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A Pleasure Surprise

Karen discovers her fantasy “bad boy” is very good in bed

Karen knew she shouldn’t be thinking about him. Mark looked like one of those “bad boys”, the kind that always got her motor winding, and she knew if he was it wasn’t good to even consider doing anything about it. Besides, there was the tattoo—how would she explain that? Goddamn Sal, she hated him. Another “bad boy” she had gone for. She watched Mark from behind the counter as she...Read On


The Orderly

A hot young extern spices things up for a bored overnight orderly

“Rob, Mr. Littleton’s diaper needs changing. Could you please take care of that and clean him up?” Rob cringed at the sound of Nurse Baker’s awful voice, for there was seldom anything positive uttered from her lips. Rob had been an overnight orderly at The Peaceful Valley Hospital for almost two years now, and the head nurse had been more like a jailer than a supervisor. She loved to...Read On


Who knew what the river would bring: Part 3

side note... anyone know the movie I'm quoting?

By now the Meat Straw Thor was back in his shorts and he was standing up again as he raised the throttle on the boat engine when he said, “Baby, I’ve said it before and I know I’ll say it again... you give great fuckin’ head!” Needless to say he had gotten a little distracted and ended up slowing the boat down to the point that we were actually just floating back down the river. With...Read On


Silver to Gold

A short story about oral sex

Standing before me silently stroking your erection to life with one hand and guiding my mouth to you with the other I begin a course of kisses at your navel meeting your swollen dick rising over your belly competing for my attention. I linger slowly over the glistening head and a deep pleasurable sigh escapes you while you penetrate my mouth and watch me swallow the shaft on the cushion of...Read On


Who wrote the Kama Sutra?

Indian woman educates her young white employee

Seeta was my new boss. She was an Indian woman aged about 50, and the editor of a small magazine I had just started working for. This was in the English midlands, where there were a lot of immigrants and second-generation Asians, and the magazine’s content reflected that. She didn’t dress like an Indian woman; she wore western clothes, mainly trousers and loose-fitting tops. Her long black...Read On


The conference

They meet at a conference

Even though I am a respected, long-term professional employee, I don’t get much in the way of perks. There is no corner office or cute secretary to keep my appointments straight. No office at all, just a cubicle. But once in a while, meaning every three or four years, I do get to attend a professional conference. This year’s conference was in San Diego. This meant besides listening looking...Read On


My Reawakening - Part 1

A new friend becomes my lover.

Sally bent from the waist as she opened the fridge door to remove a cold glass. I admired the luscious curve of her bum, treating myself to the outline of her panties through the fabric of her short skirt. Instantly I was transported back to my youth, when my best mate and I used to hang out in he city, playing 'pants/no pants', a game where we would check out the passing parade of...Read On


Flattery Gets You Everywhere (Part 2)

A Flirt on Facebook turns into a fuck in a car park

"Holy Fuck, she wants to meet!" I blurt out loud. My cock starts to twitch as my filthy mind flicks into overdrive. I was amazed that she had gone so far on webcam, and was not expecting her to suggest that we meet up. I tap away at my phones keyboard and simply type "YES!! Where and When? xx" I'm eager to receive a message back from her, but need to get ready for work, so I throw my...Read On


cyber lovers

the first planned meeting

This would be her first meeting with him; she had never met him before but had talked to him several times in the past on the phone. She’d seen his pictures and knew that she would probably like him. His voice captivated her and she approved of his looks, she hadn’t actually seen him naked, but what she had seen was very nice. The plan was for him to come round to her house,...Read On


The Perk's of My Job

A photographer receives more than she ask for

My mind was screaming at me to stop, telling me that what I was doing was wrong but my body was telling me not to listen. That we both needed this. It had been such a long time. I opened my eyes and looked at Chris, as he shoved me up against the bathroom stall I dropped my camera bag to the floor. The flap opened and some of my equipment spilled out. I shut my mind off and let my body...Read On


The Stable Ride

Older guy and younger woman, could be one of my fantasies

Jon parked his car next to the stables as he had done so often with Carrie by his side, but this time it was different. She had left him for a co-worker and moved to France. He had been gutted by her decision, but realized that things had been bad for quite some time. Although Jon was not an avid rider, he had paid for Carrie's horse Benji to be stabled. Jon got out of the car and walked to...Read On


A hard day's work

A hard day at the office

I imagine you coming into my office, walking over and picking up paperwork off the floor. I see the split in your skirt part to show your lacy black panties as you then sit on my desk, crossing your legs so your skirt rides all the way up, revealing your hold ups. Watching you tease me with brief glimpses of skin and panties I find myself feeling hot and flustered. In my mind I want to...Read On


The Ballet Dancer, Part 1

I never thought a plane ride could lead to this

She was the kind of woman that drew your eyes to her. She had a long, lithe body and shockingly straight golden hair. Looking for a place to sit in the airport "holding pen" I wanted any seat with a view of her. There was still time before Southwest's cattle-call to queue up that I could use to make small talk. If that failed, I would find a spot to drink her in with my eyes. Stealing...Read On


Worshipping Willy

Their eyes met in a passing glance, then fate brought them together again

It was one of those serendipitous moments confirming that nothing in life occurs by chance. I was on my way to a conference in New Orleans, a favorite place for fun and frivolity. While it rarely happens, that day the plane was over-booked and they accepted volunteers to wait for a later flight through Miami. As I wasn't expected in New Orleans till that evening, it was no loss and some...Read On


The Hayloft

This is a first person perspective story about making love in a barn after invigorating horse ride.

Let’s see, it is a nice sunny day, like today, maybe a little warmer. I take you up to my relative’s farmette to go out horseback riding. I am wearing jeans and my boots, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt, not buttoned or tucked in, and my hat. You are wearing the same, except no hat. I take you into the barn to grab the saddle, saddle blankets and reins and introduce you to the horses. I show...Read On