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In the House of Madam (Part Two)

Steven discovers a different side to one of Madam’s assistants

When the session had ended, Cassie and Melina took me up to the top floor of the house. A door was unlocked and I was led into a simply, but comfortably furnished bedroom. Apart from a large double bed with an iron frame, there was a bedside cabinet, an easy chair and a low coffee table. A number of books and magazines were scattered around the room. A half-open door from the bedroom revealed...Read On


Luck Happens, Part 1

After a long drought, luck brings new joy.

I've been in the doldrums for the last few months. Not that things were bad, it was more like things were blah. Everything was blah - my writing, my social life, just my whole demeanor. I knew that I needed to change this outlook but it seemed that every time I tried to shake loose, it was all for naught. I needed to break the pattern, I needed some luck, too. I needed some spice, I just...Read On


A Business Trip Interlude

He told her over lunch he thought they should see each other naked

Em had always found it difficult to resist a straight-out proposition from someone she was enjoying lunch or dinner with one-on-one and with whom she had established some empathy. Sometimes she wondered briefly whether this was entirely proper. Mostly she put this unworthy thought out of her head immediately. Even if she didn’t, even if the thought lingered which it sometimes did and...Read On


She had it Naked and Hot at the Holiday Hotel Spa

Outside the scenery was spectacular, inside it was steamy

“We should have a massage at the spa,” said Em to Ambrose, who was leafing through some literature on Iguassu Falls. They were just a stroll away across the resort lawns and down a little track.  “It says to be watchful for jaguars,” said Ambrose. He smiled across the ground floor suite’s living room at Em. He thought she was looking particularly sexy today in a nice pair of shorts and a...Read On


Choice Matters (Part 2 of 2)

Stuck in the van, Lena and Marko become intimately familiar

Two hours prior to “Now”... "Yosemite Sam," Lena said. "Hmmm...'M' right? Uh, Mickey Mouse," Marko answered, leaning forward close to the wheel trying to see through the rain soaked windshield. Sheets of water that the wiper blades had just swiped off returned instantly. "Eeeee...oh, Eeyore!" she snapped. "Wasn't he from a book?" "Then they turned it into a cartoon for Disney,"...Read On


She Heard a Hot Little Secret

His dinner table confession really turned her on

Em was intrigued. Ambrose was just back from a business trip and he seemed to want to tell her something. Normally he didn’t, not unless asked and Em rarely asked since such exchanges inevitably became two-way affairs.  She knew that Ambrose occasionally strayed from the straight and narrow, especially on business trips. This wasn’t something she regarded as a problem. Em had her...Read On


Choice Matters (Part 1 of 2)

Strangers meet at a cottage but end up in a van.

“Now...”     The rain came down steadily; heavy sheets of it falling for the last few hours. It had turned the winding cottage roads into obstacle courses with pools of water and large branches and debris strewn across the gravel and asphalt. Wise travelers would have avoided trying to push through such a torrent. Yet there would always be a few who had "no choice" but to go through. ...Read On


Cheering Bella

Dreams can be fulfilling

My name is Bella and I am not happy. I thought my senior year of high school would be great. Isn't this supposed to be the time when you're both on top of your own little world, but also excited about entering a new frontier next year? But still, I am not happy. Or should I say that I am not satisfied. My situation is not one that provokes much sympathy. I know it may sound like bragging...Read On


She got Such a Sexy Surprise

It was just going to be a straight massage, but then...

Em was lying face down on the massage bed in the little spa she’d popped into while out shopping on a brief island holiday. She’d decided a nice relaxing one-hour massage would be good and had gone into the place on a whim. There were no masseuses available and they asked if she would mind having a masseur massage her. She said, “That’s fine.” She was taken along to a room and the woman...Read On


Some Day, Was our Mantra; Mya Made it Come True

This is a fantasy written for a very close friend.

I was just sitting there relaxing after writing Mya and logging off Lush. She'd joined about a month before I did and she contacted me first. I'd been there for a couple of months just reading the stories before I joined. As we got to know each other we became true friends. I'm 71, white with long white hair and a beard, she's in her early 50's and African American. She'd had a problem...Read On


True Story: Thanksgiving Sex with a stranger

He made me cum again and again

I had spent a little too much time with family over Thanksgiving. A trip to the local dive bar for some drunken karaoke was much needed. My friends and I were having a grand time singing and dancing. I was definitely feeling the deserved drinks. I knew almost everyone in there. Every time I went to the bar for a drink though, this mysterious guy flirted with me. There was something about...Read On

Recommended Read

Mahogany - Part 1

Sometimes, a vacation from reality is what you really need....

I find myself standing on a wooden dock white washed by the sun watching the yacht pull away. Behind me, beyond the oddly perfect, barren stretch of white-sugar sand, lays a complex of equally white buildings with Mahogany roofs under green fronds of palm trees. A week, I think to myself. I have a week here. I look back out to the boat, the dash of white against the impossibly azure sea,...Read On


A dream so real part 2

A raunchy dream had them desperately wanting it to come true.

Leah.x.x: 'I dreamed about you last night' Zeke_89: 'Oh yeah? What happened in this dream?' Leah.x.x: 'It was a naughty dream' Zeke_89: 'Now you have my attention lol' Leah.x.x: 'You sure you want to know?' Zeke_89: 'Definitely' Leah began typing her dream from memory, leaving no details out. Pressing send, she waited as he read, anxious to know what he would say. Zeke_89:...Read On


Naughty Neighbour Part Two

A continuing affair.

Ron was in hospital. Two days after Jean and I had fucked each other. Jean came round, rang the bell, to which I went to answer. I opened the door, and there stood Jean, we both almost could not look at each other. She said, “Hi, Bob… they're letting Ron out of hospital today. And I was wondering… if you could help to bring him back in your car? He may find it difficult on the bus.” ...Read On


Sexy weekend

Out of necessity my girlfriend Lena and I, a DD half brunette-half redhead, work different shifts with different companies. She works the Monday-Friday day shift, while I work the Sunday-Thursday afternoon/evening shift that often extends past midnight. Thus, while we live together, there are times when we don’t see each other, conscious for two days at a time. So sex is mainly reserved for...Read On