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How It All Began Ch.12

How It All Began Ch.12

Jack is sent to Rome on business and is drawn to a beautiful older woman.
As Jack pulled his wheeled hand luggage case over the threshold from the plane onto the jetway, he switched on his Blackberry. Placing the phone back inside his jacket pocket, he let out a deep involuntary sigh. His first impression of being back in Rome was how much he hated business trips - especially on his own. This assignment was meant to be one for an Account Director but through ill health and a delicate situation with this particular customer; he had been sent in his place.

"Darling, you will charm them from the trees," gushed Tanya, "besides, there are few better places in Autumn than Rome."

Fay understood his need to travel; then again Fay had been invited to stay with Karen and Zoe in Ibiza for a few weeks and she hadn't needed much persuasion. It was October and the weather in Beziers was cooling and more inclement. Fay had promised to visit them and the more laid-back vibe of Figueretas combined with the last of the Balearic sun was too tempting.

The rumours that Shelly had offered up a few weeks ago were patently untrue. Karen and Zoe had decamped to Ibiza to run a bar owned by the proprietor of the Marshall and had not ran off with a substantial amount of the bar takings. So far, Fay had been gone two weeks and Jack missed her terribly. They knew that part of the deal of moving to France would be that they would need to do this to stay in touch with friends.

As Jack keenly felt Fay's absence after only a few days, Tanya had taken full advantage of his sexual frustration; providing solace to Jack with an intense overnight stay at her villa over the weekend. Now it was Wednesday and his loins bore that nagging frustration that always made him peevish and tense. He resigned himself to releasing his frustration in his hotel room tonight. Quality Italian porn would suffice, if only to restore the conscientiousness he needed for the task in hand.

As the wheels on his case buzzed signifying a change of floor surface, it shook him from his preoccupations and Jack wearily surveyed Fiumicino Airport. It hadn't changed since his last visit, the glass in its aluminium frames provided plenty of light to illuminate the slightly tired décor and jaded fabrics. Following the signs, he travelled through the blue immigration channel unimpeded. It felt vaguely reassuring to Jack that the best part of the airport was still the rapid exit from the building and onward to his hotel.

His phone buzzed in his pocket, it was either a mail or text message. His hopeful anticipation that it was from Fay was realised as he opened a message from her.

"Am missing my stud. My pussy misses your cock. Karen says hi and licks. :) x"

Jack allowed a smile to crease his otherwise solemn face.

The sun was shining and it was warm which did little to lift Jack's melancholy. Jack was wearing a suit and his mind turned to Fay probably starkers on a beach this very moment. This trip to Rome was several days of office work and factory tours against a backdrop of an important customer feeling somewhat neglected. Trying to enjoy the watery sunshine of a Roman October, he grumpily pulled his case through Customs and into the Arrivals area.

Lining the crescent shaped stainless steel rails were a throng of people seeking someone out of Arrivals, Jack quickly spotted a well-dressed man holding a card with 'Richardson' written on it.

"Taxi for Jack Richardson?" asked Jack.




And that was limit of Jack's Italian captured in a rapid five second exchange.

This was going to be a lonely few days.


The cab slotted effortlessly into the turn off from the four lanes of traffic navigating around the Colosseum and it looked to be a largely residential area. Hoping the driver wasn't lost, that question was soon answered by a neo-modernist frontage of glass and steel representing the small boutique hotel that Tanya had chosen for Jack.

At reception, as he waited for his key, Jack surveyed the cool, sedate surrounding of the foyer. The sandy toned marble and brown leather contrasted well with the ivory cream drapes. A small bar area, tastefully appointed in the far corner looked well frequented for almost 5pm. It was not isolated to the bar area, the open planned nature of the ground floor reception and foyer allowed its guests to spread out, sitting on the sumptuous sofas, chatting and enjoying a drink. Waiters worked around the entire area making sure guests were kept happy and drinks topped up.

Jack's grey mood lifted a little, this was an acceptable place to stay for several days, it looked good, the staff were friendly and attentive and its location would make it easy to try and see something of Rome in the early evenings.

"Here we are Mr. Richardson, here is your key, the password for the hotel's wi-fi and Alfonso will be along soon take your bag to your room," informed the concierge.

Looking at the clock behind reception, Jack determined that the working day was coming to an end at the office.

"Thank you, I just need to attend to some e-mails, please give this to Alfonso." replied Jack handing a ten Euro note to the concierge.

As Jack walked closer to the small gathering near the bar, he chose a quieter area to check the several e-mails waiting for his attention on his phone.

Ordering a Nastro Azzurro from the bar waiter, Jack pulled out his Blackberry. The contents of his Inbox were mainly information useful for his meeting tomorrow and a presentation which he would look at with his laptop later. His thirst slaked by the cold beer, Jack considered another one as he fought to master his new phone. Pouring over his last e-mail, a shadow cast over him forced him to pause and look up at the source of the shadow.

"Signore, the lady over there has sent you this drink," informed the bar waiter, "She said you look as if you need something stronger."

The bar waiter placed a large spirit glass onto a paper coaster of its own, Jack looked over to the lady sat in the direction gestured by the waiter. Holding the glass in his hand, it carried an inch or so of an amber liquid.

The lady raised an equally large spirit glass filled with the same liquid in a toast; reciprocating the gesture, Jack tasted the liquor; it was Limoncello. The zest of the liquor rattled through his body and with the subtle nod of his head, Jack conveyed his approval to the lady sat only a few yards away.

"Oh fuck it," Jack muttered under his breath.

Tucking his Blackberry back in his jacket pocket, Jack leant forward and used the spring in his thighs to stand up. Looking at the lady sat on the sofa, she stared over her large round sunglasses as Jack approached, placed her glass down as she let out the faintest of smiles.

"Signora, my name's Jack, thank you for the drink," proffered Jack.

"All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, no?" replied the lady in a delicate Roman accent.

Jack returned a slightly incredulous look, only to signify that he'd heard that only several times before.

"Please. sit," requested the lady patting the plump leather sofa cushion next to her.

As Jack pulled up his trousers a little to sit down, the height of sofas from the ground made them difficult to sit on without gravity making his derriere impact the brown leather harder than he would like. Once sat on the sofa, Jack reclined into a posture of open interest, holding the glass to stop his arms from folding.

"I am Adelina, pleased to meet you," added the lady, "you are here on business, yes?"

Jack wished he could say 'No' but he nodded by means of return as he took another sip of the cool liquor.

"That is very refreshing," added Jack, "Just what I needed."

Adelina did not reply, instead she paused to take off her sunglasses, looking to her hands, the tell-tale sign of a woman's age, Jack placed her in her late 30s.

A substantial engagement ring and wedding ring adorned her hand as her fingers adjusted her wavy brunette hair that looked expensively kempt. Her attire lacked any frivolity, a dark navy blue suit with a thick ivory coloured trimming on her jacket, her skirt hemline matching her jacket. The skirt was wrapped tightly around her legs clad in so sheer a dark navy nylon; it might as well have been black.

Jack stole a quick look at how her jacket folded as the ivory trim bent to the shape of her body; he stole the briefest of glances at the voluptuous curves constrained by the buttoned jacket.

Rapidly looking upward, he saw Adelina's face denuded of her glasses and a ring of fat pearls adorned her delicate neck, her high cheekbones pulled her skin taut across her delicate features as a pair of piercing emerald eyes looked at him, shining as Adelina smiled.

Jack felt a tinge from his loins and feeling himself attracted to her; he was grateful for her air of cold aloofness to keep this strictly professional.

Looking to her glass, she picked it up to take a sip, the silence between them was almost uncomfortable for Jack and it was clear to him; this was a demure lady not be rushed.

As their conversation, ebbed and flowed, Adelina masterfully guided Jack through many questions effortlessly, his relationship with his 'girlfriend', where he lived, why an Englishman lived in France not in England. For Jack, usually the man listened as they threw up one open question after another yet this role reversal did not bother him. The conversation was engaging and Jack became increasingly intrigued why his own questions to her were not rebuffed as such but answered with such economy before another question was returned to him.

Several drinks now had lubricated their discourse, what had started off as pleasant chit-chat was flowing far more easily and with Jack's doing so much of the talking; it was difficult not to flirt a little with Adelina. Whether or not she reciprocated his attentions was impossible to tell; she was something of a closed book. Jack resigned himself to at least a decade difference in their ages and probably tastes; for a start, she drank liquors, he drank beer.

"Ah! Look it is 7pm," stated Adelina, "I must eat."

Jack turned to look at the clock above the reception desk, thinking she clearly bored him, Jack turned back to face her.

"So it is, goodness," returned Jack, "I should unpack, I haven't seen my room yet."

Adelina nodded impassively.

"Well, this has made for a pleasant surprise," returned Jack looking to his reservation card containing his hotel key, "Room 415, ok, I need to find the lift."

"I am going that way, allow me."

As Adelina stood, Jack was struck by her slender figure and height, only slightly shorter than himself. They both cut a very corporate figure as they walked to the adjacent corner of the foyer area to call a lift. The lift was modest in its dimensions and it encroached on their personal space to stand in the lift together. The lilt of Adelina perfume was faintly detectable as they looked at each other and smiled.

"Ok, 415, this is me." said Jack as they rounded the corner of the corridor.

"Thank you Jack for your company, us businesspeople should stick together to make these trips more bearable." added Adelina to sounds of Jack rattling the plastic key in his door.

His hotel door lock clicked, that sound signalled the end of their conversation as Jack turned to face Adelina holding the door to his room ajar.

"You're welcome, enjoy the rest of your stay." replied Jack graciously.

"Goodbye Jack." added Adelina.

"See you now." responded Jack breezily.

And with that Adelina turned and walked down the corridor.

Jack closed the door and could not wait to get out of his work clothes that he had travelled in. His case was stowed on its shelf and as he unzipped it, he quickly hung his shirts in the wardrobe. Discarding his unbuttoned shirt into a laundry bag , he placed his suit on some more hangers and grabbed a robe to cover his underwear clad body. Absently, he picked up the room service menu and opted to shower, eat in his room and get an early night.

"I hate business trips." he muttered under his breath.

Running the shower, Jack perfunctorily washed himself of the urban dust and dirt of his travels. The frothy water soothed his body as the effect of the drinks on an empty stomach has left him light-headed and hungry for food.

A knock on the door rapped though his room and echoed off the bathroom tiling, Jack tutted as he threw his damp towel onto the toilet cistern and wrapped himself back in his robe again.

"Uno momento." Jack called loudly in a raised tone uncertain if that was Spanish or Italian.

Fiddling with the unfamiliar lock and pulling a little too hard on the door, it openly quickly making Jack look to his naked feet to prevent running over them with the door.

Looking up, the shoes and legs of the person of the door looked very familiar, then the ivory lined hem of her skirt.

"Un momento per favore." came the reply from the door.

"Adelina!" exclaimed Jack with surprise.

There was no reply to that, only the palm of her hands pushing on Jack's chest and as Jack instinctively stepped back, Adelina took several steps into the room to facilitate the door closing using its sleeping doorman.

Hearing the heavy clunk of the door, Jack looked at Adelina at arm's length. Her face was dispassionate; her hand was no longer pushing at his chest but pulling at the cord fastening his robe. The robe fell open easily enough and with that Jack gasped as Adelina's bejewelled hand found his semi-flaccid cock.

Incredulous, his heart began to pound; Jack was caught unawares as his cock involuntarily responded. Adelina looked smoulderingly at Jack and there was no awkward pause this time as no words were needed. She pulled him close to her and she pressed her lips against his, and Jack reciprocating readily. Feeling her tongue slide into his mouth, it raised the ire of his libido as his cock stiffened.

A feeble moan left her body as Jack delicately and tenderly trapped her tongue with his lips. Pulling herself from Jack's embrace, she looked upon Jack smiling provocatively.

"My husband neglects me," whispered Adelina toying with Jack's cock.

Jack threw her a quizzical look, he was not about to break up a marriage.

Adelina looked the floor, for once, a crack is her visage appeared and sadness filled her eyes.

"He cheated on me," came a solemn reply.

Placing his finger to her painted full lips, it stopped her speaking, "Shhh."

For a moment, she looked vulnerable, in that moment, Jack knew that he would not be a marriage wrecker. Remembering how Shelly did this to him, this was Adelina's decision and one he was happy to play his part in.

She took his finger and slid it into her mouth, Jack remaining objections melted as she seductively and slowly sucked on his finger.

Moving closer to him, her hand found his cock and slowly squeezed Jack's stiffening meat. As she took a step back, she looked down to his crotch at what she was holding.

Withdrawing his finger, Adelina looked into his eyes and as she knelt, she was still staring into his eyes as her painted mouth took his stiffening cock. Her mouth took him without a moment's pause and seeing her beautiful face with his cock sliding into her warm velvety mouth made Jack gasp.

"Shit!!" exhaled Jack as he felt her tongue circling the head of his cock.

Adelina engulfed as much of Jack's cock as her mouth would allow, she enjoyed how quickly he stiffened and how quickly he swelled. Sliding her mouth from his cock; she felt the weight of his meat in her slight hand. It was precisely want she wanted in a man right now, an athletic young piece of meat. Jack appealed to her vanity, the kind of man that she could have had anytime she wanted ten years ago. Now Jack was the kind of man that she wanted but they seldomly looked twice at her.

Looking up to Jack, opting to slowly stroke his now stiff cock, she looked into his eyes as they betrayed his sense of bewilderment.

"Mmm, Jack, this must be for me then?" whispered Adelina seductively.

Jack, still taken aback, nodded meekly and smiled nervously.

"Smooth too, you do this for your girlfriend?" asked Adelina with an air of curiosity.

Jack nodded again.

She looked into his eyes again as she fed his hard cock back into her mouth, her hand cupping and gently massaging his balls. Jack let out another breathless gasp; he thought that for a neglected wife she had certainly mastered how to suck a man's cock. His cock was fully erect and as his balls tightened, Adelina eased her mouth from his cock again. As she thought her work was done in arousing him and she did not want to jeopardise the return on her investment so far.

Standing in front of Jack, she placed her hands on Jack's shoulders and brushed the robe off them letting it fall in a crumpled heap on the floor.

"You like women to take the initiative, I can tell." stated Adelina coolly.

"Sometimes." responded Jack.

Adelina did not reply, instead, she pushed on Jack's chest moving him backwards towards the freshly made bed. Feeling the backs of his legs hit the base; Jack sat down as she let out another weak smile.

"Now, let's see what you think of me," whispered Adelina haughtily.

The two large buttons holding her tailored jacket in place were easy enough for her to release. Jack counted the six buttons of her blouse underneath making the tailored shape of her clothes limp against her frame. Spilling from her clothes, the glimpses of her black brassiere revealed itself to Jack as Adelina shimmied her hips and stepped out of her skirt.

Throwing her clothes on a nearby armchair, Jack's cock strained at the sight of Adelina's taut body, her breasts springy as they were released from the confines of her coutured brassiere and appeared to be larger than her clothes revealed.

Reclining on the bed by using his arms to lean back, Jack happily showed his approval as his cock stood up hard and erect. Adelina stepped out of her black underwear to reveal her puffy bare labia and a carefully sculpted tuft of dark brown pubic hair, the size of a postage stamp, positioned at the top of her Mons.

Her sheer black stockings were fixed to each leg by four thick straps, the hems of the stockings navigating the back of her tanned thighs all the way down to her elfin calves and down her achilles tendon with total precision into her black high-heels. Still wearing her high heels, they sculpted her legs and presented her body to Jack from a dominant position of height. She look down at Jack smiling into his eyes, she revelled in the fact she towered over Jack's now prostate body.

Performing a short twirl for his benefit, Adelina enjoyed the lascivious look of lust from Jack. Admiring her figure, from her delicate, exposed collarbone to her pendulous breasts sitting perfectly on her ribcage, Jack admired their perfection as they were almost pressed together in two tightly presented orbs. Remarking on how they presented a small canyon of cleavage between them; they were each crowned with a tight small brown nipple. Jack was puzzled at how Adelina could be so sexually neglected. The merest flare of a tummy bulge added a beautiful scalloped series of curves from her abdomen to her hips. These curves flared out in delectable proportion with her body; the slightest of hourglasses to match the breadth of her shoulders with the breadth of her hips.

"You like what you see?" asked Adelina, characteristically economical with her words.

Jack nodded and smiled, "You look amazing."

"Come." commanded Adelina letting a smile develop over her face.

Where she stood, Jack shuffled down the bed and stood upright. He pulled Adelina into his arms and tenderly planted a litany of soft kisses on her soft skin. They did not weaken her resolve as she signalled her intent to push him down to his knees. His grip of her body revealed a softness of her flesh that contrasted with the tight hardness of his cock pressed against her stomach. Complying with her assertive need, he paused to place kisses over the taut skin of her breasts. Adelina reciprocated and leant back to push her breasts upwards to meet Jack's mouth as he sucked on her hardening nipples. An uncharacteristic gasp left Adelina's mouth as Jack felt the weight of her arms bearing down on him as they pushed down on his shoulders.

Unknown to Jack, Adelina smiled as he knelt before her, his mouth and tongue tracing down her stomach and closer to her sex. Choosing to circumvent her plump labia, Jack placed one soft nuzzling kiss, then another and sucked gently on her inner thigh. Jack felt her balance shift a little and present her pussy to him. His tongue licked over her labia and he imperceptibly tasted her moist arousal, running his tongue up her slit. Her wetness spread as he cleaved her sex with his tongue and he pushed it softly into her. Her hands held the back of his head as she signalled her desire for Jack to consume her pussy with his mouth.

Finding her clitoral hood, Jack's pursed lips held it softly in his mouth and he used the flat of his tongue to lap on her hardening clit. He could feel the sheerness of her stockings brushing against his skin and the silken feeling of them reminded Jack that this was a demure, yet deeply sexual woman. His attentiveness to her sex was measured in its tenderness, in his mind, he was doing this to a woman not a whore.

"Si,si," gasped Adelina increasing the use of his shoulders to support her body weight and maintain Jack's attention on her wettening sex.

Unable to push his tongue further into her folds, Jack's finger traced a tender but direct route along the inside of her thigh not pausing to breech her opening with two determined fingers.

Jack's tongue continued its feather-light assault on her hard clit as his fingers enjoyed the viscous friction of fucking her pussy. Feeling her wetten considerably, her breathing shallowed as her body began to respond. Standing over Jack, she took to gripping his shoulders for purchase and pushed down with her pubic bone onto Jack's mouth. As she undulated her hips slowly and delicately, she rubbed her sex up and down his soft lips and he sucked tenderly on her clit.

With a tiny tremor and an understated gasp, her body responded with a gentle climax as Jack's fingers slowly fucked her though it, Adelina gave an almost imperceptible shudder as she came. Feeling the biting sensitivity of her post-orgasm clit, she pushed Jack's head and fingers away from her allowing Jack to rise and stand up. Tasting her musky juices from his lips, her approval was captured in a myriad of sensuous kisses on him. Adelina pulled Jack closer to her naked body again, his hard jutting cock pressed against her; she was ready for him.

Pushing him onto the bed, he landed softly and wasting no time, Adelina straddled him, their eyes locked together as she firmly held his cock guiding it into her pussy.

Smiling at the overwhelming heat and silky texture of her sex engulfing his cock, Adelina sat down purposefully on his cock. Biting her lower lip, his substantial girth provided instant gratification as it filled her. Looking at his toned athletic body, she squeezed her pussy muscles around his shaft, there was little give between his stiff meat and her pussy walls and as she used her thighs to rock her hips up and down his shaft, she impaled herself to his hilt; braced herself with her hands on his hard chest.

Feeling her tense and sensitive clit against his smooth pubic bone, if she rubbed her clit against the base of his cock it would provide an instant hit of sexual gratification whilst he was still fresh inside her. Unaware of his stamina, Adelina took it and within moments, her muscles convulsed again bearing down on his swollen shaft feeling his hands squeezing on her heavy breasts. She looked at Jack prone on the bed and steered her sex up and down his shaft feeling her spasms subside revelling in the sensations of another hastily taken orgasm. Jack's body arched upwards, eager to maintain the contact that had made her cum so gently and easily.

Her mind cast to his needs now and she altered her stance over his straddled cock, squatting over him still in her high heels she used all the muscles in her legs now to ride his whole length, pulling herself almost entirely free of his hard cock before using her weight to embed his cock deep inside her. With her hands roaming over his body, she targeted the palms of her hands over his nipples, hardening them into small nubs as he gasped breathlessly as she rode with increasingly purpose on his cock.

Jack watched her body rise and then fall on his cock, her pussy lips wrapped tightly around his shaft. Feeling her thighs burning a little with their exertion, she afforded him another few strokes of his cock deep inside her. She congratulated herself on riding this much younger man in a way his lover would and feeling his cock swell inside her, he confirmed his lust for her by brazenly showing him how he was penetrating her.

"You like to see your cock fucking me, yes?" toyed Adelina.

Jack nodded his head purposely; the sublime heat from her pussy and the soft enveloping sensation had swollen his cock to its zenith. The friction had teased him and he assured himself that as much as the sensation was pleasurable, it posed no threat to inducing his climax; it would not sate that nagging hunger in his loins. Adelina relentless fucking of his cock had flushed her tanned skin and her pussy was fully gorged, scarlet and glossy from her wetness.

Pulling her to him forced Adelina to first, kneel and then lie on top of him, his cock buried inside her was trapped and relied on her body to slide up and down his shaft. As her tongue slid into his mouth once more, Jack was minded by Tanya sexually teasing and mocking him as he fucked her that first time. Sensing her resolve weakening as her fucking of him had slowed, Jack's strength squeezed Adelina close to him and the tension to fight his strength at first gave the impression she would fight to dominate him.

Her involuntarily gasp from her mouth as Jack used his hips in a series of short stabs into her only exacerbated her resolve; pushing down hard to fight his body.

Bearing down on him, her strength was no match for Jack's and as the cannoning thrusts stimulated the nerve endings inside her, she felt her body's strength melt with a familiarity she would rather not experience here and now. Instead, Adelina adapted her desire to use his cock for her ends but he would let him use his strength for her ends too.

Sensing his opportunity, Jack rolled her over with his muscular strength and catching Adelina slightly unawares, he used his arms to splay her legs at the thighs and then held her ankles to rise above her. Pulling her spread legs further apart and using them to provide the leverage he needed; he drove his cock into her forcefully. Adelina's body responded instantly, softening her muscles as she looked incredulously at her assertive lover, Jack returned a determined smile and drove his cock into her with more vigour. As the delicious friction began to build inside her, flexing her pussy muscles; Adelina groaned spurring him on.

The assertive power of his cock was provocative and thrilled Adelina's senses with the force of Jack's compact strength and his cock impaling her deeply. She squeezed on his cock again this time involuntarily as Jack increased the tempo of his hips meeting the taut inside of her thighs.

Bearing this onslaught with a series of gasps, the sensations began to overwhelm her and Jack could sense her pleasure through her breathless moaning. Jack felt his confidence swell and mastering her body in this way that had clearly broken her resolve. This was an older woman playing at fucking a younger man, now this would be a younger man fucking an older woman. Jack smiled at the thought that he would not be playing.

Releasing his firm grasp of his ankles, Adelina responded, first wrapping her legs around his muscular body; then her arms reached over around Jack's neck clasping her hands together. Responding, Jack grasped her stocking clad thigh with his strong hand assisting her efforts to tightly clasp his body between her legs.

Pulling her body close to his in this way made his cock dive in and out of her with ease, each thrust slapping against her puffy sex making her voluminous breasts shake. Knowing her body well, Adelina knew this would make her cum the hardest, as Jack's pressure with his swollen cock plied her body with the craven sensations she yearned for. Driven on by the first beads of perspiration on her neck, Jack's cock found a repetitive rhythm unencumbered by the need for her to fight back. Impressed at her lack of passivity now, Jack powered his cock into her harder, as her muscles tensed under this new onslaught, their eyes met again, her's giving Jack the impression of blissful submission.

Feeling her pussy walls constricting around his cock, Adelina tensed, her only way of holding him in this position was slipping from her grasp as each hand was losing its grip on Jack's shoulders. Their bodies now damp with sweat and glowing with the strength of their exertions slipped over each other. Feeling each thrust bringing her closer and closer to losing her grip of him and yet closer and closer to her climax. Each thrust ratcheted up the tension inside her pussy and Adelina's shallow breathing gave way to panting. Her fingers clenched his skin harder, her manicured nails as talons sinking into the taut skin of Jack's shoulder blades.

"Fucking hell!" exclaimed Jack as her nails dug into his back.

"Si, si," gasped Adelina breathlessly, "mio toro, mio toro".

To keep Jack in that position, she lowered her legs around Jack's calves and used her stiletto heel caps, her single-mindedness took over, jabbing them into him.

"Shit!" exhaled Jack in surprise, the delicious pleasure now suffused with pain.

The combination of intense pleasure blended with the scratching pain from her nails and heels felt intoxicating to Jack and constrained him in his movements so much that he could only deliver to Adelina precisely the pleasure she wanted.

Firmly back in control of her younger lover, her soft velvety pussy muscles had given over to the unyielding sinewy grasp of harder flesh making Jack groan and work harder to fuck her. The intense friction forced his perineum to throb and tighten so much that it burned and tensed his balls and arse tight. Another jab from her heels told him not to slow and he drove on as the sensations built inside him. Driving on, drops of sweat splashed onto her clammy skin as her tits shook with each violent thrust into her.

Adelina groaned deeply, gorging on these seldom felt sensations and she revelled in these delicious moments before her inevitable climax knowing that a powerful explosion of tension would soon be from expelled from her.

Her mind played out her fantasy of cumming like this again, letting her arm fall to the bed, her thumb gripped her curled middle and ring fingers. She turned the back of her hand to the windows, she extended her pinky and index finger upright in a gesture to her imaginary audience.

"Mio Toro," she muttered weakly as her body stretched every sinew and tendon in a final trembling paralysis of her body.

Groaning, Jack felt his cock imprisoned inside her, her pussy muscles gripping his cock mercilessly. He surveyed her prone body electrified into paralysis before her orgasm took hold. As her mind played out how this would look and feel, it threw her body over the edge as it released the torrent of sensations in a deluge throughout her body.

Fighting hard not to release into her, he slowed his thrusts as she shook violently releasing her painful grasp of his body, her arms and legs were shaking; arching her back as she climaxed hard.

Looking down beneath him, he watched as this demure and controlling woman convulsed and he impaled her fully on his swollen cock. Her breasts shook with her body as her taut stomach bore down again lifting her off the bed. As the last vestiges of her orgasm trembled through her, Jack resumed with slow thrusts inside her. In only moments, she pushed both her hands on his shoulders to expel him from her. Her sex was aflame and too sensitive to take him anymore.

Gesturing to him weakily, she pulled him up by the backs of his thigh to straddle her torso. His cock rested between her breasts as she squeezed her tits around his shaft.

"Fuck them." asserted Adelina.

Unquestioningly, Jack slowly rocked back and forth as she crushed and squeezed her breasts around his aching meat. His juice slickened cock mixed with the sweat of their congress creating all the slippery friction he needed to tip him over the edge with ease. Looking into his eyes as she offered her open mouth and tongue to lick and suck on his cock; he thrust upwards.

Jack groaned as the first splash of his seed left him. Savouring the image of his cum venting from his balls, it streaked in white pearly ropes into her mouth and over her chin and onto her breasts; three; four ropes of cum left him as his cock throbbed uncontrollably.

"Yes, yes." groaned Jack as he released his burden onto her.

Looking part in relief and part in horror at Adelina's splashed countenance; he gasped as she scooped some of his cum from her chin and placed it into her mouth.

As Jack rolled off her and collapsed on the bed, Adelina's glowing sweaty body rose, affording himself a look at his handiwork on her tits as his cum pooled between in her cleavage. Laughing at Jack's fascination, Adelina paused for a moment, before easing off the bed and grabbing his hastily dropped robe from the floor and headed for the shower.

To the sound from the bathroom of water swishing from the shower, Jack enjoyed that post-coital lightness of his body as he listened to Adelina body interrupting the sloshy flow of water, showering in silence.

In what only felt like moments since her departure, she appeared in the dusky-lit room wrapped in a towel, after pulling the substantial curtains cutting off the dusky outside world from them; she let the towel fall to the floor. Jack smiled as her freshly fucked body glowed in the synthetic light. As their eyes met, she smiled and knelt on the bed to pivot her body and lie next to him.

"Bello," whispered Adelina kissing him softly on the cheek, "Bello."

"You were inspiring," returned Jack.

Jack's thought turned to her need for a repeat performance and as he flexed his body, the salty sweat stung him in the scratches she had left on his muscular back. Laughing, Adelina rose from the bed and began to assemble her clothes, putting each garment on in turn as Jack savoured her breasts until they were entombed in their substantial brassiere.

"I am still hungry and I must get something to eat." added Adelina, applying her lipstick with the aid of the large hung mirror in the room

Jack smiled mischievously as Adelina looked at his reflection.

"Food!" stated Adelina with a smile realising the British capacity for innuendo.

"How long are you here?" asked Jack.

"Probably longer than you are," replied Adelina.

"Well, I am here until Friday. We could do this again if you like?" offered Jack.

Adelina was fully dressed and pulling her jacket straight she leant over the bed to meet Jack's lips with her own. She softly placed a tender kiss upon them and he felt the tackiness of her fresh lipstick.

"Well, I know where to find you," said Adelina coolly moving to pull the hotel door open. "Ciao."

"Ciao," returned Jack.

And with that, Adelina left, leaving the hotel door to close itself.

Jack flopped into the bed, his body was not quite sated, he wanted more of her and it was not to be.

"What the fuck is it with hotel rooms lately?" he muttered to himself.

Still, Jack felt upbeat, to register that as an enigmatic experience was an understatement. It was just fucking with a ruthless emotional detachment. What should he expect, he thought chiding himself, she was married. Ok, he thought, obviously unhappily but married women had to be discreet.

He resolved himself objectively to what it was, a fuck, albeit one which sustained him some trivial injuries but a fuck nonetheless.

It would be room service and an early night after all and he had earned it. The sights of Rome could wait as lethargy filled his weary body and mind.


Handing over a fifty Euro note, the driver gave him some golden coloured coins in change and a receipt. The immaculately presented receptionist spoke very good English, he had meant to report here to be shown to the correct office. First though, the receptionist informed him to wait here to be escorted to meet the Chief Executive Officer. In Jack's mind, this did not bode well for the rest of the week, an already awkward customer was going to be more awkward than he imagined.

The avuncular office manager was a pleasant enough gentlemen and he showed Jack to the part of the office floor given over to the CEO.

Smiling at the attractive young PA, Jack sat on the commodious office sofa awaiting his fate wondering with some trepidation at how difficult this trip might actually be.

"Avanti!" travelled loudly through the opened office door.

Pulling his tie straight in a final adjustment, Jack stood, smiled at the PA and made for the open door.

"Good morning Mr. Richardson." came the officious voice from behind the steel and glass desk.

Jack froze visibly shaken as a ripple of laughter bounced off the frosted glass walls of the office.


The laughing grew louder, it was mocking at his naivety.


"Annunciata?" asked Jack, thoroughly bewildered to add to his already anxious state.

"Yes, although I prefer Nancy."

More laughter followed, Nancy was enjoying the look of dread etched on Jack's face. He looked crestfallen, panicked and bereft of any composure. Nancy toyed with the idea of giving him a glass of water just to see his hand tremble as he held it.

"Please sit, I think you need to." requested Nancy coolly.

Jack swallowed hard, his heart was pounding at the realisation that he had fucked the CEO, or rather, she had really fucked him.

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