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Night Moves

When Passion, Lust and Love Collide at Night.

I awaken, it is still night, and shadows dance across the room as the breeze rustles the branches. Her warm face lies upon my chest, her soft breath tickles my chest hairs. My fingers are still wrapped in her hair, her hand cradles my manhood. Still asleep, she moans, then her fingers close around my shaft as her dream reveals itself. Her touch awakens a hunger within me as my...Read On


Sex With The Pharaoh

Tourist gets banged by Egyptian Pharaoh

My tired hands were cramping, pulling the two heavy Armani suitcases across the rough limestone floor. When I finally reached the huge cast iron gate surrounded by the tall stone pillars, two guards came out and looked at me suspiciously. I spoke to them in Arabic, trying to explain to them I knew the pharaoh’s son, Akhanamenoon and was in Egypt only for one night. I was determined to spend...Read On


My best friend's girlfriend CH.3

When I awoke it was pitch black. Looking over at the clock I saw it was a few minutes past midnight. I thought about getting up to leave but when I looked down and saw Kath cuddled up against my chest, breathing lightly and looking beautiful as ever I couldn’t bring myself to disturb her. Instead I gently began stroking her face and soft hair. I couldn’t get over how stunning this girl...Read On


Miami Surprise

It started innocently. We emailed and IM'd little messages here and there. It was nice having a female friend again. She brightened my day, every day. I found my self more and more interested in her emails. When I would get one, my heart would beat a little faster and I'd drop everything to read it. Things continued this way for a little while and we progressively got closer and closer....Read On


A Wild Vacation Of Wrestling

We watched on as a bra and pantie match turned into something a lot more than wrestling.

My wife and I had decided to take a vacation down to Jamaica. We had planned this trip for about a year and couldn’t wait to see what Jamaica was all about. We stayed at a beautiful resort that was just outside a small town. We had heard several stories about some of the things that go on in Jamaica and we or at least I had wanted to see if the stories were all true. The first day my wife...Read On


Pleasing the High Priestess

A house slave bathes and services his High Priestess' carnal needs.

The sun god Ra had risen high enough in the morning sky to light the world and start a new day. The weather was sweltering this day without a hint of a cooling breeze. It was hot, humid and uncomfortable, but not unbearable. Within a few hours however, the heat would get there. It always got there on days like this.  This day was going to ripe with that stifling oppressive heat that could...Read On


In the Office

I meet my lover at his office. . .

One of my online friends wanted me to tell him about my current affair with another friend and I wrote this for him: We go to his workplace after work. I met him the same way I met you, from my ad. Well, usually, we'll do a lot of kissing, then undress each other. I'll unzip his pants, slide my hands in, feel his hard cock, then lower to caress his balls. And we'll still be kissing....Read On


Farmer's Hands: Part 1

Stop was never in her vocabulary

Don't get me wrong; I loved Frank. We were lovers since my senior year of high school. We were talking about big plans and running off to get married until I enrolled in college. I was studying law enforcement and the man I am telling the story about was studying conservation law. We met in class. One thing led to another and we started talking a lot more and going to lunch more...Read On


The Lady In Red

Raymond closed his eye, and envisioned his favorite fantasy woman; The Lady In Red.

Raymond was lying on the bed slowly sliding his fingers up and down his cock, pretending once more that his fantasy woman was doing it. Since his breakup with Sue, he has not fucked anything real for over two weeks. Suddenly, he stopped, and yelled, “Damn it; I cannot take this anymore, I need a real pussy!” He needed to feel his cock sliding in and out of a sweet, wet, pussy. He thought...Read On


After a Long Semester

this is for you Mr Devil

“How the hell do you do this to me?” she breathed into hisear as he kissed her throat. A minute ago she was peacefully reading a book, when she heard her doorbell ringing. He didn’t even stop to say hello as she opened the door to him, his mouth immediately covered hers as his body pressed against her. Now she was pushed with her back against the wall as his hands and mouth tried to...Read On


Gettin' Muddy

Gettin’ Muddy Jake was at the grocery store picking up his normal Friday night groceries. He had a case of beer, a bunch of mac and cheese, canned chili, typical bachelor food. It was hard just cooking for himself. Everything came in big jumbo family packs. He wasn’t a family. He was just Jake. He didn’t mind, though. He tried the marriage thing right out of high school. Ever...Read On


Corporate Takeover Part 2

This story picks up where we left off.

When we left our hero, he was standing in the middle of the corporate jungle about to fall into the clutches of …just kidding! She smiled and said, what no more protest? All I could do at this point was groan. She now bit lightly on my now raging hard-on, I thought that the fabric would rip. I needed release, in more ways than one.  My cock straining against the fabric was...Read On


The Meeting

A chance encounter between strangers unleashes undeniable desires.

THE MEETING ©1997 THE MEETING As I walked down the street one evening, shadows falling all around from a vanishing sun, I saw her, walking slowly in my direction. As we got closer, I could see she was very well shaped. Her swelling breasts were pushing up and out against the fabric of her dress; a light weight cotton, knee length dress. I could see the outline of her bra against...Read On


A Woman's vacation sex fantasy

A woman in need of sex travels to Cancun and becomes a happy girl.

Vacation Sex Is The Best     My life in New York City is stressful, so I was happy when my planned solo vacation to Cancun, Mexico finally arrived. Before I left, I took a moment to look in the mirror. I’m a 32-year-old, single woman who’s never been married and has no kids. I’m a brunette, 5-foot-5, and 105 pounds. I had a boob job a few years ago, and now I have nice C cups with...Read On


Working Late

Tina enjoys working late

We were told a few months back that our company was expanding, and after a lengthy interviewing process 3 people joined us. Two were male, and one was a woman; she was introduced as our technical assistant. I quickly found out her name was Tina, and she was married with a couple of kids. I thought she was probably mid to late thirties, blonde hair, with a fuller figure that had curves...Read On