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a slut and a nerd

a college trip on an island and I caught a nerd of our class jerking off in a cabin in the forest.

It was 11 a.m. and every one was having fun; playing, talking, eating and just staring at me and other girls in the bikinis. Almost all the boys and girls of my class were on this trip to this island and we all were having great time. I couldn’t find some people on the beach with us, I guess they would be making out somewhere behind the trees. Adam wanted to fuck me too while I was thinking...Read On


At the Beach

A substitute chaperone finds the job worth doing.

So, to celebrate their high school graducation, I got dragooned into driving my sister, three of her squealing friends and one mother-type chaperone down to the beach for a week in the sun, and then going down to fetch them the next Sunday. The early-morning trip would have been a lot easier with earplugs, but Mrs. Prentice, whose daughter Patricia was a beauty, seemed to be used to the clamor....Read On


My Mortal Enemy

When her enemy steals another client, she confronts him

My name is Jeanne, I'm twenty-eight, and I'm a blonde. For three years, I was a single realtor, trying to sell houses. I had done alright by my own standards. Although, I always seemed to have the same problem when a sale didn't go through. The buyer would be stolen by another realtor named, Richard Flarn. They'd tell me that he could get them more, for less. He supposedly always gave them...Read On


Dancing at the party

Nicole gets more than just a dance

He watched from a distance as she walked out onto the dance floor. Her black mini dress was barely covering her ass as she walked. His eyes were locked on her the whole time as she started to sway to the music. His eyes watched as her golden blonde hair swayed in the air with each movement. Her body seductively moved and swayed to the beat of the music. She turned and he could see her...Read On

Audio version available

Giving Myself To You

A story written and performed by Jayne33

I stand completely naked; waiting. I’m waiting to give myself to you. I feel you come up behind me. You don’t say a word; we don’t need words. Even though we have never met before this moment, you know me so well. You slip your arms around my waist. Your strong, domineering grip of my body lets me feel your power, but it only makes me feel safe and happy to finally be in your embrace. ...Read On


Politics Makes Great Bedfellows

Amazon Democrat Fucks Republican Candidate

Life is good. I’m not making tons of money or creating the most challenging projects, and that is okay, but my marriage is good, although the sex is marital sex. That means I have sex, but it isn’t wild and dangerous, passionate, frequent enough, nor do we do it with as much experimentation or variety as I want. But we still do it, and there is lot’s of it. We have read Open Marriage ...Read On


My Friend's Sister

A guy gets some lucky hot sex with his buddy's sister.

It was a random night like any other. I had my laptop with me sitting in front of the television watching one of my favourite shows. The only difference was that I was watching it with my friend’s sister, Liirne. We occasionally got into a lot of tickle fights and fun rough housing around. She is a great girl, one of the best I’ve ever met. She has dark brown eyes, C-cup breasts, and a smile...Read On


Sarah - Part Twelve

A week of new sexual experiences ends; Sarah gets her period and needs some attention

Sarah was awake when I opened my eyes. It was New Year’s Day. It had stopped snowing, the sun was shining, and it was cold. “Why are you always hard?" Sarah wanted to know, sounding a little displeased. “I don’t have any control over it,” I responded. “You poked me with that thing all night.” “How do you feel?” I asked. “Sore,” she indicated. “But it’s a good sore.” “Sore in one...Read On


I'll fix more than just her wireless connectivity

Colleen needs her wireless issues fixed, as we begin our affair

It started out as a typical weekend, woke up Saturday morning to the bright sunshine with my wife still sleeping next to me in bed. We had our coffee and breakfast on the front porch a little while later, along with some light conversation. While we were sitting there, our neighbor Colleen walked out on her front porch wearing sweats and a t-shirt. Colleen is a single woman, about 5'10"...Read On


A bit tied up in the conference room

Issy and Kris tell their story of secret sex in a hotel conference room, from their point of view

From Kris's point of view We're at an exclusive hotel for the night, you and I. We've had dinner, and as we head back to our room, we pass a room that was used for a conference earlier in the day. You whisper in my ear that you'd like to go in there, so we sneak in and close the door. The room is divided in two by a floor to ceiling divider, and we can hear talking on the other side -...Read On


A Camping Trip to Remember: Part 1

Angie and Chris...

I was so excited for the week to come. My boyfriend Chris had asked me to go camping with him. A whole week alone in the wilderness, with the man I love. How could life get any better? Let me tell you more about us. We met online and had been together for over two years. I (Angie) was now 18 and Chris was 19. He had a wonderful thick 6-inch dick, and I had a beautiful set of round 36C tits....Read On


My Favorite Student 3

I awoke to a head of sexy red hair spread across my chest. Running my fingers through it, I recalled the hot night I'd just had. I'd woken my student up around 8 pm for a second "lesson." I took her from behind as we laid on our sides. Slipping my hand down her back, I wondered what I would teach her today. She was an eager little thing, I would find out later that day, curious about...Read On

Recommended Read

Round and Round

What goes up must come down? Not always!

They all tell us about it and we say we believe them, but we don’t truly understand. They call it being a zombie. And it may take a week or so, until it happens but then you do truly understand. When you get here you’re just too busy and too excited and then you get your first glimpse, that’s it, you’re frozen, hence ‘zombie’. And you do believe you could look at it forever, but you have...Read On


A spin on my cycle leads to more

A quick spin on my motorcycle leads me astray

I had been married seven years at the time of this incident. I was 100% faithful to my wife all that time. I grew up girl shy, never had a girlfriend or dated much in high school. After I was discharged from the army I met my wife to be. We married and had three children over the next seven years. Our group of family and friends would take turns throwing a party about once every month and...Read On


My Handsome Farm Hand

At first I find my Uncle's farm boring, but then I met a handsome farm hand...

God, this farm was boring. Why did my parents drag me out here? My Aunt and Uncle didn’t even have any kids so there were no cousins to hang around with. I was bored out of my mind listening to their conservative politics and I absolutely loathed playing Canasta. I escaped the latest card game and decided to walk around the large farm. Uncle Hal told me he had hired some extra hands for...Read On


Private Dancer

He wanted her to dance for him, and she wanted to do it as well!

My best friend was getting married in a few days and as the "best man", it was my responsibility to put together the bachelor party. Me and Robert had run together for many years and we had been through a lot. He went through my divorce with me, helping me to keep grounded and realizing that it wasn't the end of the world, I thought it was. And I, in return, helped him over the death of...Read On


Journal of a Woman's Path to Sexual Bliss #2

Older man Teaching a Young Girl

Yes, the hunk who lived next to me was away on business or something else, and I had to wait until his return to carry on my “Journal to a Woman's Sexual Bliss.” I checked each day for his return. Finally, on the evening of the third day, he was home. Well, at least there was a light on in his living room.  As you might have expected, I was there in a flash. I was so excited. I could feel...Read On


Youngsville Part 8

Eric starts working for Mr.Wayland...

After Jessie’s and Jill’s request to be more open with the family I began to notice a few chances around the farm. I noticed how lightly the girls had begun to dress. They would walk around the house in light clothing which revealed a lot of their beautiful skin. Obviously trying to catch my attention, I think it excited them to prance around the house trying to impress a boy, and it...Read On


Seven days in Greece

A tale of romance between an author and his muse

Day One "May I take your order sir?" Dylan looked up at the waitress. Her American accent was somewhat incongruous in a taverna in the small fishing village of Agios Nikolaos on the Peleponnese peninsular of mainland Greece. The waitress smiled. Dylan had been caught off-guard momentarily but swiftly regained his composure. "Er yes, could I have the feta in filo, honey and sesame...Read On


The Svenson Twins

Two gorgeous Swedish models teach a NASA engineer a thing or two about sex.

I was flying back to Houston from New York City on a Friday afternoon. I always fly first class and sit by the window. Today, I couldn't believe my luck when a stunning little thing with short blonde hair took the aisle seat next to me! Her hair was so cute the way she styled it, and her eye makeup looked professionally done. She really was a knockout. And low and behold, what appeared...Read On



Andrew knows how to treat women, and it shows.

Inspired by Mazza’s “Perfucktory” and written as a companion story. 'Almost there,' he thought. He could feel it building.   Andrew went into his signature move, his closer. He knew it was time after he saw her signs. He felt the nails, waited for her to pull her knees up and jam her heels into his butt. Of course he already had her near the edge, and when he’d told her he was close,...Read On


Bedtime Routine

A little playtime before bed

"Let's go to the bedroom," I say as I rise from the couch. "For what? We're watching TV out here!" He looks puzzled but turns off the TV and joins me. He quickly readies for bed, stripping down to his undershirt and lying down. I take my time, stripping slowly as I bounce around the room. "Undo my bra please?" I ask lowering my body in front of him. "Of course, babe," he replies with...Read On



I tie my lover to a chair and play with her.

You receive my text just before you arrive: “No talking.” You are not sure what I might have planned but you are excited and nervous. The kitchen door is unlocked and you quickly let yourself inside. It is dark inside the house, a harsh contrast to the bright winter day outside. Coming into the living room you can barely see me sitting there still dressed for work. “Strip,” I say as you...Read On


Secrets part 2

Luke comes for a visit

I woke up to an empty bed, which meant my husband was at work. The sun crept its way through the silk curtains from my left. I pulled myself out of bed, not feeling any clothes on me, as usual. I stuck my middle finger in my mouth, feeling the wetness and began playing with my clit. My body twitched a little as my ass rocked against the bed. In the middle of my seduction, I heard a knock on...Read On


The Walnut Tree

I met him in a God forsaken place and couldn't resist him.

I don’t know why I felt so apprehensive. I had come to this secluded village in search of some peace for my exhausted mind, and here I was, my soul in turmoil and on the threshold of embracing something so unreasonable, yet so luring. Turning back in time to the hour of my arrival, I could remember the enthusiasm with which I had entered my small but coquettish room overviewing the...Read On


Contest for Contessa

That's it! Like that! Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me!

It was a very quiet night as I walked the sidewalk of downtown Mohinta. The laser sign still blaring brightly, "open" made me stop. I never could pass up the opportunity to go into an adult store when I saw one, so this one was no different. I always just wanted to look around. Sometimes I saw things I should not see. Other times, I saw the same things. But it never failed for there to be...Read On


Warsaw Encounter

Warsaw Encounter

Traveling around the world for my work, spending endless nights in hotels, from the absolutely beautiful and impressive to low-end shit holes, I have encountered many people. One of my encounters went like this. I had been in Warsaw a number of times. I had set up a company there and as I always do, had changed hotels on each trip. I want to get the feel of a city, especially important in...Read On


Dear Diary

Caroline is a young wife who has been having very vivid sex dreams.

Sunday, August 21, 2011 I had a really, really strange dream last night. It was the most vivid, the most realistic dream I have ever had! Right now it is hard for me to know for sure if it was a dream or if it was real. The memory is still so clear and I can still feel all the physical sensations. Could it have been real? In my dream I was slowly waking up from a deep sleep. As...Read On


Chloe Comes Calling Chapter 4

Chloe walked into the shade at the side of the house. "Are you two coming, or what?" she called. With that she raised her hands, and covered her breasts. I looked down at India, who was still breathing heavily on the sun lounger. "We'll be there in a minute. I think your friend needs to recover," I answered. "I'll be inside. Come and join me. Whenever you're ready, that is..." she...Read On


Because We Can

An older man enjoys illicit meetings with his younger lover.

I'd been coming round for a few weeks and I'd shared some amazing moments with my younger lover. We both found these illicit meetings hugely exciting. We liked lots of foreplay as it built the anticipation. Then when our passions and desires really took over we explored pleasures that felt new and exciting for both of us. As soon as I got up to your room and closed the door I grabbed you...Read On