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Tight Spandex Pants

Sexy wife meets a neighbor.
My name is Tom. I am 45 years old. It was a beautiful Spring morning. I was outside doing yard work when I see this delectable figure jog past. The woman was curvy and looked to be in her mid-thirties. She was wearing a black tank top and black spandex pants. Her blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail. I watched this beauty move out of sight, I was entranced by the sight of her ass bouncing in those tight pants. A few days later I was washing my car in the driveway when this same woman jogs past wearing the same outfit. When she jogged by I let out a low whistle. She stopped jogging and turned towards me.

“Hi there my name is Tom,” I said as she walked towards me.

“Hi, my name is Brianna, nice to meet you,” she replied with a giggle and smile.

We started talking. She told me that her and her husband moved into the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. We continued to talk as I glanced at her body when she was not looking. Her legs were toned and she had well defined hips. She had nice sized distinctive breasts. In fact, she looked so attractive that I realized I was getting a hard-on. I wanted to reach down and straighten it out but Brianna was standing there looking at me as we talked.

“Nice to meet you,” Brianna said as she turned and continued running.

I returned to washing my car. About a week later was mowing the lawn when Brianna came jogging by again. She waved and I stopped the lawn mower. It was pretty warm outside and I asked Brianna if she wanted to come inside for a drink of water. She agreed and followed me inside. Brianna sat on the sofa as I went into the kitchen to get two glasses of water. I returned to the living room with the water and sat next to Brianna on the sofa. We started talking as she mentioned that she and her husband liked the neighborhood and have met a few of their neighbors. Brianna was so sexy I could only stare at her as we talked.

"Brianna, you are one attractive woman," I confessed to her.

"Thank you," Brianna replied.

"Your husband is one lucky man," I said to her as I put my hand on her knee.

There was very little movement on her part as I caressed her knee to get a feel of her tight spandex pants. I continued caressing her leg and then moving from the inside of her knee up to her inner thigh. Brianna's expression changed as she watched my hand moving up her leg.

"Oh Tom, I am a married woman, I can’t do this," Brianna stammered.

I did not say word as I moved my hand slowly and steadily farther and farther up her leg. Brianna squirmed once, but she made no effort to stop my hand or move away from me. I continued to slide my hand up her inner thigh to her crotch. I reached out and began rubbing her pussy through her tight spandex pants. We both looked at each not saying a word. It was at about this point that I became aware of the hardness of my cock and how sexually aroused I had become as I was massaging Brianna through her tight spandex pants. I could feel her slit under them which was a fantastically erotic feeling. I looked into her eyes and she broke the silence.

"Oh Tom, please stop," Brianna stammered.

I responded to her plea by lowering my lips to hers and kissed her. The force of the kiss pushed Brianna back on the sofa and I was half on top of her. My hand was still massaging her pussy through her tight spandex pants. Our mouths opened and I felt her tongue with mine as our kiss became more passionate. We both ran out of breath and had to break the kiss. I pulled my hand away from her crotch and placed each hand on either side of her as she lay on the sofa. I pushed up and looked down at Brianna. She was panting and I could see her breasts moving up and down. I cupped one and massaged it through her top.

We stared into each other's eyes. I think Brianna knew she was entering the point of no return. I fondled her breasts and moved my hand from one to the other as I lowered my head to kiss her again. We kissed for a few minutes then I sat up. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt as Brianna raised her arms and pulled it up over her head exposing her bra covered breasts. I could see Brianna suck in a breath, bite her lower lip, reach back and unhook her bra as it fall from her shoulders to her lap. Her breasts were about a D-cup and sagged slightly, but to my eyes they were magnificent. I removed my shirt before reaching out to touch her flesh. Her nipples were already hard, but seemed to get harder under the touch of my hand. We leaned closer to each other and kissed with our naked tops pushing against one another. I felt her hard nipples and large breasts pushing against my chest.

When we finally broke the kiss, but were still holding each other, Brianna whispered in my ear.

"Tom, I have never been with another man other than my husband,” she confessed.

"I will go slow," I replied.

My reply seemed to relax her.

I stood up and I unzipped my shorts. I was so hard now it was aching. I sucked in my breath, put my thumbs into the waistband of my shorts and slid them down to mid-thigh. Brianna’s eyes opened wide and her mouth dropped open when she saw my stiff cock. She reached out and started caressing my cock. The more she did the firmer her grip got on it and the closer she crawled to me. Then she leaned up against me and began stroking my cock. Brianna stroked my cock while I fondled her tits for a few minutes. Then Brianna lay down on the couch. I grabbed her pants legs and pulled her pants off as she lifted her fine ass off the couch. Brianna was wearing a pair of black thong panties.

"Nice," I said looking Brianna in the eyes.

Then I reached down and slowly pulled her panties off. Brianna’s pussy was noticeable wet. Then I slid from the sofa and stood over her as she stared at my hard cock.

“I just want to look at you. You are so sexy, Brianna," I complimented her as she was completely naked on the couch.

Then I spread her legs giving me such a magnificent view of her pussy. I positioned myself between Brianna’s legs and tenderly kissed her inner thigh working my way to her pussy. I couldn't stop looking at her. I ran my tongue up her slit and immediately she jerked. She had a fine covering of light colored pubic hair. Then I pulled her pussy lips apart and slid my tongue inside her pussy. She was slick and tasty. Brianna closed her eyes and started moaning. She jumped as I slid a finger inside her warm pussy. I started sucking her clit and finger fucking her like a wild man. It wasn't but a few seconds later that she relaxed back on the sofa and I felt her hands on the back of my head pulling me harder down on her pussy. The taste of her on my tongue was driving me wild.

Finally, I pulled back and looked at her. Brianna laid there with a wanton look on her face while I positioned myself between her legs. My cock was rock hard and throbbing. I lowered myself on top of her as I could see the fear in her eyes, but lust on her face. I reached between us with one hand and took my cock in it and guided it to her opening. When the head of my cock entered her pussy she let out a gasp. I continued to slowly push into her deeper and deeper. Brianna’s mouth was open and she was starting to pant. Her eyes widened and looked up at me as I pushed further as Brianna winced.

"Your pussy is so tight," I moaned.

"Oh God Tom you are so much bigger than my husband," Brianna confessed.

I continued to push inside Brianna until I was fully inside her. She let out a load moan and wrapped her legs around me.

"Oh Tom you are so deep inside me," Brianna whispered in my ear.

The passion began filling my body as I started to thrust in and out of Brianna’s tight pussy. It wasn't long until I was thrusting into her over and over. Brianna’s body started shaking and squirming under me.

Brianna was panting and shaking. All of a sudden I felt her pussy contracting around my cock and trying to squeeze the life out of it. The sensation of fucking a slick and tight pussy was so unbelievable, I refused to be pushed from her and plowed into her harder, faster and deeper. Then she let out a weird sound and dug her fingernails into my back as her pussy clamped onto my cock. Then she collapsed back onto the sofa.

"Oh, your cock touched me places that have never been touched," Brianna exclaimed.

"I have never had an orgasm like that before in my life," she added.

While she talked I resumed my own awesome feeling and now her pussy felt even slicker, as I quickly picked up speed and was again slamming my cock deep into her.

"Yes, yes Tom, fuck me some more, I love how you feel inside me," Brianna groaned.

It wasn't long until I as building to a fever pitch of uncontrolled excitement. I was feeling my own volcano preparing to erupt. I slammed into her as deeply as I could shove my cock and spewed my seed into Brianna. I pulled back and fired another load into her before I finally came to rest on top of and inside Brianna. We both laid there saying nothing, just panting and holding onto each other. Finally, after our heavy breathing subsided, I pulled back so I could look her in the face.

"My husband is not due home for a few more days,” Brianna said with a smile.

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