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Girlfriend/Future Wife Loses Inhibitions - Part 5

Cindy is quite the MILF. She sucks Pete's cock in front of twenty people.
Cindy is now thirty years old. I'm Alan, one very happy guy, with a hot wife who has pushed her sexual boundaries further than I could ever have dreamed. We've been married for five years, and have two kids.

It's been a pretty tame five years. It seems like a lifetime ago since Cindy fucked two new friends on our honeymoon. Cindy is a happy 'stay at home' mom. Money is tight with only my paycheck, but we manage pretty well.

Cindy has the same, 32/22/32 tight body, as when I first met her nine years ago. I will say, her tits are a tad smaller since she had two kids, but still qualify as 32D. I hear it isn't that unusual for new moms to see some changes in their tits after kids.

Cindy stays in great shape with a regular exercise routine. She has the same tight abs that are the envy of all our friends. All the guys, especially Pete, still lust after Cindy. And, I think they still go home and jerk off after seeing Cindy at a party.

They have all seen Cindy's tits and nipples in her lingerie photos, which are part of her modeling portfolio. Pete still bugs me to look at them when he comes over. You would think he would tire of that after seven years, but he hasn't. He is a real dog. God only knows how many times he has jerked off fantasizing about Cindy.

We have stayed close to our friends since our wedding five years ago. But, with different financial situations, we see more of some friends than others. Pete has been the most successful, working as a stock broker. We only see Pete and his wife, Karen, once or twice a year. I will say Pete's wife is nice, even if he is a jerk. 

None of our friends know that Cindy fucked a stranger when we went on a cruise, shortly after getting engaged. And, they certainly don't know she fucked two new friends on our honeymoon, while I watched.

Cindy did tell her friends, and through them their husbands, that she went topless, and nude, in St. Martin and Jamaica. That caused a bit of a stir, with guys wanting to see photos, but after a while it died down. They know I won't show them the topless and nude photos. Everyone accepts that, except for Pete, who keeps bugging me to see the photos.

Even though I only see Pete once or twice a year, whenever I do, he says things like, "How is that slut wife of yours doing?"

He then laughs, like he is just joking. He always talks about sex, strip clubs, and wild parties he supposedly attends with his rich buddies. It is Pete being Pete. 

Enough background. On with the story.

I get a call out of the blue from Pete, and he opens with general pleasantries, pausing with, "How are you and Cindy doing?"

It seems strange to get a call from Pete, but I say, "Everything is great. The kids are growing up. They are two and four, and a lot of fun. What's up with you and Karen?"

Pete says, "Things are great. Listen, I don't want to say, or imply, anything inappropriate... but, could you use an easy $500?"

I am thinking, what's this all about? So, I simply reply, "You know money is tight now that Cindy doesn't work. We make ends meet, but there isn't anything left after the mortgage, utilities, taxes, food and expenses for the kids. So, of course we could use $500."

Pete continues, "My firm holds an annual party to entertain potential new clients. They are very wealthy potential new clients. It's important for us to show them a good time, to entice them to put their business with our firm."

I'm a little confused when I ask Pete, "What does that have to do with Cindy and me?"

Pete calmly gets to the point when he says, "I want the firm to hire Cindy to be a waitress at our party. She will have to wear one of her bikinis, and serve drinks and food to the guests. We will be on the patio, near the pool. My boss has a beautiful mansion. You can come, of course. But, I don't want the guests to know Cindy is your wife. The guys will want to flirt with Cindy, check her out, and it will be a little awkward if they know Cindy is your wife. What do you think?"

I am confused, and a little concerned, when I ask some more questions, "How many people will be there? Is it just guys, or are women going to be there as well? Will Cindy be the only server?"

Pete calmly answers my questions, "There will be about twenty people at the party. My boss, me, some of my coworkers and potential clients. Some will be by themselves, and others will have their wives with them. Cindy will be the only server since it's a small group. It will be fun. You and Cindy will enjoy the party."

I am still unsure when I ask Pete, "Will Karen be there? It would be nice if Cindy knows someone at the party, other than you. When is the party?"

Pete says, "Karen doesn't like business parties. So, she won't be there. This is a friendly bunch. Cindy will feel very welcome. I know she likes to strut her stuff, and will enjoy the attention she gets, serving in her bikini. And, the guys will like to see those big tits she has. The party is next weekend. What do you say?"

Sometimes I hate Pete when he says things like that about Cindy. But it is Pete. So I respond, "I'll let you know tomorrow, after I talk to Cindy."

I am pretty direct when I go to talk to Cindy. So, I find Cindy and get right to the point. "Cindy, Pete wants to hire you to serve drinks and food at a party his boss is holding next weekend. There will be about twenty people at the party. It will be on the patio, near the pool. You have to wear a bikini. I can be there, but Pete doesn't want people to know you are my wife. Karen won't be there. He is going to pay you $500 for a few hours work. What do you think?"

Cindy doesn't seem too concerned as she ponders the offer, and says, "We can use the money, that's for sure. I don't mind wearing a bikini. In fact, it would be fun to serve guests in a bikini. I do have a nice body, don't I? I know you don't mind seeing guys check me out. In fact, I know you like it when they stare at my tits. I think I should do it."

I'm relieved, and also a little aroused, imagining Cindy at the party in her bikini. So, I simply tell Cindy, "Okay, I'll call Pete tomorrow and tell him we will be at his party."

The next weekend is upon us before we know it. We have the directions and drive to Pete's boss's mansion. Cindy has on a nice black and white, stripped bikini, under a sun dress The bikini is small, but not tiny. Her tits are on display, but that always happens with her 32D tits.

We get to the house early, since Cindy has to get instructions on what to do. Pete and his boss, Mike, are waiting for us. Mike, and obviously Pete, know that Cindy is my wife, but no one else will know. I fully understand the reason they want the guests to think Cindy is there on her own. Guys can be pigs, and having a husband around would put a damper on flirting. And, truth be known, Cindy does like to flirt.

Everything is beautiful. The pool and patio are huge. Pete's boss and his wife, Sally, are very pleasant and welcoming. I am relieved. I didn't trust Pete, but everything is exactly what he said it would be.

Pete goes up to Cindy and gives her a big, inappropriate kiss on the lips. He seems like a dog in heat. He pats her on the arm and says, "Cindy, why don't you strip out of that sun dress, so Mike and I can see that luscious body of yours. I told Mike you have a great set of tits. And I told him you modeled in see-through lingerie. I hope you don't mind, but I also told him you like to strut your stuff in the nude, when you go on vacation. I even described your large, dark nipples to him. So, take off that dress. We want to see what you are wearing."

This is beyond anything I've ever heard from Pete. And, I've heard a lot. Cindy just laughs and proceeds to step out of her dress, revealing herself to Pete and Mike. Her tits are bulging out of her bikini top. She decides to show Pete he can't embarrass her, so she smiles and asks, "Do you dogs like my bikini? I hope it's not too revealing."

Before Pete can say anything, Mike nervously gets into the dirty talk, stares at Cindy, and jokes, "Cindy, that bikini is perfect. The only thing that would improve the sight before our eyes, is if that bikini top came off, and we could see your tits and nipples. What do you say?"

Cindy doesn't lose a beat when she confidently responds with, "You aren't paying me enough money to show you my tits. What you see, is what you get."

With that, Pete walks up to Cindy, blatantly rubs her ass, and then fondles her tits. Cindy has her bikini on, but this is totally inappropriate, even for Pete. I look over at Mike with a disapproving look on my face. I bark at Pete, "Take your hands off Cindy. And, I mean now. What the fuck are you doing?"

Pete calmly responds, with a grin on his face, "Alan, I told you the guys will want to flirt with Cindy. Fact is, guys are likely to cop a feel today. I just wanted to break the ice. I've wanted to rub Cindy's ass and tits, ever since I laid eyes on her kick ass body. You are one lucky bastard."

I don't have a chance to say anything when Pete looks over at Cindy, smiles, and in a rather disgusting tone, says, "Cindy, you do have a great ass, and incredible tits. Hope you didn't mind a cheap feel. Are you okay with guys feeling you up today."

Cindy is a little shaken, and embarrassed. Also, momentarily speechless. But, with a firm voice says, "Pete, you are a pig. I have half a mind to tell Karen how disgusting you are. I knew there would be flirting, but didn't expect to be fondled like a stripper at a stag. I'm here, won't leave, but if guys get too touchy-feely, I expect a big tip at the end of the day?"

Pete now has a sparkle in his eye when he says, "No problem. You may go home with a lot more than $500 if you are 'friendly' with our guests. I hope Alan is okay with guys rubbing your tits and ass."

I'm thinking, holy shit, what is going to happen today? I'm getting aroused, and my cock is getting hard, as my imagination runs wild. Guys feeling up Cindy as I watch! Cindy can take care of herself, so, with a raging hard on, I look at Cindy, and smile.

Before the conversation can go further, the guests start to arrive. Mostly men, but two or three women. It is exactly what Pete described. Turns out they hold the party every year. Cindy looks great, and the guys are checking her out. Pete introduces me as another potential client.

Cindy is busy serving drinks and food. I hear a few of the guys make comments about Cindy's body. More than one comments that they would love to see her tits. The conversation with the guys is pretty direct. One of Pete's coworkers smiles, and asks, "I wonder if she will be as wild as the girl we had last year."

I look a little bewildered. So, I ask the guy, "What happened last year?"

He very nonchalantly says,"The girl took off her top, and served drinks with her tits hanging out. We all felt her up. And, the auction was over the top." With that, he strolls off to talk with other guests.

I am totally confused. Topless? Auction? What the hell is that all about?

I go find Pete, and confront him, "Do you think you are going to get Cindy to go topless? And what is this auction one of the guys is talking about?"

Pete grins and says, "It's all up to Cindy. We did have fun last year, and the girl serving drinks topless did make a lot of money. There is more money to be made if Cindy is up for a little fun. I know I want to caress her naked tits. She is hot. I'll go talk to her now. Is that okay?"

I'm totally confused now. But, before I can answer, Pete is going over to talk to Cindy. They are huddled over in the corner, and I see a look of concern on Cindy's face. I can't imagine what Pete is saying to her.

Cindy comes directly over to me, and blurts out, "Pete says they will up the fee from $500 to $2,000 if I take off my top, and let the guys feel me up. I think I should do it. $2,000 is a lot of money. Hell, I've gone topless at the beach, and no one paid me anything."

I look at Cindy and stammer, "But Pete will see your tits. He will be the first one grabbing your naked tits. He is such a lurch. I know he planned this the whole time. He is a pig, and I don't want him seeing, let alone fondling, your tits as you serve drinks. We should go home."

Cindy looks calm and determined. She says, "It's $2,000, and we need the money. I don't care if Pete sees my tits. And, no harm in guys getting in a cheap feel. Pete has wanted to get his hands on my tits for years. Sounds like today is his lucky day. It will be fun. You can watch the guys stare at me, and feel me up. I don't know what the women will think, but who cares? It's $2,000."

With that, Cindy takes off her top, and her 32D tits spring forward. I'm shocked, and uncomfortable. Cindy just walks back to the bar, picks up a tray with drinks, and starts walking around topless. I am speechless. Every guy here is staring. Or, I should say, gawking.

Sure enough, Pete all but runs over to Cindy, and starts massaging her tits, and rubbing her nipples. Cindy does nothing to stop him. I hate Pete, but almost cum in my pants as I watch him manhandle Cindy's tits.

Pete comes over with the biggest grin I have ever seen. In a crude voice he says, "I knew Cindy was a slut. Look at her with her tits bouncing around. Her nipples are rock hard. She has soft, perfect tits, and her nipples stick out more than I imagined. Feeling her up is a fantasy I've had for years. Hope you are okay. I'll bet her pussy is soaking wet. And it only cost us $2,000. To these guys, that is spare change. I wonder what she will do if I offer her more money?"

I want to punch the guy right there on the spot, but he marches off with a shit eating grin on his face. He goes up to a group of guys and, seconds later, they are all laughing with crude laughs. They are all watching Cindy, who is very calm, walking around handing out drinks. Several guys saw what Pete did with Cindy's tits, and in no time, Cindy's tits are being fondled by one guy after another. Cindy's tits have a nice, sexual bounce when she walks. And, her nipples are sticking straight out. I can tell she is aroused.

I was a guest, not Cindy's husband, at least that was the story. I don't know what to do. I am aroused and turned on. And, I have to admit that Cindy looks hot. I go up to a group of Pete's coworkers. One of them looks at me and says, "That is one hot MILF. I'd love to suck on those nipples. I wonder if her husband knows what she's up to today?"

That sets me off. I look at him and say, "That is out of bounds. The woman is doing her job, earning some money, and you are talking like a pervert. Enough already."

He looks at me a little strange, and says, "Well let's see if she agrees to the auction. The girl last year made $6,000, and all she had to do was fuck the high bidder. And that lucky son of a bitch, who recommended her, got a blow job in front of all of us. What a show that was."

I look at Cindy, and she is talking to Pete's boss, Mike, and his wife Sally. I can't tell what they are saying, but Cindy looks like a space cadet. Her face is flushed and she looks confused.

Cindy comes up to me. She is shaking. The words just flow when she stammers, "Mike wants to auction me off to the highest bidder, who gets to fuck me in the master bedroom. I have to suck Pete's cock in front of everyone, to start the auction. That is Pete's prize for getting me here. Mike says I will bring some big bucks. Sally must be a pervert herself, because she said she enjoys the show, and gets off watching a pretty little MILF like me sucking cock."

I look at Cindy, and she looks at me. I stammer, "You aren't about to suck Pete's cock in front of this perverted bunch of shit heads. And how do we know who will be the high bidder, who gets to fuck you? What if it's one of those two black guys? They probably have cocks hung like a horse. We have $2,000. That is way more than we expected. It's enough that you went topless in front of Pete. He has seen your tits, and felt you up. They have all seen your tits, and most of the guys have groped your tits. Sucking Pete's cock, and fucking some complete stranger, is out of the question. Let's go."

Cindy is calm, in a strange way. I finally get it. She is aroused, and horny, with a far away look in her eyes. I can't get another word out, when she says, "Mike said he will guarantee me $10,000 when he starts the bidding. And, that's on top of the $2,000 I've already earned by showing them all my tits."

Cindy continues to talk to me. She says that Sally smiled at her, and Mike, and said, "If Mike is the high bidder, I'll claim you as my prize, take you back to the master bedroom, and eat your tasty pussy."

Before I can speak, or drag Cindy off, Cindy looks me in the eye and says, "I'm going to do it. $12,000 is more money than we know what to do with. I've fucked other guys, and you like it. I've sucked other dicks, and you like that. It's Pete that bugs you. Get over it. We can really use the money. And, after it's over, think about the great sex we are going to have. I told Mike I will do it."

It was then that I heard Mike calling everyone over to the bar. He shouts, "Ladies and gentlemen, the party is about to start."

Pete is standing next to Mike, and everyone is gathered around the bar. Mike says, in a rather raspy voice, "Cindy, get over here. The guests want to check you out before the bidding starts. Hope you don't mind if they grope your big tits a little more, to check out the merchandise."

Cindy walks the gauntlet. The guys are feeling her up. The two or three women who are present just watch, and grin. I have a hard time watching Mike feel her up. And, Pete is all over her, again. She is like a stripper at a stag party.

Mike starts talking, "Ladies and gentlemen, you see what a hot little MILF we have here. Cindy is the real deal. She has two kids and a lucky husband, who has no idea she is about to suck cock while you watch, and then fuck some really lucky guy. Cindy is not a whore, at least not yet."

With that there are a lots of chuckles. I am mortified. They are calling Cindy a whore. She is my beautiful wife, and mother to our two children. She is sexy. But, she is not a whore.

Mike continues. "Cindy, you have a great set of tits. Some lucky bidder will get to take you into the master bedroom, eat your pussy, and fuck your tight little pussy. But, before we start the bidding, you already know you have to suck Pete's cock. The better you do, the higher the likely bid is going to be."

With that, Pete comes over to Cindy, pulls down his pants, and starts stroking his hard cock. He has no shame. He isn't embarrassed in the least. He is showing off to his boss and coworkers. And the guests are loving it. He looks over at me, with a grin from ear to ear, and says, "I can't wait to decorate this little slut's face with my cum. Open your mouth, you little whore."

I feel sick to my stomach. Unbelievably, Cindy seems calm, and bold. I can't believe my wife is going to suck Pete's cock in front of twenty people, including me. My cock is so hard it's hung up in my pants.

Cindy gets down on her knees, with Pete's cock in her face. She won't look at me. Mike starts giving instructions. He instructs, "Cindy, lick the tip of Pete's cock with your tongue, nice and slow."

Cindy does as she is told, takes hold of Pete's cock, and starts licking the tip of his cock with her tongue. She licks his cock for thirty seconds, takes her tongue off his cock, looks at Mike, and says, "Pete is leaking pre cum all over my tongue. I'll bet he doesn't last long."

Before Mike can say anything else, Cindy starts sucking on Pete's cock, taking the tip of his cock slowly into her mouth. The head of his hard cock disappears between her lips and she takes more, and more of his shaft into her mouth. Pete is thrusting his cock in and out of Cindy's mouth. Everyone is mesmerized by the sight of this beautiful MILF sucking a hard cock in front of them.

Mike reaches down and starts playing with Cindy's tits as she sucks Pete's cock. After five minutes, Pete looks like he is ready to cum. This is too much, too dirty, and wrong. But, my cock is hard as a rock as I watch.

Just before Pete is ready to come, Mike blurts out, "Open your mouth Cindy, and let Pete shoot his load into your mouth, and all over your face."

With that, Pete takes hold of his cock, and jerks off until a very large stream of cum squirts out. He aims it right into Cindy's willing mouth, and sprays her face with his sticky, creamy, cum. She swallows most of it, but her face has cum dripping off her chin. Her tits are covered in cum, and it's in her hair. Cindy looks like a porn star.

Holy crap. This is a show and a half. My beautiful wife has cum all over her face. Pete is grinning from ear to ear. Everyone starts to clap, hoot, and holler.

I want to go up to Pete, punch him in the face, and then punch Mike in the face. I'm excited beyond description, but also pissed.

Before I can get my mind working again, it hits me, this is just the warm up for the auction. I don't know what to think. Cindy is standing there, with a smile and grin on her face, and there are two black studs fondling her tits. Her nipples are hard. She looks like she is in a daze, but with a smile she can't hold back.

Stay tuned for the auction. It's over the top.

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