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The Ex Wives club Chapter 1

The discovery of sex after marriage.
This series of stories is about my discovery of Ex-wives that haven't had the freedom of sexuality in years. Each chapter is unique to the lady.

Her name is Jessica and we've been friends for years. I knew her when she was married to Tim and now that she was divorced I got to see a whole new side of Jessica.

Jessica was married for many years to Tim, a moderately amusing man who eventually left her for his high school sweetheart after their 20 year reunion. He told her he didn't love her, she was fat and lazy. She had no sense of adventure; no joie de vive in Tim's opinion and over years of being ignored he had fallen in love with some one new.

Jessica was crushed, she text me out of the blue one night to tell me. We had lost contact over the years but found each other on facebook and I was surprised to hear from her in the wee hours of the morning.

Over the next couple of weeks we emailed, texted and even talked over the phone. Once the initial despair and depression wore off she joined a gym and began rebuilding her life. The divorce was final and the next day Tim married again. She buried herself in every work out class at the gym she could work into her schedule but at night she drowned her sorrows in wine. A bottle a night wasn't uncommon, sometimes two if she drank slowly. Like most divorced or heartbroken men and women she took to the divorce diet of not eating, she quickly lost substantial pounds and as she transformed her body she re-awakened her sexual appetite. Nervous about a new lover, a one night stand and the fear of judgement she resigned herself to masturbation. Each night ended in a drunken orgasm at her own hand followed by a day of work and hours at the gym.

We met for lunch and even dinner during this time and I was worried that her new found diet of exercise, starvation and wine wouldn't be healthy in the long term. She finally admitted to the desire for sex, for connection to another physical body and I was lucky enough to be invited to stop by one night on my way home from work.

I had never thought of Jessica in that way, largely she was married but also because she always seemed to have such a negative spin on intimacy. She confessed it was due to Tim, in almost 20 years of sex she had never had an orgasm during intercourse. He just didn't last long enough to satiate her desires and most nights she drifted into sleep with the female equivalent of blue balls.

I have to admit that her weight loss looked good, but more importantly her freedom looked great. She had bounced back from the depression of divorce and betrayal and seemed genuinely happier. She called on my way home, and we talked, she convinced me to stop by and say hello. I knew immediately what she had in mind and I wondered if it would really get to that point. I pulled up infront of her house for the first time in 5 years and the faint shadow of light escaped from the curtains.

Casanova I am not, as I walked from the sidewalk up her walkway I was conflicted. Was she ready? Would it change our friendship? Was I ok with being the rebound guy? I laughed outloud at myself as I approached her door, that's alot more contemplation than I have given other trysts over the years. I knocked and heard the familiar bark of her small maltese. I never liked that dog, he growled at me constantly. Seemed to me like he would follow me around just to growl at me. Jessica opened the door and smiled; gesturing me in with a hand wrapped around a wine glass.

Sitting on her couch again after 5 years was surreal, she was single, she was alone, she was tipsy, and as I felt the wine trickle down my esophagus I also felt my inhibitions lowering. We laughed and talked for over an hour and then she gave me a tour of the house. It was amazing the transformation without Tim there. So many of his decorations and pictures had adorned the walls but now I could see Janets taste in decor. Her kids had all moved out before the divorce and one of the bedrooms was an office while another had been converted to a guest bedroom.

We stopped in the doorway of the master bedroom and she reached her arm slowly but firmly around my neck and pulled me down to a kiss. Soft and sensual as our mouths joined, the feeling of her tongue on mine immediately aroused me. I wasn't drunk but my head was spinning as I pulled her close, our bodies pressed together as one long kiss was interupted long enough for her to kiss my neck and sigh into my ear. She pushed and I walked backwards towards the bed until I felt it against my ass. The intense desire in her eyes struck me and all inhibition left me. I felt her hands slide down my sides and begin to unbutton my shirt. She kissed my chest and teased my nipples with her tongue. I fought it but a sigh escaped and the moment her teeth dragged accross my nipple I couldn't contain a moan. A wicked smile and devilish gleen took over her face as she unsnapped my pants and then let them fall to the ground.

My cock was almost completely hard but her gentle caress from the outside of my boxers made me harder than I could possibly imagine. My hand slid inside her shirt and began to lift it as I gripped her back and sides with desire. I slid it over her head and immediately went about unclasping her bra. Jessica had large breasts with crimson nipples. I couldn't wait to tease and caress them. I was completely focused on rolling her sensitive nipples between my thumb and forefinger when I felt the heat of her breath on my cock! She didn't fight fair and in an instant I resigned to let her lead. She slid my boxers down after pulling them over my hard on and cooed at all 9 inches of my hard on. She kissed the head gently and then began to stroke me with a long slow motion that made me weak in the knees. I felt her left hand begin to tease and squeeze my balls and I couldn't help but rise to the balls of my feet, I wanted to feel her tongue and lips wrapped around me. She took advantage of my eagerness and off balance pushing me back onto the bed. I fell backward, despite my best efforts to regain my balance. I murmed a complaint which she ignored and I felt my balls being sucked into her mouth. The feeling of her tongue massaging my balls as she slowly stroked my cock was driving me too quickly to orgasm.
I watched with desire bordering on lust as she drug her tongue from my balls to the head of my cock and then slowly slid my head into her mouth. The sensation was so intense I squirmed and she groaned as she took another inch of my length into her mouth. She slowly withdrew my cock to the tip of her lips and then equally as slowly sucked me down to the same point. As she teased her way back to my head I begged her for more.
"Please Jessica, don't stop!"
She smiled a satisfied grin and smiled and asked "Would you like some more?"
I gave her a slanted grin and said,Yes, please!"

She slowly swirled her tongue around my head and then in amazement I watched inch after inch of my length disappear into her warm, wet mouth. I could feel the back of her throat on the head of my cock but to my amazement she made a swallowing motion that allowed my cock to sink into her throat and then her nose rested against my abdomen. The feeling of my cock buried into her throat pushed me over the edge and I moaned, "I am going to cum, please don't stop!"
She gently raised her mouth until her lips were on my head and then quickly stroked my cock driving me insane. I could feel the cum starting to rise through my shaft and as my entire cock began to swell she once again buried her head to the bottom of my length. The moment the head of my cock slid past the back of the throat I exploded!

I spasmed and moaned loudly as waves of pleasure rocketed through my body and poured out of my cock. The intensity of her throats grip drug out the orgasm for what felt like hours!

Finally as my cock began to soften she raised her mouth slowly down each inch and released me after kissing my head and licking the last of my cum from the head.

My head dropped to the bed, now I felt drunk and she stretched her topless form next to me on the bed and said, "Oh Wow you taste amazing! That's the best tasting cum I have ever had!" We both laughed and laid next to each other as the laughter relaxed our intensity.

I slowly turned towards her and kissed her again, deeply and passionately! As I kissed my way from her mouth to her neck she moaned and I could feel her fingernails digging into my skin. I kissed my way from her neck to her chest and teased her nipples with my fingers tips. Each time I sucked her nipple into my mouth she inhaled sharply and then groaned with pleasure. I kissed and fondled her breasts but ignored her nipples for several minutes and each time I came close to the crimson skin of her aereola her back arched and her fingernails sunk into my back again.

"Please, please suck on my nipples, please don't tease" Jessica Moaned.

"Say pretty please, I retorted."

"Pretty please you fucker, suck on them!"

I sucked her nipple into my mouth as my hand slid inside her panties and gently massaged over her mound. Again her back arched and her fingernails dug into my back "Yes, Oh God YES she moaned"

I slid her panties off and she eagerly opened her legs to allow me to caress her dampening pussy. I kissed each of her hard nipples goodbye, for the moment, and descended between her soft white thighs. 

I couldn't resist commenting on the sweet musk of her pussy and the mere mention caused her to tense. I lay between her legs with my chin on her pubic bone as she confessed quietly that she hadn't had anyone go down on her since before Tim. "He didn't like it, I used to beg him but he always turned me down." I reassured her gently, "You are gorgeous, Tim is a fool, his loss is my gain." 

I gently kissed over her mound and along the sides of her lips. They were full and glistened with wetness. I kissed her labia gently and she squirmed with acknolwedgement. I gently licked her lips and the drag of my tongue on her lips made her hips rise. "It's been 10 years Vince, I can't bare it any longer, Please, Please don't tease me!" Her hands were on the back of my head and she gently pushed my face towards her sex as she raised her hips to my mouth. 

I knew she needed it and with a devilish grin I parted the folds of her lips and slid my tongue deep into her pussy. She bucked and shuddered as the pleasure began to build!

"Oh my GOD that's amazing!" she panted

The intensity of her thrashing was no surprise and within minutes she was closing in on orgasm. I massaged her clit slowly with my tongue and teased her nipples with my fingers. Her hands were still closed around the back of my head but now it was to steady her hips rather than keep my tongue on her clit. I watched as one of her hands went to her mouth as she tried to muffle her ecstacy! 

I moaned deep and loud into her pussy as I slid the middle finger of my right hand into her pussy and rubbed her G-spot with a come here motion. 

Her orgasm exploded and I sucked her clit hard between my lips as I added a second finger to her dripping pussy. She bucked and ground against my mouth until she was exhausted. As she laid on the bed she turned to her side as I knelt between her legs. 

My cock was hard again and I had to fuck her! Her bottom leg was extended while her other was pulled up in an attempt at the fetal position. Knowing the intensity of orgasms in this position I wasted no time sliding my throbbing cock into her wet pussy one inch at a time. 

She gasped, "Vince please fuck me hard!

I thrust deep into her pussy buring every inch of my length inside her cum drenched pussy. 
Knowing she hadn't had a proper fucking in years, I attacked with deep thrusts and as my balls slapped against her ass we both moaned in pleasure. 

I lifted her top leg to my chest to give me leverage and drove into her with everything I had! 
She gripped and squeezed her large breasts tugging on her own nipples until she screamed, "I AM CUMMING!" Her loud moans and tight pussy sent me over the edge and I shot deeply into her pussy over and over. 

I began to laugh as the orgasm subsided listening to her dog from outside the bedroom door as he growled and barked at our commotion. 

Finally we collapsed on to the bed in a tangle of arms legs and cum drenched appendages. 

We talked for a few minutes and she said, "You were exactly what I needed to get past my divorce." I laughed and said, "It was my pleasure."

I left a few minutes later exhausted and elated.

I got a phone call from her the next day and we laughed and joked about the night and the sex. When she mentioned that she had a friend who could use a night like the one we had shared... I began to smile at the possibility.
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