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After The Ball

A young girl, enamoured with an older colleague, seeks him out after the company ball

I could still feel the burning sensation on my cheek where he'd kissed me goodnight- how easy it would have been to turn my face and allow him access to my lips, but that wasn't the plan. I'd waited ten minutes, then here I stand outside his room. I knock on the door, no hint of hesitation in my actions. He opens the door, still wearing the white dress shirt and black trousers, his...Read On


Library Girl

I thought I was going to study and found more than books.

I'm a freshman in a college in a small town. I'm 5'10" and 125 pounds. I have long, deep red hair that I wear straight and I have a kind of "alternative/scene" style. I also have perky 34B tits and a perky round ass. At my school the library has four floors and a basement. Not very many people go to any floor but the main one. There is a rumor that guys like to go to one of the empty...Read On


Lonely Is The Heart

A chance encounter.

She sat alone. Stark naked, all huddled up with her arms wrapped around her knees. She sat on the chair with her face and head obscured by her shoulder length, unkept hair. A perfect picture of solitude, but nothing was perfect. Far from it, she had been crying for the past hour. Susan had had a tough life. Being brought up by a single uncaring parent, she had more than her share of...Read On


Back Door Lady Cop

Casual sex with a hot lady cop.

It was late at night on a Friday, and I had just left a long, boring party at my office. I was driving home to my apartment, struggling to stay awake. I was completely sober, but I was totally exhausted from a seemingly never-ending week full of meetings. While I was driving, at some point I must have lost my focus, because I glanced down at the dashboard and discovered that I was driving...Read On


Changing Professions: Part One

After Eve lost her teaching job, she started looking for a new job with the help of her friend, Jan.

The Interview I thought it couldn't happen to me... but it did. I am, well was, a compassionate third grade teacher and recognized in town as a caring individual who always put children first. The problem was that teachers without tenure were "downsized" first (read "fired") when the school district experienced budgetary concerns. My name is Eve and I was two weeks short of gaining...Read On


Sarah - Part Fourteen

Sarah and I continue to enjoy each other

I woke around 10:00 a.m., showered, dressed and went downstairs. Maybe Sarah and Maggie would be in the mood to fool around again. Maybe not. The only way to know was to be present when the two emerged from Sarah’s room, if they had not already done so. Sarah’s door was closed. I started to make a pot of coffee when I noticed that Maggie’s car was no longer in the driveway. All of...Read On


A Pickup in the Pub

A casual pick-up in a bar leads to hot sex

It had been a hard day at work, and Lisa was glad when she at last felt able to power down her workstation and make a dash for the door. She made a “fancy a drink” gesture in the direction of her friend Emma, but Emma made a miserable face and indicated that she still had work to do. That was a shame – Emma was good for a laugh in the pub, and could always be relied upon for some filthy...Read On


After 40 years ?

After all these years

Her : We are sitting here in a pub, looking at each other in the same way that we did all those years ago. I can't help but smile as the vague ideas I had then run through my mind. Him : I can't believe we're here. We've talked on the 'phone, exchanged e-mails that were almost intimate but they're never the same as being with the person with whom one is corresponding. Oh, she's smiling...Read On



Sabrina makes her lover eat pussy, and spins his mind out of control in the process.

Sabrina was starting to ask questions slowly, sensing that I was spinning out of control, lost in the intensity of the moment, “Do you have the camera on?” “...Yes,” I slowly replied. I was hardly able to concentrate. I sat atop my wife’s upper body with my hard cock gently bobbing near her chin. Again, Sabrina could sense the blood flow was being cut from the less vital parts –like...Read On


Light The Sexual Flame Baby

Monster wants to 'cum in' my tight pussy

My first intimate experience was back in high school and it was horrendous. Not as magical as I imagined it to be and the guy was a complete asshole. I told him I only want a kiss, but he wanted a lot more. I ended up slapping him across the face during our make out. Did I mention that, that was my first kiss? He was one of those popular jocks and in spite of getting slapped he spread...Read On


Ryan's New Start

Ryan receives a letter from his new Landady

Ryan stood at the bottom of the stairs; nervously he looked up towards the light peering out from the door at the top of the stairs. “I think I’m too early,” he thought, looking at his watch again for the hundredth time. He pulled out a piece of paper from the back pocket of his jeans, and unfolded it. Hi Ryan,   I tried knocking on the door before but you were either working...Read On


Bedroom teasing

Being teased in the bedroom leaves one dying for more.

You come and roll me from a position of lying on my side, head propped up on my hand, to lying flat on my back. You sit over me, straddling my legs and trapping me so I can't go anywhere. You lean down and kiss me, hand on either side of my arms. I moan as you deepen the kiss and your hands start wandering, one hand tracing patterns on my arm, the other venturing under my shirt and rolling...Read On


Welcoming Jenna

Jenna's new neighbor welcomes her to the building.

Jenna closed her trunk and held the last box in her hands. She had finally gotten herself completely moved into her new apartment. Her cute, cozy little apartment may have seemed small to some people, but it was all the space she needed. She walked up the stairs to the front door of the building, struggling to get the door open because of the weight of the box. “I got it,” a deep baritone...Read On


September, 1460

Claire is a maid for her master, Simon Cold, and wants him. Badly.

I looked at myself in the full length mirror that had been my mothers. It was plain, not quite as lovely as my master’s mother’s. My pale, naked body seemed so stark against the darkness of my room. It was early in the morning, before the sun had even risen. I slid my fingers over my small breasts, gently touching my nipples. They became hard and erect. My fingers moved down the length of...Read On

Recommended Read

Coming and Going

Can Maddie and Dean's friends-with-benefits arrangement become something more?

Maddie stood inside the entrance to Hegarty’s, scanning the cool interior as the door closed behind her. At this late hour there were a few dozen people filling the tables scattered around the room, with several more sitting on stools at the bar. The raucous conversation taking place between four young guys in the corner competed with the rock music flowing from the chrome and glass jukebox....Read On


Teen Diaries 2: The Babysitter's Husband

Vanessa seduces her babysitter's husband

My name is Vanessa and I'm 16, definitely too old for a babysitter. But my seven year old brother needs one and my parents have been hiring Joan since I was little. She's kind of like family and I was even the flower girl at her wedding when she married Brian three years ago. He often came with her while she babysat and would work on his laptop or watch TV. Brian was super tall at...Read On


Sexy New Babysitter

Our new babysitter is simply too sexy to resist.

Looking at the text from my wife I felt a combination of emotions. I smiled reading that she was excited for our date night; my cock throbbed in my slacks as I thought about what that meant; and I felt shame that instead of thinking about my wife, my thoughts were full our latest babysitter. Kat was twenty years old, a sophomore in college, and sexy as hell. A few months previous we had...Read On


A Married Affair 2

After meeting in the bar for a drink, we adjourn to the bedroom for some privacy, almost

The lobby of the hotel is busy. But at 5:30 p.m. on a Friday evening, I should have expected that. Groups of people standing around chatting and laughing, as they wait for reception. Your hand rests at my lower back as you guide me towards the lift. You press the button to call the elevator and pull me closer towards you. Your left hand comes across and I feel you give a light tug my...Read On


Apartment 13 - The Apartment series chapter 2

A week after Beth and Tim's first meeting, she ran but he came looking for her

 “Beth you have another delivery!” shouts my flatmate Kelly. I stop proofreading my latest article and get up to go to her. Rounding the corner of my bedroom door and entering our living/dining room, I spot her at the front door holding a huge bouquet of red roses, my stomach instantly sinks and I stop dead in my tracks. “Please tell me they have been sent to the wrong address,” I...Read On


Fuck Me Harder

The darkest desires can only be fulfilled occasionally.

The phone on my desk buzzes loudly, jolting me out of the mundane spreadsheet which I’ve been absorbed in for the last half hour. I glance around the busy office before picking it up and seeing your message. You always manage to hit me up when I really need a break. The message doesn’t say much; just a hotel, a room number and a time. It’s enough though. Enough to make me smile and start...Read On


Prof Davis gets a new job 8

Prof Davis Drives it home

“She’s exhausted.” Kyla said from the passenger seat of the rental car. “Yeah,” I responded. “She’s out already. Poor thing. She was up all night. Every time that she drifted off, someone came in and woke her up to check on her. She'll probably sleep all of the way home.” “I feel so bad but it wasn’t really anyone's fault, “Kyla explained. “It was just one of those things that happen.” ...Read On


Her Blue Eyed Guy Part 6

A few months later… Daniel was standing in front of the floor length mirror in the bedroom doing the last little finishing touches to his outfit. It was the premier of the film he had been working on when he and Sarah had met. They had gone from strength to strength together and Daniel couldn’t imagine life without her. He gave the sleeve of his shirt a nervous tug, before turning away from...Read On


I'm a prostitute : visit 78

He took me to his apartment and fucked me. He was a good man.

It was a cold day and I was with this thirty year old man. He was tall, short black hair, a little light beard and through his fit clothes he seemed to have a nice body like hard workers. We were walking or I should say that I was following him. I was wearing jeans and blue top with a jacket. I was shorter than him, blonde hair, 34C breast; an average hot woman. We entered in an old...Read On


Romance On The Rails, Chapter 1

A train trip offers a very memorable adventure!

I love trains. I have since I was five years old, when my grandfather took me on my first train ride. I never forgot the thrill of waiting on the train for it to start moving, the feel of the gentle side to side rocking as it went down the tracks, and the views out the windows as we rode through the countryside. It wasn't a long ride, just a day trip, but it left a hell of an impression on...Read On

Editor's Pick

Ferris Wheel

One night at your favorite motel.

Residing between an abandoned amusement park and a seedy strip club, the Parkside Motor Lodge and Cocktail Lounge did its best to distance itself socially from its neighbors. Turquoise script displayed its name in flickering neon while letters that glowed in icy blue and blushing pink promised that every guest would enjoy refrigerated air and the convenience of in-room adult movies. Time...Read On


The Bass Player

Leah gets the Bass Player

The concert was everything Leah was expecting, the usual good time with her best friend Veronica, some tasty drinks, music she liked, and hot band guys. The band played their usual crowd pleasers, and as usual Leah had pulled Vee to the front of the stage, placing them right in front of the bass player, Chris. He was 5'7 or so with dark, dirty blond hair. His eyes were a light brown and he...Read On

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Editor's Pick

Midnight Dreams And Filthy Little Secrets

Midnight dreams are often the filthiest.

I lay in my marriage bed last night. My beloved breathing deeply beside me; his slow, even breaths a constant reminder of his trust, and I dreamt of you. Dreamt of your fingertips owning my soul. Dreamt of your hands; hard and rough, digging into the softness of my flesh. Controlling, demanding... My body aches, and my small breasts heave; the tips swollen and hard, desperately...Read On


An Encounter at a Wedding Reception

What happened in a coatroom

Another Saturday night and another wedding reception. These functions were getting to be a bore. Oh the people I met most of the time were nice and the money was good, but they had become all too routine. I arrived early as I normally do to setup my equipment. The bride, groom and wedding party arrived shortly after I did. I had met them when they signed the contract and were good people....Read On


Enjoying the Seduction

Tell me what you want, and what you're doing...

I met Astrid through an internet dating site. She had one simple picture. Her dark hair was past her shoulders and she wasn’t wearing much make up. It was a close up and you could see behind her smile and green eyes a hint of mischief. Anybody that is brave enough to do a close up on a dating site is pretty confident and I liked that. She was about fifteen years my junior but she said she...Read On


The Dinner (part 1)

Every restaurant has a dark space

We are at an Italian restaurant; a table for two and the lights are dim. You are sitting in front of me, your hand is resting on the red and white checkered tablecloth. You are wearing a tight light blue dress, shiny black stiletto heels; your hair is loose and falling down over your shoulders. You are wearing a nice necklace made of turquoise with a bracelet that matches. And, because you...Read On