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Here's a lil something about me...8===D~~ I grew up in Vegas during the 60s-70s and still live there. I remember when the old RAT PACK was hanging out in the show rooms on the Strip, and I like the nostalgia of the town. I remember how lazy some a the gangster were in the 60s & 70s..? Like when it rained and it usually flooded in Vegas, (because of em lazy bums burying their victims in shallow graves on the out skirts of Vegas in dry wash beds, just cuz it was easy digging)... their victims bodies would wash back up in town. True story, maybe a week after the flood it would be on the local NEWS how some body's dog brought home some strangers old shoe with the foot still in side it or the cat lady down the streets cat drags a human hand through the kitchen, there could be up to a half dozen floaters ever flood season.

I have had a very interesting life living here in Las Vegas mainly because I stand only 4'3" tall, (YES I am a dwarf/midget/lil dude), and started out as a co-MC on stage working the audience & loosening up the gals that entered the weekly WET T-SHIRT contest for a lil Club called BOGIE'S NIGHT CLUB when I was 20yrs old, which use to be on the South end of the Vegas STRIP next door to the lil Hotel that had a glass window on the side of their swimming pool. From that I started doing Radio Station PROMO'S at various CLUB Grand openings, Station sponsored parties, character acting for some Vegas conventions, small parts in a couple movies...etc I also did automotive Heavy Collision repair & worked as a Fabrication/design engineer for 20 some yrs here in Vegas.

Now for the part you sweet ass ladies, sexy fkn sluts & Dirty lil whores have been waiting for...I am a TWISTED, SEX driven, NAUGHTY lil GNOME not equaled by any Barnum & Bailey circus side show. Women walk out my door in the morning either in shock & quivering or with a smile on their face humming that old circus tune for days after wards that goes like this : Doot doot doodle doodle doot doot doo doo (repeat). heeheeeeee...sssswwwiinnnnggg pop !

I am in to role playing, ropes, blind folds, ceiling eye bolts with bungee cords, sex in public places, KITTY TOY'S whatever's your pleasure even if I have to go up in ya clear to my fkn elbows, and of course my lil CAT-A-NINE TAILS I call me lil STINGY which has the sweetest lil sting to it when I crack it across your pretty lil pink ass baby... }:-]~

Well thats bout it for now, I may add more later so stay tuned...

Stretch Scroatum
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12 Jul 2013
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09 Apr 2014 (6 days ago)
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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
WOMEN, BOOBIES and more BOOBIES with a side of PINK SNAPPER .. }:-]~ Threesomes, sex in public places (which is pretty easy when you are only 4'3" tall), giving anal, eating pussy until I'm wet behind the fkn ears...Bikes, custom & classic cars, music, camping, strip clubs...and did I mention BOOBIES... lol
Favorite Books:
Tommy knockers, The WATCHERS, Dirk Pitt, Odd Thomas, By the Light of the Moon, Phantoms, Dragon Tears, One Door Away From Heaven, Velocity, Strangers, The Door To December, Whispers, Tick Tock, Night Chills, Relentless, The Good Guy, The Taking, The Face Of Fear, The Vision, The Bad Place, Shattered, Stephanie Plum series (One for the Money, Two for the Dough, Tree to get Deadly...etc,
Favorite Authors:
Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Clive Cussler, Louis L'Amour, Grisham, Janet Evanovich, Dale Brown and many many more I just can't think of em now...
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Music:
Blues, Rock, some Country & Classical: Stevie Ray Vaughan, RUSH, BOSTON, Aerosmith, Steppenwolf, Bob Seger, Steve Miller, BAD COMPANY, Lenard Skynyrd...etc
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Posted: 01 Apr 2014 00:20
Happy Birthday from the Lush team.

Posted: 07 Dec 2013 21:54
~*HAPPY*~*HOLIDAYS*~ to all my sexy sweet ass friend...
~*xoxox Stretch*~
Posted: 28 Nov 2013 15:43
Posted: 11 Sep 2013 13:00
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