asking, “think they might be interested in some fun with us?”

Her answer of, “I sure hope so,” caught me by surprise since she is usually not interested in playing with another couple unless we have known them for a while. I pointed this out and she answered, “you have been suggesting if I loosened up some we could meet some new couples to have fun with. Well, I would certainly do him and I can see by the rise in the front of your shorts the effect she had on you!”

My jaw dropped and I didn’t know what to say, I knew I didn’t want to say anything that might cause her to change her mind. I leaned back in my chair, my thoughts racing with possibilities. I opened another beer and reached for a magazine as I fantasized about the couple.

The next couple days went well, we didn’t do much except for lying in the sun, going out to eat and drinking plenty of beer. From time to time I would bring up a scenario of us having fun with the attractive couple. My dick grew hard whenever we talked about it and Lisa would have my cock in her mouth as soon as we were in the privacy of our room. She said it made her so hungry for his cock she wanted to seduce him and wrap her lips around his dick and feel his cum fill her mouth. I kind of dared her by saying, “You don’t have the balls to do something like that.” “We’ll see, big boy,” was her response as she grabbed me in the crotch.

We had passed the attractive couple a few times the next couple of days and"Hello" was the only word exchanged between us. But things changed the third day when we were lounging by the pool.

After lunch we laid by the pool, napping in the sun and drinking beer like we had done the last two days. I mentioned to Lisa, “I think I will go up to the room because there is a sports program on TV I want to watch.” She offered to come up with me but I insisted she stay and enjoy the sun, telling her “you might see something more interesting than my sports program down here.” I jokingly added “Be sure to drink enough beer to keep you horny, you never know, you might see someone you want to do,” and I winked at her.

Lisa answered, “You know, I am feeling kind of horny and with you going up to the room, I can’t promise I will be a good girl left out here all alone!”

I jokingly responded, “I trust you to do the right thing and I want to hear all about it when you get back to our room,” and I chuckled as I turned to go up to our room knowing the possibility her having the courage to make something happen was very slim.

I opened a beer and turned on the TV. I checked on Lisa every 15 to 20 minutes to make sure she was OK and to insure no one was disturbing her. I would peek through a small opening between the curtains so she wouldn’t know when I was checking on her. I noticed she seemed to be drinking a fair amount of beer by the number of cans she had stacked beside her chair. She must not be aware of the amount of beer she’d consumed because the sun had become unusually hot even for Florida. I also noticed, she had rubbed suntan oil on her chest, and her swimsuit top was pushed down enough to show a lot of her breasts and even the edge of one of her nipples. Not too much though, some one had to look close to notice.

As I looked around the pool area I noticed the handsome man from the couple alone in the hot tub that was in the shade. We had been in the hot tub the night before and I knew it was not so hot that it would be uncomfortable. He was looking straight at Lisa. I knew he had to be looking at the risqué position of the top of her swimsuit. When I glanced back at Lisa I saw she was looking back at him. Lisa moved her legs as if something itched between her thighs. I had an idea what might be itching. I knew she had to be very horny by now from drinking all that beer. I lost interest in the program on TV, as thinking the show at the pool might be more exciting.

Interestingly, Lisa rose from her chair. She finished the beer she had open and reached into the cooler pulling out two fresh beers and walked toward the hot tub where she offered one to the man in the tub. She handed him the second one too. Then I remembered the tabs on the cans scratch her nail polish. He smiled and opened the second beer and handed it back to her. As Lisa reached for the beer she stepped into the hot tub sitting fairly close to the handsome man, closer than someone normally would to a complete stranger. They chatted for a while and Lisa began to close the gap between them as the conversation continued.

Her hand nearest the man was under the water and I thought I could tell from the position of her shoulder that it wasn’t down by her side any longer; she must have it on his leg or in his crotch. Her arm was making small splashes in the water. He had a satisfying smile on his face as he slid lower in the water. His hand closest to Lisa was under the water with his arm extended to reach a spot on Lisa I was very familiar with. They were trying to remain discreet to prevent attracting attention of anyone around the pool. Little did they know I was watching from the window.

Lisa soon dropped her hand and arm from its activity under the water grabbing the seat in the tub as she laid her head back and closed her eyes. She was obviously enjoying the movements of his hand and fingers. I could see her face tense in anticipation of a powerful orgasm. Her mouth opened and restrained herself from the usual loud noise she makes when she cums. Lisa sunk down in the water to her chin as she was drifting down from the intense spasms of her pussy. When she opened her eyes she leaned over and gave the now not so strange man a long lustful kiss.

Lisa stood up pulling him up with her as she stepped out of the hot tub. She picked up his towel as they exited the hot tub and placed it under her arm. I was curious where they were going; she wasn’t walking in the direction of the stairs to come to our room nor did she walk in the direction of the couple’s room. He walked behind Lisa letting her to lead him wherever she wanted.

There was a little building beside the pool area with a small utility room and what must have been a bar at one time. Lisa knew the doors of the building were not locked because we had looked inside the evening we arrived. Also, the doors did not reach completely to the bottom of the roof, leaving approximately a two-foot gap that allowed me to easily see into the room and a similar gap on the other side that let in plenty of light. I quickly retrieved the small binoculars from our bag so I wouldn’t miss any detail of what might take place. They could not be seen from the outside once they entered and pulled the doors closed behind them.

Lisa helped him remove his swimsuit and had him sit in a chair inside the old bar area. She leaned into him and again they passionately kissed as he pulled the straps of her suit off her shoulders. Pulling away from his lips, she folded the towel and placed it on the floor in front of him. Slowly Lisa dropped to her knees resting them on the towel as she reached into the man’s lap she wrapped her small hands around his dick. He wasn’t quite hard yet. I assumed this was due to his age. Lisa could quickly take care of that with the expert talents of her mouth and tongue.

What few men get to discover is that Lisa enjoys sucking cock. She loves the feeling of a hard dick twitching in her mouth as it shoots cum against the back of her throat. More often than not she actually loves the taste of cum and looks forward to the opportunity to give the man the pleasure of seeing it move down her throat as she happily swallows all of it. Lisa gets to become the cum hungry slut she really is but has to keep that side of her personality hidden from society. Her pussy gets soaking wet as she slurps a cock like the class whore in college, causing a man to moan with pleasure. When a man talks dirty to her while she is sucking his cock she gets into it even more.

Fortunately she had positioned him so I could see their profile giving me a good view of everything she was doing to his now hardening dick. She lightly licked the head then swirled her tongue around the shaft as she worked her way down to his balls. She gently took each of them in her mouth softly suckling them. Lisa licked up the sides as if she was licking an ice cream cone as it is melting. She pursed her lips as she touched them to the tip of his cock. She scooped a drop of precum from the head of his dick with the tip of her tongue. She spread it around her lips with her finger as she smile in approval of the taste I know she craves. Lightly closing her lips again she lowered them to the head of his cock and let the mushroom head part her lips as she moved her mouth down stopping with only the head inside. I could tell by the bulge in her cheek she was running her tongue around the head of his dick inside her mouth. This brought the desired reaction from her partner as he closed his eyes and slightly opened his mouth releasing what looked to be a moan of ecstasy.

Pulling her mouth off his cock I could see a string of precum running from his dick to her lips. This is very sexual for Lisa and she smiled as she used her tongue to retrieve the strand without losing a drop as she wrapped her lips back around his pole. She moved her mouth down the entire length of his manhood. Since his cock looked to be about average in size she was able to touch her lips to his shaved pubic area. I knew she loved that, as there are no hairs to cause any concern as she pleasured him orally.

Lisa slowly began to move her mouth up and down his cock leaving it wet and slick with each stroke of her tight lips. She picked up the tempo of her movements and began to rotate her hand around the base of his dick, a move that will soon bring any man to orgasm. His legs tensed and straightened on each side of Lisa and his toes curled digging into the floor.

I knew it wouldn’t be long now before Lisa would be swirling his seed in her mouth. Savoring the taste of his cum. I knew her cunt had to be dripping because of the satisfaction she gets from having a cock throb in her mouth and gives her its juicy reward. It is a skill she has perfected over the years. Other women should take lessons from her.

As Lisa continued stroking his cock with her mouth from the head to mid shaft she rotated her hand around the base aided by the lubrication from her mouth and his precum. He must have made a noise. The other people around the pool looked in their direction. His neck stiffened and his body jerked as he filled Lisa’s mouth with the nectar she had been working so diligently to receive. She held his dick deep in her mouth and I could see her cheeks fill with each spasm of his cock. He must have been saving up his semen as he convulsed continuously sending more cum into Lisa’s mouth. The volume of his orgasm was so great that Lisa was not able to contain it all before she drank it down. A line of cum formed at the corner of her mouth running down the side off her chin. She appreciatively reached up with her hand and caught the liquid before it dripped seductively sucking it off her finger.

Lisa used her tongue to clean his cock as if this would be the last time in her life she would feel the flesh of a dick between her lips. When she had his dick licked clean to her satisfaction, she stood, leaned toward her oral lover giving him a kiss before she left. He looked drained of all his energy from the excellent blowjob. She wiped her lips one last time to remove any evidence she’d just had a dick in her mouth. Lisa peeked over the doors to see if anyone was looking. She would leave before her new friend, thinking they should exit separately so no one would be suspicious of what she had been doing inside the little building. When she was convinced no one was looking she quickly and quietly slid between the doors still straightening her swimsuit straps on her shoulders.

As she returned to her chair to gather her things and come upstairs to our room, she noticed a man with his wife and three young children. His wife was ignoring him and their children as she was reading an issue of Cosmo. She was almost fully clothed like she was afraid of someone to see her body.

He looked in Lisa’s direction; from the smile on his face I thought he must have heard some noises from the small building and had an idea something illicit had gone on inside. The look on his face was he wished it were him inside with Lisa. But the chances of that happening to him seemed impossible with the three children and his prudish wife around.

Lisa must have felt sorry for him, I don’ think he was a bad looking guy. Before she picked up her things she looked at him, torturing him even more. As she lustfully stared into his eyes she sucked a finger deep into her mouth then ran it around her lips. She blew him a kiss; his frigid wife was oblivious to her sexual torments to her husband. Lisa picked up her things, leaning over more than necessary in the poor man’s direction giving him a teasing view of her large firm tits. She turned and walked away. I could tell by the way she was walking that her pussy was dripping wet and I wondered if the man could see the dampness of the crotch of her swimsuit. The man drew his knees into his chest and holding his dick as if he was in pain.

As Lisa walked across the balcony to our room, she noticed the handsome gentleman emerge rather unsteadily from the site of their sexual tryst. He was still trying to adjust his semi-hard dick in the front of his swimsuit as he walked toward his room. The man saw this and threw his cap down beside his chair in anger and walked through the exit of the pool area. He said something to his wife before he left that made her chin drop in disbelief of what he’d said.

I quickly returned to the sofa sitting as if I had been there the entire time. Lisa came into our room and asked me “how was your sports program, anything exciting happen?” giving me a mischievous smile looking like the cat that swallowed the canary. Of course I knew it wasn’t the canary she’d swallowed!

I answered her, “not really, I should have stayed at the pool and kept you company” trying not to give Lisa any hints I knew what she’d done.

She laid her stuff on the bed. She could hardly contain the excitement any longer, she blurted out “I wasn’t exactly alone by the pool!” A wide smile spread across her face. Lisa asked, “Do you remember the dare you made the other day?”

I answered, “Yes, I said you didn’t have the balls start something with the man of the couple we saw”

She asked, “What if I told you I do have the balls?”

I responded by asking what she meant she “had the balls?” trying to act like I didn’t know anything.

Lisa said, “I not only have the balls to approach him made me cum in the hot tub and I gave him a blowjob by the pool”

“Wait a minute” I said, “back up the beginning and start from there explaining to me how this all happened.” As she began telling me she heard a noise………

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