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My friend’s hot dad fucked me

My friend’s dad caught me masturbating in his daughter’s room and then things got dirty between us

Anna and I had been friends for over a year. I met her parents a few months ago when she threw a surprise birthday party on my eighteenth birthday at her house and her parents were there too. They gave me a nice dress as my birthday present. From day one I felt like Anna’s dad, Mr. Wright, was attracted to me but I couldn’t do anything about it and talking about this to Anna was very awkward. ...Read On


Sun bathing in the USA

Senual love between lovers

It was a warm sunny day as we walked hand in hand from your Grand Parents farmhouse and across a meadow, which if we continued across and up hill would bring us to a shaded wooded area. We are both dressed for the weather, I in shorts T shirt and sandals, you my beautiful companion and holder of my heart wearing a bright summer dress with a flower pattern. There is no doubt about it in my...Read On


An Old Heart A New Love

Sophie's submitted for a new heart and also finds a new love

It was a Tuesday when my deceased roommate was replaced with a tall beautiful man. Owen. I was sitting crossed legged in my –very uncomfortable- hospital bed reading a book when I noticed a woman standing behind a man in a wheelchair. She mumbled something I couldn't really understand because my eyes were fixed on this guy in front of me. He smiled as he was pushed to the far side of the...Read On


Jeanine - Part Three

Jeanine opens up and tells me what she likes

Jeanine had put on her bra and top as well as her shorts and sandals. I wondered whether we were done for the evening. I saw the kid with the pizza pull his car into the parking lot and walk into the building. My doorbell rang. When I answered the door, Jeanine ducked into the bathroom, hidden from the front door. The thought passed through my mind that the kid with the pizza may have...Read On


Monumental Shift

When a shoulder to cry on becomes so much more.

Through teary eyes I stare at your apartment door and ring the doorbell. You swing the door open to see my pitiful form. We stare at each other only a moment before you open your arms wide. I rush to you, and you enfold me into your embrace. The gentleness and strength I've known all these years, a sweet balm to my heart. Teary face pressed against your neck, and hiccuping a bit, I pour out...Read On


Picture Perfect Finish

An x-rated birthday card from Linda puts Anne in the mood for some dick.

  A blast of cold air greeted me rudely as I exited the subway station on my way home from the office. It was unusually cold for early November, and the weather darkened my already foul mood from a long day at work. I walked briskly towards my house and checked my watch. It was almost 9:30 p.m. Anne was going to be pissed. This was the third night in a row that I hadn’t made it home...Read On


Becoming his

Lisa gets her dream man

Lisa felt a mixture of nerves and excitement as the day for her appointment with Paul Riesner arrived. Paul had been the talk of the office for months, since the consulting company he owned had been hired by the large hospital Lisa worked for. Some rumors claimed he was gay, some claimed he was screwing Tina Mayfield, the head administrator of the hospital. Depending on who you believed, he...Read On


Dance for Me – Chapter Five

Plans go awry.

Everything had been going perfectly. They had almost reached the best part of Caroline’s scene. Brandon had acted with aplomb and remembered every single one of his lines. They’d moved seamlessly from the bar to the elevator to the hotel room. The bath was running. The door was locked. Now it was just the sex left. They were both almost naked. His tongue was in her mouth and his hand in...Read On


Daddy's boss

  Since summer arrived and the days were getting warmer, my parents decided it was a good time for the traditional summer barbecue. They invited the neighbors and work colleagues from mum and dad’s work. I had to be the good girl, stay in and help. This meant another boring day for me. My dad’s boss was here whom I had known for awhile. He was an older man in his mid forties, who...Read On


Birthday Cruise, Part Two

Anne gets inspired by our mystery couple audience, and she takes our vacation up a notch.

Anne and I stood in the starboard side hallway on Deck 10, champagne glasses in hand, staring silently at the door to Room 1002. I didn’t want to go there, but Anne insisted. “What if they tell someone about us having sex on the sundeck?” she asked with a tinge of remorse in her voice as we rode down the elevator. As the euphoria of the moment faded, the craziness of what we’d just done...Read On


Years of loveless marriage and then ...

Wild and wicked loving sex after years of boredom

So here's the second part of our story. The thing to remember is that we are both mature, a bit bruised by life and perhaps a little behind in our sexual experience. As S explains, she was invisible in her marriage and my sex life was once a month and boring. If you read through this amazing story, see if you can spot the one thing missing? The New Girlfriend's Tale I hadn’t...Read On


She Suggested They Might Do Lunch

He’d said yes, he’d love to eat her pussy

Em was lying on the bed in her weekend holiday hotel room wearing a little top-and-shorts beach party ensemble. Her mouth was partly open as if to invite cock and her eyes half closed with lust. Her long legs were profoundly apart and her pants were pulled aside. She wasn’t wearing panties and her hotly manicured landing strip was erotically in full view. A lovely long tongue, owned by...Read On


Stresses of Studying

Hard working student gets distracted from studying

Sarah had started studying intensively for her exams a couple of weeks ago. She was locking herself in her bedroom trying to focus on her textbooks while the rest of her housemates were taking things a little less seriously. The differences in commitment had started leading to tension in the house. The boys were good for the first couple weeks, trying to keep things quiet, going out with...Read On


The Ugly Duckling

I thought it might be good, it was amazing.

I was talking to a couple of friends when this girl walked by. Doris was a local girl and certainly not the best looker in this town, in fact she was ugly, but she had a great figure. I watched as she walked by. I thought if she had a good head she would have men lined up for miles. Silently I thought, with a bag over her head or in the dark she might pass muster between the sheets. Her nose...Read On


Jessica's Choice

It is Jessica's turn to have Sam's big brother.

That said, she capitulated and lay back on her bed as she waited for him to approach. Jerry, Nick, Sam, Ashlee, Jessica and Mike were all home on Spring Break from college. She dreamed of this day for so long. Mike was Sam's brother. Sam was Nick's girlfriend. Mike was not as handsome as Jessica's brother Nick, but she was not interested in his looks. She wanted him inside her now. ...Read On