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Summer fling

My wife told me of her summer fling
I am always curious about my wife’s sexual past and am constantly asking her to tell me about some of her exploits. She recently told me about a fling she had twenty years ago, where she had been flirting with one of the guys at a summer camp she worked at. Unfortunately, when the summer ended, he returned back to his home town which was several hours away. They had never hooked up that summer as she thought he was too young and they never had any privacy during the summer to do anything. As it happens, one of her close girl friends was travelling to that town that fall and invited my wife along to join her (and split the cost of the hotel). My wife e-mailed her young friend and mentioned she might be visiting. Once they arrived, her friend went straight to her boyfriend’s place (he lived at his parents house), which left my wife alone in the hotel room for several hours. She called up her young friend and he was soon at the hotel.

He arrived within 20 minutes and after some awkward conversation, he leaned in for a kiss and they soon were making out. Things quickly got very steamy and within a couple of minutes clothes began to fly off. He was grabbing her boobs and sliding a hand town her pants to finger her wet hole. She was stroking his hardening cock through his pants while trying to unbutton his fly. They got so worked up that they had to take a quick pause to strip off their pants. She then bent over the dresser in the room and pulled her thong to the side and he obligingly lined up and slid right inside her. Their first frantic fuck ended quickly with him cumming deep in her pussy.

After they calmed down a bit, they removed the rest of their clothes and crawled into bed to recuperate. As this was the first time my wife got to see and feel his body, she was soon rubbing her hands all over his chest. As he was only 19 at the time, she was very impressed with how ripped he was. As she slid her hands a little lower she found out that he apparently liked her ministrations as he was already pitching a tent in the hotel sheets after only 5 short minutes of play time.

My wife told me she wanted to rock his world and began to stroke his already hard cock while cooing in his ear things like, “I see you are happy to see me and … do you like me stroking your cock”.

After listening to his moans for a couple of minutes she slid down the bed and took his hardness into her mouth. My wife gives fantastic blow jobs and she told me she really revelled in licking, stroking and sucking his young hard cock. She told me he was very large and she liked the challenge of stretching her mouth to try to take him deep in her mouth.. Within a couple of minutes he was panting and moaning while trying to thrust deeper into her mouth. She knew he was about to erupt and she decided to let him cum in her mouth (something she has never done for me). He quickly peaked and was soon filling her mouth with his second load of the night. He came a lot and my wife could not accommodate all of it so she let his cock slip out of her mouth as she continued to stroke him while he shot his last two strands on her chin and breasts.

My wife was pleased to have made him cum again so quickly and she moved back up the bed and began talking to her young lover. She mentioned she had never dated a younger guy before (there was a 6 year age gap) and they began to discuss their exes. He mentioned that she was the oldest women he had ever been with and how his friends were taunting him about going out with an older woman. Even his father had made a comment about staying with older women as 'they know what they want'.

Although they had only been making small talk for a couple of minutes, my wife soon discovered he was hard as a rock yet again. She felt his hard cock poking her side as they talked and cuddled. She asked him incredulously how he could be hard yet again and he said that she was a very sexy lady and he couldn’t help it! All this attention made my wife blush.

She was still wet as her cunt was still leaking from his first load and the blow job she had just given him had also made her randy. She quickly rolled onto her back and pulled him on top of her by gently tugging on his penis. .After walking in the door just thirty short minutes ago, they were going at it again. As he had already cum twice, my wife informed me that he lasted quite a long time, but as she began to scratch his back during her second orgasm, he was soon grunting and cumming inside her for the third time that night.

After all that activity, they both dozed off for forty minutes, and awoke in each others arms. My wife was incredulous to find that his cock was yet again at full mast! She couldn’t believe it, however, she was a goopy mess and wanted to take a quick shower and get a bite to eat. Within a minute or two of stepping into the shower, he decided to join her and she smiled to herself seeing him step into the shower with his young hard cock pointing at the ceiling. The hugged, lathered each other up and she was soon cooing into his ear again, “I love the feeling of your hard cock and You’re insatiable aren’t you”.

She got behind him and stroked his soapy cock under the shower spray until she made him cum yet again. Shooting four loads within about an hour seemed to satisfy him and my wife was able to finish her shower in relative peace.

He was dressed when she left the washroom and was lying on the bed as he watched my wife get ready. After watching her put on her nylons and her soaked panties, he got up and was soon holding her in his arms. During this embrace she felt him poking through his pants again! She giggled and told him that he would have to wait as she was very hungry.

They stepped out to the hotel’s restaurant and had a quick meal but they were soon playing footsies under the table and staring at each other lustily. They wolfed down their dinner and made a quick exit after telling the waiter to put the meal on the room as they quickly made their was back to their suite. As soon as the door closed they were once again ripping each others clothes off. My wife told me she jumped on the bed, pulled her cum drenched thong to the side and offered herself to him on all fours. Within seconds he was on the bed thrusting deep inside her as he took her from behind.

My wife still gets a lusty, dreamy look on her face when she recounts to me how forcefully he took her. She was in heaven having this young, athletic stud, grabbing her hips and fucking her forcefully with his oversized cock. They were both very loud and as she felt her orgasm quickly building, she recalls the people in the next room banging on the walls for them to keep it down! She could also feel his excitement building which pushed her over the edge as she writhed through one of the most amazing orgasms of her life. Her twitching also sent him over the edge and as he grunted loudly as he deposited his third load into her pussy that night.

They were soon basking on the bed when her friend called to say that she was coming back to the hotel (without her boyfriend). She didn’t want to be too obvious about her activities that night so they both got dressed and were looking respectable when her friend arrived. My wife introduced her friend and after a few minutes it was obvious she wanted to get to bed (they were heading back to town early the next morning). My wife took her cue and said good-bye to her young friend in the hall. They were soon kissing, and in their lusty state began to grope each other in the hallway. My wife could not believe that she could feel his cock hardening in his pants yet again! The ding of the elevator down the hall brought them both to their senses and my wife had to send her young lover on his way.

She slipped back into the room and her and her friend talked about their dates that night and how much fun they had. My wife remembers falling asleep, with an ache in her pussy as three loads of his cum slowly oozed out of her.

Given their distance apart, my wife tells me they did end up hooking up a couple of more times. Nothing as exciting as their first hook-up, but she realized that their age gap was quite large and that although the sex was very enjoyable, they really didn’t have a whole lot in common. God I love hearing her recount her stories!

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