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How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 01

The hesitation and transformation of myself.
If you do not like married woman taking on lovers or cuckold theme, please skip and do not proceed on.

This is a sexual life story of how my husband, changed me from a shy, naïve girl to a naughty, hot wife. Of course, with some help from this same hubby, I am writing this story to share with all of you here.

There is no sex involves in this first chapter. If you want those fast "bang and go" story, this is not. It was written in a slow and detailed manner but I can assure you that those nasty parts will come in the later chapters.

Let me introduce a little background of myself. I am an older woman, in my early forties and of Asian descent, while my husband is a Caucasian. We have three children; one from my previous marriage, one from my husband, and another from a fuck-buddy.

We have been in this lifestyle for no less than ten years now and I have to say that we are still a very loving couple. Neither of us has regrets walking into this kinky sexual lifestyle and I thank my dearest hubby for introducing it to me, which I would definitely not be able to do it on my own.

I stand at five foot four and about 133 pounds. Definitely not petite but not real fat either. My bust is considered above average for an Asian lady, but could be considered normal among white ladies. As it is common with most middle-aged women, we have some tummy fat. My butt is bigger than usual but my husband loves it, as well as other men. I have been told it was great for banging from behind as it provides extra cushion.

If I were to tell you now, that I have jumped into this lifestyle immediately, I would be lying. It took my husband about six months of daily so-called "brainwashing" before I was finally convinced to take the big step into this role. I remember he was so excited and went crazy when I finally let a new guy into my pants.

Immediately, after our marriage he started encouraging me to wear sexy clothes and brought me to those shops on a regular basis to buy new clothes for me. He would tell me how proud it made him to see me dressing in sexy and erotic wear. He kept emphasizing that I had a nice, sexy body, and that I should show it off, even though I did not feel that I was sexy.

I took it slowly and since he liked it, I did not mind wearing it for him. Then we noticed it started to attract other men's attention. Every time, I went out with or without him, I could feel eyes roaming over me, or perhaps I was too self-conscious. Initially, we laughed as I would try to cover my exposed parts with my hands.

But after several weeks later, I got used to it and loved all the attention. Although, it was hard for me to admit it to him. He threw away all of my old bra's and my granny-style panties. So, I ended up topless all the time and could only wear those sexy, erotic lacy thongs or g-strings.

He would love for me to exhibit my body for his friends, and would ask me to pretend to expose vital parts of myself to them. After some time, I was so tuned in to it all that I would carelessly expose my chest or butt to them. It felt so great that I could tease them to no end. Most of the time, I ended up dripping wet.

We would go to strip club, where I could see many sexy, women dancing scantily or totally nude. They seemed so proud of their bodies and not shy at all. I loved to see their cute pussies, too. My husband said that since they had no problem doing it, so could I! He dared me to dance along with them and I finally did when we went on vacation. It was really fun!

Then he brought me to the nudist beach, it was a huge eye-opener for me. I have never seen so many naked bodies before. They came in all shapes and sizes. I ended up looking at their private areas and comparing them. Most men were flaccid but I managed to spot some guys that had hard-on's. He would also point out to me whenever he spotted guys looking in my directions, usually with arousing penises. He would then ask me to spread my legs a little wider to let them have a clearer view. It made me very wet and horny.

And finally, he would buy lots of porn tapes and discs, mainly on the theme of gangbang or cuckolding. We would watch it together and he would explain to me along the way. Why this and why that! So comical! With so many arousing and teasing thoughts, how could I not succumb to it?

After several months, I virtually had no problem exhibiting or exposing myself intentionally. Whenever, I was in the mood, I would love to do it as it gave me lots of confidence. I never realized how much I loved to tease guys before all this happened.

At that time, my hubby succeeded in making me an exhibitionist but I drew the line on going to bed with others. We had our rows, when I simply could not understand why he would want me to sleep with other men. I treasured our marriage and I did not want my history to repeat itself again as my previous marriage had failed!

My ex-husband was a womanizer. I was kept in the dark when he finally confessed to having sex with no less than a hundred chicks, mostly hookers. I had no choice but to call it quits! No doubt, I missed the great sex with him as I love his dominating bad-boy image. He may be great for fucking but made a damn lousy husband! I guess I was younger then and was blinded by his charismatic charm.

It was not that I did not like sex. In fact, I enjoyed it very much but I did not want to jeopardize my strong relationship with my present hubby. So I kept telling him no, when he kept bringing up that subject and pestering me till no end. The final breakthrough was on that night when we were in bed together, totally naked.

Our conversations went something like this, as far as I could recall and my reply was, "There you go again! Why in the world would you want your own wife to go to bed with someone else? You don't love me anymore?"

"Don't get me wrong, darling," my husband replied. "I really love you with all my heart. Please believe me and have faith in me. All I want is to make you happy. Cause when you are happy, I am happy too!"

"I am happy now with you and I want you to be happy too. Oh, so you mean that if I sleep with someone else, you will be happy?" I replied sarcastically.

He paused for a moment and said, "Sorry to say, it is yes! It turns me on greatly when I know that my own wife is so sexually active. I am very proud of you and really wish that I can show you to my friends or whoever. To let them know that my wife is such a good lover on bed! I know it is hard for you to understand but I really love it!"

"Ok, let me see... or is this your way of making an excuse, so that you get to sleep with other girls?" I retorted, sounding not too pleased. "I won't buy it! You better keep your idea to yourself as I will never let you have sex with others! You are my hubby and you are mine. Solely mine and no two ways about it! You know I am a very jealous lady and will never let it happen to me again!"

"Oh no! You got it all wrong, honey! I got you and that is enough for me and I can give you the assurance now, that I will never have sex with anyone without your permission. It's a promise! But you can have sex with whoever you fancy. I give you permission to!"

I stared at him in disbelieve but he sounded so sincere. And at that moment, I noticed that his cock seemed to be rising immediately after he finished the last sentences. He really liked it, didn't he?

I said, "You are so weird! I can sleep around but you can't? That won't be very fair to you, dear"

"It's alright. Maybe I am too shy to admit it but what the heck! I actually prefer and like it this way, honey. For our sexual life, I want you to be in control. You will have the last say. Let's put it that you are my queen and I am your subject. You can fuck whoever, whenever and as often as you like and I mean it."

His cock was really very hard then. I could see that he really meant what he said by the action of his cock? Did I hear him wrongly? I acted cool even though I was beginning to like the idea. At that time, I wanted to be in control but more for the reason that my hubby would always be mine as I did not want to lose him.

I replied with surprise, "You mean you won't get jealous? How can it be? Confess please, dear"

"Alright, I'll be very honest. I will be jealous, very jealous too but I really like this strange sensation of jealousy. It really gets into my nerve and it excites me greatly. The unexplained, funny feeling burning inside me! My cock is so hard now and you can see it for yourself. I did not even touch or play with it and yet it goes hard, the moment I talk about this subject! I got no control over it. It just comes naturally."

"So you love to be jealous, I see. Yeah, it is good that you are jealous and that means you do love me! I love you too, darling."

I was surprised then, that all this talking actually gets me a little wet too. I didn't expect it. I had to admit that my thoughts went wild a little and got me thinking. Of cause I never said or show any emotion to give myself away. I acted as if nothing had happened. And at that moment, I just wanted to spread my legs wide with my pussy presenting it to him.

I looked at my hubby and jokingly teased him, "Stranger, please come and fuck me now!"

On hearing that, he quickly mounted on top of me and banged me as fast as he could and he came in record time! About ten stokes was all he took! I had never seen him so hard and this excited before. It was a great start cause I was actually imagining some other guy was fucking me instead of him and I came very hard too! Oh no, such a wicked thought! It was his fault that made me have this nasty idea.

I told him that I needed time to think about it but in actual fact, I had more or less decided to do it as I knew I loved sex too. I really missed that nasty, hard sex that I craved for but my hubby is way too gentle and soft to be able to give that kind of sensation to me. He is very caring too and that is why he makes a good husband material. To us, we make real love. To others it is purely sex, lust, fuck and nothing else.

My mum dominated my dad and I guessed it ran in the family. I ended up dominating my present hubby but I would very much prefer to be submissive when having sex. So, I did not expect him to be even more submissive than I was! And at times while I was in the mood for rough sex, I just could not cum while my hubby was making love to me. I really did give myself a deep thought about allowing me to have sex outside!

Needless to say, he kept pressuring me for an answer, over the next few nights. But I was in no hurry to say yes as I knew time was on my side and I was buying time!

Over the next few weeks, while he was at work, I spend hours lying naked on bed watching those cuckold movies. You might say I was trying to learn the tricks fast. I fantasized myself being force to strip and bend over with my ass up, fully exposed to a group of guys. And they took turns to fuck me. I never had the chance of group sex before at that time.

I masturbated with all the various dildos which my hubby had bought for me, imagining that those were their cocks. All kind of sizes and colors! And I came so many times till I was so tired.

When he came home, he was wondering why I was so tired but I told him that I exercised for few hours. I did not want to embarrass myself nor let him know that I was loving it. I grew hornier over time and would grab him to make love to me every night till he was totally exhausted. He took the chance to paint the scenario that I was doing it with someone else and it really did turn me on too. I knew it was coming and conditioned myself to it. I would have a problem should he change his mind on those cuckold ideas!

And after several weeks later, I finally gave him the answer, "Darling, for your sake, I will please you and do this. Do you have anyone in mind? You can't possibly ask me to go around asking guys to... come fuck me? I am your good wife, right?"

I just smiled at him. His mouth was opened wide.

Guessed the reality hit him, "Darling, can you pull your pants down now, please?"

And I saw his cock sprung to attention and so that signaled his confirmation.
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Posted 07 Jul 2013 21:36
Hot story.
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Thanks for the series. It will bring my wife many orgasms, some of which I hope are while I'm at work.
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Jen I Thoroughly enjoyed this story in it's entirety

No I', going on to CHP.2.. hope it's as entertain g as CHP.#3is...Thank you for sharing
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Can't wait to read all the remaining chapters. Great Job.
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Just so darn well written.
Posted 27 Mar 2012 10:42
Plenty of sex here...and the kind that leaves the imagination to take over, which can be very powerful! Thanks for sharing!
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Okay. Now I have to read the rest of your stories. God that's hot!
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Thanks for sharing how you got into that life style. Very interesting indeed.
Posted 29 Dec 2011 11:37
Reading your intro to the lifestyle helped me understand a dear friend of mine and her husband. They have the same lifestyle as you. I can't wait to read more.
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Thia starting out great! I love it
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You tell a good story. What little sex in it was hot enough to get a rise out of me. I hope you keep on writing.
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good background story,,,well written,,,a 5 of course!
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and the journey begins .........
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and this is only ch 01...oh gosh...great story!!
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nice starting.. my cock just keep hard constant
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Nice start! Im enjoying it!
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what a exciting love life. i guess this makes sex much more fun.
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Excellent story
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Incredible story so far and it hasn't even gotten to the really steamy part. Any chance you're from Dallas ? lol
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Excellent story of how it began. I think I'll save this for my wife and see...
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Great start loved ur honesty left me really hard and wanting more
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this is a nice and great story, and seem you are a good writer too, it forced me to read your second story too
Posted 06 Aug 2011 10:09
What a way to persuade an asian woman to open herself & her physical being to other then her hubby. All credit to her hubby.
Posted 06 Aug 2011 08:35
Brilliant and arousing read. Reminds me of exactly what I am allowing my partner to do.
Posted 05 Aug 2011 15:46
I gave you a 5 because of your honesty and anticipating what is coming .This is very similar to how it went with me and my wife. She never believed how sexy she was until I convinced her to dress provocatively and quit wearing underclothes. I have always been an exhibitionist and she finally realized how exciting it is . Now I can hardly keep clothes on her. GOOD writing !
Posted 05 Aug 2011 12:52
I gave you a 4 because I know the next one will be hotter... Very well thought out and I love the honesty in your story... Great job hun
Posted 05 Aug 2011 12:12
I gave this a score of 5 for two reasons: [1] I became aroused reading it and [2] because it's rare to see someone be so totally honest about their sexuality.

I look forward to reading later installments to this story.
Posted 05 Aug 2011 11:25
Nice start. You're an imaginative author.
Posted 05 Aug 2011 10:06
I liked it, great start! Seems you have found something that really turns you on, some people never find that and its great you have. Keep it up..
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nice introduction, well thought out and prepared. I will look forward to the furture chapters.

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