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A great way to start your day.

I walk quietly into your bedroom early in the morning. You're still asleep, lying on your side with just a sheet covering you from the waist down. Your hair is partially hiding your face and I can hear you breathing. I study your shoulder so softly rounded. Your back smooth and beautiful. My eyes follow your spine down into the top of your tempting ass. God I love to look at your ass. ...Read On


My little secret

A true story of a naughty Catholic University girl

I am taking a quick break to regroup after the Unexpected Lover series . . . I decided to include another one of my experiences that took place a little later in life. Again, this is a true story with the names changed to protect the identities of those involved. It’s going to take a minute to get to the sex . . . but some back story is necessary to get an idea of what was going on. ...Read On


Last Chance

the last chance for some great sex with your ex-lover

He followed the winding country road through the woods and tried to steer while checking the directions he had scribbled on a napkin. His heart was racing as his car kicked up dust on the deserted road. He knew what he was going to do would leave him with some feelings of guilt but at this point he didn't care. He wanted this too badly. He drove faster as he passed the occasional...Read On


An Unexpected Lover Ch. 2

Emma and Kevin get some alone time after the party

The graduation party went off without a hitch, but was pretty boring. The only excitement I had was waiting for later when Kevin was coming over to hang out at the house with my friends. Only one person at the party, my friend Gail, knew about what had happened after Cedar Point and she was sworn to secrecy. “So . . .” Gail said. “So . . . what?” I asked. “So, are you and Kevin together...Read On


Neighbor Helping Neighbor

It's good to be neighborly

Yesterday I had gotten most of the large yard mowed and I had filled in a lot of holes I had created when I had previously removed rocks that protruded above the sod line. Today I was taking it at a much slower pace. The temperature yesterday was bad enough, but today it was almost unbearable. The sun was hotter than I could handle so I opted to work in the garage. My desire was to discard...Read On


It is London

Two internet friends meet for the first time

It is London, it is spring and to me it is a miracle she is here. Months of e-mails and messaging are forgotten as a dream appears. I watch her step from the taxi and walk up the stairs and into the foyer. Even if I did not recognise her face, her shy hesitant steps would give her away. I wave and start to move towards her, shaking apprehensively until I see her smile and move towards me....Read On


An Unexpected Lover Ch. 1

Emma finds love with the younger brother of a classmate

So there I was, 17, single for about a month, just graduated from high school, still struggling to adapt to a world without the friends I had for the previous 6 years; who knew when you broke up with an asshole he got custody of the friends. My church youth group (that he was a part of) had organized a trip to Cedar Point and I wasn’t too sure I even still wanted to go. I didn’t want to face...Read On


Allie's Birthday Present, the Conclusion

Aliie gets her big birthday present

Wednesday Evening (your birthday) The day passes achingly slowly. You work retail and your sex-addled brain considers the masturbation potential of every item. You’re very creative and your need makes you fantasize about being spanked, penetrated, clamped, bound, and made to suck on a surprising array of objects. In the quieter moments, you try to imagine what’s in the gold box. You...Read On


The Tease at Work 2

I finally got mine.

“Get my shit and leave? I don’t fucking think so. I took your shit for almost an hour. I watched you get off over and over again. And you think I’m going to leave without getting something out of this arrangement?” “W-what are you going to do?” she asked. For the first time since I came in the room, she wasn’t totally in control anymore, and she wasn’t all together pleased about it. In...Read On


One Night Stand

It was the Saturday night following my college graduation, and the next day I would be moving back home with my parents. Oh, how I dread that stifling environment. Perhaps I should have one last fling. I head to my bedroom and remove all my day-clothes. My boring jeans and T-shirt. My Nike sneakers. My cotton undergarments. Even my ponytail holder. I stand naked, looking at myself in the...Read On


Pretty Polly

Ross discovers the power of the press...

The doorbell rings, snapping me out of a daydream. I rise from my armchair and make my way to the front door. Through the frosted glass I can make out the frame of a young woman. I open up and am immediately struck by the vision of loveliness standing on my step, she had long black hair, brown eyes and a waif like figure. I find myself staring into her eyes for a second longer than I...Read On


Limo and a picnic

She had a surprise for him

Ring, ring, rang the phone. I open my eyes, look at the clock and think, "Who would be calling me at 8:00am on a Sunday." I roll over and decide to let my machine answer the phone. "Get your lazy ass out of bed, and pick up the phone," I hear you say. I jump up and reach for the phone. "Hi, I didn't think it would be you." "Get in the shower and be dressed by 9:00am," you tell me. "We...Read On


A Night With You

It was late at night. I was asleep. In a dream state, I felt your hand reach down beneath my underwear. It was you. You lifted up the lace and felt your way to that sacred place. My clit became hard and I knew what was about to happen. My body responded and I became wet at the command of your touch. I was in a daze. Your fingers opened my lips and entered my pussy. They went deep into my hole...Read On


The Tease at Work 1

She thinks it's going to be all about her...

I sat on my hands like I was told. It was the Friday before a holiday weekend, so the office was empty except for us, which was a good thing since the office was glass on three sides. It was only about 6:30, but the massive rainstorm that beat the windows made the world dark as night. In front of me she sat on her desk with her legs spread to either side of the desk. A trickle of liquid...Read On


After Hours Cocktale

She was closing up and he surprises her in more ways than one ......

It was late at night as usual when she was closing the bar up. Savana looked around at the mess the patrons had left behind, and exhaled a big sigh. Sav, as most called her, leaned back on the bar in between two stools. She let her head fall back onto the bar as she rested a minute, gathering her thoughts on what to tackle first. Her long lean legs stretched out beyond the stools, moving one...Read On