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So Many Dicks

Wife has fun at a party
My wonderful husband Chris and I have been involved in the "Lifestyle" for several years. The "Lifestyle" is the buzzword for "Swinging". Socials are weekend parties where "Lifestyle" couples can get together in a party atmosphere and explore common interests in sex. We had not been able to attend a lot of socials because they occurred in a city several hours away from our home, but did manage to get away three or four times a year.

The social this particular weekend was in a city only forty-five minutes from our home so we were really looking forward to meeting like-minded couples who live closer to us. The "socials" are held in hotels where several floors as well as the ballroom are booked for club members only. The couples start to arrive on Saturday afternoon and the party begins that evening around eight o'clock in the ballroom. The women usually dress in very sexy attire meant to entice their men as well as the other couples. Many of the women in the couples are bi or bi curious. I am bi as well, but Chris is straight.

We arrived late in the afternoon and really had to rush to get ready for the party. I wanted to pay particular attention to shaving my pussy and making sure it felt good to the touch. I dressed in a short, black skirt with a dark green jacket that showed off my full breasts. Of course, the outfit was completed with black, crotch less stockings and stiletto heels. My pussy was damp with anticipation as we walked to the ballroom.

The party was in full swing when we arrived. Couples of all shapes and ages were drinking, laughing and dancing. There was a sexual undercurrent running throughout the room, as you know everyone is thinking the same thing........SEX!

Chris and I talked with several couples we knew from other parties and met many more new folks. I didn't spot anyone who I was particularly sexually attracted to but I was horny nonetheless. As I walked through the room, several men approached me and the ones I knew gave me a quick feel. My tits must have looked particularly good that night because they certainly were getting a lot of attention. When I got tired of dancing I sat and had a drink with one couple and was quite pleasantly surprised when I felt the woman's hand on my leg. She proceeded to stroke her way up my thigh until she reached the triangle between my legs. Just her touch released a flood of juice in my pussy. The sweet woman stroked her fingers in my wet gash with a lovely smile on her face as she discovered how wet I was. When I stood up to rejoin my husband I saw that I'd left a rather large wet spot on the chair.

The party was winding down and people were starting to return to their rooms. Some of the couples had hooked up and went to their rooms to "play". Those of us who had not found another couple to fuck went upstairs to the hospitality room. The room is set up with lots of chairs, a bed, porno movies and snacks. Since the room was so crowded some of us settled down in the hallway to talk. The hallway was lined with people on both sides and some of us were sitting in chairs and some on the floor. I was sitting on the floor. I kept looking at the men sitting in chairs and thinking that they were in the perfect position for a blowjob. As I thought about those dicks, my pussy got wet again. I leaned over and asked Chris what he would think about me giving one of the guys a blowjob. He replied that I should blow as many dicks as I wanted to and gave me a long, loving kiss. Chris tells me that I give an amazing blowjob and I'll admit that I love to practice. It was turning me on to think about Chris watching me with another man's cock in my mouth.

I slid my slutty ass over to the nearest man and asked him if he would like his dick sucked. He looked at me with a pleased surprised look on his face and replied that he certainly would like that. I asked his lady if she would mind and to answer me she unfastened his pants for me. Out popped a half alert dick and I gobbled the head in my mouth like a starving woman. He slid his hips forward and wiggled his pants down to give me full access. I took the head of his dick in my mouth and swirled my hot tongue all over it. His dick quickly became hard as I slowly devoured the length of his cock. I used my hand to apply more pressure to the base of his now throbbing dick while my other hand stroked his balls. His dick was ropy feeling in my hand as the veins became engorged with blood.

The head of his penis became a lovely purple color. I looked up at him as he moaned in pleasure. We were gathering quite a crowd now as everyone wanted to see this slut sucking cock in the hallway of the hotel. It turned me on to be watched while this stranger's dick fucked my mouth. I glanced at Chris and he gave me a smile and a wink of encouragement. I started to give this stranger all the benefits of my dick sucking expertise.

I stroked him hard with my firm, wet lips and slightly twisted my head and my hand as I stroked. My victim was moaning and stroking my hair as my head pumped up and down on his hot rod. I nibbled the crown of his dick and licked my tongue up and down the ridge underneath. Now I could feel his balls tense and I braced myself to accept his load of cum in my hungry mouth. He started to pump his cock in my mouth and I felt the splash of hot cum hit my tongue and the back of my throat. I very carefully kept my mouth tight around his cock and swallowed every drop as I continued to suck him dry. As I slowed my sucking, I could feel his muscles stop trembling and begin to relax. I held his dick in my mouth until it started to soften. When I finally released his dick from my mouth he pulled me up on his lap and gave me a grateful kiss as our audience applauded.

It was a wonderful feeling to be such a slut with an audience looking on and to know that they were appreciating the show. The night was young and I wound up sucking a total of 5 cocks that night. It was a night to remember but it wasn't over yet. By the time I finished the fifth dick, I was so incredibly horny that I knew I would have to get fucked or die. So, I suggested people in the hallway come back to our room for some group fun...but that is another story.

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