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Sex at Work

I had confessed to being an Erotic Story Writer, She wanted proof and got it!

I encourage comments and voting on my stories, I am new at this type of writing, and would appreciate any feedback.  I feel it would help in refining the stories I feel the need to write.  Thanks   I have been working for a large retail corporation for about four years in one of the smaller outlets in the Midwest .  I am a middle aged married guy, my wife even works at the...Read On


A Touring Cyclist Rides More Than A Bike

We didn't know each other when the day began, but we rode each other well before it was over

It was late June in Oklahoma, the time for rugged bicycle riders to come together for the touring event of the year.  This year was going to be especially difficult, the course was laid out from the Texas/Oklahoma border, into parts of Arkansas, and finishing in Missouri, starting and ending on successive Sundays, an eight day ride of 538 miles.  There were optional rides on side roads for...Read On


The Layover

The cybersex had been great, but meeting her for the first time was hotter than hell

Being a 58 year old man, I was thrilled to be chatting with a hot looking 27 year old bleach blond from Florida. We had found each other in a “friend” chat site, both looking for some on line fun. Being a creative writer can really come in handy sometimes, and Karen really seemed to enjoy the erotic tales I would write for her over the months we had been chatting. Our sexual...Read On



This is a story about my friend Chris discovering the joys of strawberries

I’ve been running up and down these stairs for two years now. Down in the morning for my jog, up again after my jog, then down again for work, up again at night to stay at home as usual to get lost in my reading. I love to read, had been around the world just by reading.  Today starts on a different note. I don’t hear the alarm, so I’m an hour late for work. The kettle also decides to...Read On



This is partly true...

Sigh… Anne had been working for this financial company for nearly 10 years now; giving her all, actually too much to climb the leader of success. Now looking back she realize that’s she’s got what she wanted…she’s got a home, well a mansion, a booming career…yes that’s all she ever wanted, or was it? It suddenly dawns on her that something was amiss. And like may career woman; she knows...Read On


Black Friday Bargain

This MILF needed a game machine and would do whatever she had to to get one.

It was the day after Thanksgiving, 2007, and I am a tried and true associate of one of the largest retail chains in the business.   Some call this day “Black Friday”, we call it “Blitz” among ourselves, because it is reminiscent of the Blitzkrieg of generations before us.   I woke early and arrived at the store at 4:00 AM as requested by my store manager, then proceeded to familiarize...Read On



This is a true story about on-line love becoming reality (I changed the names obviously...)

I reached his place before him. His mom opened the door and said, “Addi, Dean told us you’ll be coming over. Unfortunately he’s not back from work yet. Oh let me introduce you to my husband. Honey this is Addi”.  His Dad look at me with surprise as recognition dawns on him. We’ve met before at a function at my company. Needless to say he got up and gave me a nice warm hug, telling his...Read On


ESSENTIAL FUCK Miss.JACKSON from Peterborough

I love to fuck sexy blondes who most men think are NOT available... including Miss Louise Jackson

I have a weakness for blondes, love to chase a sexy younger blonde and fuck her anyway I can, and I don’t mind paying for it. As sex is always better with a sexy fit blonde who is not a known whore. In the past I’ve fucked my brother’s girlfriend and my boss’s daughter. My latest conquest is Miss Louise Jackson , a delightful blonde lady, the best massage therapist in the Peterborough...Read On


Hot girl fucked in a clothes store

She fell in love with a customer who used to enter the store, a coworker's husband.

I'm a 19yo girl and I work in a clothes store for children, but there was one occasion when a man in his 40's, who was a customer, got in the store to buy something.  He was pretty handsome.  There was something weird about him that made my vagina feel the sensations I had never experienced in my lifetime.  It was at that moment when I saw him saying hi to one of my  coworkers. ...Read On


Hotel frenzy

I cheated on my girl

I was back visiting my home town and met up with some old friends for drinks and Alison was there as usual. She is unusually tall at about 6ft  and a huge pair of tits and has long legs, quite well built and I always imagined she has a nice big pussy to match.  She had always made it clear to me that she more than liked me but I always resisted because I have a girlfriend and kids. Things with...Read On


Summer Theater

A story of one of my most enjoyable acting parts i shall never forget

Summer Theater                         By Rough Riding Tender Cowboy         It was full dress rehearsal for the actors and actresses at the local theater, in preparation for the summer outdoor pageant.   The stock panels had been removed in order that we could use the lights and bleachers of the local rodeo grounds.   The setting was an...Read On



an entire course of hard pounding sex for a great dinner

I met adam 1 1/2 years ago, when I volunteered my self to help at a local fund-raising project in my city. He was assigned to me as my buddy for the project, after the week long activity, he asked for my number. Two days later, he called and I had a good time talking to him. We talked casually, but after a couple of weeks, we would talk regularly on the phone while exchanging emails...Read On


Coming of Age Part II

Ms. Chatman gives Lewis a memory to remember

Louis woke up the next day thinking about his being raped by his neighbor Ms. Whitney. 'She was and is still hot' he thought to himself as he woke up. It was around 10 in the morning when Louis got out of bed and started his day. Other than being a nerd, Louis was a young man that kept in shape by lifting weights from time to time and by proper dieting. He did not look like it because he...Read On


Who's In Charge Here?

She only thinks it's her game. He knows better!

  I'm having a hard time seeing into my crystal ball today. For some reason it seems to be fogged up, and I can’t see anything. No, wait, it's clearing up now. There is someone in the shower, so the room is full of steam. It's you, your hair is full of suds, and your body is slick. Hmmmm, I love slick. On the other side of the shower curtain, I'm undressing, planning to surprise...Read On


Makeover Gone Good......Real Good!

Jamie's makeover changes him forever......

Here is another story that I have decided to write. If anyone has any suggestions that I should write about, please feel free to send them to me and I will make sure to mention you as a way of saying thank you. Enjoy!! Talk about getting picked on all of the time. That is how Jamie Willis felt every day that he went to school. Jamie was an average guy who was not bad looking at all,...Read On