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It's not Personal, It's Business - but what kind of business?

Watching my wife engage with a business contact, I realize her contact considers it a tagteam event.
The party had been going on for quite a while, everyone drinking heavily, especially the host. Actually Robert was surprised to still be there at all, after just about everyone else had left. Yet here he was still at the party and dancing with his host’s college age daughter who happened to be visiting her father. His wife, Mary Lee, was dancing with Clive, their host and the father. Or at least, Mary Lee and Clive were standing up in an embrace and moving their feet as the music played on – so perhaps technically they were dancing. However, apparently Clive had never had a dancing lesson that included where to put his hands though he clearly knew where not to put them because that’s where they were whenever Robert glanced towards his wife and her dance partner.

He tried to ignore this since Mary Lee had insisted repeatedly that she could handle Clive, a very important business contact, and that Robert should stay out of it and not mess up her links to an important contact. Robert couldn’t help but smile to himself thinking that that didn’t seem to be the kind of contact Clive had in mind this evening. Come to think of it, Robert wondered if young Deirdre didn’t share her father’s confusion about dance and music as she also seemed to think it was a full contact sport. Not that Robert could really object to such close proximity to the sexy young lady.

As he turned his partner around the floor, Robert looked over her shoulder towards his wife again. Her partner’s hands were now firmly planted against her ass, pulling her closer to him, and the hem of Mary Lee’s dress had now ridden up and he could see the tops of her stockings. His thoughts, however, were pulled back to his own partner as he realized by their proximity that she was by contrast to Mary Lee wearing almost nothing beneath her gown – and his cock was growing even harder with that thought.

On his next turn around, Robert was surprised to clearly see Mary Lee’s panties now exposed as Clive petted and kneaded it with one hand poised above the crack of her ass as it emerged from her black lace panties. He couldn’t see Clive’s other hand but could tell that Clive’s head was now inclined downwards and into Mary Lee’s breasts – and Mary Lee clearly had at least one hand on the front of Clive’s trousers! Before he could fully respond, Robert realized that Deirdre had taken one of his hands in hers and placed it directly and firmly on one of her full round breasts where it was barely contained within the top of her dress (confirming that she wore no bra beneath it). Her other hand had glided smoothly across the front of his own trousers and was now pressing gently but firmly where his hard cock was outlined under his trousers. As he turned in surprise to look at her, he found her lips pressing firmly against his and her tongue pushing into his open mouth that had intended to speak.

Even as this was happening, Robert caught a glimpse of Clive maneuvering Mary Lee back onto the buffet table where she now sat with her dress gathered up about her waist and her legs spread wide. Either this was how Mary Lee intended to deal with the situation or else Clive had managed to so arouse her that her body had now told her brain to sit back and enjoy the ride. Either way, it is highly likely that Robert might be about to live one of his favorite secret fantasies – watching another man fuck his wife. And if things kept going on this way, it seemed equally likely that Mary Lee was about to see her husband fuck another woman in the form of Clive’s attractive young daughter.

By now Clive had Mary Lee’s dress completely open and her body was fully exposed to view and to his further attentions. Clive played her like a master, mixing caresses with kisses and the occasional slap or nibble – focusing on her breasts, then her thighs, her breasts again – nibbling around her neck and ears. Finally, when clearly Mary Lee could stand no more, Clive finally turned to her now dripping wet pussy. Robert could not remember ever seeing her this aroused and it immediately hardened his own cock already responding to Deirdre’s attentions.

Robert now had a clear view of Clive and Mary Lee because Deidre had maneuvered him to a nearby chair and eased him back into it as she went to her knees in front of him. Clearly neither shy nor retiring, Deirdre had by now shed her dress and was working open the fly of his trousers while he watched as his wife pulled Clive’s head against her breasts and then pushed him downwards towards her pussy. Clive’s pants were now also a memory though his fully exposed cock had by now remembered everything it knew about what it was soon to be doing to Robert’s wife. He guesses that his wife was about to demonstrate to Robert that she could in fact “handle Clive!”

Deirdre was now making every effort to ensure that Robert’s cock would be a match for her father’s (making Robert wonder if give how casually they were about mutual nudity much less fucking in the same room, had they ever been or were they also lovers?). He found himself losing all of his own inhibitions, certainly, as she continued to skillfully manipulate his cock with her lips, tongue, fingers, and even tits – delivering a heavenly titty fuck as he watched. Somehow she also managed to open his shirt (though even in his sexual high he just might have helped) and now everyone in the room was naked.

In fact, Mary Lee’s naked form was now lying full out on the table where she was playing with her breasts as Clive was now burying his cock slowly into her pussy – clearly relishing his triumph. The sight only further aggravated Robert’s own hard on and fueled his lust for Clive’s daughter. In fact, Deirdre was now turning on to her knees to present him with her pussy for his attention – while thoughtfully not blocking his view of what her father was doing to his wife. Robert slid down from the chair to his knees behind her and began stroking his hard cock against the cheeks of her ass and then teasingly rubbing it along the crack of her ass.

As he watched his wife begin to actively fuck Clive, Robert buried his shaft in one stroke in Deirdre’s wet pussy – and admitted frankly that it felt damned good! He and his wife’s sex life had grown strained under the pressure of work as they neared the seven year mark – and it felt fantastic to just put everything aside and simply fuck this young, beautiful, and clearly willing woman now holding his cock in her pussy – and she was squeezing it!

Just as he was hitting his rhythm and Deirdre was actively pushing back against his strokes, he looked up at the noises coming from Clive and Mary Lee. She was clearly orgasming as he continued to plow hard into her pussy while Clive was a red as a steam engine and clearing climaxing himself. The inspiration sped Robert to new efforts with Deidre.

As they recovered, Clive glanced across the room as if finally noticing what his daughter and the newly cuckolded husband were doing, but a glimpse of a smile suggested that the whole evening may have worked out just as he planned. In any case, he rose up and after assisting Mary Lee off of the table, the two of them crossed the room, stark naked and visibly displaying the fruits of their fucking on their bodies. Clive guided Mary Lee to a comfortable position on some pillows he arranged on the floor, perfectly placing her wet red pussy within Deidre’s reach. His daughter began lavishing her attention on Mary Lee’s pussy as she lapped at it, tasting their combined juices.

Clive in turn lay down next to Mary Lee so as to offer her his own cock, still wet with their combined juices – and Mary Lee avidly accepted the invitation. Thus as he continued fucking Clive’s daughter, he had the combined visions of Deidre sucking at his wife’s pussy (another first!) while his wife lavished her attentions on Clive’s cock so recently removed from her own pussy.

It was amazing that Robert didn’t explode immediately – in fact, his cock actually escaped her pussy and in his excitement and haste to resume, Robert unwittingly found himself fucking her ass instead having mistakenly thrust his wet hard cock into her other hole. She offered no objection and it was actually one or two thrusts later when Robert himself only realized it – and became really excited to be experiencing anal sex for the very first time (Mary Lee was always reluctant about trying it). It therefore was no surprise when finally after only a couple more strokes, he flooded the young girl’s ass with cum – and collapsed over her as she continued to lap at Mary Lee’s pussy. A new cascade of sexual explosions went around their little circle now, soon leaving a clump of wet, heated, and heaving flesh as their bodies collapsed together.

Robert could only wonder if this was how Mary Lee treated all of her important business contacts?

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