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Nancy For Lunch

Not all blow jobs are created equal....

In a little less than an hour’s time, I had concluded an advertising pitch in downtown Chicago, just a couple blocks off Michigan Avenue. The client interrupted me early on in my presentation and asked me five or six rapid fire questions. It may have been the strong coffee I drank that morning, or the adrenaline of my first big meeting at my new job, but I handled each question he asked me...Read On


Sex in the Shower

Michael and Nicole enjoy their time in the shower.

Michael opened the front door to the apartment he shared with his girlfriend Nicole. They had moved in together after a year of dating, and were very happy with living together. It had been three months already, and the two were more in love than ever. Michael and Nicole both worked full time, while working on getting their degrees. Michael was attending school to become a teacher, and...Read On


A packet of Peanuts

My core tightened around his dick as I felt myself about to explode with orgasmic pleasure

"Oh for goodness sake.." After about ten horrendous minutes of looking for the peanuts needed for the cookies, I finally decided that it was time to go out and purchase some more. I was pretty sure that they were in the cupboard. Ah well. I slid into my car and drove off to the local corner shop. It was a Sunday and most of the major stores were closed.  I'd only been to this...Read On


If I Could...

If fantasy could be reality, I would give you a present.

This story only available on Lush Stories. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. What would I do if I could be with you? In my black lace underwear, I'd kneel before you, undoing your belt and zip. I'd pull down your trousers and pants to your knees, and breathe hotly over your exposed cock and balls. I'd put my hands around you, and squeeze your bum cheeks as I fluttered...Read On


Sex On The Beach. Part 2

Jon and Rachel's Date

As I stood in front of the mirror, I thought back to that summer many years ago. A smile came across my face, as I remembered that brief summer romance, Jon, my beach hunk, and how he so expertly moved his large cock inside me and made me cum over and over. As my mind began remembering that day, I ran my hand over my large breasts. Remembering how my body tingled from the excitement of...Read On


Her Late Night Hotel Outcall

She was leaving tomorrow and she wanted it hot tonight

It was Em’s last night in Paris. Tomorrow she was going to be on a plane home after a whirlwind business trip. She’d had no time to herself at all, not even for the nice hot massage she always liked to reward herself with on a long-distance trip. She was basically packed for the journey. She didn’t want to go out. It was already seven o’clock and chill outside.  Her plan was to eat in the...Read On


Surprise, Surprise - Part 2

Continuation: A husband, pleasured on his return home from work, pleases his wife.

I looked down to see her, as beautiful as ever, still gently licking my now soft and wet penis. She licked up every drop of semen that had escaped her beautiful lips and fallen onto my abdomen. She looked up slyly, licked her lips, and embellished a swallowing sound as she smiled. “Was that okay?” she asked. I did not even need to respond. My still quick breathing told her the answer. ...Read On


They’d Seen a Hot Strip Show

So they went back to the motel and fucked each other

It was just an overnight trip, a ninety-minute flight from home. Em hadn’t really wanted to go, but there was no one else on her team who could make it. So she had packed just an overnight bag, booked the best motel in town, and consoled herself that she’d be out of there first thing in the morning. The dinner was boring, as most such things are. It ended early, as mostly they did...Read On


Music and Lust IV: Jaden and the Hot Journalist

In Texas as a part of his tour, Jaden spends his free day with a sexy journalist.

For Tamar "You ready, Jay?" AJ asked her client Jaden Dennis as they sat in a recording studio in Arlington, Texas while getting fitted and had wires placed on them. "Yeah," Jaden replied, looking at his watch and seeing that it was three 'o clock in the afternoon. They were preparing for an interview for Hip Hop Weekly magazine. Hell, they'd been preparing for it since last night...Read On


Summer Drive

Good morning my love. So, where are we going today?

I just arrived home from my morning workout sweaty and feeling great. Craving a shower, I head to the bathroom leaving a trail of clothes across my bedroom floor. Standing naked in front of the mirror I admire my hard body that I’ve worked so hard to maintain. Tugging on my cock it becomes semi-rigid. I stop knowing what’s on the agenda for the day. Satisfied, I begin to shave the important...Read On


Surprise, Surprise - Part 1

A husband received an unexpected welcome home from work

The lights were off in the house except for one. From the outside, one solitary lamp could be seen through the upstairs window – my bedroom. I walked up the pathway to the door, inserted the key, and entered quietly. My wife, Laura, liked to take naps; so, I was always careful to keep the noise down every time I came home, just in case she was asleep. I removed my shoes and jacket...Read On


In the House of Madam (Part Two)

Steven discovers a different side to one of Madam’s assistants

When the session had ended, Cassie and Melina took me up to the top floor of the house. A door was unlocked and I was led into a simply, but comfortably furnished bedroom. Apart from a large double bed with an iron frame, there was a bedside cabinet, an easy chair and a low coffee table. A number of books and magazines were scattered around the room. A half-open door from the bedroom revealed...Read On


Luck Happens, Part 1

After a long drought, luck brings new joy.

I've been in the doldrums for the last few months. Not that things were bad, it was more like things were blah. Everything was blah - my writing, my social life, just my whole demeanor. I knew that I needed to change this outlook but it seemed that every time I tried to shake loose, it was all for naught. I needed to break the pattern, I needed some luck, too. I needed some spice, I just...Read On


A Business Trip Interlude

He told her over lunch he thought they should see each other naked

Em had always found it difficult to resist a straight-out proposition from someone she was enjoying lunch or dinner with one-on-one and with whom she had established some empathy. Sometimes she wondered briefly whether this was entirely proper. Mostly she put this unworthy thought out of her head immediately. Even if she didn’t, even if the thought lingered which it sometimes did and...Read On


She had it Naked and Hot at the Holiday Hotel Spa

Outside the scenery was spectacular, inside it was steamy

“We should have a massage at the spa,” said Em to Ambrose, who was leafing through some literature on Iguassu Falls. They were just a stroll away across the resort lawns and down a little track.  “It says to be watchful for jaguars,” said Ambrose. He smiled across the ground floor suite’s living room at Em. He thought she was looking particularly sexy today in a nice pair of shorts and a...Read On