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Daddy's boss

  Since summer arrived and the days were getting warmer, my parents decided it was a good time for the traditional summer barbecue. They invited the neighbors and work colleagues from mum and dad’s work. I had to be the good girl, stay in and help. This meant another boring day for me. My dad’s boss was here whom I had known for awhile. He was an older man in his mid forties, who...Read On


Birthday Cruise, Part Two

Anne gets inspired by our mystery couple audience, and she takes our vacation up a notch.

Anne and I stood in the starboard side hallway on Deck 10, champagne glasses in hand, staring silently at the door to Room 1002. I didn’t want to go there, but Anne insisted. “What if they tell someone about us having sex on the sundeck?” she asked with a tinge of remorse in her voice as we rode down the elevator. As the euphoria of the moment faded, the craziness of what we’d just done...Read On


Years of loveless marriage and then ...

Wild and wicked loving sex after years of boredom

So here's the second part of our story. The thing to remember is that we are both mature, a bit bruised by life and perhaps a little behind in our sexual experience. As S explains, she was invisible in her marriage and my sex life was once a month and boring. If you read through this amazing story, see if you can spot the one thing missing? The New Girlfriend's Tale I hadn’t...Read On


She Suggested They Might Do Lunch

He’d said yes, he’d love to eat her pussy

Em was lying on the bed in her weekend holiday hotel room wearing a little top-and-shorts beach party ensemble. Her mouth was partly open as if to invite cock and her eyes half closed with lust. Her long legs were profoundly apart and her pants were pulled aside. She wasn’t wearing panties and her hotly manicured landing strip was erotically in full view. A lovely long tongue, owned by...Read On


Stresses of Studying

Hard working student gets distracted from studying

Sarah had started studying intensively for her exams a couple of weeks ago. She was locking herself in her bedroom trying to focus on her textbooks while the rest of her housemates were taking things a little less seriously. The differences in commitment had started leading to tension in the house. The boys were good for the first couple weeks, trying to keep things quiet, going out with...Read On


The Ugly Duckling

I thought it might be good, it was amazing.

I was talking to a couple of friends when this girl walked by. Doris was a local girl and certainly not the best looker in this town, in fact she was ugly, but she had a great figure. I watched as she walked by. I thought if she had a good head she would have men lined up for miles. Silently I thought, with a bag over her head or in the dark she might pass muster between the sheets. Her nose...Read On


Jessica's Choice

It is Jessica's turn to have Sam's big brother.

That said, she capitulated and lay back on her bed as she waited for him to approach. Jerry, Nick, Sam, Ashlee, Jessica and Mike were all home on Spring Break from college. She dreamed of this day for so long. Mike was Sam's brother. Sam was Nick's girlfriend. Mike was not as handsome as Jessica's brother Nick, but she was not interested in his looks. She wanted him inside her now. ...Read On


Breaking The Rules Pt. 1

Good girl. Good little slut.

I love my boyfriend. Let's get that straight. We met in high school and we've been together ever since. Never have I ever had the urge to cheat on him. Of course, I'd see other guys who were hot, and they would talk to me sometimes, but no one could compare to Valentino. He was just amazing. I would never cheat on him. Or so I thought. Valentino is on this soccer team in San Diego, where...Read On


When We're Alone

We enter a bedroom, you before me. I close the door, and you turn to face me. You place your hands on my waist and pull me in close. I lean down and whisper in your ear, “You’re so beautiful”, then I kiss your neck as I wrap you in my arms. I caress your face with my right hand and kiss your lips softly once. I rest my forehead on yours, and trace my left hand tantalizingly slowly down your...Read On


Conrad and Felicity: Two Months

Two months is two months too long.

It had been almost two months. I realize that doesn’t seem like a long time, but when you were used to the sex life Conrad and I had, it felt like an eternity. We had been married for five years, and during those five years, that was the longest to date we had ever gone. I don’t know why it had been so long, but looking back, I think it was just our lives. Between my work with the FBI and...Read On


Valentine's to Remember

For once I had a reason to celebrate Valentine's Day.

(This is a true story while some small details have been changed to protect the "not so innocent".) February 14, 2014 Valentine’s Day and I’m stuck working a 12-hour shift. I look at my watch and start counting down the hours until my break. I’m just dying to check my phone. This is my first Valentine’s Day that I actually could have plans. If only I could check my damn phone. I...Read On


Amnesia - Virgin Again

Does loosing your memories make you a virgin all over again?

I walked into my apartment for the first time in nearly four months. My husband dutifully escorting and helping me walk, along with my crutches. My left leg was still broken from the accident and the doctors said I would still need them for another week or two. Most of the rest of my injuries had fully healed, only a handful of scratches and bruises remaining, aside from my leg, indicating...Read On


A Quick Fuck In The Kitchen

I get home and my first instinct is to go find Josh, but I notice that the shower is running. I decide to stay downstairs and do the dishes. The sink is running as I wash everything clean, and I can't really hear much of anything else. I'm cleaning the plates he eats on and the cups he drinks out of, and I feel a set of hands grab my waist and slide up a bit. I turn my head to the right and...Read On


The Plumber Calls

Paul is a happy go-lucky Plumber with no job too big, no job too small. He is fixing an old lady’s rusty old soap covered taps, which from the look of things had been dripping for months. He receives a call on his mobile. It’s a distraught woman crying and sobbing down the phone. She has a burst pipe and water is going everywhere. “Now, try and be calm. Are you able to turn the water...Read On

Series Award

Dance for Me - Chapter Four

It gets harder every time.

Brandon was winning the battle of wills. At least, that was what he told himself as he ignored the latest telephone call from Caroline. He’d successfully avoided talking to her for three weeks now, and was adamant to keep it up. He told himself that staying away from her would help get rid of all the pathetic irrational feelings that had built up over the last half year. As long as he didn’t...Read On


Home for the Holidays

That wasn't on my christmas list.

It began like that cheesy Christmas movie, where the guy was in a race against time to make it home for the holidays. Except instead of racing, I was taking my time. Why, you ask? Have you seen the movie "Christmas Vacation"? Well my family is actually like that. It's stressful, embarrassing, and a ton of other things that aren't fun. After a 5 and a half hour drive, I finally arrived in...Read On


On the Ice

When the innocent desires of teenagers grows into real adult lust....

A high school hockey game: that's exactly where I wanted to be on my Saturday night. What a fantastic waste of my time. I was only there to film it for the crappy local news, that makes two things I didn't care about. I would have thought that leaving that shit of a town for my college in a distant state would have freed me from everything associated with my old high school, but there I was,...Read On


Some jobs have hidden benefits

Ben finds that with age comes experience

When Ben Brown was growing up, he was always borrowing money from his father. Everything he wanted, he would ask his father for the money. His father did make him work for his money; he wanted Ben to realize the value of money. This was OK when it was for computer games, going to the picture theater with his friends, or his new bicycle. But when Ben turned seventeen, he wanted four...Read On


The Final Visit, Part Three

Not quite finished, they engage in slightly rougher play.

Exhausted, we both just lie there next to each other for a while. You pull the loose sheet over you, while I retrieve the comforter. In short order, we both fall asleep. I wake up after a bit. I look at you sleeping, so peaceful, so beautiful. I take in all of your features that I find so appealing. The sheet isn’t covering you completely; it’s hard not to reach out to feel your chest, to...Read On


Our Night Out

The hotel bar was just the beginning.

We drove to the Ritz-Carleton together, our plan firmly in place after our days apart. You would go to the lounge ahead of me after we checked in, while I tended to messages and had our luggage sent up. Your dress was stunning. I've never seen you look better. So when I entered the lounge, I noticed that you couldn't see me come in. As a bit of a prank, I flagged the waitress down and had...Read On


The Final Visit, Part Two

Their visit continues

You enter to find me sprawled on the couch, right hand massaging my left nipple, left hand buried as deep as possible into my pussy. I watch you as you enter and begin to unburden yourself. And as you watch me, I start to get more excited. Eyes filled with desire, you come towards me. You stand over me for a second, letting your gaze trail from my heavy eyelids and longing expression, to...Read On


The Eagle Has Landed

An Accidental Encounter.

I’m out cycling; I generally cycle most weekends, usually with a friend, but today I’m on my own. I’m going fairly fast along a winding country road, I see a few parked cars on my side of the road ahead of me, I look around to see if it’s safe to pull out to avoid the cars. As I look forward again, I see a car door, sweeping open in front of me, thinking - what the hell – where the hell...Read On


The Bobbsey Twins

Twin exotic dancers give me a private show and much more.

I had just moved to Miami from Detroit, and after spending the last twenty years in the cold and snow, I wanted to enjoy sunny Florida. I found a condo with a nice swimming pool and other amenities not far from the beach and moved in. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I thought I deserved a break from unpacking and hanging pictures, so I changed into my trunks and headed for the pool. As...Read On


The Final Visit, Part One

They only have one more time together before life parts them forever, and they want it a time to be

"I'll see you in three hours, babe," you say. We make our goodbyes, and I hang up the phone. Time to shower. Stripping as I go, I smile my way into the bathroom and turn on the water. I let it get warm, but not too hot; I know that I’ll be in there for a while. Slipping past the curtain, I enter the shower and stand immediately under the warm stream. I allow myself the luxury of getting...Read On


The Shop Lifter

She had decided to try and leave the shopping centre. He’d seen her concealing perfumes and makeup in her bag. Watching her walk towards the door and seek an exit, he imagined that she felt a surge of adrenaline building in her has she cradled the stolen goods. A discreet smile build upon her face as she left the store but was instantly lost as a hand came down firmly on her shoulder. ...Read On


My Opportunistic Neighbor

Naughty fun under the sun gets hotter when the man from next door shows up.

When my main fuck buddy cancelled on me for our weekly hook up I was a little disappointed but now that his back-up couldn't make it either, I’m getting really frustrated. Leaning my hip against the kitchen counter, I look through my contact list in hopes of finding someone for some afternoon fun. When I spot Reggie’s name and number, excitement fills me. I met Reggie at some college...Read On



One man's procrastination on his project turns in to something more.

It was a quiet evening. Most of my work had already been completed for the night, so I was in the living room reading, some old sitcom playing as white noise in the background on the TV on top of the small bookcase full of movies. He was in the other room, finishing up some project or another for one of his classes, drowning out my TV sitcom with anime music. As I neared the end of...Read On

Recommended Read

Holy Whore

A whore gets more than she bargained for from her client

His questioning eyes pierced my defences. I lifted my eyebrows and shrugged, not willing to lower the rest of my barricades. I saw his gaze dropping down and the light in his eyes changing. His gaze no longer held a question but something like worship shone in his eyes. When he looked in my eyes again, the worship was still there. I thought it would be filled with lust or desire, but...Read On


Married Sex

A man comes home early and remembers the woman he married.

It was a typical day in suburbia hell; the grass was cut to exactly the same length, all the houses looking the same with their two car garages and white picketed fences. My name is Xavier; I am married man providing all the things a man should provide for his family, but god how I hate this neighborhood. Don’t get me wrong it’s all very nice, the people are friendly and it’s safe for the...Read On

Recommended Read

The Lost Tablet

A lost tablet might hold the key to Lucas' future both professionally and personally.

Lucas Barrett boarded the train after a long day, and a long week of work. The area he normally sat in was full of other people wearing a range of business suits to fast-food uniforms. He climbed upstairs where he saw several empty seats. This area was less popular as most passengers wanted to be near the door when their stop arrived. Since Lucas knew he’d be on the train for a while, he...Read On