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Girlfriend/Future Wife Loses Inhibitions - Part 7

Cindy and Alan try wife swapping for the first time.
We are driving home from a sex party, slut party, fuck party at Mike and Karen's mansion. My name is Alan, and my beautiful, young, sexy, 'stay at home mom', slut wife just gave Pete a blow job in front of twenty people and then fucked two black studs, while six of us watched on closed circuit TV. Cindy is not a whore, but she was well paid for her performance.

I am pissed that we were tricked into thinking that all Cindy was going to do was serve drinks and food, dressed in a small bikini, at a company function. Everything cascaded out of control. But, I got to watch. I have never been more excited in my life. Cindy, on her knees, Pete squirting cum into her mouth, all over her face and body, while twenty people cheered, hooted, and hollered.

And then, the closed circuit TV action, showing Cindy with two black studs. Bill has a huge cock and he fucked Cindy until she shuddered in a spectacular orgasm. Jason.... well all you can say is, he isn't human. His monster cock is something you see on a porno site, and even though you see it, don't believe it can be real. When he glazed Cindy's face with a gallon of cum, all of us watching on TV were stunned. Cindy was scared shitless, and ran for the bathroom as fast as she could get off the bed. Bill, who had just watched Jason dump his load on Cindy's face, was dumbfounded.

Now, for the interesting part. One of Mike's best employees, Jack, who was watching Cindy on TV, couldn't help himself when he blurted out, "I wish my wife would fuck another man like Cindy just did, so I could watch."

Jack's fellow worker, Bob, who also watched the action on TV, was quick to say,"Jack, your wife is the hottest piece of ass I have ever seen. If you want to watch your beautiful wife fuck another guy, I'm your man. But, I'd want a blow job first. I want to watch her lick the tip of my cock, watch the tip of my cock disappear between her lips, and then look into her eyes as she sucks me dry and swallows my load of cum. Does that work for you?"

Jack was mortified. He wasn't thinking when he blurted out his fantasy. So, he looked at Bob and said,"Not in your wildest imagination will you ever get to fuck Kelly, let alone get a blow job. I was just kidding, you dirty minded pervert."

I think Jack is serious, and think he does want to watch Kelly fuck another man. I enjoy seeing Cindy fuck other men, so I fully appreciate what Jack's fantasy is. And, with a smile on my face, wonder if I can help him live out his fantasy.

When Cindy and I get home, the first thing we do is dump Cindy's huge load of cash out on the table. She earned every penny of the $22,000 she took home for her sex show. We stare at the cash, stare at each other, and then spontaneously burst out laughing. We never expected Cindy to perform as she did, but boy will that cash come in handy.

It has been an exhausting day, and we are both tired. But, not that tired. I can't wait to get Cindy upstairs, to fuck her with abandon. The kids are staying at grandma's house, so we don't need to be quiet, or subdued.

I don't wait for anything. We are both naked in seconds. I'm on top and drive my hard cock into Cindy's wet pussy. Both Bill and Jason had dumped loads of cum into her pussy, and the cum is still there, acting as a lubricant. Strange thing, though, my cock feels like it is entering a bigger home than I'm used to. That reminds that Cindy has just fucked two black studs with huge cocks. Nasty, nasty, nasty.

The next morning, I tell Cindy about Jack wanting to watch his wife, Kelly, fuck another man. Cindy looks at me and grins. Cindy then smiles as she asks me, "So, Alan, do you want to be the one to fuck Kelly?"

I don't know what to say. Cindy once told me, that while she enjoys fucking other men, she doesn't want to watch me fuck another woman. I am in a tight spot. Fact is, I do want to fuck Kelly, even though I've never laid eyes on her. But, Jack's friend, Bob, had volunteered that Kelly was a fox.

I look at Cindy and give her an honest answer, "Sure, I'd like to fuck Kelly, but I know you don't want me to do that. Do you?"

Cindy chuckles, and says, "Alan, after what I've done, I think I would really enjoy watching you fuck Kelly, as long as I get to fuck Jack."

I am speechless. My mind is spinning. This sounds like wife swapping, which is something we never discussed. But, Cindy is right. She has experienced three separate episodes of fucking other men, so in the scheme of things, wife swapping is almost a natural extension of her sexual adventure.

I let things slide for a couple of weeks, and then give Jack a call. I simply say, "Hi, Jack. It's Alan. Remember me? Or should I say, remember Cindy?"

Jack seems surprised to hear from me, but quickly gathers himself when he replies, "Sure, how could I ever forget Cindy? Watching her suck Pete's cock, and then watching on TV when she fucked Jason and Bill, is a day I'll never forget. In fact, it's a day I think about on occasion, if you know what I mean? What's up?"

I smile to myself, knowing that Jack beats off thinking about my nasty, slut party wife, and say, "Jack, were you serious when you said you'd like to watch Kelly fuck another man? If you are, Cindy and I would like to help you live your fantasy. Are you game?"

There is silence… a long silence. Jack gathers himself and says, "I don't know how to say this, other than to just spit it out. The answer is yes, I would, but I don't think Kelly will do it."

I half expected that answer, so calmly reply, "How about Cindy and I coming over to your house some Saturday, and hanging out with you and Kelly, at your pool. I hear you have a beautiful home, nice pool and great jacuzzi. Who knows, things could heat up, with Cindy's help."

Jack is quiet again. He chimes in, "Sure. I'd love to see Cindy again. And, you know I'd love to fuck your beautiful wife. You okay with me admitting that?"

I chuckle as I say, "Jack, you know I enjoy watching Cindy fuck other guys. And, I'd love to be the one to fuck Kelly to help you live out your fantasy. I heard Bob say your wife is a knock out, with a great body and nice, firm tits. Sure you want to go through with this?"

Jack is quick to reply, "Yes, but be sure to ask Cindy to wear that black and white stripped bikini. That would put in the mood for sure. I have fond members of feeling her up as she walked around the party with her tits hanging out. And that cute bikini bottom looked hot, especially when she took it off and paraded around naked. What a day!"

Jack adds, "How about two Saturday's from now. That will give me time to get Kelly's imagination going. I'll get her hot and bothered with some casual comments about wife swapping. I've brought it up before and she gets all juiced up, begging me to fuck her. But, afterwards, she always says she will never actually do it."

We agree on the day and time. Jack tells Kelly he has invited a new friend and his wife over for a fun day at the pool. Kelly readily agrees. She loves to entertain, and is proud of her house. She has no idea what is planned.

Cindy is wearing her black and white bikini with a nice sun dress. The same outfit she wore to the cocktail party at Mike's house. The outfit that ultimately came off when Cindy was naked before twenty guests.

Cindy is pretty hot and bothered when we leave the house. She looks flushed when she says "I hope I get to fuck Jack. He was one of the hottest guys at the party, and I really enjoyed having him feel me up. My nipples were really hard. I am already getting wet thinking about it."

When Cindy and I get to Jack and Kelly's home we are quickly invited in by Kelly. She is drop dead gorgeous. Cute, petite, with a killer body. She has a sun dress on, and I can only imagine what's underneath. She is outgoing and ushers us into her home, as though we are long time friends.

Jack is outside, by the pool, with a beer. Kelly takes us outside, Jack quickly gets up, and comes over to greet Cindy. I'd say he came over to greet me, but, the truth is, he went straight to Cindy. Jack says, "Hi Alan. This must be your wife, Cindy. It's great that you two could come over today. The weather is great, the beer is cold, the wine is chilled, and it's always nice to get to know new friends. Isn't that right, Kelly?"

Kelly smiles and says, "Yes, this is a great day. And, I do look forward to getting to know both Alan and Cindy a little better. Let me get some drinks."

With that, the four of us sit around a table with drinks. We talk about our kids, and I ask some innocent questions about Jack and Kelly, and their plans for kids. They don't have kids, but Kelly volunteers they are looking forward to having kids in a few years. Small talk. Three of us have ulterior plans, but Kelly is clueless about our intentions.

Jack jumps in the pool, and invites all of us to join him. Cindy takes off her sun dress, and is now standing there in her small, black and white bikini. It is obvious that Kelly is checking out Cindy.

Kelly steps out of her sun dress. Boy, oh boy. Does she have a body! A small bikini, flat stomach, and obviously a nice set of tits with lots of cleavage showing. I can't help but check her out. Cindy watches, and says, "Alan, it isn't polite to stare. You're staring at Kelly, aren't you?"

I laugh and say, "Sorry, I guess I am. But who wouldn't? I didn't mean to stare, Kelly, I'm just a typical dog."

Kelly starts laughing and confidently say, "Alan, don't worry, I get that all the time. Every one of Jack's friends check me out every time they are over. And, worse than that, make inappropriate comments when their wives aren't close by. Pigs, all of you."

We are all hanging out at the pool, continuing to banter about our lives. I tell Kelly about our life with kids, and how we don't go away on vacation as often as we did before we had kids. Kelly is polite, and asks where we used to go on vacation.

Cindy jumps in and says, "We love the Caribbean, and especially love St. Martin. Orient Beach is my favorite because I can go topless and tease all the guys. You should see them taking videos and photos of me when I walk past them on the beach. I half expect the photos to show up on the internet some day."

Kelly looks confused, and surprised, when she looks at Cindy and says, "You go topless? You walk around with your tits out in the open, and let strangers take videos and photos of you? Aren't you embarrassed?"

Cindy just laughs and says, "No, I'm not embarrassed at all. In fact, I'm proud of my body, and work hard to keep in shape. Jack gets all hot and bothered, and the sex is over the top. I take it you have never gone topless in public."

Kelly nods her head to confirm that she has never gone topless and says, "I would be mortified, and so would Jack. Wouldn't you Jack?"

Jack sees where this is going, plays along, and says to Kelly, "I don't know, it might be fun. No harm in a little exhibitionism. I do know that I would love to see Cindy's tits at the beach."

Kelly stares at Jack and says, in a rather tense voice, "Jack, you are a pig. Cindy is our guest here, and you are talking about wanting to see her tits. That is beyond rude. You need to apologize, right now."

Cindy smiles, unhooks her top, lets her tits spring forward, and says, "Jack, are you happy now?"

Cindy's tits look magnificent. Tan lines showcase her tits like they are on display. Her nipples are hard. Big tits on a small, slender body, are a sight to behold. I feel my cock getting hard just looking at Cindy, and knowing that Jack wants to fuck her.

Kelly is beside herself. There is no way she expected this turn of events. Jack had told me that Kelly is a very jealous woman, and he is going out of his way to make her jealous, and also to get her pissed at him. Jack figures if Kelly gets pissed enough, she just might want to show him he can't be a pig, without consequences. And, Jack hopes the consequences live up to his imagination.

Kelly really does look pissed. She is looking at the three of us, and especially looking at Jack as he ogles Cindy's tits. Cindy's 32D, natural tits, do look good. And, she is getting turned on. Her nipples are sticking straight out.

Kelly is defiant. She looks at Jack, reaches behind her back, unhooks her bikini top, flips it into Jack's face, and says, "How is this dear? Do you like my tits as much as Cindy's? How about you Alan, do you like my tits?"

This is exactly what Jack was hoping for. It is also exactly what I was hoping for. My cock is stirring in my bathing suit as I check out Kelly. Her 34C tits are really firm, and her nipples are big, and hard. Her nipples are really dark, and the contrast on her white tits, is a real turn on.

There is an awkward silence that Cindy breaks by saying, "Now, now boys. Control yourself. Tits are just tits. Kelly and I are having some fun, so enjoy yourself. We are having fun, aren't we Kelly?"

Kelly is still pissed, and still defiant as she glares at Jack and says, "I am having fun. Jack, how do you feel with Alan checking me out? Because he is checking me out. Are you getting turned out, you disgusting pig."

All of us start laughing and the tension is broken. Cindy gets up and goes over to the jacuzzi. Jack follows Cindy and leaves Kelly and I sitting on the edge of the pool. I look over at Kelly, and say, "This is an interesting turn of events. Don't get mad at me, but I have to say, your tits are something to look at."

Kelly gets up and goes over to get a drink. Her tits jiggle and bounce as she walks. I follow, and we both start chatting as we slowly sip on our drinks. Kelly keeps looking over at Cindy and Jack in the jacuzzi. Her eyes are burning as she stares at Jack. I am staring at Kelly. I can't help myself. And, thinking about fucking her is driving me crazy.

But, things settle down, and we spend the next hour or so just handing out. It's time to put some burgers on the grill, so Jack is busy going from the kitchen to the grill, while Cindy, Kelly and I keep chatting.

We sit down to eat at the outside table with both of the girls topless. This is surreal, and a real delight. I have to wonder if it will go any further.

After dinner we go back inside and sit down to relax. Cindy takes control of the situation and sits next to Jack on the couch. Jack doesn't hesitate and starts to fondle Cindy's tits. Kelly is now getting pissed again, but doesn't say anything. She is going to get even.

Kelly is bolder now and says, "Jack, you are a pervert. I can't believe what I am seeing, right before my eyes. Have you no decency? And, really Cindy. My husband is fondling your tits while Alan watches. What are you thinking?"

Cindy very calmly replies, "I don't mind. This is a real turn on. And, Alan doesn't mind either, do you Alan?"

I look over and say, "I don't mind. Cindy is a sex kitten, so I don't mind some innocent fun."

Kelly sits next to me on the other couch, moves very close, and I can tell what's on her mind. I'm more than happy to oblige, and I start to fondle her tits. She is getting turned on, and whatever else is on her mind, is slowly fading away to pure, unadulterated lust.

She looks at Jack, and then back to me, and says, "Alan, this is getting pretty hot and heavy. And you know what, I'm not done. I think I should suck your cock, and make Jack watch."

Kelly looks over at Jack and says, "You always said you want to see me with another man, this is your lucky day. I hope you don't mind sharing your wife."

I am a little shocked, but one happy son of a bitch. I don't hesitate as I take off my trunks, with my rock hard cock springing forward. Kelly doesn't hesitate, bends over, and starts licking my cock. She keeps looking over at Jack, who is frozen. She is a master. My cock slips between her lips and she starts sucking me in a very sensual, slow and methodical way, as I start to leak cum into her mouth.

I play with Kelly's tits, get up, reach down and take off her bikini bottom. Kelly doesn't resist. Jack is frozen, and can't move or say anything. Cindy and Jack both stare at Kelly as I put my cock into her soaking wet pussy. She is now completely lost in excitement, doesn't care who is watching, and starts fucking me like no tomorrow.

I am in heaven. I haven't fucked anyone other than Cindy in over ten years. Kelly has a tight little pussy that fits my dick like a glove. I want to fuck her for an hour, but I am so excited I can't hold it for five minutes, before I shoot my cum into her pussy.

I pull my cock out of her pussy, with cum all over the place. Kelly is sitting there with a shit eating grin on her face as the cum drips out of her pussy, onto the couch.

I go over and put my trunks back on. Kelly puts her bikini bottom back on, but stays topless. Kelly looks over at Cindy and Jack, and says, "I think this is enough for today. I hate to see our guests go, but I think it is time."

Jack looks a little bewildered. He wants to fuck Cindy, but the party is over. All he got to do was feel Cindy up, and that is something he had already done at Mike's party. I grin when I think about his frustration, but also know he got to live his fantasy. He got to watch his beautiful, young wife, suck my cock and fuck me while he watched.

Cindy gets up, retrieves her bikini top and sun dress, and we are out the door. As we are leaving, Kelly says, "I hope you guys can come over again, soon. This was a lot of fun, wasn't it Jack?"

As I head out towards the car, I have to wonder where this might lead. This doesn't feel like a one time deal, and Kelly is suggesting she wants more.

To be continued...

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