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The Play House (Part 2)

John Jo continue their tour of the sex club.
“The Play House”

(Part 2)

John and Jo left the “Dogging Room” just as another couple were coming in.

“What’s this experience like?” The older lady asked Jo. “It’s our first time in this room.”

“Oh, I think you’re going to like this one for sure,” Jo said grinning from ear to ear.

John quickly explained to the woman’s husband how to operate the sliding table. Wishing the couple “all the best”, John and his wife continued to the spa.

The spa was an area where guests were able to freshen up using showers or a Jacuzzi. There was a steam room, a sauna and a massage booth should one really want to loosen up. Sex in this area was discouraged but it was generally accepted that on occasions one might happen upon a couple getting down and dirty in any one of the spa facilities. The use of the spa was also a prerequisite for using the Roman Bath room.

Stripping naked in the changing area John and Jo slipped into the large shower room. A selection of jets on the ceiling and walls sprayed them with warm water. On the wall were a selection of fragrant shower gels to use, John filled his hands with vanilla gel and began to soap up his wife’s body.

“Mmmmm, that feels good honey,” Jo said as John smoothed the foaming gel over her breasts.

John moved around behind his wife and pulled her close to his body, his cock slid between the crease of her buttocks, he continued to lather her body. Jo parted her legs slightly inviting her husband’s hands. John reached over and pumped another palm full of shower gel. Spreading the soapy liquid over her tummy just below her belly button he pushed his foam filled fingers between her legs and into her pussy.

“Don’t get me too hot honey,” Jo whispered to John. “We’re not really supposed to get it on in here and we don’t want to get barred,” she continued. “Besides, we haven’t even met the owners yet.”

Jo could feel her husband’s arousal as his cock began to stiffen between her ass cheeks; she slowly turned to face him feeling his hard-on trace a line over her lower body. Jo leant across and filled her hand with shower gel and began to massage her husband’s shaft and balls.

“Lottery winners I hear,” John said kissing his wife on the lips. “They are probably on a beach in Barbados right now.”

Voices disturbed their intimacy as they were joined in the shower room by two other couples.

John and Jo checked out the others who were sharing their shower. The two men and two women were all in their late fifties.

“Oh, hi there you guys,” one of the women said as she dispensed shower gel into her hands.

“Are we disturbing you two?” The other woman asked when she spotted John’s semi erect cock.

John noticed that the two naked guys were now eyeing up Jo and wondered if it could have been either or both of them who had just been fucking his wife on the other side of the wall in the dogging room.

“No, we are nearly finished here,” Jo said smiling.

“Do you think that you could help me soap this up?” One of the guys said to Jo as he tugged on his limp cock.

A sharp cracking noise filled the shower room as the guy’s wife spanked his naked wet arse.

“Behave yourself you cheeky bugger!” his wife giggled.

The club’s spa also provided white towelling bath robes for use in the Roman Bath room. John and Jo slipped into one each and headed for the bar.

Sonny served them both with their drinks.

“Feeling refreshed guys?” He asked.

“Yes thank you,” Jo said licking her freshly glossed lips. “John got me a little worked up in there and now I can’t wait to try out the Roman Bath room, will you still be able to join us?”

Sonny looked at John.

“I’ll take my wife through and get her warmed up,” John said. “Come and join us when you’re ready.”

Sonny grabbed a handful of his cock through his jeans.

“We’ll be joining you soon,” He winked.

After finishing their drinks John took his wife by the hand and led her towards the room marked “Roman Bath Room”, his heart was pounding. John opened the door and they stepped inside.

The aroma of sweet essential oils filled the warm humid air. The room had been themed to represent a typical Roman Baths with columns surrounding a small pool. Around the perimeter of the room were replica marble slab tables situated inside small arched alcoves, next to each table was a flask full of scented massage oil. The lighting was cleverly designed to represent flaming torches against the walls; this added a sexy red glow to the visual appearance of the whole room. The sound of ecstasy emanated from several of the occupied alcoves as both men and woman succumbed to the pleasures of sex. Naked bodies moved from one alcove to another as the desire to “partner share” became too great to resist. The atmosphere in this room was so intensely erotic that John and Jo felt instantly over-dressed.

Hanging up their robes John and Jo walked naked towards the pool. Large steps at one end disappeared into the warm water. At the far end of the pool were another two couples, both were having sex. The woman of one couple was lying on the edge of the pool as if she was getting out, with her tits pressed against the pool edge tiles, her ass was hanging over the edge and her legs were in the water. Her partner was in the pool with his face buried into her pussy from behind. The other couple were both in the pool kissing and masturbating each other under the water. The surface of the water was dotted with specs of massage oil residue.

“Would you like to use the pool hun?” John whispered in Jo’s ear.

“Sonny will be along soon babe, how about you take me to one of the alcoves and oil me up with one of your great massages?” Jo replied smiling.

Jo grabbed hold of her husband’s cock and walked towards a vacant alcove.

“By the time I’ve finished, you’ll be more than ready for Sonny” John said as he followed his wife into the booth.

Jo lay down on her back on the marble table resting her head on a small pillow. Expecting a cold shock she was surprised at how warm the tables were as she made herself comfortable. John made sure that the massage oil was warm before pouring a generous amount over Jo’s naked body.

“Ohhhh, babe that feels delicious” Jo purred as she felt John’s hands spreading the oil over her skin.

John began to massage his wife’s body rubbing his fingers over her feet, along her calves, up to her thighs, across her hips, gently over her tummy, moving up to her breasts, tweaking each nipple gently between his thumb and forefinger before continuing up to her neck and finally down each arm; finishing at her fingertips.

John looked down at his wife, her eyes were closed, her body glistened under the dim red light and through parted lips she breathed heavily. Her erect nipples stood proud on top of her ample bosom which rose and fell with each breath. She looked stunning he thought as he began the massage procedure again, this time in reverse starting with her fingertips.

Jo’s legs parted slightly as John’s hands ran over her hips and thighs. John picked up the flask and poured the oil over her pubic mound. Pushing her thighs open John ran his fingers over Jo’s exposed pussy lips and gently kneaded his thumb tips along her oily slit. Jo’s clitoris swelled up and stood up begging for attention.

“I need a hard cock babe!” Jo said almost breathlessly, “fuck me now honey, pleeeease!” She pleaded.

“Looks like I came just in time” said a familiar voice from behind John.

Sonny stood in the entrance to the alcove, naked apart from a white towel around his waist. He looked every bit the fit surfer type with his wavy highlighted shoulder length hair. Under the red ceiling lights his tanned skin accentuated his chiselled six-pack.

“Oh Sonny” Jo sighed as she admired his physique. “I’m SO ready for you now! John has made me nice and tingly, and…”

John watched as his wife opened her legs to Sonny and shoved two fingers into her slit.

“Very wet” she continued with a grin.

In a well-rehearsed move, Sonny slid his thumbs into the towel around his waist and peeled the material open. He let the towel fall to the floor and stood there naked, his wrist-thick man meat hung between his legs. Semi erect, Sonny’s cock was eight inches long; and already two inches longer than John’s.

“Sweet Jesus, Sonny! I need you to fuck me with that beautiful cock, now!” Jo demanded and began frantically rubbing her clit.

John moved and stood behind his wife’s head. Leaning over her body John grabbed both of Jo’s wrists and pulled them over her head pinning them down onto the marble table.

“Oh, no you don’t!” John said, denying his wife’s orgasm.

Jo forced her head back into the small cushion. Her eyes rolled in her head as a throaty moan escaped her lips. Her hips gyrated on the table as she felt the orgasm that she needed, and was so close to achieving, slip away.

Still pinning her arms to the table John looked at Sonny.

“Do her Sonny! Fuck my wife while I watch”

Sonny reached over to a shelf and took a condom from a small container.

“I want you bareback Sonny, skin on skin” Jo purred. “I want your cum in my pussy tonight”

John looked down at his wife; she was staring straight into his eyes. Opening her mouth Jo stuck her tongue out. John leant over and sucked on her mouth in an upside down French kiss. Jo gently bit her husband’s tongue as she felt Sonny parting her legs.

John watched as Sonny prepared himself for Jo by stroking himself to full erection with his oily hands. Fully erect Sonny’s monster of a cock was easily bordering on ten and a half inches. Jo was panting in desperation and was pretending to struggle free from John’s grip on her wrists.

Sonny stood at the end of the table. Placing his hands under Jo’s thighs, he pulled her body down until her bum was close to the edge. Standing between her legs now, Sonny’s hard-on was now so close to Jo’s pussy that she could feel the heat given off by the blood engorged beast. Then she felt Sonny’s shiny helmet kiss her wet slit.

“Are you watching honey? Jo whispered to John. “Now watch your wife get fucked by a monster cock” She teased. “I’ll make it nice for both of you”

John was so aroused that he had to hold Jo’s wrists down with one hand allowing him to wank his cock with the other.

“Yes, fuck yes!” Jo panted as she felt her pussy lips being forced apart.

John looked between his wife’s legs and saw that Sonny had gently pushed an inch of his cock into Jo’s slit.

“Give me more,” Jo pleaded.

Sonny drove his hips forward, inserting a further two inches of his thick shaft. Jo gasped and her eyes widened.

John knew that this was easily the longest, thickest cock that Jo was stretching to fit inside her body.

“Oh, fucking Jesus! It’s so thick honey” Jo gasped to John.

Sonny pulled back an inch, wiped some oil from Jo’s belly button over his shaft and drove deep into her hole pushing a solid seven inches into her body.

Jo opened her mouth wide and let out a short but loud, “Huh!” followed by a squeaking noise from the back of her throat, then. “Uhhhnnnnnnnn!” as her body adjusted to Sonny’s girth.

Sonny paused with three quarters of his full length disappearing into Jo’s pussy. His cock throbbed and twitched impatiently waiting to go to work on Jo’s body.

Jo felt the walls of her pussy stretching and expanding naturally. She felt her lubricating juices flowing around the giant invader. John watched as his wife began to push her hips towards Sonny.

“I want all of you Sonny” Jo whispered to her lover, “I want all of you inside me now.”

John let go of his wife’s wrists and tugged on his cock. He watched Sonny gently withdraw his greasy shaft from Jo’s pussy. Her inner pussy lips clung on to Sonny’s shaft. It looked, John thought, as if her pussy would turn inside out. Then, just as his helmet glans began to show, Sonny drove gently back into Jo’s sopping slit. Jo was at the mercy of her fast approaching climax.

“Oh yes, yes, fuck yes!” Jo shuddered into her first orgasm as she felt every one of Sonny’s ten inches penetrate her.

Sonny pushed his shaft into Jo until his ball sack was resting up against her ass. Leaning over Jo’s body so that his chest was pressing down onto Jo’s tits Sonny whispered in her ear.

“Do you like the feel of my cock inside you?”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Jo whimpered as her body twitched and tingled in ecstasy

“Do you want me to fuck your little pussy Jo?” He said.

Jo ran her fingers down Sonny’s back and grabbed the cheeks of his perfectly formed ass. Pulling him hard into her crotch she said through gritted teeth.

“Hell yeah Sonny, fuck my pussy, pound me hard!”

John stared as Sonny supported himself on his hands either side of Jo’s body and began a slow rhythmic thrusting. Each thrust of Sonny’s cock was withdrawn to the helmet and penetrated to his balls, Jo was taking the full length easily now and each penetrating thrust brought a cry of pleasure from her lips.

Sonny pushed Jo further up the table so that he could lie between her legs in the missionary position. Jo spread her legs to accommodate her pounding lover. John watched mesmerised as Sonny picked up the pace until he was fucking Jo so quickly that the sound of his balls smacking on her ass sounded like someone clapping. Jo was cupping the side of Sonny’s head with her hands and staring straight into his eyes.

“Oh that’s it, that’s so good” she said kissing his lips. “You’re gonna’ make me cum again.” They French kissed.

Jo French kissed Sonny well into her next orgasm, eventually breaking from their kiss to cry out.

“Oh Sonny, oh baby I’m commmmming!”

Jo’s second orgasm ripped through her body, her fingers dug into Sonny’s ass cheeks as she ground her pussy onto his shaft.

Then it happened. Sonny’s prick found Jo’s G-spot. Jo had never experienced anything like this before and the pleasure was beyond exquisite, too intense to even cry out.

John watched as his wife silently shuddered on the table as if receiving an electric shock. Her head was thrown right back, her eyes were closed and her mouth was wide open. Sonny’s cock was embedded deep in her body. It looked as if he knew that his helmet was stroking Jo’s G-spot as he manipulated his hardness inside her with small gyrating hip movements.

“Fuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkkkkk..!” Jo just managed to scream as her body succumbed to the intense pleasure of her first multiple orgasm.

The first thing John felt was a warmth against his skin from behind, then a woman’s voice whispering in his ear.

“It’s his speciality,” the voice said.

John turned to see the voluptuous red head standing behind him. He felt her breasts and erect nipples press into his back as she pushed up close to him.

“Julia,” she said. “We met at the bar earlier.”

John felt Julia’s hands stroking around his waist, one hand found its way to his left nipple, her other hand reached around and caressed his balls.

“John,” he said.

“John, you have been very restrained,” Julia said. “Any other man would have blown his load long before now.”

“I’m close,” John replied.

“Let me help,” Julia whispered and moved around to face John.

John watched the redhead slowly drop to her knees in front of him. Her fingers wrapped around his throbbing cock. She had long painted nails on each hand but Julia was very gentle and began to perform a slow sensual massage along his shaft. John looked at his wife.

Jo was still being pounded steadily by Sonny but had seen Julia come into their alcove. She watched as Julia expertly masturbated her husband’s cock right in front of her.

“I want to come inside your gorgeous pussy Jo,” Sonny whispered into Jo’s ear.

“I’m ready for you baby,” Jo said. “Let’s make cream pie.”

John felt Julia’s warm lips slide over the tip of his cock. He looked down and saw that she was staring right at him. Without breaking eye contact she began to move her lips all the way down his shaft until her nose was against his pubic hair. John could feel his helmet deep in the back of Julia’s throat but her gag reflex was non-existent, in fact she seemed very comfortable with it there and gently moaned with pleasure. John felt the vibration of the moan run the full length of his shaft.

The sound of slapping filled the room as Sonny’s balls smacked against Jo’s ass as he pounded his way to orgasm.

Julia was now concentrating her oral skills on John’s helmet, licking and sucking on his blood engorged organ. Scooping a handful of oil from a nearby urn Julia poured the liquid over John’s shaft and began to pump his length with a firm, rapid rhythm. John could feel his semen getting ready to erupt and combed the fingers of both his hands into the hair on the back of Julia’s head.

Julia responded by placing one of her hands on John’s buttocks. She spread his ass cheeks and teased his anus with her oily fingertips. Julia finger fucked her own pussy with her free hand.

Jo could feel yet another orgasm welling up inside her as she heard grunting coming from Sonny’s throat. She knew that he was real close to coming and wanted to come in unison with the lover who had given her so much erotic pleasure this evening. Whispering in his ear, Jo said to Sonny.

“Come inside me baby, I want to come on your pulsing shaft.”

Feeding her hand between her legs Jo clasped her fingers around Sonny’s ball sac and began to massage his smooth oily balls. Sonny groaned with pleasure. His muscular frame began to spasm as his body prepared to ejaculate.

John gripped Julia’s hair as he felt his balls tighten. Julia looked into his eyes and inserted the tip of her finger into his anus. The flow of semen along the length of John’s cock was rapid and pulsed with an intensity he had never experienced before. Julia didn’t flinch as the helmet in her mouth spat out a stream of sweet and salty semen.

“Oh fucking Jesussssssssssssss!” John grunted.

Julia milked the last drop of John’s cum into her mouth as John withdrew his satisfied member from her expert lips.

Flicking her clitoris with her fingers Julia reached her own climax. As her body shuddered she looked up at John and opened her mouth exposing a small cupful of his cum in the back of her throat. John watched as she closed her mouth and swallowed.

“Yes, yes, fuck yessssssssssssssss!” John heard his wife cry.

Jo felt Sonny’s body stiffen. She saw the grimace of painful pleasure adorn his young face. She felt the first of many pulses of cum pass through her fingers as she gripped his shaft. She felt the hot spurts of Sonny’s cum ejecting from his throbbing helmet hit the back of her pussy. Jo’s pussy tightened and throbbed as she came on his pulsing shaft. Sonny’s cock thumped into her pussy as his body convulsed in climactic pleasure. Jo gasped audibly with each desperate thrust.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck baby!!” Sonny sighed breathlessly in Jo’s ear. “You really are one sexy fucking bitch,”

“Well you sure know how to fuck a girl,” Jo whispered in his ear.

Sonny French kissed Jo and began to withdraw his greasy shaft from her body. A sexy squelching sound signalled the complete withdrawal as Sonny stepped back from between her spread legs. Jo’s head flopped back. A long sigh escaped her open mouth.

John moved up to Jo and kissed her on the lips.

“That was the sexiest thing that I’ve ever watched in my life babe,” He said. “You were like a fucking porn star with Sonny’s big cock inside you.”

“Then I think we both enjoyed it equally sweetheart.” Jo said with a dirty grin.

John leant over and began to French kiss his wife with a new found passion.

Jo let out a noise from the back of her throat as they kissed.


John turned to see what had distracted his wife.

Julia’s familiar eyes stared back at him from between Jo’s spread thighs. Her expert tongue was licking out Jo’s cum filled pussy.

Jo lifted her head to see Julia’s head between her legs. This was her first Girl-on-Girl experience. She thought Julia’s skill was delicious and relaxed to feel the soft feminine face expertly tease her smooth pussy.

Julia gently caressed Jo’s labia, parting the folds of soft skin to reveal a stream of warm, fresh man juice seeping out from within. Jo felt Julia’s lips French kiss her pussy, she felt her tongue probing inside looking for the salty prize that was Sonny’s cum. Jo writhed on the table and moaned softly, enjoying her first lesbian encounter. Her hands were stroking the back of Julia’s head; she pushed her pussy against the warm lips and tongue between her legs.

Julia slowly manoeuvred around the table and straddled Jo’s upper body. She slid her thighs over Jo’s breasts until her own pussy was just a few millimetres from Jo’s panting lips. John and Sonny tugged on their stiffening cocks as Julia and Jo performed a lesbian sixty-nine.

Jo instinctively placed her hands onto Julia’s ass and pulled her pussy towards her lips.

“Yesssssss, sweety,” Julia sighed as Jo’s tongue pushed into her slit. “You’re a natural honey. That feels sooooooo good.”

The sight of two oily women engaged in a writhing, slurping sixty-nine began to draw a bit of an audience. Three other guys had entered the booth and were wanking stiff hard-on’s as they watched Jo and Julia perform.

“Oh God, Julia, you’re gonna’ make me cum,” Jo’s muffled voice said from between Julia’s thighs.

“I’m close too Jo,” Julia whispered. “Lick my clit baby, ooooohhh, that’s it, right there.”

Jo flicked the tip of her tongue across Julia’s erect clitoris. She enjoyed the taste of the female juice that was starting to pour across her lips and knew that Julia was about to come. Julia felt her orgasm welling up deep inside her pussy and frantically rubbed Jo’s clit with her oily fingers.

John, Sonny and the three other guys surrounding the two women were all tugging on their cocks as they looked on.

In perfect unison Jo and Julia began to come together. Julia ground her pussy into Jo’s face as she screamed into her climax. Jo thrust her hips up against Julia’s fingers as her slit squirted a stream of female ejaculate across the booth hitting one of the masturbating onlookers. Both women were letting out sexy, throaty gasps of sexual release which was enough to bring each of the guys to the brink of orgasm, and moving in close to the two women on the table each of the men shot a hot stream of cum across their naked bodies in a choreographed bukkake worthy of a porn film.

After cleaning up in the spa; John and Jo got dressed and headed to the bar for a last drink before leaving the club. Sonny had changed and was already serving behind the bar. Julia was sipping a Mojito. John and Jo’s drinks were already on the bar.

After an hour of chatting about the events of the evening with several of the guests; John and Jo said their goodbye’s and left the club. Another couple were leaving at the same time and were talking about the uniqueness of the club and the inspired ideas of the themed rooms by the owners.

“No doubt enjoying the fruits of their labour on a sun kissed beach in the Caribbean.” John said to the couple.

“Excuse me?” The guy queried.

“The owners of the club,” John said. “We’ve not met them yet, but I bet they enjoy the taste of the high life.”

The guy looked a little puzzled, and then said.

“From what I witnessed tonight, I’d say the owners enjoyed the taste of you guys.”

John looked at Jo; it dawned on them who the guy was talking about.

“Sonny and Julia are the owners?” John stuttered.

The guy smiled at John and Jo.

“Put it this way,” he said. “I think that you may get a V.I.P. membership from now on.”

John’s jaw dropped. Jo giggled.

“You couldn’t write stuff like this!” John said.

"Well honey, perhaps one day you should try." Jo replied.

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Posted 10 Sep 2012 07:09
Fantastic "climax" to your story. Change John's name to Dave and I can imagine it being my husband and me enjoying the playhouse!


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