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New Year's Eve

An unexpected sexual encounter

She wanted to kiss him so bad, but she resisted. He must’ve read her mind because he leaned in making an attempt to, but she turned away. Instead she leaned to one side and whispered, “I want you to taste me first. Then you can kiss me.” He let out a hard, loud sigh. “Fuck,” he groaned. His hands quickly discovered she was only in a t-shirt. He could feel the heat coming from...Read On


The Scarlet Parcel

Heather is a single mother living in a pretty cottage in a picturesque English village.

A pair of blue-tits was fighting each other for exclusive access to the peanut holder Heather had just attached to the bird table. A female pheasant’s dull brown feathers twitched under a bush as it waited for Heather to return to the cottage kitchen. Then it could peck at the seeds scattered liberally at the foot of the rotting bird table Heather smiled. She pushed open the door to...Read On


Slow Pump

Pumping gas leads to an unexpected romp

I'm not sure what was more depressing -- having to work on the summer holiday while the family was off having fun, or watching a big chunk of the bonus money I earned go right into the gas tank of my decade-old Subaru. I pulled into the service station on the opposite side of the pumps from a beat-up Ford Taurus. Duct tape was holding part of the fender together. I guess my car isn't so bad,...Read On


Rose - Part 1

A renewed man reconnects with a girl from his past.

The engine purred softly as he slowed to a stop. Looking out beyond the shiny long hood of his Plymouth, he saw her. Wide curls in her long brown hair, a pale yellow sundress reaching just above the knee, beautiful tan legs, and perfect definition in her calfs. Michael wanted to howl! The sun was just right; the rays passed through her lacy dress and the shadow of her body could just barely...Read On


Oliver returns from honeymoon

Millie welcomes Oliver's return

Since my liaison with Oliver I hadn't been able to stop thinking about him. Each time I imagined his mouth on me or his thick, cock sliding into me, I’d get wet and my small, pink nipples would harden. It wouldn't matter where I was. I could be at sixth form, home, a friend’s house or the pub. Suddenly, he’d pop into my head and I’d be horny beyond belief. Taking care of myself was...Read On


Angel in the flower shop.

He has wanted her for so long. Now is the time.

I was so nervous that day. Walking quickly to the flower shop. My mind racing with so many different thoughts. What if she wasn't there today? No she was always there! What if she didn't have time to talk today? No she always made time to talk! What if she didn't want to hear what I had to say to her? I needed to stop thinking and just get to her shop. As I rounded the corner and the shop...Read On


The Trip Home

Tamera and Tony get stranded on a mountain road, and stay warm the only way they know how.

Journal #32 Sunday, December 15th I can’t believe I’ve written thirty-one journals already. With all the stresses and anxieties of life in college, it has been a good release, to get it all of out of my mind and onto paper. I hate to admit it, but mom was right. Writing everything down has really helped me to keep my bearings this year. I find I am much calmer and I am much, much...Read On


Bridesmaid Duties

Millie has fun at her sister's wedding

It had been a long day and I was seriously ready to climb into bed and have a well-deserved rest. Glancing at the clock on the wall, I realised it wasn't even eight pm. I had at least four hours before I could be relieved of my bridesmaid duties and head to my hotel room. Eliza (my sister) had dressed us in ridiculously tight maxi dresses and high heels so my feet were killing. I’m only...Read On


My Favorite Night Part 2

A continuation

As you lead me to the bed, I smile happily knowing that you have a special plan for me. You release my hand and crawl your way in the middle the bed. You turn and face me. As your hand extends up to me, I look down and see all the beauty that is you. I kneel on the end on the bed as I take your hand into my own. You pull me towards yourself. Your eyes full of lust and need, you lean in to...Read On


Changing Professions: Part Four

Eve has now settled in with the escort service servicing a variety of clients in interesting ways.

Part Four : Working Girl Eve has joined Inhibitions Unlimited as an escort hoping to substantially increase her income. Her first client was the town's first black Mayor. She role played as a young Dutch girl and from all indications, he was well satisfied. In addition, she is looking forward to a starring role in a new porn flick called "The Principal." Everything is working out...Read On


Maneater Megan part II

New secratary's wicked plans for her married CEO boss

Megan snuggles into me as we walk to the elevator. I contemplate the ramifications of what I'm getting myself into, but she nudges me to stop thinking about it. Remnants of her intoxicating perfume waft up from her face against my chest. As the elevator doors open, she steps in front of me, her back to me, reaches behind to grab my hands, and leads me in. As the doors close, she turns...Read On


Tease and Please

You're a tease ... Yes, I am. But what are you going to do about it?

Allie cuddled up beside Seth and lightly kissed his neck while he looked through the website he was on. She wrapped her arms around one of his and let her hands drift down across his thigh and over his crotch before coming back up along his abdomen. “You’re a tease.” Seth sighed as she kissed the side of his neck again and his cock twitched. Allie smiled slowly; lips brushing over his...Read On


Merry Christmas Milking

I was on the prowl.

Hello, all. It's been a while. A lot of things have happened since we last spoke. The massage parlor was sold to my friend Deb, who moved it to a stand alone building. That gives our customers more discretion, especially vocally. She made me the manager, so now I'm there quite a bit. I also moved, I bought a new house in town. My boys love it, and so do I. Now, on with my story. Last Friday,...Read On


A Good Girl's Rendezvous

When my boyfriend goes overseas for a business trip I surprise him and he makes me his good girl.

From the moment I met my boyfriend, Liam, sparks were flying between us. We had this chemistry that was unmatched. We were both attractive and valued physical fitness. He was funny, handsome, sweet and someone I could hold an intellectual conversation with, unlike most guys my age. The first time I saw him naked, it was like staring at a statue of a Greek God. Perfect abs, strong arms, and...Read On


Blacksmith And A Lady

Medieval fun times

It was a cool spring night and the trees whispered to each other in the wind. James listened as the fowl of the woods sang their beautiful song to the night. He loved going out into the woods at night and taking his bath in the stream while listening to the birds sing.  Stripping off his blacksmithy’s clothing, he lowered his naked, muscled body into the water. It had been a long day at...Read On

Recommended Read


A simple dinner with his girlfriend gets complicated.

“Hi sweetie!” Margie lifted onto her toes for a peck on the lips before breezing past me with an armload of groceries. I scratched my head and peered up and down the street before closing the door and trailing barefoot after her. “Thought I’d make you something healthy tonight.” The brown paper bag was half empty and water was drumming the stainless steel sink by the time I twirled a...Read On


Ultimate Full Body Massage

A perfect first night

You meet me at the door with a loving smile and a question in your eyes as you notice the bag I'm carrying. "What do you have in the bag?" you ask me as we reach and embrace, sharing a passionate kiss. "Just something to make this a night for us to remember," is all I say. Placing the bag down we sit and make small talk for awhile. It has been almost a month since we have seen each other,...Read On


The Life And Lusts Of A Rock Goddess - part 2

Elkie orders room service, determined to get some satisfaction

Elkie answered the door on the second knock, opening the door wide and gesturing the porter inside. He carried a silver tray, a small ice-bucket, a bottle of Canadian Club and a single cut glass tumbler. She appraised the porter as he laid the tray on the sideboard. Older than her; late thirties, she guessed. Slightly overweight; a portly porter, she smiled at her own joke; about five...Read On


Sarah - Part Seventeen

Sarah prepares us for another long evening of sex

When I woke on Friday morning Sarah was gone, having slipped out of bed and left the house without waking me. I showered, shaved, dressed, went out for lunch, and did my usual errands, returning home in the late afternoon. It wasn’t until I saw Sarah’s car in the driveway that I remembered that there might be a surprise waiting for me. I found Sarah in the living room designing clothes...Read On


First love reclaimed

A chance encounter at the library rekindles an old flame

Tom was in a real hurry. He'd underestimated how long it would take to get across town at rush hour. He winched as the bus shuddered to a halt again, whilst ahead he could only see traffic. Inside his heart rate was rising. He looked at his watch, six minutes to go and then the library would be closed for the day. He could feel his panic rising. Taking a calculated risk, he jumped off the...Read On


Fitness class

Audrey is 21 this year, and has a body so perfect that not even the most skillful sculptor can capture in their work. However, she is a modest and hardworking girl who has clear standards and goals. She’s not from a rich family, so she must work as much as she can to pay for her university tuition. Amongst her jobs is a fitness instructor role at a local sports centre. Today is a slow...Read On


Night at the hotel

My long-time girlfriend and I rent a hotel for a night.

"I'll see you tonight!" Robin says in her smooth sexy tone then hung up the phone. We were going to do it! We were finally going to spend a whole night together just fucking! I was so excited! I had it all planned out. We were to meet at the hotel at nine p.m. and spend the night exploring each others bodies. We had been dating for two years now and had been having sex since a few weeks...Read On


Spicing up Her Sex Life

She went with her boyfriend to spice up their sex life

I stood just inside the small piece of woodland. Twenty yards away at the edge of the supermarket car park, a small old hatchback and a newer 4x4 swayed and bounced while a number of individuals looked on at the action. It was a mixed group, both in age and sex. As I watched, a thirty-something woman, maybe ten years or so younger than me, broke away and came towards the woodland in a...Read On


After the First Date

They went on a movie date and then he drove them back to her apartment. He walked her to the door and gave her a gentle kiss goodnight. With no words spoken, they both somehow knew what would happen next. She unlocked the door and took his hand, leading him inside. He kicked the door shut behind him and they sat down on the couch. They simultaneously rushed to embrace each other and...Read On


The life and ongoing lusts of a Rock Goddess

First in a series following the life of Elkie Nichols, Rock Goddess and horny bitch

Introducing Sock Puppetz The spotlights blazed, bathing the stage in a haze of bright white heat. The noise from the crowd was tremendous, the stomping and whooping shaking the stage like an earthquake was in full effect. The members of the band stood, arms raised, the adulation sweeping over them, big smiles on their faces. The lights moved, twisting away from the stage, across...Read On

Recommended Read

Lucky Santa

The Office Christmas Party gets taken to a whole new level...

In the end you could tell my Company Chief was an ex-sales guy. Dammit! At least that's 'my' excuse for why 'I' ended up in the Santa Suit halfway through the Christmas dinner celebrations. Don’t get any wise ideas! I'm not that fat, at least I don't think so,well-upholstered yes, but not fat! So my hair and beard are pretty white these days, I told him straight that was working for him,...Read On


Maneater Megan

A new secretary, Megan, stirs the pot...

Megan draws me further in her web, leaning back on the incline weight bench, her slim, tight legs spreading wide for me. My new secretary nimbly whips into this move with the prowess of a stripper, with wiggling pussy, her feet pointing slightly inward. She lifts up her orange tank-top and shakes her big DD-cup tits at me. Tits that she used to bring this married man's destruction. Tits...Read On


The Horny Teen Next Door - Part 2

Charlie had found an item of sensitive value...

Charlie was holding Mr. Magic, and a bulge was appearing in his jeans—a bulge I so wanted to see. "Charlie, why are you holding that?" I asked. "The same reason you hold it..." he replied. I could feel my black lace panties, that I had worn for this very moment, dripping with my wetness. I was dripping for the man in front of me—the very man that was hard for me. I didn't know what to...Read On


Back Against the Wall

A twisted paradise was settled, but whose paradise was it?

She knew what it was all about the moment she was pushed against that wall. There was obviously no turning back, neither for her nor the obscure figure that suddenly dissuaded her from any thoughts of escape. She was trapped in this profane alleyway, between a cold wall of glittering bricks and a dark silhouette steaming with burning desires. Snow was falling softly, light flakes melting...Read On


Changing Professions: Part Three

Eva has moved on from teaching and starred in a porn video. Now she has a new exciting opportunity.

Part Three: An Offer Hard to Refuse In the first two chapters, we learned that Eve lost her teaching job and found a new career in the adult film industry. She starred in her first full length porn flick called "Daddy Knows Best" and is back home from the Caribbean . Let's check in with her now to see how she is doing after the video's release. The most demanding and...Read On