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The Experience and Her Name

He only wanted one thing, and that was – a fuck.

He entered the bar, eyes scanning patrons as they eyed him. There was that distinct whiff of alcohol, food and cigarette smoke in the air, which he was sure he won’t be able to sense in five minutes most. Another thing he was sure of, was that he would have to take a shower before returning to his squad; he wisely took extra change of clothes with him, but he was painfully aware of how...Read On


Continuing my experience with my French friend

My night with my best friend from France gets even steamier

I was completely helpless now. I'd decided to let myself go, and now nothing was going to stop us. If this was the only chance that Julien and I had together, I was going to take it. I took off Julien's pants and threw them aside, watching his bulging cock emerge. I took it in my hands and slowly ran my tongue up and down the length of his shaft. I looked up and saw Julien wathching me,...Read On

Editor's Pick

First Time Lucky

I'm a cocktease and he's just called my bluff.

I draped myself over Paul’s back, enjoying the play of his muscles as he lined up his next shot. His shoulder bunched, he let the cue slide, and the balls broke exactly as he'd called them. “Mine again,” Paul crowed. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him close for a celebration. He kissed me messily, his tongue pushing perfectly against mine. “Good one, babe,” I whispered and bit at...Read On


Where the magic happens Part 2


I was slightly worried, as I didn't know Nick too well. I felt Jake slid out of me and he began kissing my neck and then french kissing me again, swirling our tongues together, like a romantic dance. "See you later," he whispered. I smiled to my ex and watched him dress, then open the door and leave. I felt naked and I rolled away from the blood on the bed, wishing he placed a towel down. ...Read On


Summer Heat

When camping with friend, Sarah gets more of a release than expected

This is my first story, let me know what you think It was mid June and the heat wave was beginning to become unbearable. Everyone was just finishing their first year of uni and Sarah and her friends decided it would be a good idea to get away from the city for a while and enjoy the heat properly. After checking out a few websites, Sarah and her best friend Josie decided to go camping...Read On



I had been awake for a while, but the sun was only just starting to stream through semi-closed curtains in my motel room. I needed to get up and get out. I didn’t want to be in that room anymore. I pulled the duvet back at the corner revealing my bare legs, and I pulled down my shirt which had ridden up above my navel while I slept. I got out of bed, having to support my back with my hand....Read On


Big Cock For My Girlfriend

A virgin when we met and a drunken suggestion leads to my girlfriend getting laid while I watch!!

Seeing as my girlfriend, Jennifer, was a virgin when we met. I drunkenly suggested one night that she should maybe experience what sex with someone else would be like. She surprised me when she told me that her favourite masturbation fantasy involved fucking a man with a massive dick, while I watched. It didn’t take me log to come round to the idea She has amazing tits and a spankable...Read On


An Explicit First Time (Written by a male)

First Time

I sat down on my usual bench in the park. The headphones connected to my small pink mp3 were in place, my legs were spread and my arms were extended to each side. It was the usual position I had whenever I sat down here in the park, and I wasn't planning on changing it any time soon. As usual my mind wondered to the subject that my “defense mechanisms” always suppressed: sex. It was a...Read On


My second day at work

My Second Day At Work (recommended pre reading my first day at work) I still couldn't believe that I had done it going back to work after yesterday. The shame and humiliation of being done like a cheap whore over the boss' s desk and liking it. Regardless I went back this morning and managed to make it through my shift with out any incidents. No spills, no messes, and not a single...Read On


A Tempered Love

Imagine a one night stand tunring into something truly magical.

We met at school, through a friend.  A good friend of mine, Matthew, a ladies man was pursuing yet another "hot piece of ass" and, once again, I didn't care.  He was so confident, it was disgusting.  I had just got over a terrible break up, but I was still happy for him.  Then, on that fateful day, he decided he had it in the bag and wanted to introduce me.  I never thought anything of it;...Read On


A Lesson in Lust

Real sex and phone sex - double pleasure for the music teacher

I knocked softly, waited a respectful fifteen seconds before entering. The name plate said baldly: R B James, Head Teacher. The letters MSc to which R B James was entitled were absent. The term Head Teacher rather than Principal - the correct form for the appointment - was a small token of defiance. Behind the desk R B James completed filling in a form and transferred it to a...Read On


New Experience with my French Friend

Things get a little more than friendly with my best friend from France

Not again - how could this be happening to me again?! Not that I didn't enjoy it; I mean how could I not enjoy having an intimate night with a sexy foreign boy? It had been one year since my host brother from Spain had left to go back home. At first, I was devastated and was in a constant state of "mourning". Eventually, though, I moved on and began enjoying time with my family and...Read On


My fiance's brother

The most sensual thing happened to me

My fiancé had been pestering me for a while to have kids. We were both from large families and planned on getting married one day to start our own big family. It was hard for me though. I’ve been modeling for a while and my body was my craft. I worked really hard to stay in shape and believe me when I say my fiancé really appreciated it. The thought of having to let myself go kind of scared...Read On



The setting is important and there is excitement in sound and thunder.

Flight I have been fascinated with flight all my life. Watching an albatross sail in lazy circles around my boat while offshore fishing has never failed to make my pulse quicken. If I could fly like that I would eat raw fish. Gladly. I find the end of an airport runway to be a gateway to another world. The sound, vibration, and the rush of air as a huge plane blasts its way in to the...Read On


My first day at work

A short story about a rough first day day. My first posting please be gentle.

I had never done this kind of work before but all the shows made it look so easy just whisk around the cafe and serve beverages with flair. All my friends told me with my figure it would be so easy to make up for the minimum wage with tips. Even though I am a size 12 with 40 d cup breasts by frequent visits to the gym I stay in excellent shape with a nice firm hiney, with long black hair...Read On