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Bill visits Jerry and his new, Japanese wife
I tried every excuse I could think of to turn down Jerry’s invitation, but he told me if I didn’t buy a plane ticket immediately he was going to buy me one himself and kick my ass when I got to Colorado Springs. He knew why I was reluctant to come, but he didn’t care. I resigned myself to an awkward and uncomfortable weekend, and bought a round trip ticket.

In previous years I would have eagerly jumped at the chance to stay with Jerry and his new wife, whom I had never met, and watch the Air Force-Army football game. A bunch of my former football teammates would be in town, and Jerry had planned a big get together at his house after the game.

The pain and embarrassment from my recent divorce was too fresh for me to look forward to seeing my friends and their families. Still bitter and hurt, I preferred to avoid talking about it. What could anyone say? “I’m so sorry she dumped your sorry ass, man,” or something like that?

This was Jerry’s first post state-side in four years, so it had been a long time since I had seen him. While stationed in Japan, he had married a local. One of my teammates who had met her said she was the only child of a very high ranking official in the Jieitai, or Japan Self-Defense Force.

Jerry was a charmer, and people liked him. The fact that he was not just a military man, but also the youngest person to make Lt. Colonel in the history of the air force helped endear her to the old man, who normally would have been appalled at the thought of his only child marrying a round-eye. Jerry’s grades at the Academy had been stellar, and he was a great leader. Two of his promotions had been under the zone, an unheard of accomplishment. Superiors were generally suspicious of him, assuming he must be tied in politically to advance so quickly. But once they got to know him, they quickly grew to trust him.

Me? I had done my six years and gotten out, taking a good job with a defense contractor and moving to Dallas. The pay was much better, and I didn’t have to move every few years. My wife was born and raised in Dallas, and didn’t want to leave.

“I’m sorry about Carla,” he said, as he drove me to his house from the airport.”

“Thanks,” I said. “What about your wife? Someone finally snagged you?”

“You’ll see why when you meet her. You’re looking great. It’s good to see the civilian life hasn’t softened you.”

Jerry told me all about her family. Her father was old, and his first wife had died childless. He remarried a much younger woman, who presented him a daughter when he thought he was past the age of fatherhood. He had doted on her.

While in Japan, Jerry was assigned as a liaison with the Jieitai and worked closely with the old man, Hasagawa-san. When secretary of state Clinton visited, Jerry had been invited to a state dinner at the old man’s residence, where he had first met Koharu.

The old man had initially tried to dissuade the union, protesting that it would harm Jerry’s career, and that Koharu would never be fully accepted in America. In the end, he couldn’t deny his daughter wishes, and blessed the marriage. They were given a traditional Japanese wedding.

Back at his house, he introduced me to his wife, Koharu.

“Please, you call me by American name, Keri,” his wife said in stilted English.

She was a real looker, and it was obvious that she was quite a bit younger than Jerry, perhaps twenty two or so. She was taller than I expected, with long, straight, brunette hair. Her most striking feature was her skin; it was the smoothest, most flawless skin you could imagine, not a single imperfection. She could have been in cosmetic ads, it was that perfect. Her eyes were beautiful, dark and mysterious. She carried herself with a regal mien, the result of her family’s standing in Japanese society and her pampered upbringing.

I could see why Jerry had finally tied the knot, after so many years of bachelorhood. If he expected to progress to full bird or beyond, a pretty wife would be an asset, even if she was foreign. It was difficult for a bachelor to advance to 0-6 or beyond, in any branch of the military.

Keri didn’t say much that night as Jerry and I caught up. He poured me a whiskey and told me about the situation in Japan. U.S. policy was to try to encourage the Japanese to change their constitution to allow themselves to rebuild an offense capable military. The Jieitai were dissatisfied by U.S. handling of the perceived threats from North Korea and China, and were very receptive to that message, but the Japanese people had so far resisted any attempts to re-arm.

The game started at noon the next day. Jerry figured that was earlier than most of his teammates would want to have a tailgate party, so they planned to get together at his house after the game instead. A lot of the guys were in town for the game, most of them with their families.

It was a beautiful day in Colorado Springs, though very chilly, with a clear blue sky. A squadron of B-2 jets flew over the field, then the game kicked off. The Falcons sucked this year, but that didn’t matter when they played their biggest rival, Army. Through the first half the game was tied, and it was very exciting. It looked like it was going to be a real shootout. Air Force pulled away in the fourth quarter and won by fourteen in a high scoring, exciting game.

It had been a long time since I had enjoyed myself so thoroughly. I was hoarse from yelling by the time the game ended, and I hadn’t thought about my divorce once in the three hours I was in the stands. However, the minute the game ended, I dreaded the party at Jerry’s house, accepting condolences from all my ex-teammates and their wives.

Jerry’s house wasn’t big enough to handle the crowd, so he had set up tables in his back yard. When we got back to the house, he loaded up the grill with sausages, ribs and chickens while our old teammates began to arrive.

Some of the guys took turns playing three on three at the basketball hoop in the driveway while the women chatted and sipped beer or wine. After the initial embarrassment of accepting condolences, I began to enjoy myself.

It was funny seeing the military wives. I had forgotten how they seemed to always automatically sort themselves into a pecking order when they were around each other. The wives worried more about rank and status than the men did, it seemed. Keri was oblivious to it all, or if she noticed, she didn’t care about that crock. Whether the wives would ever accept her as an equal, it was obvious that Keri felt she was their equal, and she carried herself as one.

By the time the sun began to go down, the families began to drift back to their hotel rooms for the night. By eight o’clock, they had all left. My flight wasn’t until after noon the next day, so I didn’t need to hit the rack early. Most of the cleanup had been done, with the help of all the wives, before they had left. So Jerry and I grabbed another beer and sat down.

“Great party, Jerry. I’m glad you made me come. It was fun seeing all the guys, and I loved going to the game. I might get season tickets next year.”

“I sure am glad to hear that, Bill. I knew you’d enjoy it, if you could just make yourself come. Hey, you want to go sit in the sauna? It feels good on a cold night.”

“I didn’t bring a swimsuit or a robe,” I said. “I didn’t even bring a pair of shorts.”

“That’s okay, we just use towels. Come on.”

Other than while playing basketball earlier, I hadn’t been really warm since going to the game. The cold, windy day had chilled me to the bone, and sitting in a hot sauna sounded great. Jerry said something to Keri in Japanese, then poured us both a glass of whiskey.

The previous owners had installed a beautiful, backyard sauna. It looked like a shed, or miniature house. The inside had two rows of benches, and looked large enough to accommodate eight people. There was an electric heater on the side filled with heat retaining rocks. We left our shoes on the porch and went in. Jerry turned on the lights and cranked up the heater, then filled up a large pitcher with water from a tap. He flipped a switch and soothing music began playing on the stereo. He dimmed the lights until I could barely see. Soon, my eyes became adjusted to the low lighting. It took a while to get the rocks heated enough to produce steam, so we sat nursing our drinks, fully clothed.

As the room began to get warmer, we began peeling off our clothes, eventually getting down to our undies. I left mine on and covered my lap with a towel. Jerry took his off with his back to me, then sat and covered himself with a towel.

Jerry poured some of the water on the hot rocks, and steam billowed out of the heater, filling the room. Keri came in wearing only a white robe. She treaded slowly and carefully, her eyes adjusting to the dim light. Then she took off her robe and sat next to Jerry, covering her lap with a towel. In the low lights and billowing steam, I could just make out her full, perfectly shaped breasts. I tried hard to act normal and avert my eyes.

Jerry stood and climbed onto the top bench, laying down on his back. I reclined against the side with my legs spread out on the bench. I was facing Keri and got a great side view of her breasts. She was very sexy. Her petite body made her medium size breasts seem larger than they were.

She got up and poured more water on the rocks, holding the towel over her crotch. I could see her shapely butt as she got up and walked away from me. I knew that I would probably masturbate tonight, thinking about her. I did that a lot, lately.

“Have you ever heard of a nuru massage, Bill?” Jerry asked me.


“It’s an ancient Japanese form of massage. Keri introduced me to it. She’d like to introduce you to it. It’s something quite unforgettable.”

“Okay,” I said, nervously, not knowing exactly where this was going. At any rate, a massage from this beautiful young girl was fine with me. I expected I would get a boner, but in the low light, lying on my stomach, maybe she wouldn’t notice. “So what is a nuru massage.”

“How about if she just shows you?”

“You’ll like,” Keri added.

Keri opened a door to the small linen closet and pulled out an air mattress. Setting it on the floor, she attached an electric pump to it and plugged it in. The pump quickly filled up the full size mattress, and she positioned it in the middle of the floor, away from the benches.

“Lie down on stomach,” Keri said, pointing to the mattress.

She turned to pour more water on the fire, allowing me to discretely make my way to the mattress and lay down without her seeing me in my underwear. This time, however, she left the towel on the bench. The steam billowed from the heater as she poured the water on the rocks. The hot air rose, leaving the floor a little colder than the bench; still warm, but not as much.

As Keri got more supplies from the linen closet, Jerry explained, “A nuru massage uses nuru gel, which is a special type of massage oil made from seaweed. It’s colorless, odorless and tasteless, and it’s much thicker than traditional oil. It must be warmed to turn into a semi-liquid, and even then it’s so thick it doesn’t pour. Keri scoops it with her hands and applies it to your body. It’s extremely slippery.

As he spoke, Keri sat down on the mattress. She took the towel off my butt and put it on the bench, exposing me. She seemed surprised that I had underwear on, and said, “You take shorts off now,” as she tugged at the waistband.

“I guess this is the Japanese way,” I thought, as I raised my hips to allow my buddy’s wife to take off my underwear. “Weird.”

She flipped them onto the bench, leaving me completely naked. She plugged something into the wall. It looked like a bowl, and she put a tube into the bowl.

“The warmer will take just a moment to heat up the oil,” Jerry said.

I had my head turned to one side, and Keri was sitting on that side. My face was only about a foot from her naked body. This was going to be good.

After a minute or so, Keri picked up the bottle of gel and opened it. She reached in with both hands and took a scoop of the gel. Leaning over me, she allowed it to spill from her palms, and it hung down in long strands before finally touching my skin. It felt warm.

Out of the corner of my eyes I could see her beautiful breasts hanging over me as she covered my back with the lotion. She straddled my butt, kneeling over me. As she spread the gel on me, she began rubbing it on herself until she glistened. She continued rubbing the thick, sticky gel on both of us until every inch of the back of my naked body was covered, and every inch of the front of her naked body was covered. She was completely smooth; I couldn’t detect any body hair on her.

My heart raced as I waited to see what direction this was going. I couldn’t believe that this young, beautiful woman was exposing herself to me. I couldn’t believe that Jerry was allowing it to happen. Hell, it had been his idea.

I had my arms to my side, my hands even with my head. After we were both fully lubricated, Keri laid down on top of me, grasping my shoulders in her small hands and began sliding down my body as far as she could go without letting go of my shoulders. She was massaging me with her entire body. She glided smoothly over my muscles as she kneaded my shoulders. She dragged her body up mine until her breasts were against my head, then she slid back down, again and again, rubbing against my back and butt. I could feel her stiff nipples against my skin. My penis began to stiffen.

After she had slid against me for five minutes or more, she sat up. She put one foot on either side of my head, close to my shoulders.

“Hold ankles,” she lilted in her sexy, sing song voice and broken English.

I grabbed hold of her ankles to help keep her from slipping off of me. She laid back and grasped my calves. She began pulling herself up and down my body, rubbing me with her butt as she massaged my calves and thight with her hands. She would apply her full body weight when her butt was on my muscular upper back. When her butt reached my lower back, she let less of her weight rub against me, propping up her butt, then dropping it back down as her butt reached mine.

“In traditional nuru massage, both parties would give and receive,” Jerry said. “Massage her calves and feet while you hold her, Bill.”

He didn’t have to ask twice. I longed to rub her sexy body, and began kneading her small feet and shapely legs with my large hands. My hands slid up and down her calves, releasing the tension in her muscles. As I massaged her feet and legs, my dick stiffened even more.

Her hands rubbed against my thigh so close to my sac and penis, I thought she was going to touch them. As she neared them, I instinctively raised my hips slightly, hoping she would. But she refrained from touching me there. After another five or more minutes, she got up and turned around. She was still straddling my back, but now she faced the other direction. She grabbed my ankles and laid down on me, then began pulling herself up and down my body. She concentrated on my butt and legs, pulling herself up and down one leg several times, then switching to the other leg.

As she pulled her body up to my butt, her hands massaged all the way up my calves and thighs. I could feel her nipples, hard against my skin. She massaged each leg over and over again. With one hand on either side of my leg, she pulled them up until she was to the crack of my butt and her hand grazed my sac.

Finally, she got off my legs and commanded, “On side now.”

I rolled onto my side and supported my head in one hand, the elbow on the mattress. I turned my hips down toward the mattress to hide my arousal. She took the top leg and bent my knee, then slipped one of her legs under my leg, and one over, in a scissor-like position. Her head was toward my feet and her feet toward my head as she clamped my left leg between her legs. In this position, I could look directly into her crotch, only a couple of feet away.

She clamped her legs together and began sliding up and down my leg as she massaged my feet and legs with her hands. Her crotch was firmly pressed against my leg and she was massaging me with her pussy, rubbing it up and down my leg. Her breathing was getting harder as she pressed her pussy against me. I could feel it’s warmth on my leg. I held one of her ankles with one hand, and the other hand roamed all over her other leg. I reached as far up her leg as I could, rubbing her smooth, slippery butt and thighs.

My hard dick pointed straight up and I didn’t care if she saw it. I wanted her to rub it, to put it between her legs and clamp them together, riding up and down my pole as she was riding up and down my leg. We were both moaning as she humped me. Sweat poured from our bodies.

Getting up, she pushed me onto my stomach and took the other leg. I leaned to the other side, and she slid her legs around my right leg. She began sliding up and down, giving the right leg the same treatment as the other. I played with her legs. I couldn’t reach her crotch, as it was pressed tightly against my leg. She maintained the same rhythm as before, humping up my leg, then down, over and over. I greedily ran my hands over her legs, feeling her up all the way to her butt. After what seemed ten minutes, when I was sure I would explode from her “accidentally” rubbing against my sac and dick, she changed positions.

Kneeling on the back of one of my thighs, facing away from me, with her knees on the mattress she grabbed my foot and pulled it up into her breasts, flexing my hamstring, She held it for a minute while she slid up and down my thigh. I turned to watch her in this very provocative position as her butt humped my thigh.

After a minute, she switched legs and did the same to the other. Over and over she alternated between legs. Finally she laid on her back, her head on my butt, and bent my knees, grabbing my ankles. She began rubbing her body firmly over my butt, from her head to her back. As she glided over my butt it stimulated my erection, which was pressed onto the mattress. I groaned, and she sensed my impending orgasm,so she stopped.

She turned me onto my back. My erection was now fully exposed. My dick stood at a 45 degree angle from my body, pointing toward my head. It was as large an erection as I’ve ever experienced. After at least thirty minutes of the most incredible foreplay, it was probably nine inches long, extremely thick, and extremely hard.

She straddled my stomach, resting on her haunches as she began to apply the thick, slippery gel to my front. Her body glistened in the dim light. Her brown nipples were long and erect. As she began to slide down my body to cover the rest of me with the gel, she was met by my hard dick against her back.

She turned around, facing my feet, and began applying the oil from the bottom of my feet, up my legs and toward my crotch. She was on her hands and knees, applying the gel. I could see right up her bare, hairless crotch. My hands roamed over her legs, and as they approached her thighs she jutted her but toward me.

I cupped her butt cheeks with my hands, rubbing them over and over, then slid my hands down slightly until I could rub the lips of her pussy with my thumbs. Her outer and inner lips were fully parted, the opening to her vagina gaping as though she had already been fucked.

She grunted as my thumb easily slid into her gaping pussy. I pumped it in and out, then clamped her clit between the knuckle of my index finger and my thumb, which was inside her pussy. She began pumping my hand with her clit.

When she had finished applying the gel, she moved off my hand and once again straddled my stomach, facing my feet. I had my arms at my sides, my hands under my head. She leaned forward and rested her body on my torso with her legs on either side of my head. She gripped the backs of my thighs and alternately pushed her body up my torso, then pulled herself back down my torso.

As she pushed up my body, her crotch approached my face, coming close enough for me to smell the strong musk of a woman in extreme heat. As she pulled back down my body she lifted her face and allowed her breasts to just touch my dick and balls, before starting back up my torso. She repeated this over and over, driving me mad with desire. I badly wanted to ram my hard dick in her little pussy, splitting her in half. I could think of nothing else.

Finally she turned, facing me, and laid on my legs, She began pulling her body up my legs, over my hard dick and up my torso, ending in a kneeling position with her pussy directly above my eyes. Then, as she began the ascent back down my body, she laid back down on me and dragged her entire body over my until she was in a kneeling position by my feet.

As she approached my dick, she supported most of her weight on her knees and hands, just brushing my dick with her slippery tits and body. Even with very little weight pressing against me, I was going to cum soon.

Finally, she crawled on her knees until she was straddling my crotch, facing me. Grabbing the gel, she began spreading it onto her pussy, covering her slit. She leaned forward, a hand on either side of my chest and dropped her warm, slippery slit onto my hard dick. She rubbed her slit slowly and lightly up the length of my dick. When she reached the tip, she went just a little further, allowing the tip of my dick to rest against her gaping opening.

I had her breasts in my hands, eagerly rolling her hard nipples between my fingers. She slowly and lightly rubbed her slit back down the length of my dick until she reached my balls, then began the slow journey back up my dick.

When she was making her tenth trip back up my dick, she paused as the tip was pressed against her opening. Then she pushed just a tiny bit, allowing the tip to feel her opening, before starting her journey back down my dick.

A thick stream of cum began oozing out of my dick and I groaned loudly. When that happened, she increased the pressure of her clit on my dick and began humping as quickly as she could. She was practically screaming as she rode my dick to her orgasm.

She grunted loudly, then collapsed in a sweaty heap on top of me.

“And that,” Jerry said, “is a nuru massage.”

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