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Night at the hotel

My long-time girlfriend and I rent a hotel for a night.

"I'll see you tonight!" Robin says in her smooth sexy tone then hung up the phone. We were going to do it! We were finally going to spend a whole night together just fucking! I was so excited! I had it all planned out. We were to meet at the hotel at nine p.m. and spend the night exploring each others bodies. We had been dating for two years now and had been having sex since a few weeks...Read On


Spicing up Her Sex Life

She went with her boyfriend to spice up their sex life

I stood just inside the small piece of woodland. Twenty yards away at the edge of the supermarket car park, a small old hatchback and a newer 4x4 swayed and bounced while a number of individuals looked on at the action. It was a mixed group, both in age and sex. As I watched, a thirty-something woman, maybe ten years or so younger than me, broke away and came towards the woodland in a...Read On


After the First Date

They went on a movie date and then he drove them back to her apartment. He walked her to the door and gave her a gentle kiss goodnight. With no words spoken, they both somehow knew what would happen next. She unlocked the door and took his hand, leading him inside. He kicked the door shut behind him and they sat down on the couch. They simultaneously rushed to embrace each other and...Read On


The life and ongoing lusts of a Rock Goddess

First in a series following the life of Elkie Nichols, Rock Goddess and horny bitch

Introducing Sock Puppetz The spotlights blazed, bathing the stage in a haze of bright white heat. The noise from the crowd was tremendous, the stomping and whooping shaking the stage like an earthquake was in full effect. The members of the band stood, arms raised, the adulation sweeping over them, big smiles on their faces. The lights moved, twisting away from the stage, across...Read On

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Lucky Santa

The Office Christmas Party gets taken to a whole new level...

In the end you could tell my Company Chief was an ex-sales guy. Dammit! At least that's 'my' excuse for why 'I' ended up in the Santa Suit halfway through the Christmas dinner celebrations. Don’t get any wise ideas! I'm not that fat, at least I don't think so,well-upholstered yes, but not fat! So my hair and beard are pretty white these days, I told him straight that was working for him,...Read On


Maneater Megan

A new secretary, Megan, stirs the pot...

Megan draws me further in her web, leaning back on the incline weight bench, her slim, tight legs spreading wide for me. My new secretary nimbly whips into this move with the prowess of a stripper, with wiggling pussy, her feet pointing slightly inward. She lifts up her orange tank-top and shakes her big DD-cup tits at me. Tits that she used to bring this married man's destruction. Tits...Read On


The Horny Teen Next Door - Part 2

Charlie had found an item of sensitive value...

Charlie was holding Mr. Magic, and a bulge was appearing in his jeans—a bulge I so wanted to see. "Charlie, why are you holding that?" I asked. "The same reason you hold it..." he replied. I could feel my black lace panties, that I had worn for this very moment, dripping with my wetness. I was dripping for the man in front of me—the very man that was hard for me. I didn't know what to...Read On


Back Against the Wall

A twisted paradise was settled, but whose paradise was it?

She knew what it was all about the moment she was pushed against that wall. There was obviously no turning back, neither for her nor the obscure figure that suddenly dissuaded her from any thoughts of escape. She was trapped in this profane alleyway, between a cold wall of glittering bricks and a dark silhouette steaming with burning desires. Snow was falling softly, light flakes melting...Read On


Changing Professions: Part Three

Eva has moved on from teaching and starred in a porn video. Now she has a new exciting opportunity.

Part Three: An Offer Hard to Refuse In the first two chapters, we learned that Eve lost her teaching job and found a new career in the adult film industry. She starred in her first full length porn flick called "Daddy Knows Best" and is back home from the Caribbean . Let's check in with her now to see how she is doing after the video's release. The most demanding and...Read On

Recommended Read

Apartment Seven Has A Golden Ticket

Vasily comes calling on Carie with his special ticket

Carie had just stuffed the last corner of toast with honey into her mouth when she heard a knock on her door. She frowned. It was supposed to be a lazy Sunday morning. All she wanted to do was go back to her bedroom and hibernate under her duvet just like the rest of the normal people should have been doing. Who knocks on your door Sunday morning? Knock, knock, knock. The sound was dull...Read On


Easy Money- more easy cash

Our Goth Girl goes back for more

The water cascaded down his body, drenching me as I continued to suck his cock. James had texted me late yesterday to tell me he'd be in town, if I fancied meeting up. £200 and the memory of our last encounter prompted me to make an excuse to my boyfriend; and so, less than 24 hours later, he was fucking my mouth, the head of his prick battering the back of my throat. I looked up at...Read On


Vixen Expostulates

A very determined girl gets what she wants.

Vixen sat in the front row in Mr. Valpor’s English class listening to him discuss Mark Twain and local color. She took notes and between times sucked on her Bic pen, keeping her pouting lips wet and soft, showing him her tongue tip now and then and enjoying the dampness her vagina was generating. She was “in heat” and she knew it. Estrous it was called in the animal world. She noticed that...Read On


Ava's Revenge- Chapter 2

Fuck the pain away...

LOGAN  I couldn’t get her off my mind all night. It was bloody maddening. I felt like I had an affliction that I just could not cure. Ever since our intimate encounter in my office, Ava’s body, her lips, her touch, her scent had been infused in my memory, haunting me everywhere I went. Giving lectures in class appeared to be an impossible task, because my eyes kept wandering towards...Read On


Stress Reliever

His eyes filled with lust.

I closed the front door, not even locking it yet. I was so physically and emotionally drained from today; I couldn't take it. I was relieved to see my boyfriend, Charles', car parked in one of our two reserved spots for our apartment. He drove a blue BMW, that had a silver 'C' on the driver's side window; courtesy of me. He was in the living room, watching a game. It may have been the look...Read On


Changing Professions: Part Two

Eve's successful audition as a model in the adult film industry is followed by her first video

Part Two: The Job You might remember that Eve left the studio  following an audition as a "model" in the adult film industry  to meet her best friend Jan for lunch. Jan had suggested contacting her friend, George, for an interview and a possible acting job in adult videos. Jan had answered a casting call a year earlier and now earned a nice living appearing in porn. Eve liked...Read On


Sarah - Part Sixteen

It's spring break, and Sarah and I finally get some quality time together

The spring break at school was a few days away. The good news was that it would provide nine days of relaxation for me. I did have one chore to do, and that was to find a place to live during the coming summer and for at least a year after that. David and Julie were frantically trying to finish their graduate degree requirements, move things home, find a place to live and plan...Read On


Midnight Fun

Thanks to Alex7 for helping me edit. :)

We are slow dancing in my room. The music is soft, and the volume is low. I start to kiss, and gently bite your neck. You gasp, and move your body slightly closer towards mine. I can feel your hips against me as we sway in time with the music. You are wearing your tight boxers, and I'm dressed in nothing more than my panties and bra. You pull me closer to you as you lean down to kiss me. I...Read On


Vixen Demonstrates

Our college girl fails to seduce but does a fine job teaching.

Vixen’s art teacher was a young man with a beard, a neatly trimmed red beard. He was fresh out of grad school, and this was his first position. He was hoping for tenure and then for a better job at a bigger and more prestigious school. He was not married and lived very frugally. The first time he saw Vixen as she entered his classroom, his genitals quivered. He wanted her. But, of course, he...Read On


Surprise Pleasure

A regular night turns into unforgettable pleasure.

It was a very cold, dark winter evening. Andrew had just finished work and was heading home. He was an electrician and was currently doing a job at a local power plant. His journey took forty-five minutes during this time he was planning his treat for his fiancé Kara. It was a Thursday, which meant date night. This had been a tradition every since their dating became serious. It was also the...Read On


Easy Money

Stood up by her boyfriend, an opportunity to earn some cash presents a girl with a dilemma

I was seriously pissed off. My boyfriend had stood me up again, off with his pig-ignorant mates. He'd only texted me when I was in the shopping centre making my way to the multiplex. Well, fuck him, I thought. I went outside to smoke a ciggie, before I'd make my way home, maybe stop in at the club on the way for a game of pool and a cider. I sparked up, pulling my long black coat tight...Read On


Cottage Living - Part 1

Visiting a friend's cottage leads to some interesting times

Paul pulled off the county road, up a long gravel track leading to his friend’s cottage. It had taken about two hours just to reach the turn-off from the highway through the usual heavy weekend traffic. As he drove slowly over the winding bumpy road, a few entrances to other properties passed by, and the vegetation grew up higher between the muddy tire tracks until he could hear it...Read On


Return From Christmas Break

Didi had waited five years for this night.

I pulled into the parking lot of my dorm, wishing Christmas Break wasn’t ending. I unloaded my luggage and carried it up to my room. Our dorms were apartment style with four bedrooms, a bath, kitchen and living room. There were four apartments per floor with two on each end. As I went into my room I noticed my neighbors door cracked open and heard voices inside talking. Once in my room...Read On


Forever Young

thirty something guy reluctant to commit. Will she be the one to capture him?

“What have I gotten myself into?” My palms were moist and my heart beat quickly. I knew what I was about to do was a mistake, but I sure didn’t have the brains to stop. Or rather, I had too much testosterone to make myself use my brains. “I actually told her my nickname, Fingers,” I thought with embarrassment. “What a fucking ass I am.” My college teammates had given me that...Read On


Alone in the Storeroom

Co-workers find sparks in the storeroom.

The storeroom was a mess, so the boss asked for people to inventory and reorganize it. Candice was very good at tasks like this, so she volunteered and looked around the group for help. The boss looked at Sean and said he could help. Then the rest of the staff left the area. Sean and Candice had known each other for several years, and worked well together, though Sean did not seem that...Read On


The Horny Teen Next Door - Part 1

I know how he looks at me. How he stares at me and how I just see his eyes, those beautiful electric blue eyes, undressing me with no shame. When he realises I've been staring at his eyes and open mouth he quickly closes his mouth and walks away, his face flushed with shame. His name is Charlie and he's just started college this year. Whenever I seem him around, he always stares at me and my...Read On


Vixen Matriculates

A young but very experienced female decides to go to college.

After a year of pornographic movie-making at her father’s upstate New York studio, Vixen had a fat bank account, a used convertible, bruised thighs, stretched nipples and a sore anus and flabby vagina. She was disappointed. She had thought making porn movies would be exciting,. It was not. She had dreamed that some Hollywood agent would see her work and offer her a test. None did. She had...Read On


Alexa's Game

Alexa is ready to give her husband what he wants.

I get back to my desk from the end-of-the-week departmental meeting and see the light blinking on my phone. I have a voicemail. Do I want to check it? I just had a bunch more workload dumped in my lap at that meeting and I’ve got plenty of work to do. Oh, what the heck. Pressing the button, I put the phone to my ear to listen. Just some knucklehead dialing the wrong number and asking...Read On


Aspen weekend

couple finally meet after long on-line relationship

Sherry was already at the table, looking at the menu, when Beth showed up. They gave each other a hug, and Beth sat down. They quickly ordered so Beth would have time to eat and get back to the office. “Thanks for meeting me here, Sherry.” “No problem. What is it you wanted to talk about?” “I’m leaving town for three days, and I need someone to take care of Blake. It’s not his Dad’s turn...Read On


Pick Me Up Plan- Part Three

What started with the pick me plan, will end with the pick me up plan.

I was sipping the water from the plastic bottle when I noticed the door slightly opened. I frowned as I replaced the top on the water, because I was sure that I had securely closed the door earlier. I took a step further towards it when I saw a glint of light hit the glass surface of something standing just in that space. When I realized it was a pair of glasses, I gasped. It was a...Read On


Cupcake Delight

Lily McAllister hummed “Phantom of the Opera” as she zigzagged her way to the front of her bakery to begin her afternoon chores. It was Sunday, the only day she worked her bakery by herself. She loved the quiet solace that these Sunday afternoons brought her. Over a year earlier, she had moved here to hide and lick her wounds after a nasty divorce. She remembered those dark days when...Read On