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Letters From Rose

Two lovers are separated by circumstance, and two others are drawn together by fate.

John Henry Bartlett III laid back on his bunk and closed his eyes, exhausted after another long day at sea. It had been another stressful day, causing him to question once again why he had joined the Navy. The answer was simple: his family legacy. Father and grandfather before him, along with scores of uncles and cousins…men in his family were supposed to be Navy men. He hadn’t even...Read On


Finding my orgasmic focus

It isn't enought just to cum inside her

Denise's small breasts bounced up and down as I energetically slammed my erect penis in and out of her vagina. We were both nude. I was standing and she was laying on our kitchen table with her arms over her head gripping the far side. Her legs were draped over my shoulders so that she could comfortably hold up her legs with me moving inside her. As I listened to the slap of my groin into...Read On


Sophie makes amends

Sophie decides that she needs to do something drastic to improve her life

Sophie got tarted up. She had no other word for it; after showering she had put on her red basque, which went well with the new red stilettos she had bought that afternoon. Matching that with a vibrant red lipstick and nail varnish she now looked the part. Finishing it off with panties and white stockings, she looked at herself in the full length mirror in her room. She gasped, looking back...Read On

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Help With His Home Renovations

John gets some quality help from Allie on his home renovations. Enjoy!

John walked into the foyer of his house loaded down with paint rollers, tarps, and paint brushes. It was the first day of his home renovations and Allie would be there any minute to help him with color choices and some painting. In his rush to get things ready, he stepped on a rubber chew toy abandoned on the high-pile rug at the front door by his spirited three-year-old boxer mix. The dog...Read On


Bound and Teased

Friends enjoying each other with some kink and tease thrown in.

This is my first published story. I have been writing for almost a year and reading for longer. This particular scene came from a very inspiring chat with a fellow Lushie. It's got light bondage, some temperature play and teasing. Enjoy!! You and I are sharing a joke on the couch after having a nice meal. I take a sip of the wine and you pick up your glass and hold it up for a toast, “To...Read On


Head Games At School Chapter One

Big man on capus gets a lesson in a new reality

Trish was on her knees crying, sobbing actually. She had come to me to apologize. "Ken I'm so sorry. I can't believe what I did to you. You must hate me. Please, please forgive me. I had no idea you did the right thing. I was told a lie and I went with it. Please tell me you forgive me!" I was angry. I was furious. This cock teasing bitch had humiliated me and for what? So she could play...Read On


Claire Pt2 Deja Vu

We pick up where we left off 18 years ago

 “Clarissa, this is Michael O’Dell, your father.” I don’t know who was more astounded, she or I. “But, mother, he can’t be over 40,” Clarissa declared. “By my count, 36. Am I correct?” Claire said. Still dumbstruck, I just nodded, the awkwardness of the moment leaving me mute. I finally ended the awkward silence, by asking Claire, “Why didn’t you tell me?” “It was the times,...Read On

Series Award

Dance for Me – Chapter Eight

An unexpected appearance throws Brandon’s new life into disarray.

Beep. Beep. Beep. For the life of him, Brandon could not find the button to turn the alarm clock off. Half-asleep, he fumbled with the plastic device, getting more and more agitated each time one of the incessant beeps sounded. “Goddamn it…” he groaned. Eventually he decided to pull out the batteries and the alarm abruptly ended, allowing calm to finally descend. The sunlight...Read On


More Than a One-Night Stand

Stephanie could literally wring her sexual core out of her thong if she had wanted.

The Balcony Stephanie stood on the balcony of her high rise apartment looking out through the dark night, the lights of the big city her only view. The silky sheer black shawl, the only thing she was wearing, blew around her as the gentle breeze of the late night opened it, exposing her nude body to the darkness around her. She was trying to clear her mind by staring out into the night....Read On


Sexy New Babysitter Part 02: Movie Night

My wife invited our babysitter to stay for movie night.

It happened a couple of weeks after I discovered that our new babysitter was none other than the girl I'd been flirting and fantasizing with online. After that night I had told Kat that we could not have a physical relationship, that I couldn't betray my wife that way. I explained that if it meant the end of our online flirting as well I'd understand. Luckily for me she had sad that...Read On


The Hottest Haircut!

Help the hairdresser get herself off while cutting my hair...

This is a true* story about a visit to the barbers. I nipped into the barbers on my late lunch, managing to squeeze in just before they closed the door and dropped the blinds for their own lunches. After reading a magazine for a while I finally got my turn in the chair. I sat there, covered in the black cape, just about the tell the barber how I wanted it cutting, when he asked me to wait for...Read On


Beginning of a Friendship

Neighbour teenagers bond over an act of bravery.

David was lost in thought as he walked home on his way back from college. Professor Jacob had given him an "F" in chemistry practicals again. David knew that the results of his experiment were accurate. But he couldn't do anything about it. Professor Jacob has been intent on giving David a hard time ever since he caught David kissing his daughter. That bastard , David thought, how can he...Read On


An Unforgettable Evening

a girl, a boy and two toys get acquainted

Jill Blackthorn paused at the entrance to give her eyes a chance to adjust to the darkness. The club was dark, the air was clear, and the music mercifully soft and low. Jill hated the loud, smokey places packed with men and women screaming - trying desperately to be heard over the drone of loud, tasteless music. Jill wore her long dark hair shoulder length; it bobbed gently with each step...Read On


Me Myself a Dildo Pt 2

All about me......oh and my ex!

I am laying on the floor and I look up to see my ex standing there, we still shared an apartment, we were both too stuborn to give it up to the other. He was looking at me with a tiny bit of shock on his face, I never masturbated in front of him although he had asked me several times, I just kept it to myself. I didnt stop when he walked in, I continued rubbing my clit with the head of my...Read On



Serena meets a sexy Scottish Gwydion, and get to know each other in a spa on a cruise ship

Serena McGuire hated boats, that was all there was to it. The rolling beneath her feet, the closed confinement, even the sea air bothered her although it never had before. Of course, she had been on a beach then. But the combination now had her stomach rolling along with the waves of the ocean. Her best friend, Isabel Trecher, instructed her that if she would actually spend some time on...Read On


Shipwrecked - Part 2

...the story continues where we left off, exhilarated by the fantastic climax that we had reached.

“Wow”, was all I could say as we collapsed together. “Wow indeed”, she responded, “Maybe getting marooned won’t be so bad after all”. And she kissed me, long and languorously, our tongues tasting and sliding gently, over and over, until the sheer sensuality of this stoked the fires again, and turning her over, I slid my hard again cock into her dripping pussy. Once more our passion...Read On


Pride and Prejudice and Fucking – Part the Second

More outrageous liberties taken with Jane Austen's characters

[The story so far: Elizabeth Darcy, nee Bennett, is staying at the house of her sister and brother-in-law, the Bingleys, while her own husband is away on business. Before they are parted, Elizabeth takes her husband’s member in her mouth for the first time, and is rewarded with a tasty mouthful. That night, Jane confesses that she and her husband had been watching this supposedly private...Read On


A Walk On The Beach For Three

How a planned walk on the beach turned out better then planned.

A few years ago during the summer Tom and I went to Gulf Shores, AL. to visit our friend Greg. Greg invited us to come down for a week and we accepted. Greg and Patsy had been divorced for about three years but they still jointly owned a beach house and took turns using it. Tom and I have remained friends with both of them. We arrived and it was about mid-week before the action began that...Read On


Working Late

Working late one evening brought me more than I bargained for

I work for a small company and at about 7 o’clock one Thursday evening I was finishing a report that had a deadline for the next day. I was the only one left in the building but it meant I could finish my work without any interruptions. Needing a break I made my way downstairs to the water cooler. That is when I realised I wasn’t alone. My colleague Luke was there also getting water. ...Read On


Escort in Training - Chapter 8

Emma's - and your own - patient wait for sex comes to an end!

Tuesday, 10am My mood is even more terrible when I wake up. Now I’m not just frustrated, I’m tired too. My first response to the morning is to frown and sigh. The Colin Firth-lookalike rouses us again, pulling back the curtains to more blazing sunshine and birds chirping merrily. I notice that it’s an hour later than yesterday, but the lie-in doesn’t seem to have made much...Read On


Kara's Spring Break - 3

Kara tiptoes around the edge of one taboo and dives into another.

Kara pushed open the door to the shower and took a couple of steps inside. Stopping abruptly at what she saw, she quietly stepped back out and carefully closed the door. She looked at it. Stenciled lettering clearly said 'Women'; it even had the correct international symbol below it. Looking about she reaffirmed what she had seen on her walk from the boat; the marina was deserted. It was...Read On


What happens in Vegas

I am mistaken for something else.

I was 33 and recently divorced. I had decided to take a break from things and take a little trip. A couple of girlfriends of mine had invited me to go to Vegas with them for the weekend. I had accepted and looked forward to some fun. One of the girlfriend's husband was a pilot for a major airline so we got free upgrades to first class. We left on a Friday afternoon and planned to return...Read On


The Good Neighbor

I make a very favorable impression on my new neighbor

I’ll admit it I’m the queen of rash decisions. Most of the time I don’t think things thru and never worry about the repercussions until after the fact. Sometimes things turn out okay, sometimes they don’t. In March of 2011 the events that led up to the break-up with my boyfriend in Seattle were about to catch-up with me, so I did what anyone in my situation would do, I got the fuck out of town....Read On


Service with a Smile

The night shift suddenly becomes more interesting

My day started like normal. I woke up, stretching in bed as I started to think about what I want to do with my life. Did I want to continue the mundane life style of working at a posh hotel or did I want to do more? With talk of upcoming promotions and changes coming, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life. I got up and shuffled downstairs and laid down on the couch, thinking about my...Read On


Sexy New Babysitter

Our new babysitter is simply too sexy to resist.

Looking at the text from my wife I felt a combination of emotions. I smiled reading that she was excited for our date night; my cock throbbed in my slacks as I thought about what that meant; and I felt shame that instead of thinking about my wife, my thoughts were full our latest babysitter. Kat was twenty years old, a sophomore in college, and sexy as hell. A few months previous we had...Read On


A Fuck in Richmond Park

A true story about my boyfriend and me having sex outdoors

This all took place last summer in London, when I was going out with a sweet guy called Pete. He was really nice, and although we eventually went our separate ways, there were no hard feelings and I still see him occasionally. But that’s not really important to what I’m going to tell you about. Unlike most of my other stories, this is all true – for once, I’ve resisted the temptation to let...Read On


Camping with my Wife

Man's hot drunk wife is taken by teenager at a camping trip.

My wife and I had been married for 4 years. Even now, I can't believe my luck. At 28 years old she is a revelation to behold. Not only has she turned a lot of heads with her long blond hair, delicate and beautiful face, perky 36C breasts, slim waist and a perfect nice and round ass, but she has always been completely dedicated to our relation and faithful. She kept herself in shape by...Read On

Recommended Read

Sex in the V.I.P. Room

A customer accepts a strippers invite to the VIP- he gets what he pays for!

My night was going way too slow until you came in. Just a handful of regulars that say the same creepy shit to me every dance, and a few scrubs that pay ten dollars at the door just to watch us undress on stage or get a sneak peak at some other guy's lapdance. You came up to give me a few dollars during my dance, even asked me how I was doing when I leaned into give you the close up. I...Read On


Pregnant and Desired - Part Two

Martin takes his pregnant friend Sarah

Martin appeared in the doorway, carrying two steaming cups of coffee. He was completely naked, with an erection that would bring tears to a girl's eyes. I couldn't help but stare at his magnificent member as he walked across the room. Putting the drinks on the bedside table , I pulled the sheet back and watched his eyes scanning my body. From head to toe I tingled, as his animal...Read On


Meet me in Boston

A dream turned into a story, a fantasy that longs to be a reality......

My emotions were running high and my stomach in knots knowing we were just moments from seeing one another. We had talked about this in detail before but only as a fantasy. Now that it was becoming a reality the thoughts that were running through my mind already had my pussy pulsating. I could feel the heat radiating from between my legs and my French silk panties were now soaked and beginning...Read On