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A Trip with a Co-Worker

My crush on a co-worker takes a turn

Working in the all male department of IT was normal to me. I had been in the industry for a number of years. We could share crude jokes, and kid each other without worrying if we were going to offend anyone. That changed one summer when IT merged with the telecommunications department. It was not unexpected as that's the way the industry was headed. Jessica became part of our department, and...Read On



Reid's car breaks down on a lonely Texas road.

Reid tossed his cell pone on the passenger seat beside him. He had tried to call his wife and tell her he was on his way to his next destination, but as usual, she did not answer. His marriage was on the rocks, and he knew it. He loosened his tie and tossed it on the seat beside his phone. Ever since he had gotten his promotion, things had headed south. The new job had him on the road a...Read On


The Matinee..Second Feature

I eagerly seek out the stranger who fucked me in the theatre

This is a sequel to my Husband’s story, The Matinee. Please read it first so you can follow mine more easily, thank you It’s been several weeks since my sexual experience with the stranger in the theater and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I imagined his huge cock thrusting deep inside of me all the time. I wondered what it would feel like to have it pulsing between my lips. I thought...Read On


The Principal

The school principal gets lucky!

As a middle school married principal, I'm surrounded by women. Some are teachers but many more are mothers. My imagination led me to fantasize that there are a select group of mothers waiting to be fucked. That was wishful thinking until, well, recently. Of course, my situation would have been better as a single man yet, being in a stale relationship enabled me to keep my options open if...Read On


Youngsville Part 9

Eric's fun leads to consequences...

I opened the door to my cottage and took out the bundle of cash I had been given by Mr. Wayland. I rolled away the carpet on the floor and opened the hatch down to my personal safe. It was a brand new one that Mr. Wayland had given me as a present after I had finished the nursery. He claimed that he was forced to give me a place to protect my valuables and money that I had earned. I enjoyed...Read On


How Snooping Landed Me a Hottie

Teen party snooper gets lucky, really lucky

As a senior in high school, I realized I was becoming quite the pervert. When I say pervert, I mean pervert in the best possible sense of the word. Occasionally, though, I crossed some lines. I was at this party at a friend's house, and it was an awful sausage fest. Easily eight guys to every girl and it wasn't looking good for me. I had recently gotten dumped and hadn't been laid in a...Read On


Nicole's Delight

Sequel to Dancing at the Party. Nicole can't forget about Jack

It had been a couple days, and Nicole couldn’t help but think back to that night at the party as she started to take off her blouse and skirt. She had just walked in from work and was getting ready to take a shower. She threw her shirt on the chair and lowered her skirt to the floor as her mind was filled with thoughts of her wild adventure with Jack. Her hand unclasped her bra and as she...Read On

Recommended Read

For This Night

An old flame burns hot and bright for a night of passion.

It was madness, and she knew it. Inviting chaos. Tempting fate. Still, she couldn't bring herself to regret the situation. The bar was crowded and noisy. Warm bodies pressed together in an atmosphere of shared jocularity where personal space became nonexistent. She sat alone at one of the bar stools. People behind her vied for the attention of the busy bartenders, squeezing in between...Read On


Im Always Down for an In-Between Class Quickie

hot, sweaty sex in an empty room at school

My heart quickens as I take your hand and lead you down the empty hallway. You glance over at me with a suspicious smirk, a knowing glint flashing across your eyes. I return your smile and continue towards my intended destination. After a brief inspection of the surrounding hall I see nor hear any sign of others in the area of the building. I reach out and push the lounge room door open...Read On


The Model

Figure drawing becomes a lot sexier.

It was my first semester at art school and I was loving it. To be able to go to school and draw, paint, and create, and eventually get paid for it was my dream. But today would change everything. I was taking a figure drawing class and this was my first class observing drawing a nude model. As I set up my supplies the models, both male and female, walked into the room. I had never seen so...Read On


Alone Time

When the kids are gone, it's playtime.

As most parents will tell you, kids complicate things. This is probably true on a lot of levels but especially when it comes to sex and especially when the kids are teenagers. Whether that’s being modest enough not to embarrass them, being quiet enough when you’re orgasming or just having to wear something around the house it can be a real pain. And as every parent also knows, when...Read On


Slut Night

She meets him at the door as a different woman.

It was my birthday. I called up V. and told her I wanted her to meet me after work at the door of her apartment dressed like a hot slut. She purred yes, already horny. She had long blonde hair, small but pert tits with perfect nipples, a tight sexy ass that she loved to show off, and long slim legs. We did this every so often, and called it Slut Night. She was turned on by the idea of being...Read On


Welcome Home, Chapter 2

He comes home to her for good...

Tommy got a notice from his C.O. a couple days after he got back. The notice said he would need to report to the base and begin outprocessing from the military. He would need to go to the base and stay there for a few days to get through the whole process. He didn't want to let her go, but he knew he had to get this last phase of his military service completed. So the night before he was...Read On


After Work Fun

I treat him to fun after work.

I'm laying in bed, rubbing my clit softly, as I push a vibrator deep inside my wet pussy. I don't hear you walk into the house and up the stairs. I hear the door creak open, I look quickly, smiling when I see you leaning against the door. I let my eyes close again, my mouth opening to moan softly. I hear you walk over to the bed. Leaning over to suck a nipple into your mouth. I moan louder...Read On


Naughty Secretary

Amy was so hot. She badly wanted to unbutton her blouse the entire way, but even with a camisole underneath that would be just be inappropriate. And she definitely didn't want to appear like a hooker in front of her intimidating boss. Mr. Cromwell was as sexy and cocksure as a porn star. Just the way he strutted (and oh, did he strut) down the hall so sure of himself and so aware of his...Read On


Wife-Swapping With Cindy

My wife and I persuade our friends to wife-swap with us. It was better than we expected.

Cindy and I married ten years ago. We were both sophomores in college. She was studying nursing; I was studying civil engineering. We’ve had a wonderful marriage and have no kids. Our sex life is phenomenal and we still make love almost every night. Actually, Cindy is the one that is so sexual and keeps our sex life alive and fresh. She is always coming up with new role-playing games for...Read On


A Storm Cumming

A Storm Cumming

They were predicting a major Nor’easter here in New England. I had come home early just to make sure the house was all set. Not that I was really worried. Even though we looked over the outer harbor, we were high enough that even the infamous Blizzard of ’78 with its 20-foot surge was more than fifty feet below us. In addition, the heating was gas switchable to gravity feed hot water. The...Read On


Arena Alley

There is a LOT of heat generated at the rear of a hockey arena...

You’re my best friend in the world and I need to update you with something important. I tried calling several times, but with the time difference we always seem to miss each other so I decided to just write it all down. I’m sorry for sending such a lengthy email but I really need to get this off my chest. Before I get into that, let me tell you how happy I am for you! I saw the picture of...Read On


I've waited for you

Here he was again. It's been over a year since I've seen him yet here he was again, in my house. Ryan always turned up when he got bored of his latest 'girlfriend'.  I suppose I should have been flattered that he was always drawn back to me, but I never was. The only emotion I ever felt when he paid me one of his visits was guilt. Pure guilt. Guilt that I had lied to myself again about...Read On


Lustful Intent

Welcome to The Game

The smell of burning wood enters your nostrils as you open the door. You glance over at the welcoming fireplace, where the logs are cracking, and sparks fly. The room is dimly lit by the guttering flames emanating from candles, which are arranged on bookshelves around the perimeter of the room. You step across the threshold. Your black high heels clack noisily against the bare floorboards,...Read On


Just friends

Standing at 5'7 with long legs, and a curvy figure, one might see how she could stand confidently. Her ass was pert and round, just right for squeezing during a particularly rough session- something she encouraged. Her eyes were a deep forest green with circles of gold surrounding the pupils and her hair was a rich shade of brown and always hanging straight down, hitting right below...Read On


Cinderella's Spin Around the Kingdom

It had been many years since the passing of Cinderella’s mother, but the freshness of her father’s passing was still new. Five years ago, at the age of thirteen, Cinderella had lost her only parent and had been left in the care of her Stepmother, Maleficent.  Life drastically changed after that day. Gone were the days that she went to balls, had new gowns, or even sat at the family...Read On


Welcome Home, Chapter 1

Her man comes home from deployment... and she welcomes him properly!

It was early November when she got the phone she had waited so long for. "Hi honey! It's Tommy! Can you hear me?" he said. "Hi Tommy! Oh I am so glad you called! I miss you honey!" she said, surprised to hear from him. "I thought you weren't going to call till this weekend!" "Yeah, well I got some good news for you. Are you sitting down?" "Yes. What is it?" "Our unit just got word,...Read On

A Hot Night in Midsummer

I pick up a girl in a bar and take her back to my hotel room for a night of delicious debauchery

When I walk into the room, I notice you immediately, sitting alone by the bar, looking deliciously sexy and provocative as you perch on your stool, daintily sipping your drink. I take in the gentle swell of your pert little breasts under your blouse, your nipples pushing against the silky fabric, and I think how nice it would be to suck and nibble them, making you wriggle with pleasure...Read On

Recommended Read

Breaking In Elizabeth - Part 2

I throw the driver a fifty, and tell him to keep the change. At this point, I'm not interested in waiting for it. All I want to do is get inside and have my way with her. Hang on, what have I become suddenly? This is not who I am. I'm not one of “those” guys who goes home with just anyone. I barely know this girl. Where are my morals, my respect for her? I don’t just hop into bed with...Read On


The New Girl

My son and I enjoy the girl I bought.

Old Silas came puffing into the station that morning looking worried. His antique pick-up with piled full of his junk and a few pieces of furniture. He came into the office with a pretty girl by the wrist and sat her down. “Bill, my buddy, what’ll y’give me for her? I got to get out a’town.” “What’s wrong?” I asked, admiring the youngster on the chair in her tight t-shirt and grimy Levis....Read On


a slut and a nerd

a college trip on an island and I caught a nerd of our class jerking off in a cabin in the forest.

It was 11 a.m. and every one was having fun; playing, talking, eating and just staring at me and other girls in the bikinis. Almost all the boys and girls of my class were on this trip to this island and we all were having great time. I couldn’t find some people on the beach with us, I guess they would be making out somewhere behind the trees. Adam wanted to fuck me too while I was thinking...Read On


At the Beach

A substitute chaperone finds the job worth doing.

So, to celebrate their high school graducation, I got dragooned into driving my sister, three of her squealing friends and one mother-type chaperone down to the beach for a week in the sun, and then going down to fetch them the next Sunday. The early-morning trip would have been a lot easier with earplugs, but Mrs. Prentice, whose daughter Patricia was a beauty, seemed to be used to the clamor....Read On


My Mortal Enemy

When her enemy steals another client, she confronts him

My name is Jeanne, I'm twenty-eight, and I'm a blonde. For three years, I was a single realtor, trying to sell houses. I had done alright by my own standards. Although, I always seemed to have the same problem when a sale didn't go through. The buyer would be stolen by another realtor named, Richard Flarn. They'd tell me that he could get them more, for less. He supposedly always gave them...Read On


Dancing at the party

Nicole gets more than just a dance

He watched from a distance as she walked out onto the dance floor. Her black mini dress was barely covering her ass as she walked. His eyes were locked on her the whole time as she started to sway to the music. His eyes watched as her golden blonde hair swayed in the air with each movement. Her body seductively moved and swayed to the beat of the music. She turned and he could see her...Read On