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Apartment with three - The Apartment series chapter 3

Beth and Tim have admitted their feelings, but they forgot the flatmate

Soft kisses wake me from my slumber, tingles instantly rushing over my skin as his soft lips make their way along my shoulders before travelling down my back at a deliciously slow pace, I can’t help but moan at the sensation. “Mmmm, good morning,” I whisper softly. I hear his soft laughter and my heart instantly melts God, I am in way too deep with this man. “Morning sleeping beauty, did...Read On


She Fibbed About Going Shopping

She’d booked a motel room and a hot massage outcall

Em was feeling horny that weekend. Ambrose was not; at least, not for her. He was at home but not apparently interested. He said he had some work to do so Em told him she was going shopping. It was approaching several friends’ birthdays, a suitable excuse. She told Ambrose she would probably have something to eat in town after shopping and might be late back. Upstairs she showered...Read On


The Ballet Dancer, Part 1

I never thought a plane ride could lead to this

She was the kind of woman that drew your eyes to her. She had a long, lithe body and shockingly straight golden hair. Looking for a place to sit in the airport "holding pen" I wanted any seat with a view of her. There was still time before Southwest's cattle-call to queue up that I could use to make small talk. If that failed, I would find a spot to drink her in with my eyes. Stealing...Read On


Corporate Membership

Joining the gym shouldn't be this much fun...

The gym was on my route home. As we had corporate membership, and partly because Jill in the office had nagged me into it, I decided to give it a try. I’d bought some kit- going for the dullest colours possible so as not to draw attention to myself. Besides, day-glo was for poseurs, right? I chose to go as late as possible, partly because I’d worked late at the office, and partly to avoid...Read On


The Owl Goes Français - Château de Versailles

The famous writer K. Buch gets lost in Versailles.

Once upon a time, there was a crack in the wall of Château de Versailles. It happened in the Hall of Mirrors, center of the French king’s heart. A tiny drop of marble in the lower corner of the wall had eschewed its duty, and abandoned its rightful place. It was an insult to the majesty of the hall. Magnificence of such a level could not possibly be compromised by time; it had to stand...Read On


The Girl on the Couch

This is why I always go to parties. Always.

I awoke suddenly. The girl who has been quietly sleep-spooning with me on the couch was stirring. In my half awake state I couldn't quite make out what feeling I was experiencing, but I certainly liked it. As I blinked my eyes adjusted to the dark. I finally made out that she was now facing me, and rubbing my cock. I moaned softly, trying not to wake anyone else in the room. My best...Read On


New Years Fireworks

New Years goes out with a bang for Annie and a stranger.

It was a beautiful Summer evening in Australia, and the new years festivities were booming. Annie, an eighteen-year-old university student, was getting ready for her night at the harbour. This is where she planned to get drunk and get fucked. Putting on her sleek mini dress, she thought of her ex-boyfriend. Dumping her by email? What a jerk. She definitely deserved better, and...Read On


Music and Lust

A young RB star and his manager mix business with pleasure at his album release party.

Twenty-one year old Jaden Dennis stepped out of his chauffeured driven limousine flanked by his security in midtown Atlanta in front of its hottest new establishment, Reign Nightclub. Not even Satan himself could wipe the smile Jaden had on his face because of what awaited him inside the club. Tonight was perhaps the biggest night of his entire life as it was the night of his debut solo...Read On


Magic Number Eight

It had been yet another good night. No, scratch that. It was a great, amazing, incredible night. With Lucas they’re always great, but this one seemed to top the others just a little bit. It could be the sixth orgasm talking, which is usually four more than normal. So I was surprised when I woke up in the middle of the night (the alarm clock on the bedside table blinking 4:13 red in my face)...Read On


Cottage Time

Anna has fun at her cottage with her brother's new friend, Jeremiah.

“My God, could it get any hotter?” Emily complained as she picked up her magazine and started to fan herself with it. “It’s only 83 degrees” I exclaimed. “You frickin' Americans and your Fahrenheit. What is that in Celsius?” “28." I turned and stared at her. Her face got slightly embarrassed, “Oh, that’s really not that hot." She stopped fanning herself and opened the magazine to read...Read On


The Girl on the Swing

An old dog learns some new tricks

Standing in the palatial entrance hall of the City of London bank of which he is chairman, Sir Henry Northrop consults his half-hunter pocket watch, which he has extracted from his waistcoat by its gold chain. It shows 5.18pm. The monthly board meeting has finished later than predicted, somewhat incommoding the tycoon. Sir Henry's next train back to rural Buckinghamshire is not until...Read On


Late Night Visitor-2

The morning after...

The minute I open my eyes and see Nathan's sleeping face, a smile plays on my lips. Memories from last night come flooding back. His legs are intertwined with mine, and his large arm is thrown over my waist. I smile, looking at him sound asleep. This all still seems too good to be true. Nathan. His name is Nathan and I haven't seen him in almost a year. We met in High school, and ended...Read On


Dreams come true

Often it is easier to ask forgivness

Laying here in bed, I listen to my wife’s breathing. I know the sounds she makes as she drifts off to sleep. Each breath ends in a different sigh: hmm, hmm, hymm, hympt. The final note signals her departure from a conscious state. I am sure I will join her soon, but for the moment, my thoughts are on other bedroom activities. We have been married almost ten years; we have two boys; 3 and...Read On


Strangers on Flight 2345

A couple role play as strangers on a flight.

The waiting at Gate Three A was more than Zoe could deal with. What the fuck was taking so long? Not only was she tired, but the annoying baby screaming bloody murder behind her was beginning to give her a headache. She glanced at her watch and figured they would be calling seats at any time, she’d hoped. Just then an airline rep came on and made an announcement: “Good evening...Read On


Lights Off Hotel Meeting

Lights Off Please

I had just gotten the text, " Room 325, door is open ". I stared at my phone screen, was I ready to do this? I parked my car and headed into the hotel. I was definitely ready to live out this experience. I got to room 325 and the door was slightly open. A do not disturb card was slid into the key slot. I could faintly make out the moans behind the door, and that sent a rush of...Read On