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Neighborly Feelings: Part 2

Jennifer gets a taste of a real man.

His touch is so gentle. I love it when he touches me. His hand entangles in my hair. His lips press and nibble against my neck. His free hand slides down my body, rough and warm. He pulls me closer to him, pressing himself against my smooth, naked body. I gasp as his hand reaches its destination, already wet from anticipation. He makes circling motions with his tongue on my neck, teasing...Read On



Andrew knows how to treat women, and it shows.

Inspired by Mazza’s “Perfucktory” and written as a companion story. 'Almost there,' he thought. He could feel it building.   Andrew went into his signature move, his closer. He knew it was time after he saw her signs. He felt the nails, waited for her to pull her knees up and jam her heels into his butt. Of course he already had her near the edge, and when he’d told her he was close,...Read On


Identity Confusion - Part One

An embarrassing mistake leads to a morning of pleasure...

Maggie closed her eyes and ran her hands through her hair, letting the hot water rush over her naked body. Hot showers were heavenly, especially because Maggie didn’t get to enjoy them very often. Her sister was always using up all the hot water. She tilted her head back as the droplets caressed her body. They started with the top of her head and worked their way down her face, softly...Read On



So the top says Jazzy, does every guy have to ask if it's her name?

"Why 'Jazzy'"? The voice startled her from her reverie. Her eyes refocused from the desirable dress in the shop window to the images reflected in the glass. Vanity dictated that she assessed and approved her own reflection before discovering the source of the voice. The figure-hugging pants accentuated her slim hips and small waist; her breasts were emphasized by a tight 'Jazzy' Tee. ...Read On


Moonlight Delight (part two)

To make sure she didn't wake up yet, I eased up a little. I just ran my tongue around her now perfectly hard clit and over the smooth insides of her pussy lips. Her taste and smell was driving me crazy. When her breathing became more normal, I began to move lower to the opening of her pussy. Her juices were really flowing now, and I could see them waiting for me to lick them up. How could...Read On


See You Again Soon

A story of a sleepwalker who has a sexual encounter with a beautiful woman. “ I tell this story for your entertainment, in a hope that it intrigues you. The character in this story is a sleepwalker. He spends more time in the real world asleep though you’d never know it if you met him. He has no idea how the following events occurred.” I awoke to find myself lying on my back, limbs cold, numb. I slowly gathered the...Read On


A hot night

A night filled with hot sex

I press you against the wall, lost within the passion of our kiss, tongues dancing around each others. My hands begin their exploration of your hot young body, gently rubbing and squeezing your breasts through your top and bra, before quickly taking your top off over your head and slowly beginning to lick down your neck. I run the tip of my tongue across the top of your bra-covered breasts as...Read On


The Black Silver Ball

It was that time for society to show off and that is what I wanted to do.

The Black & Silver Ball By: Hardtimes6869 I had just opened my mail box and there lay an elegant black and silver envelope, awash in a sea of junk mail. Instantly, I knew that this was an invitation to the most prestigious social event of the year for high society’s crème de la crème . It was a charity awards fundraiser dinner and ball, for the infamous Black & Silver Ball or as I...Read On


Taking Flight, Taking Rides

Two long-distance lovers try to trump each other with surprises.

It was early rush hour in Detroit. The afternoon glare was just an annoyance to most of the people on the freeway heading west on the way home. As far as I was concerned, I knew I’d have another three hours of sunshine, and I was happy about that. And I was about to get happier. I touched his name on the contact list of my phone and hoped he would pick up. He did. “Hey, babe, how is...Read On


The road less traveled

Being a traveling salesman canbe lonely......sometimes.

I drive a lot for my job sometimes in the city, more often in out of the way places.   It’s not a bad job, I get to meet lots of interesting people and go places that I never knew existed, but it can get pretty boring sitting behind the wheel for hours on end.   Sometimes I get sleepy and have to crank up the radio, open a window and slap myself a couple times to stay awake.   Other...Read On


The Six Star Bed and Breakfast - Afternoon Tea

Adam is teased at breakfast and returns to the BB for some quiet afternoon tea!

I finally managed to make breakfast. It was hard getting dressed. Every time I tried to put clothes on my mind would remember something that Maggie had done in the shower, and I would feel my cock twitch and then I would have to give it a little tug.  I saw only one table laid as I entered the breakfast room, so I sat down at it and looked around me. The decor was nice, clean and with a...Read On


Apartment 13 - The Apartment series chapter 2

A week after Beth and Tim's first meeting, she ran but he came looking for her

 “Beth you have another delivery!” shouts my flatmate Kelly. I stop proofreading my latest article and get up to go to her. Rounding the corner of my bedroom door and entering our living/dining room, I spot her at the front door holding a huge bouquet of red roses, my stomach instantly sinks and I stop dead in my tracks. “Please tell me they have been sent to the wrong address,” I...Read On


Monday Morning

Memories of an intense evening lead to more on a pleasant morning.

He was up before her, slipping out of bed and quietly preparing for the office. He took a shower, shaved and got dressed. He started the standard pot of coffee, and slid a bagel into the toaster. His mind was a bit fuzzy, he regretted the unplanned glass of wine from last night. It had ended up turning into a full bottle that he shared with his wife. He replayed the events of the...Read On


Sweet Torture

A true account of absolute pleasure

You enter my apartment and you take me into your arms at the door. As we kiss and embrace, we move together across the room, our bodies pressed tightly against each other. You sit me on a nearby table and lightly run your hands over my legs. You trace the line of my legs from knee to ankle then back up over my thighs. You become curious when the silk of the stockings gives way to smooth skin....Read On


A girl has to do what a girl has to

He cried but a girl has to do

A Girl Has To Do What a Girl Has To It was a matter of principle mainly that I went with Charley to the party in a hotel because it concerned his job, and that is what he said like I was expected to go with him. Okay so I was a trifle too encouraging maybe when dancing with a few guys, but all the time Charley had his beady eye on me so if I did want to have a sweet kiss on the quiet...Read On