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The Stranger You Know

For more years than I want to count, I’ve wanted to pick up a stranger in a bar and have fun with him in the parking lot. No-strings-attached, nameless fun. It should be pretty easy, after all people do it all the time, but not me. It was time to try it. I’m very conservative, if you knew me you would never picture me doing such a thing. My family would refuse to believe it if someone...Read On


Worshipping Willy - 2

Willy continues to rock his world

I awoke to find Willy snuggled up against me. Her skin, soft as a cloud, flushed warm and alive to my touch. My cock rose and hardened as her butt cheeks gently squeezed around me. Reaching over her shoulder, I cupped her sumptuous breast in my hand, stroking my fingertips gently over her dark brown areola and stiffening nipple. "Good morning, sleepy," I said in a soft voice. "Mmmm,...Read On


The Porn Lover

A porn lover gets a very unexpected surprise from his wife...

Jake wasn't exactly a porn addict, but he certainly enjoyed it. He had never told his wife, Maxine, about this for fear of insulting her. It's not that she was not attractive, not at all. Quite the opposite. From Trinidad and Tobago, her smooth dark skin only accentuated her amazing body; she stood 5'10", wore a 34D cup and had a perfect ass. Rather, the problem was her routine in bed; she...Read On

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The Pussy Trap

Candace tries to use sex to get her boyfriend, Bryce back.

I met my ex-girlfriend Candace about four months ago. We met at my buddy's birthday party. She was a friend of my buddy's girlfriend. When I first met her I had no intention of hooking up with her or any other female that night. Everyone was socializing and I eyed this chick sitting alone. Never being one to see someone left out, I stepped over to her and found throughout the night that she was...Read On


The Professor

My search for an interview with a reclusive professor leads to a course in passion

I never expected that my first view of Doctor Julia Miller would be of her emerging stark naked from a lake. It happened near the end of the three hour hike to the place where I suspected the reclusive former professor was residing. Rounding a bend in the trail, I found myself in a clearing on the shore of a small lake. As I looked for the next section of the trail, the professor emerged from...Read On


I'm Yours

I'm down on my knees in front of you, with you looking down at me. It's dark, but there's enough light that I can see your face and the smirk on it as your thumb traces my lips. This is exactly where I want to be. Right here, right in front of you. "It's been too long," you say. "Five months," I add. "I didn't think I could be away from you for that long." You pull me up, suddenly, and...Read On


My English Teacher and I Part 2

My teacher continues to teach

My cock didn’t really have a chance to go soft as Rebecca started putting on a show. Her skirt was still on and she stood, slowly unbuttoning it and bending her ass towards me as she lowered it from her hips. She turned around and stood in front of me. Her pussy was clean shaven and there was not a perceivable imperfection on her whole body. She gently grazed the insides of her thighs with...Read On


Southern Love

A couple awake and make love

My eyes open from sleep and I see your face directly in front of me. Your eyes are closed, but I lean over to kiss you and wake you from your slumber. We are both naked. You are sleepy, but beginning to wake up as I pull you into the kneeling position in the bed. You sense me behind you and suddenly you feel my kiss on the back of your neck. My mouth moves across the top of each...Read On


Hungry in the kitchen

Everyone is hungry at the end of the day.

With a sigh and a huff over the way my day played out I open the door to my home. Sunlight following me in as I see through the dust motes trailing like snow along the corridor to the kitchen out back. A mixture of herb pots, cooking utensils and foods sprawled along the shelves and benches surrounding the sink and oven, I can hear the radio blaring and as always I can see you. With your...Read On



On the shores of Lake Michigan and unexpected fling occurs.

Ten minutes and I would be there. I couldn’t wait. It was as if I could smell the lake, right around the corner. I kept thinking the next corner and I would see the amazing Mackinac Bridge. Yet, I still had a good ten miles to go, but I could sense it, feel it, smell it. The excitement built up inside me until a smile washed upon my face. The Upper Peninsula in Michigan was my favorite place....Read On

Recommended Read

Carol - Part One

I meet Carol for the first time

Carol was different. She was attractive, articulate, sensual, well educated, informed creative, playful, fun to be with, good in bed, and someone you could share a beer or coffee with and discuss all the world’s problems. I liked her from the first time I saw her. I liked her even more as we got to know each other. She was also very experienced sexually, even more so than Sarah,...Read On

Recommended Read

Dance for Me - Chapter Ten (Ending)

The end is where it begins.

Brandon did not know what to do. He had four minutes before he had to leave for his hotel shift but Caroline was still asleep on his bed and he had this horrible, gut-wrenching feeling that if he left her alone, she’d be gone when he returned. He didn’t have the heart to wake her. She looked so at peace; knees curled up to her chest, hair splayed out across the pillow, with her smudged...Read On


The Photoshoot

Violet gets what she's been wanting for years...

My heart pumped quickly in my chest and I held my breath as I stood in front of the full length mirror. The red lingerie was outrageously sexy and contrasted brightly against my fair skin. The lacy bra cupped my full c-cup breasts, the high cut underwear clung to my hips and rounded butt and the suspenders connected to the black thigh highs made my legs look slimmer than they were. I...Read On


I think she's my favorite teacher

There was pain some pain but also some pleasure

I had just finished water polo practice. I was seventeen. This was my junior year in high school and so far the most challenging. I climbed out of the pool and walked towards the locker room. The girls had practice after the boys. Some were still changing and some were on the pool deck walking around in their swim suits. They were all wearing one pieces as it was necessary for water polo but...Read On


Worshipping Willy

Their eyes met in a passing glance, then fate brought them together again

It was one of those serendipitous moments confirming that nothing in life occurs by chance. I was on my way to a conference in New Orleans, a favorite place for fun and frivolity. While it rarely happens, that day the plane was over-booked and they accepted volunteers to wait for a later flight through Miami. As I wasn't expected in New Orleans till that evening, it was no loss and some...Read On