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Cheering Bella

Dreams can be fulfilling

My name is Bella and I am not happy. I thought my senior year of high school would be great. Isn't this supposed to be the time when you're both on top of your own little world, but also excited about entering a new frontier next year? But still, I am not happy. Or should I say that I am not satisfied. My situation is not one that provokes much sympathy. I know it may sound like bragging...Read On


She got Such a Sexy Surprise

It was just going to be a straight massage, but then...

Em was lying face down on the massage bed in the little spa she’d popped into while out shopping on a brief island holiday. She’d decided a nice relaxing one-hour massage would be good and had gone into the place on a whim. There were no masseuses available and they asked if she would mind having a masseur massage her. She said, “That’s fine.” She was taken along to a room and the woman...Read On


Some Day, Was our Mantra; Mya Made it Come True

This is a fantasy written for a very close friend.

I was just sitting there relaxing after writing Mya and logging off Lush. She'd joined about a month before I did and she contacted me first. I'd been there for a couple of months just reading the stories before I joined. As we got to know each other we became true friends. I'm 71, white with long white hair and a beard, she's in her early 50's and African American. She'd had a problem...Read On

Recommended Read

Mahogany - Part 1

Sometimes, a vacation from reality is what you really need....

I find myself standing on a wooden dock white washed by the sun watching the yacht pull away. Behind me, beyond the oddly perfect, barren stretch of white-sugar sand, lays a complex of equally white buildings with Mahogany roofs under green fronds of palm trees. A week, I think to myself. I have a week here. I look back out to the boat, the dash of white against the impossibly azure sea,...Read On


A dream so real part 2

A raunchy dream had them desperately wanting it to come true.

Leah.x.x: 'I dreamed about you last night' Zeke_89: 'Oh yeah? What happened in this dream?' Leah.x.x: 'It was a naughty dream' Zeke_89: 'Now you have my attention lol' Leah.x.x: 'You sure you want to know?' Zeke_89: 'Definitely' Leah began typing her dream from memory, leaving no details out. Pressing send, she waited as he read, anxious to know what he would say. Zeke_89:...Read On


Naughty Neighbour Part Two

A continuing affair.

Ron was in hospital. Two days after Jean and I had fucked each other. Jean came round, rang the bell, to which I went to answer. I opened the door, and there stood Jean, we both almost could not look at each other. She said, “Hi, Bob… they're letting Ron out of hospital today. And I was wondering… if you could help to bring him back in your car? He may find it difficult on the bus.” ...Read On


Sexy weekend

Out of necessity my girlfriend Lena and I, a DD half brunette-half redhead, work different shifts with different companies. She works the Monday-Friday day shift, while I work the Sunday-Thursday afternoon/evening shift that often extends past midnight. Thus, while we live together, there are times when we don’t see each other, conscious for two days at a time. So sex is mainly reserved for...Read On


Gail's Fantasy

Fantasy that turned into reality.

It was a difficult time for Gail. Her parents had been in a hostile divorce over the past few years. Every event, every conversation, every visit was laced with petty tactical ploys by both of her parents to win her loyalty and in a way, choose a side. Even now, eight months after her parents finalized their divorce, Gail found it difficult to feel comfortable visiting either of her parents....Read On



Dreaming of you

We started chatting here on Lush. You found me, I found you... I can't remember now! What I do know is I enjoy our chats together. You make me feel loved, wanted and desired. Something I haven't felt at home for a long time. Our chats are getting more and more intimate as we learn things about each other. We send photos to each other too, more on show now as our trust grows. There is nothing...Read On


A Change in Circumstances - Part 2 - Discovering the Truth

It was New Year’s Eve, I didn’t know I was about to confront Jenny with surprising results.

The following few days found Jenny and I in a heightened state of sexual need. We had travelled home from Melissa’s on Friday afternoon and had made the three hundred mile journey in record time. Something was driving us both onwards to our own home in the countryside. At one point while we were on the motorway, Jenny even leant over and started to feel my cock beneath my jeans. Something...Read On


The Teacher, Part 2

The best lessons are taught out of school.

The last thing she said to me was: “You’re going to have to wait. I never fuck on a first date,” and then she grabbed her clothes, got dressed and started to leave. "Wait! When will have our second date?" I inquired in a tone more begging than manly and which I immediately regretted. She pouted her lips, and then made a show of licking her lips and savoring some surviving strands of my...Read On


Level Three Emergency

How George and I met

I work at a convenience store. One night a couple of years ago, it got brutally cold. About -30˚ with the wind chill. My shift ended at 8:00 pm. I rushed out to my car to warm it up, but my heart dropped when the damn thing wouldn't start! It wouldn't even turn over. My roommate, Annette, was out of the state, my parents and my brother live over twenty miles away, and no one at the store...Read On


A train ride with a difference

Who knew a train ride could be this interesting?

She hated the long trip home, but it was always good to see her family. The two hour trip home always wore her out no matter what time of day she travelled. Usually her train companions were just business men and women in suits who were too busy reading things on their phones and ipads to make conversation, but on this trip one of her companions didn’t fit the business man category. She...Read On


New Years Eve Present

A perfect present just after midnight...

It was New Years Eve, and as usual I had a group of friends at my place for a party. Things had been going great, beer had been drunk, laughter was had, and Emma spent the entire night teasing me in that gorgeous black party dress she wore. Barely long enough to cover her sweet little ass, her bare legs caught the attention of every guy in the room. And best of all, she was all mine. The...Read On


The Sensuality of My Memories of You

How my memories of you affect me

There are times during a lifetime or even just a day, when our minds wander, when we remember times past or times wished for. Below are a few of my thoughts and their effect on me. There's something about you that makes me want to kiss you. I would love to take you to dinner, share a bottle of wine as we talk but all the while, watching your lips as we talk, wanting to kiss them. After...Read On


Coke and a Smile

When Kate hires a carpet cleaner to do the carpets in her condo, he ends up doing much more!

Chapter One It was days like today when Kate really liked the convenience of working from her home office. The carpet cleaning company she had hired was due to arrive any minute, but she could still keep on working while something else was getting accomplished around her home at the same time. For her, that was a slam-dunk. Right on cue, Kate heard the sound of a truck pulling into...Read On


A Flight to Remember

She gives me that knowing smirk as if she knows what trouble I’m about to get into with my new “frie

I can’t believe it’s been a month since meeting Robin and Tiffany, I think to myself as I drive to the airport. I begin to replay in my mind the events of that glorious day. It had been a busy day and I was on my way home. I had spent the previous three days in Washington DC on business. I was ready to get back home to Southern California. My meetings ended early that day allowing me to...Read On

Recommended Read

For Your Dining Pleasure, Part 3

The next morning, Teaghan walked across the garden towards the house. She passed the hired clean up crew as they tidied the grounds after the party. They had their work cut out for them but they went about their business diligently. "Help yourself to a few burgers," she remarked half-jokingly to no one in particular as she passed by the poolside. Checking through the pantry and the...Read On


Something Sweet for Dessert Part IIII

At last, I eased my weight from Jenna’s body, although still holding her jaw in my hand. I took half a step back. I reached out for her breasts, squeezing and massaging them in my hands. I tweaked her nipples teasingly, to the tune of tiny whimpers. Her body gravitated towards me again, her hips thrusting and rolling with urgent need. I stepped forward and kissed her plump, delicious lips...Read On


Unexpected Stranger (From novella entitled: ESCAPE)

When Lauren meets Adam in a bar, what follows in his hotel room is a night of unbridled sex

Chapter One It was Friday night around ten o’clock, Lauren guessed. She wasn’t really sure, because the only thing that had her complete attention at that moment were dark brown handsome eyes boring into hers with such intensity that she couldn’t look away. She was mesmerized. The night had started out innocently enough. She and her girlfriend had come to MacAllister’s bar to celebrate...Read On


A dream so real

An encounter with a stranger has her dreaming of what could have been...

It was about 11:30pm when he pulled up outside her house. Walking to the car, she opened the door and got in.  "Your car exhaust stinks!" she stated. He leaned across to give her a kiss on the cheek, laughing.  "It's nice to finally meet you, Leah," he said.  "You too, Zeke," she replied with a smile. They had started talking online a few weeks back, and finally decided to meet up. It...Read On


Heidi and the Headmaster

You are, without a doubt, the sexiest naughty schoolgirl I have ever seen

I am sitting at my desk in our home office. I hear a little tap on the door frame. "Mr Headmaster, Sir?" "What in the...?" As I start to look up from my paperwork, I see the patent leather shoes with the silver buckles, the white knee socks. Your beautiful bare thighs. The shortest, sexiest little plaid skirt. A crisp, white button-down shirt, tied just above your naval. The top two...Read On


Something Sweet for Dessert Part III

She was still struggling a little, but my phrasing caught her attention and I knew she was watching me in the mirror. I placed my left hand on top of hers, clutching the sink, and reached around her body with my right. I found her lips and she sucked my fingers into her mouth, rolling her tongue over each one with her eyes clamped shut. Jenna knew my plan the instant my fingers left her...Read On


He Took Her Out for a Bite

The entree was lovely, and the dessert was to die for

Em was travelling again. This time she was at a big convention in Thailand with lots of big boats around as well as other rich boys’ toys. She would be there for nearly three weeks before Ambrose was to join her for a holiday. So she had packed carefully for the trip. There would be a lot of work but also, she was sure, plenty of time to relax. Vic the Vibrator came along. He always did;...Read On


For Your Dining Pleasure, Part 2

It wasn't that Mona disliked being referred to as the 'Cream Queen', or the 'Queen of Cream', or whatever. It was just that it annoyed her that she herself couldn't help but play up to the naked innuendo the nicknames inferred. Probably that's why she named her dessert shop Sweet Mona's, and seriously considered spelling it as Moan-ahhs. Her friend, Teaghan, slapped a restraint on her...Read On


Something Sweet for Dessert Part II

I watched her and saw the twinkle in her big eyes as she kissed her way down my body. I saw the silky skin of her thighs exposed to me, inch by inch. The tight fabric of her dress hitched higher up her legs as she crouched. The hem rolled high enough to bring a peek of her pink knickers into view. The sight of her panties and flawless skin set my heart racing and my mouth watering. I felt...Read On



Amber was standing by the sink washing the dishes from dinner. I had finished work late, which meant she had eaten alone and my dinner would be in the fridge for me. She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a light pink, long sleeved blouse. Her dark hair was wavy and pushed over her left shoulder. I could just about see the tiny strand over white gold on her neck, which made me smile...Read On


Teen Diaries 12 - Foreplay in Class

Jill gets turned on in class by another student

My name is Jill and I'm a 17 year old senior at John Deer High. My favorite class is Mrs. Jung's English class, but my assigned seat is in the back corner, second to last seat. I'm a pretty good student and always pay attention, but the guy who sits behind me, Cliff, is disruptive and sometimes even gets kicked out of class by the teacher. He's what we call a "Super Senior" because he's...Read On


The Ballet Dancer, Part 3 - Finale

Our final dance

I awoke as I passed out, naked and spread-eagle on the bed. A knock on the door arose me from the post-fellatio slumber. “I ordered food while you sleep,” she remarked. The light streamed in as the door opened and I realized that she was still naked as well. The glory of her perfection framed by the light of the door roused me again. The gawking boy who held our food was speechless...Read On


Naughty Neighbour

Two lonely people change each other's lives.

Hi, my name is Bob. I am in my early fifties. I am married and have two kids, and my wife is four years younger than me. A little more on my wife; she is fat and uninterested in sex. She does not look after herself at all, no exercise to speak of. She won’t even walk up to the shops, which are only five minutes away. They are just a few of the reasons I let this happen. My job relocated...Read On