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Euphorica: The Lead Singer

Steven was 25 years older than me. But also 25 years more experienced.

When I was almost 19 I was in love with a man. A much older man. At 43 years old, he could’ve been my father, but he didn’t at all look his age. I don’t know how he managed to stay so frozen in time, but his smooth, porcelain skin didn’t appear to be a day over 30. A few of my friends had raised their eyebrows at my latest infatuation, not because of the age, but because he...Read On


Worker's Playtime

Maybe sometimes life isn’t fair, and you can feel like you’re emptying a swimming pool with a spoon. However for every grey day there has to be a dazzling sunny one, this is a sunny day story. Sitting outside a pavement café one warm morning in July, just watching the world drift past me, sipping coffee and enjoying the leisurely pace of the day, nothing particularly on my mind, nothing...Read On


Between Lovers

Good things come to those who wait, prepare and execute.

She was between men right now and hated going without. It was difficult to describe the feelings she was experiencing. She read erotica, both on line and in hard copy. She had to laugh at that term 'hard copy'. One of her favorite books that she had bought in the local bookstore was literally falling apart. She remembered with slight embarrassment the night she set out to find a naughty book...Read On


My 1st lady older Than Me

Hot passionate, steamy sex!!!!!!

My first experience with an older woman, oh my word. I hope that you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed her and her me. This happened a long time ago, at least 8 years ago, she was old enough to be my mother. So sit back and enjoy. I was working as a barman at a 40th birthday party I met this stunning lady, her name was Sandy. She had long black hair, she had curves in all the right...Read On


Lovers Time

With the lover

You scramble up the bed to me. Placing your hands up on the headboard above my head, you watch as I spread my thighs. I open them wide as a grin melts across your face. The immediate scent of my cum and feelings makes me salivate along with you. I can't help but move my fingers between my open lips again and plunge them inside of my wet vagina and finger myself for you and me. I stroke...Read On


The Pickup

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

A light breeze hid the fact that it was 90 degrees. He took a long drag on his cigarette and let his eyes wander around the shade of the mall. From each of the Casinos, a melange of music and clattering coins filtered out onto the street. He saw her a few feet away, enjoying the shade, watching the people and his eyes wandered freely over her. Tall and slender, her high heels peeked...Read On


Long Distance No More

Meeting a good friend, Ace87

The paper I had been faithfully doodling upon during my flight was shaking within my tightly clenched hands. My whole body felt clammy, my breath was an eternal struggle, and my legs were like jelly. I had no sense of right and wrong, and I really didn't understand why I was here. All I knew, was that somehow, someway, I had given in. I had jumped on a flight, and now I was coming to meet...Read On


Commander Rainey

A naval officer engages in some hot fraternization

I was sitting with my back to the door when Commander Rainey came in. My feet were up on the windowsill, the weekend’s watch roster on my lap. I’d like to say I was working on it, but really I was kind of staring into space. She tapped twice on the open door. “Come in,” I said without turning, thinking it was one of my girls. “I’m already in,” she answered. I turned to see her halfway to...Read On


Impossible Feats

Note: This is my first story, and just an introduction to this couple. I would love some feedback! How could I ignore her? From the moment I saw her my eyes were taken in. Her dark tan, and I could tell her skin was smooth, but that she was rough like sand, her dark brown hair was flung down around her shoulders in wavy tousles, sex hair if I ever saw it. I couldn’t make out the color of...Read On


The Operation

When Marcia finds the right doctor.

Operation Marcia walked slowly down the hallway holding a small slip of paper with the name and address of her new doctor. She checked the suite numbers as she continued to the end of the hall. Room 415, there it was. The door was bare except for the name of the doctor; Dr. Randall Walters, MD. Marcia double-checked the paper with the name on the door and stepped in. The waiting room...Read On


Little Mami. Part 1

Mami has to face the reality of her love life, and finds real love in a new man.

Lil Mami was looking super Hot as ever. She had on her Baby Phat skin tight Black jeans on to accentuate her thick thighs curves, and that big round butt of hers. She also had on a nice low cut hot pink slinky blouse to shows off her size C cup boobies. Under all this she was sporting her hot Latina self in new set of matching hot pink Victoria Secret thong that kinda just lost it's self...Read On


Working Away

Couple Meet At A Works Forum

My company have sent me to a management forum for my line of work. Whilst there I get talking to Holly, who works in another regional office. Neither of us wanted to come, but as luck would have it we meet fairly early in the day, and whilst most of the delegates are taking themselves far to seriously we have a bit of a laugh and joke and generally enjoy the day the best we can. At the end...Read On


A Fond Farewell

A perfect ending to what had thus far been a pleasantly surprising trip….

It had been several weeks since my relationship with Maya was forever changed. The sweet little girl that I had thought of as a little sister for most of my life turned out to be one of the most sexually aggressive girls I'd ever met. Our families are very close, and so like always, we had plenty of time alone. Only now that time was spent sharing much more than thoughts and feelings. It was...Read On


My night with Jacob

Jacob was what she wanted. Jacob was what she got.

The first time i saw Jacob I couldnt keep my eyes off him. He was a tall, toned man with piercing blue eyes and shaggy brown hair. He was irresistable and I knew I had to have him. I tried my best to catch his attention and after many nights of flirting and getting to know eachother it finally worked. I couldnt believe my luck the night I ended up going home with him. I'd had a bit to drink but...Read On


Some Fun Overseas

What has become a pretty routine trips turns up some very unexpected surprises....

I've been living in the US for the past 16 years, but I'm originally from India; and for the past several years I've made it a point to go back and visit my family every winter when I have a month off from school. Its a pretty routine trip by this point, so I don't think too much into it, and for the most part I know what to expect. A long flight, and hopping between two towns, staying with...Read On