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I left Karen naked in the park

I left Karen naked in the park

How Karen was dressed when we left the house. True story.
After losing a bet, my girlfriend Karen, who is now my wife, finally agreed to do one of my fantasies. I wanted to see her left naked and alone on a street corner in the park on a moonlit night.
About a month later I reminded her it was a full moon out, a perfect night for my fantasy.

She did not reply to my suggestion but went into the bedroom.

About ten minutes later Karen came out of the bedroom wearing only a shawl, hooker boots, cowboy hat and a smile. She said she had to wear something so she would not feel totally naked. I agreed she could have the shawl, because it didn't even cover her large breasts.
Karen is five foot five inches tall, one hundred thirty five pounds, and has beautiful thirty eight double D breasts.

With a smile on her face she said, “Lets go then.” She led me to the car. When I asked her where we were going and she said, "There was a place in the park, where she picnicked as a child." 

It had been about six months since we had driven by the park. The picnic area backed up to some apartments that were boarded up and an old convenience store that was closed.

On our way to the park, I asked her what she would do if she was caught by some guys. She asked what were her options.

I told her not to enter the pavilion and try to walk past them and stand at the bus stop in front of the store until I got there.

She said, "No way would she stand naked at the bus stop at midnight."
If caught by anyone she should not run or fight, because she could trip in the dark and hurt herself. When caught, they would have their way with her anyway.

We drove through the park and Karen had me stop at the corner near the picnic area.

She got out and strutted in front in the car where the headlights showed her full naked beauty. She then walked to the corner and told me to drive off, and park the car at the convenience store lot. I should walk back into the park where she would be waiting for me.

It takes about fifteen minutes to drive out of the park and around to the lot. When I arrived at the lot, to my surprise, I found that the apartments had been renovated.

The store had reopened as a liquor store that closed at eleven p.m. It was now around eleven thirty and the store was closed.

I hurried into the park only to find a group of young black men standing at the picnic tables. Karen was naked laying with her butt cheeks at the edge of the table. Her legs were spread wide and held high as one of the young men fucked her.

Seeing that I was greatly out numbered, I watched with amazement as her pussy devoured his manhood.

I bent over, grabbing her large breasts, and kissed her. I asked her what was going to happen next?

She told me they had told her how beautiful and sexy she was. She told them that she was old enough to be their mother, but they did not care. After a brief conversation, they agreed that if they could take turns, sampling her fresh pussy for about one minute each without cuming, they would let me fuck her first. After I filled her pussy with my cum they would then take turns filling her with their cum.

Since this was spur of the moment, we did not think to bring protection with us, so she would be doing us all bare back.

After all six of them sampled her at least once, I mounted her and enjoyed her now very wet inviting pussy. Finally, with one last thrust, I went balls deep, and exploded in her. As I pulled out, cum trickled from her pussy. 

We watched her cum filled pussy devour their big black dicks one after another. They took turns filling her with even more of their cum. They also enjoyed playing with and sucking on her very large tits. 

A puddle formed under her because her pussy could not hold all the cum deposited in her.

After everyone had fucked her at least once, she thanked them, and laid there covered in sweat and cum.

They escorted us to our car as Karen walked, still naked, with cum running down her legs.
She thanked them for the enjoyable time she had and gave them all big hugs under the parking lot lights. Then looking up, she saw cameras aimed at the lot and commented that she hoped that we was not recorded on the cameras.

As we drove off I asked if she enjoyed her first gang bang.
Karen said she was really scared at first but eventually, after the nervousness wore off, it became very enjoyable. She said she climaxed multiple times as the group of horny young men ravaged her beautiful body, gang bang style.

 I suggested I set her up to do it again but she said no.

She said what made it so enjoyable was the thrill of not knowing what would happen, and the fear, or excitement, of what could happen.

It would have been just as enjoyable if it were only me there enjoying her she told me.
She would enjoy being left naked again, but wanted a different place so there would be the thrill of not knowing what would happen, and the chance she might be caught again.

I told her that I was sure the guys would brag about their gang bang of the sexy older white woman. She would become an "urban legend". For this reason we would not know how many would be waiting for her the next time.

We agreed, for safety, that we should use another place. We would check out the new location the day I would be leaving her naked again and she would carry protection this time.

On the way home, I jokingly suggested our next adventure.
I could drop her naked in the middle of an intersection in the Black part of town. She would be standing naked in front of a couple randomly selected bars and pick out the one she would enter. She would then strut, still naked, around the bar for the enjoyment of the customers and see what happens.

She said that was too dangerous and knew she would be gang raped, not gang banged. She felt that would not be enjoyable and that she would have no chance of any control of how many, how long, or how it was done.

Since that night we have left her at other locations. So far though, I have been the only one that has enjoyed her and her naked beauty glistening in the moon light. You never know what will happen the next time.
As much as I have tried to talk her into being left naked in the daytime, she has said no.

Author's Note: Comments and suggestions are appreciated. Who knows, your suggestions may become our next adventure.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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Posted 11 Mar 2014 22:41
This was a hot story. You may want to drop her off and only one guy comes by walking his dog. He gets involved and she sucks him while you fuckher.
Posted 18 Feb 2014 13:06
Great story..
Posted 04 Feb 2014 07:26
Lucky guys
Posted 01 Feb 2014 05:36
Very stimulating story. I enjoyed it immensely.
Posted 31 Jan 2014 16:20
to have my wife do something like that would be a dream cum true. hot! hot! hot!
Posted 31 Jan 2014 06:32
love the story so horny
Posted 31 Jan 2014 05:16
The sex was too quick but great story other wise
Posted 31 Jan 2014 04:47
You need to cum to some parks in Manitowoc WI . I would love to tap that !!!!!
Posted 31 Jan 2014 04:34
Posted 31 Jan 2014 03:29
now that was hot loved it

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