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The Massage

A massage leads to more.

We were “just friends” and you asked to come by as you always did, and I agreed even though I was tired and my body ached. I was lying on the couch, and you offered to give me a massage. At first, I said no, trying not to cross those imaginary lines that I had constructed…again. You persisted and I finally gave in, but only a massage, nothing more. You got the lotion and I pulled my shirt...Read On


Suburban Fantasy

Sidney is about to get exactly what she thought she wanted

I feel like such a fucking idiot walking down an alley at two in the morning. Granted, I’m in the affluent suburbs and crime hardly ever happens here. But what if my neighbors look out of their windows and see me in my black spandex mini dress, fishnets, and red fuck me heels? They will probably call the cops on the hooker in their alley. I wanted this fantasy, and Rob was all too eager to...Read On


Sarah - Part Eight

After an evening of sex with another lady, Sarah wants more.

We walked into Sarah’s room holding hands. Holding hands wasnot an unusual thing, but it was an indicator of Sarah’s mood. “I missed you last night,” whispered Sarah, putting her arms around my neck. “I missed your touch.” “I thought you came three times last night?” I asked. “I did. And it was good. It was very good. But I woke up this morning wanting you.” Sarah untied her...Read On


Our first meeting

Lyndsey had been single for two years. She had never had much luck with men. She always fell for the wrong ones and ended up paying the price. Steven had recently split up from a long term relationship. Both were looking for something but not quite sure what. Then they found each other, and things got interesting. Lyndsey opened her mail on the dating site. She had just joined and saw a...Read On


Breaking All the Rules

Flirting between boss and employee builds to the breaking point

"Alex, stop looking at me like that." A blush crept up my face and burned through my skin. He just continued to stare down at my despite my flustered state. His eyes felt like they were undressing me as I stood before him, a smirk painted across his face as if to say, "I know what I'm doing to you and am thoroughly enjoying it." I had to turn away, covering my face so I couldn't see him,...Read On


Wait Well Worth It

She waits for him, and with him he brings the air back into the room.

The girl was flat on her back on the plastic mattress, her pale blue scrubs sticking to her skin where sweat had gathered, making the material damp and dark. Her eyes were closed; lashes gracing her cheekbones with flutters as if she were dreaming and the only movement came from her chest, lifting at a steady pace with her breasts. There was a gap of skin to see between her pants' waistband...Read On


No More Blurred Lines

I'm tired of holdin' back when you're near.

The black line sits there blinking at me as if willing me to finally put words to the rest of the chapter that has been plaguing me for days. My deadline has passed and still nothing comes to mind. Should I make the main female character give in to her beloved's wishes or remain the precious trophy of his twin brother? This decision should be easy for me to make since the two main...Read On


A Favour For A Friend Part 1

A wife is tempted by her best friend to seduce her son, and is so aroused she is desperate to fuck.

It was late afternoon on one of those rare days in late July in northern England when it was warm enough to sit outdoors until late in the evening long after dusk had fallen. Anne and I were sitting in companionable silence on the patio of our friends Ellen and David with a glass of a nice chilled white wine in our hands. Our two teenage girls were knocking a shuttlecock back and forth on...Read On


A Day at the Beach with Her

A day at the beach between two impossible lovers gets exciting

The hot sun, burning on the sand. My feet are burning too. The ocean, clear blue as the waves glistens in the air. In the water I see her. This girl who I've shared many stories with about my escapades. She shared some with me. But we, the two of us, haven't had any of our own. "Would we?" I wonder to myself. We've talked about doing things before, but I just think it's all talk. I watch...Read On


From Me to You: The Finale

This one goes up a step from the last one.

The flames crackle as I enter the room. I look towards you, sat by the fire playing with yourself. I smile slightly as I see the light from the fire bouncing off of your moist head. You beckon me towards you with your finger. I pause for a second before moving towards you. I stand in front of you, teasing to remove my dressing gown. Your tongue begins to move over your lips as my naked...Read On


An unexpected wedding gift

A young woman who is about to get married has sex with another man.

My name is Michelle and I am 21 years old. I was visiting my Aunt Jessica two months ago, while my fiancé, Mark was on a week long business trip. Mark and I decided that it would be best if I stayed with family while he was out of town. Mark and I had been dating for 4 years and I was very lucky to be with him. With the way the economy is and Mark starting a new job soon, we decided to wait...Read On


Dude, Where are My Clothes?

Moral - Don't leave your clothes unattended, especially on a nudist beach!

The sun was shining brightly as I strolled along the Brighton seafront. The shingle beach was already full of families, although I’d always thought that Brighton’s lack of sand was a bit of a drawback if you were a kid – what was the point of the seaside if you couldn’t make sandcastles? But I wasn’t interested in sandcastles today: I just wanted to get down to the nudist area, get my kit...Read On


My Lover Knows

A short hotel tryst

I'm waiting by the doorway of the hotel suite's bedroom. I can hear the electronic key card sliding and unlocking the door. My lover enters the room after a long day of work and a two hour drive to our secret place. He gives me the shy smile I have come to adore, as he places his suit jacket on the chair. I'm dressed in lingerie he bought me a month ago and sent to my work. He can't send it...Read On


Getting down with Samantha

Chris Gets lucky with the most popular girl in school

It all started on a Friday night, and I was walking home from a mate's house. His car broke, so I went over to help him fix it, carrying my toolbox. I turned onto the street round the corner from my house and noticed a car sitting on the side of the road. It had its hood up, so I decided to see if I could help. What I didn't expect to see was Samantha lounging against it as I crossed the...Read On


The Guitar Player

Her first orgasm...ever.

He pushed his guitar out of the way and leaned over to kiss me as I sat on his bed. I pulled him to me, deepening our kiss, my tongue seeking entrance to his mouth. He pulled away just long enough to discard the guitar. He kissed me again and traced my curves with his fingertips, stopping at the hem of my sweater; then he slid his hands underneath. I pulled away and looked him in the eyes as...Read On


Sex On The Beach

Beach sex

It was the summer after my second year in college. I was only twenty and very inexperienced. My parents had a home down by the beach, and I couldn't wait to get there. As soon as I unlocked the front door, I dropped my bag on the bed. I pulled out one of my new bikini's. After I got it on I looked in the mirror, and smiled at my reflection. Men had been noticing my little curvy and full...Read On


The language of love

An English lesson with practical demonstrations

There was this open-air café I used to go to in the summer. It overlooked the castle that was built in the 16th century to protect the harbor. After a few visits to the café I got to recognize the staff, and it seemed there was one simple requirement to work there: they had to have large breasts. I would sit there in the sun and read the paper, while the tourists sat around, talking in...Read On


My wife and I decide to be naked on the weekend

My wife and I decide to be naked at the weekend

My wife and I had been looking forward to this weekend for some considerable time. We had the house to ourselves and planned to spend our time completely naked and without interruption from the outside world. Our weekend started with my wife and I cooking breakfast. Surprisingly, given our plans, she had dressed in just a single item of clothing adorning her voluptuous body; a rather small...Read On


The Wine Bar Girls

They've worked for him all summer. Now which one is it going to be?

The Wine Bar was the place to be that summer. Places become fashionable for reasons that can quickly become obscure; everybody goes there, that’s all. Rob was the manager, so obviously he was delighted. He was also delighted with the staff. The chef was a local guy and no genius, but he produced tasty food, didn’t make a fuss and the customers liked it. And then there were the waitresses....Read On


Caught in the Storm

The last motel had one last room for them both...

"I'll be careful, Mrs. H.," Robbie said confidently. "I've been making the drive now for four years, and we're leaving ahead of the storm. It shouldn't catch up to us." Mrs. Henry looked back and forth between the slightly grubby college senior and her daughter, Emily. She did not want to let Emily drive back to school with him, but she had little choice in the matter. It had been planned...Read On

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The Messages Continued

We pick up where The Messages finished.

“Changed your mind, did you… Fuck! Nick? What are you doing here? I thought you were…. What are you doing with Bradley’s phone?” Nick barged past Beth and stumbled drunkenly into her flat. “It sounded like from your voice clips that you could use some company. Can’t be fucking your cunt with that vibrator, when there’s a perfectly good cock you could be riding,” Nick slurred. To...Read On

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"Put down the cupcake!" "Oh, come on, Sweets, just one? There’s a bunch of them, so you won't miss it." Why does he have to look so damn adorabl e, she thought. That man could get away with murder just by smiling. "Those aren’t your cupcakes, they’re for your engagement party. Put the cupcake down, and no one gets hurt." She was pointing her wooden spoon at him, and trying not to laugh....Read On


The Blue Door

After Salt of the Earth, what really happens at Jayne's house on Saturday afternoons?

My experience with Jayne and Brenda shook me up a bit, I don’t mind telling you. A threesome that turns into a fight? Between two girls ? I could imagine it with two macho idiot men; in fact only one of them would have to be a macho idiot to cause trouble, but the women? Sex is supposed to be beautiful, and although it can have its edge of pain and suffering, if that turns you on, surely...Read On


The Realtor

Laura has a passionate encounter while looking for a new house.

Marci, As you know, Danny and I have been looking for a new house. I know I have already sent you a million questions, but this time I really need your advice. Something happened today and I don’t know what to do about it. Since you are a realtor, I need your professional opinion on something. I wish you still lived here as it would have made this whole process much easier...and...Read On


An Offline Encounter

Eric finally meets his 'hot little slut' for the first time in person

Rose was nervous as hell – and wetter than she had ever been in her entire life. Even as she walked along the sidewalk, she could feel her inner thighs sticking together from her drenched pussy – no panties, as instructed. She was ready to go through with it, though, that was for sure. So fucking ready. At this point, every text message, every bit of contact from him sent a wave of...Read On


Blow Job for Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Brother (Another of my wife's college adventures)

She wanted to make him feel good and give him the best blow job he would ever have.

While my wife was at home during the semester break of her senior year in college she saw one of her former boyfriends at a mall; they had dated on and off for a year. They first met at a bookstore where she worked during the summer. He lived in a nearby town and they attended different colleges. He invited her to lunch and she accepted. While they were eating, he told her that he and...Read On


The Reunion - Chapter 1

It had been a number of weeks since we had last seen each other before I set about travelling Southern Europe for the summer. I had now returned to the UK and we had planned to meet up once she had finished work. It wasn’t until after 5:30 that she finished work at Westminster and I picked her up from work. When she saw me, she hugged me tightly as if she hadn’t seen me in years rather...Read On


The Champion's Prize

Young divorcee discovers her wild side after hours at the Renaissance Fair

The crowd gasped as the Green Knight swung his two-handed pole–axe down against the helmet of the Black Squire; the ringing blow echoed across the tourney field as the young squire fell to his knees then slowly pitched forward into the sandy earth. The Green Knight turned and surveyed the field; six opponents lay sprawled in the dirt. Only the Red Knight remained. Pausing briefly to...Read On


Saturday's Alright for Blowing

Tombstone meets and pleases an older woman . . .

The bright line in the chat box pulsed iridescently. The small, black type came through and punched me in the gut. I hadn't expected the question. "Do you want to come over?" I stared at the words, almost breathless, my heart pounding. How often did women invite men over after chatting with them online? Most women I knew were afraid online guys would turn out to be stalkers, rapists,...Read On


A 19th century Farmer's Wife

Crude, lewd, old-fashioned filth

I was a journalist on the local paper and one day I had to go out into the countryside to interview a woman about costumes for a folk dancing event. You get a lot of thrilling assignments of that sort. But the thing is, you never know who you’re going to meet. This woman was called Gill and she was big. Not tall, not fat exactly, but stout. Solid. If she had been a man you’d have called...Read On