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Misadventures with Beverly Ch. 2

An unexpected visitor almost blows our cover.
After my first night with Beverly, things got even hotter. Every time her husband was planning to be out of town, I'd get a phone call and hear, "Isn't it about time to fuck?"

That night we'd meet in the same hotel parking lot, and I would finger-fuck her on the way back to her house.

With Beverly working right across the street, we started getting a little more daring. One day I'm on my computer at work, when an instant message popped up.

"5 minutes...your car."

I hightailed it out to the parking lot, opening the barndoors on the Tahoe and laying down in the cargo area. I loosened my pants and start rubbing a bit in anticipation, thankful I'd had those windows tinted extra dark.

Beverly didn't "knock." The back doors just opened again, and in she' came, lifting her skirt as she crawled inside.

This was straight ahead fucking. There wasn't any foreplay in this or any other "SUV-encounter." Later Beverly told me she only im'd me like after teasing her pussy at her desk for a while, getting good and wet for a backseat quickie.

Pushing my pants down, I pulled her over me. She lowered herself fully down on my cock, me sliding in with ease. I grabbed her hips, and she started riding me. Her hands were on my chest while she pumped her hips furiously. I reached up to pinch and twist her nipples through her blouse and bra.

With her head thrown back, her deliciously filthy mouth went to work.

"Ummm, yeah, baby, I fuck you so good, don't I? You love fucking me where people might see, don't you? Fuck me good, baby, give me that hot cum now, let me feel it, let me go back to work with it dripping down my legs....that's it, baby, ooohh, ohhh yeah, I'm cumming, darlin', cumming hard."

Her words and her slick pussy put me over the edge, and I shot deep inside her.

After a few more minutes of gentle pumping, Beverly let me slip from inside her. She' took my cock in hand, running her thumb over my head, smearing me with our combined juices. She moved as much as she could in the cramped space, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock and licking my shaft clean.

"Coffee break's over, babe," I said, laughing.

"Yeah, but lunch is right around the corner." She smiled and put herself back together a bit, then slipped out of the car.

Waiting a few more minutes to "escape detection," I pulled up my pants and head backed into the office, whistling while I worked.

Then, several weeks into our affair, the whole thing nearly blew up in our faces one night.

As per usual, her husband went out of town on business, and I got my "Isn't it about time to fuck" phone call. So it's off to the parking lot, into her SUV, shedding clothes on the way to her place, garage door safely closed, practically humping by the time we hit the kitchen door.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Beverly was a few years older than me. I was 36 or 37 at the time, and Beverly was just past 50 (yeah, she ought to be ashamed for seducing an innocent young man like me, right?).

Beverly had a 25-year-old son by a previous marriage. He lived a couple of hours away, and she didn't see him all that often - except for his annoying little habit of dropping in unexpectedly at times.

Beverly and I were in her bed in full-out-screw mode when the phone rang. Beverly, of course, is going to just let it ring on through to the machine, probably due to the fact that she had my cock in her mouth at the time, and we all know that makes it a little difficult to answer the phone.

But then we heard what to Beverly is a rather familiar voice.

"Hey, Mom, it's me. Sherry and I are coming through town on the way to the beach and thought we'd crash there for the night. I'm just turning into your neighborhood, but since you're not there, I'll just let myself in and see you when you get home."

If you've never had a woman literally spit your cock out of her mouth, it's not an entirely unpleasant experience, even though I wouldn't exactly recommend it.

"Fuck fuck fuck, you gotta get out of here!"

"How, babe, I rode with you remember?"

"Fuck fuck fuck - then you gotta hide. We'll figure it out later."

Sure enough, we heard the front door opening, so I gathered my clothes and hopped in the damn closet, while Beverly pulled on a robe.

"Hey, baby, I was in the shower and just heard your message - how you doing? Hey, Sherry, you look good."

"We thought you must be out partying," annoying son laughs. "Where's Jack?"

"He had to go to Baltimore again," Beverly said.

"Then you should be partying," Sherry piped up, oblivious to the fact she's just fucked up a perfectly good private party.

"You two are nuts - but listen, I'm beat. I hate to be rude, but I really gotta get some sleep," sighed Beverly.

"That's cool, mom...we're pretty wiped, too," annoying boy replied.

"Well, the guest room is yours - sleep tight and we'll talk tomorrow morning."

"'Night, Mrs. Sitton," said young Sherry sweetly.

"Yeah, goodnight, mom," interrupting-the-fuck boy joins in.

Beverly slipped back into the room, locking the door behind her, and whispers that it's safe for me to come out. I had taken the time to get dressed in the closet, but Beverly says, "Shit, it's going to be a while before we can sneak you out of here, you may as well take those off again."

Who am I too argue? I shucked my duds a second time and fell into bed beside her.

By now, we were both relaxed enough to laugh at the situation a bit, and I idly run a thumb over one of Beverly's tasty nipples.

"Isn't it about time to fuck?" I whispered, and Beverly responded with a knee-shaking kiss.

Just then, I heard a bit of girlish giggling coming from the room next door. I then figure that if I am gonna get laid, it's gonna have to be quietly, when I hear the son speak up., "I don't give a shit if she is in the next room, I want you now, Sherry."

Well, well, ain't this an interesting turn of events?

"Oh fuck," Beverly whispered (one reason I liked Beverly so much is that she uses the word "fuck" nearly as much as I do in even casual conversation, in its full range as a verb, noun, adverb and, in the "fuckin'" form an adjective).

"Shhh," I said, and continued tweaking a hard nipple. "If they fuck loud enough, they'll never hear us."

I earned myself a slap on the chest with this remark, but a rather playful one at that, and she did indeed shush and perk up her ears a bit. Those damn thin walls don't do much to disguise this next bit from Sherry:

"You want my mouth, baby? You want me to suck that cock of yours?"

My own cock, of course, twitches at this remark, and Beverly let out a little gasp.

Beverly's articulate son replies with a grunt.

"Not yet, boy. You're gonna lick this pussy before you get anything," says Sherry, and I decide that I may be in love with her, sight unseen.

"Omigod, that little bitch," Beverly said, nearly out loud, before I shush her.

"Be quiet, baby, this could be good," and while I don't know exactly what Beverly's thinking at this point, I do know that her hand reaching down to start stroking my dick feels pretty damn good.

We heard the antique bed next door creaking a bit as Sherry apparently either worked her way up to ride the boy's face or laysdown to spread her legs. Myself, I can go either way, but who knows what dumbass 25-year-olds who drop in right smackdab in the middle of mom's adulterous fuckbuddy parade prefers?

But give the boy some credit. In just a few minutes, Sherry was moaning and urging him on."

"Lick it, baby, lick it good. Stick your tongue in me," and again I was nearly overcome with affection for this girl.

"Sounds like you," I told Beverly, and she gave an extra firm, yet gentle, squeeze around my shaft.

"She's a hot little thing, too," said Beverly. "You'd love her big tits and tight little ass."

"I got my own tits and ass, right here, but thanks for thinking of me," I said and stuck my tongue in her ear.

Now Beverly has always harbored a little fantasy of, as she so delicately puts it, "tasting me a pussy before I die," and I decided to play that up a bit.

"I bet I'm not the only one who'd love that ass," I say. "I bet you'd love to get your hands on it while you bury your face between her thighs."

Beverly took a sharp breath and stroked my cock with even more enthusiasm.

"Don't you wish it were you between her legs right now instead of him? Wouldn't you like to walk over there and take a peek at her face while he eats her out?"

"Shut up, fucker," Beverly said, but she only tried to ensure I stop talking by covering my mouth with hers and sucking my tongue.

I maneuvered myself around so I was on top of Beverly, my legs between her own spread thighs. Sherry was whimpering next door, no doubt trying to remain as quiet as possible so as not to disturb her sleeping potential mother-in-law.

"You think he's getting on her like this now," I asked, and I took my cock in my hand and ran it up and down Beverly's slit.

"You think he's gonna slide it in her? You think she's gonna scream out when he fucks her?"

Beverly didn't answer. At least not verbally. She just shifted her hips a bit, grabbed my ass, and pulled me inside her.

"Mmmmm, I wonder if Sherry's cunt feels this good? I wonder if she's as good a fuck as you are, baby."

"God, you're a bastard, but don't stop," Beverly moaned, grinding against me. She locked her heels behind my ass, and I pulled her hips clear of the bed before pistoning back into her.

"Such a hot little cunt, getting fucked right next to you, Beverly. Don't you wish she were in this same bed, getting fucked like you, where you can look over and see those tits bouncing? So you can reach over and feel them? So you can go down on her and suck the cum from her pussy? Don't you B? Wouldn't that be hot?"

I felt her starting to cum, her head thrown back, her eyes closed, and she whispered loudly, "Fuck, yeah, fuck her fuck her fuck her. Fuck that hot cunt, fucking give it to me, fuck her, let me have your cum, c'mon, c'mon, fuck meeeeee!"

I started spurting, pumping my cream inside her, cumming hard for sweet, slutty Beverly.

When we finally came down from that high, kissing softly, stroking each other's bodies with our hands, letting the feeling wash over over us, we heard the bed next door squeaking like mad. I listened to Sherry's sweet little high-pitched cries and fuck-boy's grunting, and Beverly just smiled and whispered:

"Now how the fuck are we gonna get you outta here?"
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Posted 14 Apr 2010 08:25
ahhhh very, very nice
Posted 04 Dec 2009 09:14
I love this story. Is it going to be a group thing now? I's Love it.
Posted 03 Dec 2009 18:56
They just keep getting better and better!

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