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The Final Visit, Part Three

Not quite finished, they engage in slightly rougher play.

Exhausted, we both just lie there next to each other for a while. You pull the loose sheet over you, while I retrieve the comforter. In short order, we both fall asleep. I wake up after a bit. I look at you sleeping, so peaceful, so beautiful. I take in all of your features that I find so appealing. The sheet isn’t covering you completely; it’s hard not to reach out to feel your chest, to...Read On


Our Night Out

The hotel bar was just the beginning.

We drove to the Ritz-Carleton together, our plan firmly in place after our days apart. You would go to the lounge ahead of me after we checked in, while I tended to messages and had our luggage sent up. Your dress was stunning. I've never seen you look better. So when I entered the lounge, I noticed that you couldn't see me come in. As a bit of a prank, I flagged the waitress down and had...Read On


The Final Visit, Part Two

Their visit continues

You enter to find me sprawled on the couch, right hand massaging my left nipple, left hand buried as deep as possible into my pussy. I watch you as you enter and begin to unburden yourself. And as you watch me, I start to get more excited. Eyes filled with desire, you come towards me. You stand over me for a second, letting your gaze trail from my heavy eyelids and longing expression, to...Read On


The Eagle Has Landed

An Accidental Encounter.

I’m out cycling; I generally cycle most weekends, usually with a friend, but today I’m on my own. I’m going fairly fast along a winding country road, I see a few parked cars on my side of the road ahead of me, I look around to see if it’s safe to pull out to avoid the cars. As I look forward again, I see a car door, sweeping open in front of me, thinking - what the hell – where the hell...Read On


The Bobbsey Twins

Twin exotic dancers give me a private show and much more.

I had just moved to Miami from Detroit, and after spending the last twenty years in the cold and snow, I wanted to enjoy sunny Florida. I found a condo with a nice swimming pool and other amenities not far from the beach and moved in. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I thought I deserved a break from unpacking and hanging pictures, so I changed into my trunks and headed for the pool. As...Read On


The Final Visit, Part One

They only have one more time together before life parts them forever, and they want it a time to be

"I'll see you in three hours, babe," you say. We make our goodbyes, and I hang up the phone. Time to shower. Stripping as I go, I smile my way into the bathroom and turn on the water. I let it get warm, but not too hot; I know that I’ll be in there for a while. Slipping past the curtain, I enter the shower and stand immediately under the warm stream. I allow myself the luxury of getting...Read On


The Shop Lifter

She had decided to try and leave the shopping centre. He’d seen her concealing perfumes and makeup in her bag. Watching her walk towards the door and seek an exit, he imagined that she felt a surge of adrenaline building in her has she cradled the stolen goods. A discreet smile build upon her face as she left the store but was instantly lost as a hand came down firmly on her shoulder. ...Read On


My Opportunistic Neighbor

Naughty fun under the sun gets hotter when the man from next door shows up.

When my main fuck buddy cancelled on me for our weekly hook up I was a little disappointed but now that his back-up couldn't make it either, I’m getting really frustrated. Leaning my hip against the kitchen counter, I look through my contact list in hopes of finding someone for some afternoon fun. When I spot Reggie’s name and number, excitement fills me. I met Reggie at some college...Read On



One man's procrastination on his project turns in to something more.

It was a quiet evening. Most of my work had already been completed for the night, so I was in the living room reading, some old sitcom playing as white noise in the background on the TV on top of the small bookcase full of movies. He was in the other room, finishing up some project or another for one of his classes, drowning out my TV sitcom with anime music. As I neared the end of...Read On

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Holy Whore

A whore gets more than she bargained for from her client

His questioning eyes pierced my defences. I lifted my eyebrows and shrugged, not willing to lower the rest of my barricades. I saw his gaze dropping down and the light in his eyes changing. His gaze no longer held a question but something like worship shone in his eyes. When he looked in my eyes again, the worship was still there. I thought it would be filled with lust or desire, but...Read On


Married Sex

A man comes home early and remembers the woman he married.

It was a typical day in suburbia hell; the grass was cut to exactly the same length, all the houses looking the same with their two car garages and white picketed fences. My name is Xavier; I am married man providing all the things a man should provide for his family, but god how I hate this neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong it’s all very nice, the people are friendly and it’s safe for the...Read On

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The Lost Tablet

A lost tablet might hold the key to Lucas' future both professionally and personally.

Lucas Barrett boarded the train after a long day, and a long week of work. The area he normally sat in was full of other people wearing a range of business suits to fast-food uniforms. He climbed upstairs where he saw several empty seats. This area was less popular as most passengers wanted to be near the door when their stop arrived. Since Lucas knew he’d be on the train for a while, he...Read On


A night with my teacher before the exam

I didn’t spread my legs in front my teacher to get good grades. I did it because I liked him.

I’m not a slut or whore, I’m the top student of my class, but I also have fantasies. My fantasy man was my thirty-seven year old physics teacher, Mr. Denning. He was tall, had short hair, most of the time dressed in white shirt and black pants with polished leather shoes. He was the hottest man in the world for me. I thought about getting fucked by him, but I never tried to seduce him, because...Read On

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Dance for Me

For Caroline, he’d break every rule in the book.

His heart quickened like it always did when he saw her. No matter what outfit she was wearing or what she was doing, her presence always had that same effect on him. In a way it embarrassed him but then again it didn’t because no one else knew his weakness and in all honesty, he kind of liked it. She walked with a perfect poise which betrayed how much she must have practiced her entrance....Read On


Life in the Desert

Srgt Patricks gets a suprise after work

Part 1 – Reunited Sgrt. Patricks got back to his room after a long briefing. It was hot and boring in the conference room. He was startled to see a dim light coming from under the door to his barracks apartment. “Did I leave a light on?” he asked himself. He cautiously turned the knob of the door and slowly opened it. The small bedside lamp on the nightstand was on the lowest setting. ...Read On