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My Awakening

A mature man in a largely sexless marriage has a surprise encounter

Sometimes, things just happen. It's not something that you plan or even seriously think about. You find yourself in a situation in which you face a most unexpected choice - one that can have a profound effect on how you view yourself. This is a story about one of those times. It was one that saw my awakening as a much more complete and confident sensual being at a relatively late age. By...Read On


Shower Exposé

Dean and young Jane's secret meeting at the beach ends up in the shower, before landing them in bed.

The salt-laced breeze filled my lungs, as I ran along the muddy grass path. The sun was rising over the calm sea to my left, as my puppy Garcia, ran ahead. I loved the beach at that early time of day. No tourists were around, so it was still peaceful, and serene. The only sounds were the gently rippling waves, slowly easing their way up the bay. The gulls were paddling in the shallow water,...Read On


My Workout with an Old Principal

A 19 year old knockout pays a visit to her old school principal.

"Sure, Mom. It's not a problem. I can stop by on my way home from the gym." I hang up the phone with my mom and climb into my car. The first thing I do is blast the air conditioning. The radio clicks on and Marvin Gaye's voice croons over the speakers - 'Sexual Healing.' Ugh. I could use a little sexual healing. It's been a while since I was last fucked. I lost my virginity to Derek...Read On


Sarah - Part Four

Sarah and I get to know each other - sex every weekend

I only saw Sarah once during the next week. She apologized for being so abrupt with me the previous Sunday night and closing the door in my face. She was uncomfortable doing anything while Dave and Julie were in the house, and I should not take her “not now” as an indication that she wasn’t willing to fool around. It was just that she wanted to wait until we had the house to ourselves. The...Read On


Sanitarium: Part Two

Leah is cornered with the new inmate

More, she wanted more. “You’re not going anywhere,” Alex husked at her. Her breath caught in her throat as she leaned her head back at the pleasure. There was nothing she loved more than a man grabbing her and making her his. After nearly a year of being untouched, unfucked; Leah knew she would do anything this man wanted her to do. If he told her to drop to her knees and act like a...Read On

Recommended Read

Dick Wrencher – Private Eye The Mystery of the Blue Diamond

The Dick of Dicks

Using my binoculars, left over from my stint in North Africa (that’s another story), I could see a late model sedan pull up to the wharf on the other side of the East River; an Olds, Yeah, a ‘53. It’s foggy, and I’m a little distracted by what Miranda is doin’ in my pants, but I still got an eye for business. Two goons get outta the back seat. In the darkness it looks a scene from a...Read On

Recommended Read


Cravings of lust and sin drive a woman to search for the one man who will satisfy her needs.

Cynthia felt a single droplet of sweat trek its way slowly down the valley of her spine. Her unbound breasts shifted slightly beneath the cream lace of her top and her nipples, flushed a dark obscene red, thrust proudly against and almost through the tightly stretched cotton. She plucked determinedly at the aching tips and smirked with satisfaction when they finally protruded through the...Read On


Sanitarium: Part One

Committed to a sanitarium for her sex addiction, Leah is almost done with her treatment, until Alex.

Chapter One: New Inmate Leah closed her eyes tight, listening to the cries of the other… prisoners  of Rogers Sanitarium. With its harsh fluorescent lights, steel doors painted generic blue, and bleached linoleum floors; it was painfully modern. The cries of the others echoed against the walls, like they did every single day since she was committed to this place. They drove her crazy some...Read On

Editor's Pick

Playing to Win

Lauren discovers a game that's guaranteed to break Josh's winning streak.

“What the hell? You’ve humiliated me again!” Lauren shoved her auburn hair over her shoulder and threw a glance at the Scrabble board, shaking her head in confusion at the trouncing she’d just received. She turned her attention back to Josh who sat across from her at the dining table lounging in his chair. He gave her a smug look that should have annoyed her but all it did was encourage...Read On


Stranger in a Nightclub - Part 2

How a stranger in a nightclub turned out to be my first time...

The bus journey home was unbearable, as it always was from Central London. My two friends were both a little irritated because I had spent the night with the guy that they made me talk to; so technically it was their own fault. I promised to take them to a movie to make up for it and they seemed content with the idea. Since it was a weekday, the nightclub had closed at two instead...Read On


Stranger in a Nightclub, Part 1

The story of my night with a guy I met in a nightclub when I was 18. A true tale.

My two girl friends and I were sitting on three bar stools, in a packed club, in the emptiest area we could find. They thought it was hilarious to try and 'wingwoman' me, by getting creepy old guys to come over and talk to me, but obviously I wasn't interested. I didn't exactly need to anyone to help me out, I could get male attention on my own if I wanted, especially in the outfit I...Read On


Helping Amy

Amy's boyfriend told her she was lousy in bed. He was wrong.

My doctor and my wife were both nagging me about stimulating my mind since I retired at 52. "Your brain is going to turn into mush!" was my wife's favorite barb. "Volunteer,” she said. Not having any grandkids of my own, I decided to help out at the neighborhood school near my home. I went into the office and told the volunteer coordinator of my thirty-seven years of service back in...Read On


After Work Relief

Some relief after a stressful day at work.

I knew my boyfriend usually got home from work around 3:30 and like the good girlfriend I was, I liked to have a snack waiting for him. Though I’d find out later that the cupcakes I had made weren’t going to be what he was eating. It was 3:20 and I figured I should go get ready. I had showered and shaved earlier so I was fresh, my legs were smooth, and so was my pussy. Just the way he liked....Read On


Sarah - Part Three

Sarah wants to talk!

“This is an interesting situation, don’t you think?” Sarah began. “Every weekend we’re going to be alone in the house and we’re probably going to sleep together again. At least I’d like it if we had sex again. Is that what you want?” I know I wasn’t supposed to be, but I was amused. Really, an attractive woman, with a great body, who likes sex, and is very good at it, and she wants to know if...Read On


Smile For The Camera - Story 2 - AMY

Spencer is reunited with a Zander woman from the past.

Nine weeks had passed since Spencer had made the audition film with Kate and she had started her 90-day program with the directors of Zander Corporation. He had seen her in the office a couple of times at a distance, but they hadn’t spoken. Once he had considered going to her office just to see how she was doing, but changed his mind deciding that it would be best to avoid her until her...Read On


Sarah - Part Two

Sarah wants sex again the next morning

The next morning was Saturday. I went down stairs wondering what I was going to say to Sarah. The door to her room was shut and I assumed that she was still sleeping. I made myself some coffee, brought out my school books, grabbed a chair at the kitchen table, and started to read. Not much later Sarah came through the kitchen door having been outside jogging. She asked me what I was up...Read On


Blondie’s Birthday Fuck - Part One

Morning Sex

Waking up to the sound of Sam whispering in my ear, I can’t help but smile. “Wake up, Blondie, it’s your birthday.” His hand slides over my hip, towards my breast before cupping it, and squeezing softly. I let out a low moan, not wanting to wake up just yet. “It’s my birthday, I don’t wanna wake up, baby.” I try to curl away from him, into a small little ball. We had stayed up far too...Read On


Bad News, Part Two

After Fred and Percy said good night and went on their way, Vicki and I were left standing there not knowing what to say to each other. I opened the car door for her and helped her in. Then I went around and climbed in on the driver’s side and started the engine. As I looked over at her I asked, “Where to?” Vicki looked back at me uneasily as she gave me the name and address of the hotel...Read On


The Bucket List 2 - Ayla

The sex hungry teacher finds another young girl to satisfy himself

Joe stepped out into the warm air of June. The darkness had already settled. It was an evening filled with dancing and drinking. Most of his students didn’t know this side of him. He didn’t get to come out often, but since the week after is finals week, his work as a teacher was already done. He hurried to the bus stop and waited for his bus to come. A few minutes passed and this...Read On


The Alley

Standing at the bar I look around the club, feeling slightly over whelmed. I am new to all of this. My girlfriend had insisted that I join her. While this is not really a "sex club", it is very close. Most of the people are here for only one thing, and are practically doing that "one thing" on the dance floor. Some with many partners. I do have to say it has been an interesting night so far. ...Read On


Sarah - Part One

Meeting Sarah

This story takes placeover a number of years, starting almost 25 years ago, when I was much more naïve, and continues to the present. Sarah is different in so many ways. She is a sharp business woman, a designer of women’s clothes and buyer for a national chain of stores. She is always sharply dressed; nails and hair perfect. She is an accomplished artist, working mostly in pencil,...Read On


I Don't Do One Night Stands- Chapter 2

Embrace me, surround me, as the rush comes...

It was happening again, that fatal attraction that was pulling them both together like magnets. That sexual tension between them had changed the atmosphere in the room as soon as Lexi opened the door and looked into Ian’s frosted eyes. She just couldn’t understand why these feelings were there, and developing so quickly. How was it possible for him to completely control her body without...Read On


Sally and the Nudist Resort

Jack agrees to let me borrow Sally so we can visit a nudist resort.

It had been about a month since Sally and Jack had visited and we had had our weekend fuckfest. What wonderful memories I have of their visit. It was like an orgy. Jack would fuck Sally and then I would follow up with my turn. Sally loved it and I didn't think anyone could have that many orgasms in such a short time. Jack seemed to enjoy it as much as Sally. I think he really enjoyed...Read On


How It All Began Ch.14

The aftermath of Jack's time in Rome plays out at the office in a confrontation with Tanya.

To describe Jack's predicament as an uneasy situation was understating the tension in the office on Jack's return from Rome. Since his return a few days ago, Jack was on edge expecting repercussions from his forceful renegotiation with Nancy. Monday had been and gone, it was a dreadful day, the revised contracts had arrived with the improved terms and Tanya was delighted. His delight was...Read On


Red Riding Hood And Big Bad Wolf

Red Saves Grandma's House.

She was born Shyla Hood. Yet everyone in her neighbor knew her simply as Red. Called by this name not because of the color of her hair, but the fact that she always wore red. Shyla used to be called " little red" by her family and friends when she was younger. But she was all grown up now. Boy, was she ever. Shyla had developed a drop dead gorgeous figure by the time she was 18. Now 21, she...Read On


Secret Place

Forbidden fantasy

Walking through her home forest, the Elvin girl flourishes on the sounds and smells of the forest. The life it represents. It brings a welcome relief from the personal prison she hides so majestically. From the outside no one would know her inner most desire…her dreams. Longing for the touch of the forbidden fruit. She gets lost in her own thoughts and the enormity of the trees, enveloping...Read On


Curly Head Takes The Stage

For My Sugar Man... How he likes it, part truth, part fantasy

Well.. here he was again, at the same old titty bar he was at last week and the week before. Shit, thinking about it he realized he'd been coming here once a week for the past six months, always after the gym on Thursday or Friday night. He rarely got anymore sex at home and when he did it was pretty bland. He'd watched enough porn and read enough erotic stories to know there had to more...Read On


Online Romance and More

Chance meeting develops into romance.

Saturday I met Julie on a dating website four months ago and we hit it off so well that we eventually exchanged phone numbers and photos of each other. We have been talking on the phone every day for the last three months. There has been discussion of meeting, though we live on opposite coasts. I have offered to pay for her flight and she is considering it. Until then we continue...Read On

Recommended Read

I Don't Do One Night Stands

One night of passion can have numerous consequences...

They always say that one night stands can lead to a variety of awkward situations. You can wake up the next morning feeling absolutely hung over and filled with regret after a night of drunken sex that you can hardly remember. You can wake up next to your best friend and feel despairing dread because you crossed a line that you can never take back anymore. Or you might feel doomed because...Read On


Friday Night at the Beach

Unresolved sexual tension is finally sorted at the beach

The end of a long week at work has finally arrived. It’s 27 degrees, the sky is blue and I’ve nowhere in particular to be. The hot sunshine combined with some hot texting from the guy I’m crazy about, as opposed to the one I’m married to, has made me horny as hell. I’ve driven up north with the windows down and the radio up high, heading for my favourite beach. I'm home alone for a week...Read On