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The Screen Porch

My wife entertains when the guys sleep over
It happened several years ago. A good friend of my wife and mine was between apartments for a few months. Dick knew he would be moving out of town before any lease he could get would be up. So we said, what the hell, and invited him to live with us. The house we were renting had an enclosed front porch that you entered from our living room, but not from outside. By throwing a mattress on the floor, and installing some bamboo blinds on the windows, Dick had a bedroom.

We had known Dick since grad school, when he and his girl friend were our best friends. The four of us had gotten to be pretty close and had fooled around, even swapped partners for a little necking a few times, but always in separate rooms. Dick's girl friend was living on the coast, and he would be moving out to join her when his current job was up.

Shortly after he moved in with us, I wandered down stairs late one night and saw him and my wife making love on the living room couch. They didn't see me, but the sight of my closest friend on top of my naked wife, her legs wrapped around his waist, as he moved up and down in her was, to my surprise, an enormous turn-on for me.

After that initial sighting, they got together once or twice, but always on the sleeping porch. That is, until the night I'll never forget. It was about 1am. A few of our friends had been over to party, the usual, wine, talk, etc. Most had gone home, but two of the guys were too far gone to drive. This had happened more than once with that particular group, so it was no big thing for them to stretch out on the couch or on our living room floor for the night. Dick went out onto the sleeping porch to read. My wife, Billie Sue, and I retired upstairs to our bed.

After we had undressed, Billie Sue suddenly said she wanted to go downstairs to give Dick "a good night kiss". As she started out of the bedroom, she suddenly remembered the two guys in the living room and pulled a sleeveless T shirt over her nudity. It barely covered the auburn curls between her legs. My curiosity aroused, I crept out of the bedroom a few minutes after her. I didn't go all the way down stairs, but stopped on the stair landing at their bottom.

I had earlier discovered that a couple of decorative mirrors were placed so as to allow anyone on the landing a complete view of the living room and sleeping porch. I could see that Dick had left his blinds up, so the view into his room was unobstructed from where I stood on the landing. A street lamp outside the house gave the whole area subdued, but sufficient lighting, My wife sat curled up facing Dick, her T-shirt pulled down as far as it could. Dick was wearing his underpants and was stretched out on his side talking to her, his back to the living room. Mike, (one of the other guys) was stretched out on the couch, and Tommy, the other guy, was laying on the floor.

It was impossible to tell if they were asleep, but if they were awake, they had as good a view of the sleeping porch as I did. After a while Billie Sue leaned in to give Dick his promised good night kiss. I honestly had not expected anything to happen with the two others in the next room, but I guess my wife decided they were asleep.

As they kissed, her arms went around him. After a moment they broke, and Billie Sue pulled back. She gave our friend a mischievous look, then crossed her arms in front of her, hooked her fingers around the edges of the T shirt and pulled the shirt over her head. I gave an involuntary gasp at the sight of her 5'. 38-24-34 nude beauty.

As she sat there, illuminated by the street light shining trough the open window, It occurred to me that any one driving or walking by on the street would be able to peer in and see her in all her long-haired, auburn glory. After a moment, she leaned back into Dick's arms for another long, soulful kiss. His hands began to caress her side. Her arms went around his back, and as I watched, her hands slid down his back to the inside of his shorts.

Together they moved down onto his bed. The next time they came up for air, Dick hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts, to pull them off. But before he could, my wife sat up and gently pushed him back to the bed. Then she gripped his shorts and slowly pulled them down. When his cock came into view, she began to stroke it with one hand. After a moment, she leaned forward and took his manhood into her mouth. His hands went to her head and hers curled around his hips, as she began to rhythmically suck his cock.

I could feel my own penis harden at the sight of my wife giving my best friend head. Billie Sue likes to give head, but doesn't like the taste of cum in her mouth, so I wasn't surprised when she came up for air. Dick's hands went to her ample breasts as he pushed her backward. In a second, he was on top of her and inside her.

As they began moving together, I noticed that their two bodies began to scoot toward the inside wall of the porch. Gradually, they ended up with Billie Sue lying half on the floor and half against the wall. In this position, I was able to actually see his red dick plunging in and out of that vagina I love so well. After a while, their pace quickened to the point where I knew he was about to orgasm. As he exploded into her, I could hear their moans.

To my surprise, instead of laying down beside him, Billie Sue quickly climbed off and once again took his cock into her mouth. Billie Sue usually insists on a fresh washing of any penis before she'll take it into her mouth. She says she doesn't care for the taste of a cock once it's been coated with her own juices, much less with a generous portion of jism for icing. But this time she slurped Dick's dick down like it was an ice cream cone.

As soon as he was hard again, and she swung her leg over him and mounted him, facing away from his face. This of course, gave me a perfect view through the mirror of my beloved wife riding my best friend's hard cock! Her hands went to her ample breasts and she began to pinch her pink nipples. As I watched her ride my friend's cock, my hand strayed to my own penis, but I restrained from relieving myself. Something told me that there was more to come.

Sure enough. After a few moments, they again climaxed together. Dick restrained his cries of pleasure, but I could hear Billie Sue moan in orgasm from where I was hiding. Then she gracefully rolled off him cuddled up to our friend spoon-stye, with his hand cradling one of her plump breasts. They remained curled up together so long that I thought they had fallen asleep.

I wondered if I should go get her out of his bed. I imagined she certainly wouldn't want the guys in the living room to wake up the next morning and find their hostess sleeping naked in another guest's bed! Just as I had decided to creep into the living room, and out to the sleeping porch, I saw my wife stir. She sat up, yawned and stretched (which showed her nude breasts off to great advantage,) and looked around for her T-shirt.

She obviously couldn't find the shirt, and so, she stood up, and to my surprise, non-nonchalantly walked, totally unclothed, into the living room where, I presumed, our other friends, Mike and Tom were asleep. She took her time walking across the room, and I realized, she was not heading for the stairs, where I watched from. Instead, she walked over to the couch.

My gaze followed her, and for the first time I noticed that Mike was quite obviously not asleep. He had been laying on the couch in his underwear. Now he sat up. His penis was peeking straight out of his shorts. And judging from the state of his erection, he had not been asleep long enough to have gotten quite an eyeful of my wife and Dick's love fest.

"Enjoy the show, Mike?"

"I didn't think you knew..."

"That I had an audience? Don't be silly. I enjoyed knowing you were watching. And I enjoyed even more imagining that you were turned on."

"You don't have to imagine. I was. And I am."

"I can see. I appreciate the compliment. You know, since I'm responsible for your condition, I wonder if I shouldn't do something to rectify your problem."

"I wouldn't mind that at all."

"Somehow, I didn't think you would."

Without another word, my wife knelt down before our friend, and reached into his shorts. She began stroking his tool, and simultaneously lifted her head toward Mike. He leaned down and they exchanged an open-mouthed kiss, as his hands began to stroke her sides and breasts.

After a few minutes, they broke apart. Mike pulled off his shirt and shucked his shorts. Still kneeling before him, Billie Sue then leaned down and began to deep-throat his erect cock. One of her hands cradled his balls. After a moment, her other hand strayed to the auburn curls between her legs. She softly began to massage her clitoris as she continued to suck off Mike.

She didn't see Tommy get up from the floor behind, strip off his underwear, and silently creep up to her. As her third lover reached out and began to cradle her breasts from behind, my wife didn't miss a beat. Still rhythmically sucking off Mike, she moved her hands to brace herself on the sofa, lifted up her waist and spread her legs, inviting whoever it was behind her to take her doggy-style.

Tom didn't hesitate. In a second he was inside her. As Mike's hand cradled her head, Tom's hands went to her waist. In a surprisingly short time, the three of them found their rhythm. It seemed to be that they kept their menage going for a long while. Finally with a groan, Tom exploded into that pussy I loved so much. Simultaneously, Mike came in her mouth.

The three of them laid there for a moment, and without a word, my wife sat up, turned, placed a hand on Tom's chest and pushed him flat onto the floor. She crouched over him and began to clean his dick off with her mouth. It wasn't another moment before Mike sat up from the couch, walked over and entered her from behind as she fellated Tom!

For the second time that night I watched my wife suck off one of our friends while another fucked her from behind. This time, they all three seemed to come simultaneously. As the men collapsed. Billie Sue scooted up so that the maximum amount of her luscious nude body was laying against Tom and exchanged an deep soul kiss with him. She then got up and walked once more to the couch, where she did the same with Mike.

At this point I headed upstairs. I barely had time to jump into bed when she entered. Whether or not she knew I had been watching I didn't know.



"Let's make love."


"Wanna 69?"

I didn't hesitate.

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