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An absolute feast

A wonderful, messy, debaucherous feast described n a letter to a friend

My lover, Patrick and I never meet up and have the same kind of sex, unless you call playful the same. We also don't really have many patterns and habits other than a whole lot of kissing and sucking and rubbing and sighing and laughing and ... you get the picture. Actually, I'm getting the picture all over again too and it's doing nice glowy things to me. I keep our little bag of toys...Read On


Improbable Passion

Mature lovers behave like teenagers in pursuit of forbidden fruit

They had done this before. But this assignment was different, very different. It could not be planned. It had serious time constraints and even higher risk possibilities. But it was worth it. They would proceed with extreme caution. As they had less than twenty four hours to prepare, it was filled with tension, anxiety, desire and intrigue. This opportunity was actually non-negotiable....Read On


Next Door Neighbour

I was very young, when we moved to a different state from Perth. Our new neighbor was an older gentleman named Derek. We talked over the fence in the back garden from time to time. He was very friendly and we became very good friends over the years. As I grew older, we remained friends. He was a true gentleman. He never once tried anything sexual with me. I spent hours at his house, while...Read On


After School Fun

School was taking so long to just end. It was last period, and it had already felt like a lifetime. It was my senior year and I was already mentally done with school. Just ten more minutes until I could make love with my beautiful girlfriend. Her name was Caroline, she was also a senior. She was the prettiest girl I had ever met, she was funny, and sweet. Caroline had long brown hair, and...Read On


Music and Lust V: The Final Tour Stop

In New York, the tour ends, but Jaden begins a new chapter in his life.

For Tamar " In The V.I.P " blasted and echoed off the walls as Jaden Dennis was rehearsing the dance number for the song. He wasn't a perfectionist, but he had to get perfect since he would be performing at the Apollo Theatre for the last show of the tour for A&B Records. He was back in New York; he'd lived there since his career stared three years ago. He loved New York, but Philly...Read On


Vik's Vault 2: Criminal Consent

The Party Room (from Vik's experience) Night 1

*** Keepin’ it Real *** Why couldn’t it have been a reflection of her in the nude before me? I pause for a moment as I lock the sliding glass door for the night. I search for a glimpse of my reflection in the glass of my freshly showered and naked form in the door, but find none. With my right hand, I massage my erection thinking about what could have been. Looks...Read On


The End of the Affair

Or is it?

The ribbons and dollops of cum decorating her chest and belly leap from the surface of her slick skin and are sucked back into the slit of his ruddy, rigid, pulsing cock. The hot, white cum gathers quickly into a stream above her sweat-sheened flesh and rapidly arrows back into his prick, which he strokes overtop her while making slightly strangled-sounding gasps. The head of his tool bulges,...Read On


Vik's Vault 1: The Sexual Resolution

The Party Room (from Vik's experience) Day 1

*** Keepin' it Real *** Why did that paper on the bed last night have to be just a confidentiality agreement about the photo shoot tomorrow? The phone rings a third time in my right ear. “Hey bro,” the familiar male voice answers. “How’s it going?” I cease my daydreaming out the guest room’s rear window and bring the lake back into focus. “Well, I’m here,” I reply with...Read On


Vik's Vault 0: Country Trial

The Party Room prelude (from Vik's experience)

*** Keepin’ it Real *** I’ve been fueled by a dream, driven by a passion and unwilling to let either take the back seat. I sit back and relax in the driver’s seat of the parked rental car as memories rush back to when I opened the envelope and discovered that I had been selected to be her photographer in a photo shoot for some ‘confidential project’ . Maybe this is going...Read On


A Big Mistake

two young ones reunite years later

Chapter One Medicine Hat, Alberta June, 1978 Neil watched Stephanie leave the school with Joanne and Iris and as they walked down the steps and strolled toward the bus stop. He couldn’t help but feel horrible after what had happened. How could he have acted like such an idiot? He had never behaved in such a manner before this. What had ever possessed him to make such an erroneous mistake? ...Read On


Saying Hello

Across the crowded room, he saw her. She was standing in a secluded alcove, idly toying with the ends of her dark hair, lost in her own world. Her body swayed slightly to the beat of the music filling the room. The woman scanned the room, seemingly content to absorb the sound of the music while letting the sea of humanity drift past her, rarely acknowledging any of them. Drawn to her, the...Read On


Mr. Foley

This story tells how I slept with my English teacher, Mr. Foley at school. I was sixteen years old when it happened. I was 5’2 and had 32C breasts. My figure never failed to turn the heads of guys at my school, even the ones with steady girlfriends. One day, when everybody left to go home from school, I stayed behind trying to catch up on my homework, which I missed while I was on holiday...Read On


An Amazing Experience

Sex with a strange man

I would like to relate one of the most amazing and fantastic incidences of my life. I can’t speak for anybody else, but as far as I’m concerned, nothing in my wildest fantasies would ever have come close to what I’m about to tell you. Before I begin, it would help to know that my life at the time of my story, was in a somewhat state of recovery. At the time I was in my early forties and...Read On


Nancy For Lunch

Not all blow jobs are created equal....

In a little less than an hour’s time, I had concluded an advertising pitch in downtown Chicago, just a couple blocks off Michigan Avenue. The client interrupted me early on in my presentation and asked me five or six rapid fire questions. It may have been the strong coffee I drank that morning, or the adrenaline of my first big meeting at my new job, but I handled each question he asked me...Read On


Sex in the Shower

Michael and Nicole enjoy their time in the shower.

Michael opened the front door to the apartment he shared with his girlfriend Nicole. They had moved in together after a year of dating, and were very happy with living together. It had been three months already, and the two were more in love than ever. Michael and Nicole both worked full time, while working on getting their degrees. Michael was attending school to become a teacher, and...Read On