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Melba and Wanda - Part 3

(You may want to read Parts 1 and 2 of my Melba and Wanda series before you read this true story.)

A few years before I met Melba and Wanda, Melba's second husband had died, leaving her with their house on the lake not far from my home, but very little else. It was shortly after that when Melba took Wanda into her home and adopted her. In order to make ends meet and provide for them, Melba applied for and secured a position as the treasurer at a retail furniture store. Wanda...Read On

Sister Celeste: Snake Charmer

When Mr. P can't get it up, Dr. F calls in a consultant.

Author's Note: I've never written from the POV of a woman before, but I like this character and have a love story in mind for her. I entered the exam room and saw the patient, Mr. P, for the first time. He was 54 years old and seemed to be in pretty good shape. I checked his blood pressure and pulse, both of which were a little high, but that's to be expected given the subject we would...Read On


Help with Good-Bye, Part 2

After getting extremely turned on by web chat, fiance has had enough foreplay

“My face is covered in her cum, want to lick it off?” I asked her. My fiancé was getting hornier while she continued to go up and down on my cock. “She’s wishing your fingers were in her pussy right now. She’s playing with herself and pretending it’s you while she sucks my cock.” My fiancé decided she had enough playing so she grabbed the keyboard and said “bye now he needs to bend me over...Read On


Holiday Hook-up

They spy one another from across a crowded room and the sparks fly.

The holidays are my favorite time of year. Not that we need one, but it is another excuse to throw a party. This is especially true for New Year’s Eve, reminiscing about the past year’s events and looking forward to the promise of new beginnings. The champagne toasts are plentiful as we celebrate our health, wealth, friendship and love. The clock nears midnight and we make eye contact....Read On


A Good Idea (Chap 1)

A Vet finds himself back home and lost. Co-written with a friend a while ago.

It sounded like a good idea at the time. But now she wasn’t so sure. She met Nick online, on one of those dating sites, and they had met a few times and she was definitely attracted to him and the feeling appeared to be mutual. As she was new to dating once again, having taken about a year off, she wanted to move slowly, not interested in just jumping in the sack. First, she wasn’t on the...Read On


Only wanted a hair cut

My first attempt at a story hope its ok

It was a nice warm Saturday afternoon and after spending some time clearing the back garden, I was felling a bit sore and hot. Looking at my watch, I just had enough time to get a haircut. The hairdressers wasn't far, just a five minute walk to the end of the road. When I got there, there was one person just paying and another one in the chair. Jo, the only hairdresser, was taking money. ...Read On


Doubling Up

The drive to the top of the mountain would have been terrifying in the day, but at night time, with a mockingly glowing full moon to illuminate the absolute nothing of the precipice next to us as we drove along the very edge of the towering mountain, I learnt to pray. It must have worked too because we eventually saw a man-made light in the distance. “Thank God, we must be close,” I...Read On


Grey Dream

Some erotic dreams contain other emotions as well.

A dream... The scene is clearly one of a dream. The big, floppy recliner I sit in is the only thing really in focus. The room is bright, but grey and indistinct, because it's not really important. You are there. I see you are... smaller than you are. And grayer. And cold, sad. I beckon you to me and you climb onto my lap. My arms encircle you as you curl up. I feel larger than I am....Read On


Cinderella's Spin Around the Kingdom

It had been many years since the passing of Cinderella’s mother, but the freshness of her father’s passing was still new. Five years ago, at the age of thirteen, Cinderella had lost her only parent and had been left in the care of her Stepmother, Maleficent.  Life drastically changed after that day. Gone were the days that she went to balls, had new gowns, or even sat at the family...Read On


I finally meet my online friend

Online friends become lovers

It was a Tuesday morning. I had slept in and so at 9:50 am I was just getting out of the shower. I heard my phone ring it was a text message. I read it; it is from you, my online friend Christine. It reads, “I am at the pie van, do you still want to meet?” Jesus, we had chatted online about you coming over, but I thought you were kidding. It was just talk' winding me up, and getting us...Read On


Music and Lust IV: Jaden and the Hot Journalist

In Texas as a part of his tour, Jaden spends his free day with a sexy journalist.

For Tamar "You ready, Jay?" AJ asked her client Jaden Dennis as they sat in a recording studio in Arlington, Texas while getting fitted and had wires placed on them. "Yeah," Jaden replied, looking at his watch and seeing that it was three 'o clock in the afternoon. They were preparing for an interview for Hip Hop Weekly magazine. Hell, they'd been preparing for it since last night...Read On


Meeting Hannah

This story asks: Is cyber sex cheating?

Meeting Hannah Sisyphus I hadn’t been to New York City in over twenty years, and in fact, rarely leave my off the grid cabin in Maine for any cities. I shop at a local food co-op in our small town, pick up mail at the post office, sometimes get a bowl of soup or a cup of coffee and exchange greetings with friends and neighbors then head home, happy to drive down the long dirt road through...Read On



A short story about a couple lazily on bed caressing and fondling each other until orgasm.

They lay on the bed. Together at last – after a long week of working late hours; a week of going to bed at separate times, and getting up for work separately; a week of stress, too much coffee, too little to drink… and… too little of each other! They are in an embrace resembling a 69, but more lovingly, and more relaxing. Rather, they merely ended up this way because he was the wrong way...Read On


Crystal's Summer Fantasy

Crystal's summer fantasy becomes a reality

This is my first attempted at writing a story. I have written before but didn't have the courage to post anything so I thought I would try. Hope you enjoy it. I didn't put much detail into the character's appearance because I wanted to leave it to the reader to make the characters whatever was their ideal fantasy for a partner. The day was warm, in the mid-70s.The sun shined brightly...Read On


Hot Nights In Copenhagen

how life's unplanned twists and turns can take you to surprising places

I heard a joke once, “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him you have a plan.” Well, I can vouch for that one. After three months at sea working on a Norwegian freighter, I finally signed off in Alicante, Spain and made my way to the north of Europe, my original destination three months earlier. I had signed on as a galley boy in Brooklyn with twenty bucks to my name and planned to sign off...Read On